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  1. didnt get much fishing in my buddy blew his rear brake lines and had to replace 1 caliper cost him over $800 and had my trolling motor crap out so lost auto pilot power just cut out day 1 and 2 stuck in camp ground day 3 get the truck back fish the pm nothing day 4 one 29 in laker on a flutter spoon day 5-6 nothing read fish off the plant but no takers it was the vacation from hell but still better then working hope the next trip runs better and was told i was 2 1/2 weeks early oh well
  2. no my brother was standing on the bridge said the hole river was covered he was able to see my spoon
  3. i will be tent camping sun till fri if i do anything ill let you guys know if anyone else will be around mexico or the plant and you want to share what channel your on
  4. im no expert but was up at the salmon river labor day weekend years ago they were already in the river i know its more about temps and water level for staging fish your better off mid till end of aug by sept they are making the run and once they turn in the river not very good eating you want them fresh still in the lake
  5. thats why owasco will be plan b
  6. thanks for all the help i am new to this site nothing but great bunch of fisherman here i love it i do know what i am doing for trolling so hoping to share what i get from all the help we do have some big trout were i am from but nothing like the big o our state record laker is 30 lbs
  7. seen that but no lake trout just praying to get out on the big o towing its most likely 6 hrs from were i live if i use my 4 cl out lander my buddys getting his pick up checked to see if its good
  8. i will be camping at selkirk i only have a 16 ft if the big o is to rough anything near by with lakers ad browns i know the finger lakes are like 2 hours drive more towing
  9. in the couple lakes in nj that have them needle fish spoons work good and have caught them doing only 1.5 but faster seems better 1.8-2 but they are land locks
  10. i have a double big jon mast and big boards
  11. depends on wind on the 1 res its elec only 9,9 in the other but 10-12 no problem
  12. and have to get use to fishing less rods no limit in nj from boat its 3 per person in ny riight we run 10 -12 lines even if only 2 in the boat and onlu running 1 electric the rest are divers called fish seeker they dive to 80 ft we run them off the boards
  13. thanks not new to trolling just doing on the big o we have 2 res with lakers and one has land locks what about flashers never used any i see they use a bumpper in salt water do you need them in fresh
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