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  1. most likely it is the gear linkage rod connector is out of adjustment, or in the wrong position. my mercury 115hp 4s has an adjustment screw at the top in the motor cowl. my older merc 60hp 2s, had a cam that needed to be in a certain side of the lobe, learned that the wrong way. My 9.9 yamaha has an adjustment with a set-screw on the shift rod. what is the year, hp and make of the motor?
  2. in the mail Thursday, Thank you
  3. forgot, please Text me your address 315-280-6053
  4. Can you use Pay Pal? if yes, enter my email address: [email protected] and I'll send them in the mail. can you text me your address. 315-280-6053 Tom
  5. Can you use Pay Pal? if yes, enter my email address: [email protected] Tom
  6. j-plugs.pdfj-plugs.pdfj-plugs.pdfI have 9 J-plugs with hooks (and 1 w/o) for sale. These are all in good shape or new. $30 includes shipping. Tom 315-280-6053j-plugs.pdf
  7. I have 10 streamer flies for sale that I used to catch Rainbows and Landlocks down on Skaneateles and Cayuga finger lakes when I used to live down there. These were made in a fly-shop in Skaneateles that I believe is out of business. The streamers are approx 3.25 long with tandem hooks and all are in good condition. Comes with a plano box. I hope someone can put them to good use.TanTandem Flies.pdfdem Flies.pdfTandem Flies.pdfTandem Flies.pdf $30.00 includes shipping. Tom, 315-280-6053
  8. Your boat or mine. All of my buddies are too busy with “other” activities. I mostly fish weekends but have a flexible work schedule so during the week is also possible. Looking for 1 or 2 fisherman who share the same passion for chasing Browns, Salmon (eastern end Ontario) and Walleye on Oneida. I live 90 minutes from Oswego and 30 minutes from Oneida. I have a FM196 and have everything we need for a descent spread. I am happy going on your boat and will split all gas and launch costs. I can typically go on short notice. Give me a call or text: 315-280-6053. Tom.
  9. If you have access to Microsoft Word, place all your pic's on a Word.Doc, then compress the pictures and attach. Good luck selling
  10. I swear I caught that one last year in the same spot the week before the walleye opener. I put it back in the water w/o a measurement... The biggest walleye I ever saw. Nice catch, that would be a nice wall hanger
  11. Mexico launch is fine. I prefer to launch outta Port Ontario, but have heard its shallow this year. Not sure
  12. Apparently, Saturday (with the blue sky's) was a better day than the rain/overcast Sunday. go figure. had a quality not quantity day with a 5 and and 10 pounder in 10/12 fow on a silver/orange stickbait and a chicken-wing Stinger. Great day to be on the water just the same.
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