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  1. It sure was a blast back then, every boat was inside 100' and each one was 175' wide with big boards off mast on them all. You needed a good driver to maneuver through the crowd, turning around was even more fun, then throw a fish or two ripping around, yahoo!!
  2. U/O my pick, in all the grouse hunting I have done using Grman shorthairs, never once has there been a chance for more that 2 shots, there long gone by then. For water birds it's another story where your sitting still so the heavier gun is not a big deal. I haven't hunted water birds in decades but last I knew 3 shot gun was all your allowed were the U/O would still be a good use. 20G Browning Citori, 3" mag, 27"
  3. going to rebuild the carb this winter, was able to get a OEM kit, never rebuilt since new
  4. looking at pictures of a Stanley mink you're going to need a bracket to mount the trolling motor, I would think one that raises and lowers the kicker
  5. I have a 19' welded aluminum full console, 4 batteries w a 8HP and it does fine
  6. bump $40 shipped (US) brand new in the box
  7. 10/11/2005 a captain and passenger drowned in devils hole
  8. My 2004 Johnson, 4 stroke has a bunch of time on it, still runs good, using very little oil so its probably good to go. However, can this little motors be rebuilt or is just not worth it?
  9. Not sure what draining the bank amount is but....Browning Citori 20G O/U new around $2,200, used no idea
  10. I agree most arrows do not stay with the deer, however in 2017 I tracked a deer with my dog close to 1.5 miles that the hunter one lunged it straight down under his stand with the arrow still in it. With over 75 recoveries, archery only, if it was over 200 yards no arrow in the deer.
  11. 15 Best 12V Lithium Battery 100Ah of 2021 - Consumer Report (romanceuniversity.org) rates the 10 ten
  12. Hard to find, but a Lowe Roughneck 19' all welded, aluminum floor, full console, open bow is one great boat, made in late 1990's
  13. Whaler, Thats a buck for sure, nice job Tommy!!!
  14. I hear ya, I have 3 but hope to only need 1
  15. from a safety stand point when leaving your trailer and truck I would recommend the foot of Sheridan dr. Easy free launch, bring boots
  16. I would have to agree here, being with Deer Search to track big game you get to really see what is happening with cross bow errors. Some guys will say right away I shouldn't have taken the shot, others say it should have been a kill shot, etc etc. Our call load jumps up a lot w Xbows due to really stupid shots.
  17. I see you used Deer Search, glad they were able to find your deer, great buck!
  18. Deer Search of western NY and Finger lakes, hopefully you never need it but just in case good luck and some real WOW's I see have been taken here. When our phones start ringing off the hook is when the woods are hotter than hot, coming very soon! Deer Search of Wny - Deer Search of WNY Inc. (deersearchwny.org) Deer tracking dog | Deer Search Finger Lakes Chapter Inc. | New York (deersearchflc.com)
  19. JakeBaby I use a stomach skid plate when tracking deer, it well worth the small cost. You had mentioned a pigeon trap, when I had a shorthair, my friend had a wirehair we caught so many pigeons for training with only my salmon net. Most highway bridges have pigeons under them, go a night and when they get nervous they will fly out and you catch em in the net, plus its a ball. We even had a bunch of town cops so up one night as the call came across to them "2 men with a net" Its all legal, well at least 25 years ago it was. If your training to track deer look into "Deer Search" then get DEC licensed so you can legally carry a firearm any season and track at night as well, Gunner just needs to be on a 30' lead. Finding a deer for 1st time hunter and seeing there enjoyment is priceless. Scott
  20. what color is the inside of the probe, white or grey?
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