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  1. we went out of Olcott Saturday, never deeper than 120' most of the time in 60ies. Went 4-4 on kings all mature. The best part was we had no net and didn't lose a single one, 3 within 2 hours of daylight and the biggest just over #25 hit at 12:05 just as we started clearing rods.
  2. run a 19' Lowe, Motorguide Xi5, 24V, 72" shaft, 8HP kicker, as mentioned above, works great.
  3. even on nice days right at the mouth of the river there is a pretty good chop, so don't let that fool you as the lake may be just fine once you pass through
  4. as said, either fixed or sliding, ONLY run spoons or you will have issues. I max out the length of the cheater to 7' due to boat size and a long enough net.
  5. does the splash well get water in it at the dock in calm weather? maybe its the splash well that is leaking. Out of the water you could try plugging the drains and just fill the well and see what happens
  6. thanks for all the suggestion on filling the holes, but as Great Laker said holes are "standard" size, so it's just a drop in install.
  7. Great Laker, I did realize that the mounts are standard, my Johnson has the spacing you mentioned, thanks for that info, very helpful! Scott
  8. 1997 115 johnson to a 2022 140 Suzuki hopefully line up
  9. I'm in the process of re-powering my 19' Lowe Roughneck boat. I'm thinking that the new motor mount transom holes wont line up with the existing ones. My questions is how to fill the old holes before the new motor is ready to be installed. thanks for your ideas.
  10. its not engaging into gear, prop show only spin in neutral
  11. Welcome on, great pics of the family! Be sure to hit the Naples spring trout derby
  12. Kurt, no ETA on my new motor, but I am getting more interest FYI
  13. i sent another pm to you looking for a Golden Buffalo NY $500 716.237.0013
  14. I won't sell the 8 unless the 115 goes first. If only the 115 goes I may keep the 8, not sure on that yet. No real reason to change, just looking to go 4 stroke, I guess. From what I have been told and researched that 115 is one of the best Johnson motors made, has never let me down.
  15. mounted on boat, With only 451 hours it is still all original, except for standard maintenance, gear lube, spark plugs, water impeller etc. Oils changed every fall, water impeller housing every 2 years. That service schedule is for both motors
  16. interested in the shorties if you're willing to separate
  17. Thinking of selling my Johnson outboards, the 115, 2 stoke is a 1997 that I am the second owner since 1999. The 8hp is a 2004 4 stoke that I bought new. I would like to sell as a set, they complement each other well. Both run extremely well and have been always stored in a heated shop. The 115 has 451 hours on it comes with a stainless-steel prop, the little guy is my troller with no hour meter. Servce has been with Eric at Brobile marine and me. With such low hours the big motor has many years. I think the $4,000 for this pair is a fair price, only problem is local pick up only. Thanks for looking Scott Hamburg NY 14075, just south of Buffalo NY
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