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  1. scobar

    Downrigger rebuild?

    He fixed a cannon for me maybe 5 years ago and told me he was retiring, great to see he stayed with it. Very nice guy, I first did business with him over 30 years ago when he was on Niagara st in Buffalo
  2. $125 pick up only $125 Minn Kota original owner, works as it should. Includes all manuals, parts list and installation guides. Foot pedal, power hook up panel with tilt control for main motor, battery life indicator LEDS, and quick disconnect mount. 4 cabelas (Scotty) rod holders, bases are made to mount flat of on the side. Rod holders drop in backwards and turn to lock in place. Great holders for lighter action rods. $40 for all 4, guess at $10 to ship in USA I will be at the Niagara Falls show on Saturday Scott 716.480.7702
  3. scobar

    Downrigger rebuild?

    I thought Tony retired?
  4. I agree w capt ace, but check out the smart troll, android device that sends the depth & temp back to your android every 8 seconds. It stays in line and is about the size of your index finger, looks to be one of my best tools Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I got a smart troll last season and hope to compare actual to what the charts say
  6. I have two (2) for sale, $225 delivered to you US mailing address. I can add at no cost back up aluminum plates, you will have to drill out for bolts. Includes bases with thumb screws. Below is copied from Cisco web site $149 each Pick up in Buffalo NY area avaliable Scott LONG CRADLE (DIPSY) ADJUSTABLE ROD HOLDER Home > Shop > Rod Holders > Cradle Rod Holders (Dipsy) > Long Cradle (Dipsy) Part Number: RHLCR The long cradle was originally designed for charter boats but has been adopted by many fishermen with a smaller size deck. The unit was engineered to allow the reel to be held further up the cradle keeping more of the rod handle out of the boat. There is a security ring at the end of the cradle which can be quickly engaged/disengaged. Charter captains use of the long cradle allows for comfort and freedom for their customers to move around the deck. This product is great for pulling dipsy's and trolling with Muskie lures! PRODUCT FEATURES The cradle style rod holders are designed to index 360° with 20 interlocking positions by simply lifting and turning our exclusively engineered spring loaded mechanism. When engaged, it is secured by machined teeth around the entire circumference for virtually no wear on the product ensuring long lasting sustainability. In addition to the radial movement, the cradle will adjust to any angle from 0-135° by actuating the padded lever. The lever can be rotated in any direction to meet the needs of each user. No tools are required for positioning of the rod holder. All aluminum components are anodized to military specs. The cradle rod holder is designed to ensure quick removal of the rod from the holder. The handle of the rod can be removed by tilting it up vertically and freeing it from the cradle.
  7. scobar

    Dipsy rod spacing

    I have 2 cisco holders up in the bow due to butt ends sticking into work area. Up front they are right in front of window which is out of the way but we do have to run to the bow to get them. I think with the tube style I can get 4 rods at the rear sides a little easier and faster to grab. 19' boat
  8. scobar

    Best dipsy rod 10.5'

    That sounds interesting, I'll look at the Talors'a at the Niagara show. I dont have a rod tying setup, but Im sure I could do it by just hand wrapping, but I'm also sure it would look like dog meat too. Hate to see a $100 new rod look like crap. John you want to wrap a couple of rods? Scott
  9. scobar

    Best dipsy rod 10.5'

    I know a lot of people use Okuma and like you said the price puts you there. I would like to see the Diawa next to the Talora's to compare. Like said above, I have some of my Diawa great lakes rods for over 30 years and still use them on my riggers, getting pretty beat up a few tips replaced etc, but still catch fish
  10. 95% of my setup is Diawa, rods & reels. Need to get 2 new 10.5' dipsy rods and was wondering what everyone likes, I don't have to stay Diawa thanks for you input
  11. scobar

    Weigh in

    x2, I like to keep them just under water when in close (less than 20'). I prefer to run big boards over inline for spring fishing. Always have a rigger in the water too.
  12. scobar

    In-Line Trolling Sinkers

    look up "thumper rod" yes used on lake O.