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  1. thanks for all the suggestion on filling the holes, but as Great Laker said holes are "standard" size, so it's just a drop in install.
  2. Great Laker, I did realize that the mounts are standard, my Johnson has the spacing you mentioned, thanks for that info, very helpful! Scott
  3. 1997 115 johnson to a 2022 140 Suzuki hopefully line up
  4. I'm in the process of re-powering my 19' Lowe Roughneck boat. I'm thinking that the new motor mount transom holes wont line up with the existing ones. My questions is how to fill the old holes before the new motor is ready to be installed. thanks for your ideas.
  5. its not engaging into gear, prop show only spin in neutral
  6. Welcome on, great pics of the family! Be sure to hit the Naples spring trout derby
  7. Kurt, no ETA on my new motor, but I am getting more interest FYI
  8. i sent another pm to you looking for a Golden Buffalo NY $500 716.237.0013
  9. I won't sell the 8 unless the 115 goes first. If only the 115 goes I may keep the 8, not sure on that yet. No real reason to change, just looking to go 4 stroke, I guess. From what I have been told and researched that 115 is one of the best Johnson motors made, has never let me down.
  10. mounted on boat, With only 451 hours it is still all original, except for standard maintenance, gear lube, spark plugs, water impeller etc. Oils changed every fall, water impeller housing every 2 years. That service schedule is for both motors
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