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  1. Mexico launch is fine. I prefer to launch outta Port Ontario, but have heard its shallow this year. Not sure
  2. Apparently, Saturday (with the blue sky's) was a better day than the rain/overcast Sunday. go figure. had a quality not quantity day with a 5 and and 10 pounder in 10/12 fow on a silver/orange stickbait and a chicken-wing Stinger. Great day to be on the water just the same.
  3. This is NOT Craigslist
  4. Try North Woods Outlet They have Shakespeare line counters for $30.00 and Okuma 's for $37 If you are a week end warrior, they will last a while. https://northwoodsoutlet.com/product-category/fishing/reels/trolling-reels/?orderby=price
  5. thanks for the heads-up! TC
  6. Does anyone know if the Port Ontario, Pine Grove Launch is free of ice / open ?
  7. Also, Hummingbird website will provide you with updated s/w. You just need a card to download the file onto. They will provide you directions on how to install and turn on the unit in Demo mode so you will not harm the transducer
  8. My 2005 FM196 is all aluminum
  9. Sorry. Contact Tom, text 315-280-6053
  10. Haven't used these since my days on the finger lakes, quite a while ago. Hope someone can put them to good use. Only $20.00 bucks shipped
  11. Topcat

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Pal Pal email sent
  12. Topcat

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Suttons and Pine Valley For Sale, 13 total, $25.00 shipped SUTTON’s 2x West River (copper) 1x #5, 2x #66, 3x #31, 1x #44 PINE VALLEY 2x #22 2x ? Contact Tom Text 315-280-6053
  13. high twenties with 2 guys. Its plenty for me with 2-3 guys. with 4 big guys it needs more,
  14. I went from a cramped 1988 Grumman CC 16.5 footer to the 2005 FM196 with a 115 merc 4S, and a 9.9 kicker, which to me is like fishing in my living room. I love it. I tow it with a toyota highlander no problem. It's a big water boat set-up for trolling with 4DR's and dipseys.. On Oneida its a little clumsy with the high sides if you want to sit down and jig (nothing beats a casting platform), but when the waves kick-up you will be glad you have it. Anything newer than mine should have a 150hp or more. as a reference, I paid 18K (Loaded), May, 2019
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