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  1. What's everyone running for treble hooks on meat rigs?
  2. Hareline Glass Worm Rattles - Tackle Warehouse
  3. Where is the best place to buy RHYS DAVIS & King heads and die cuts?
  4. Why don't people mind their own business? If it shouldn't be on here the moderators handle it!
  5. I would think Mike's marina has slips.
  6. What lb line are you running from diver to spoon for kings? Snubber yes or no?
  7. What size rubber bands for are you using for 500 copper? I have Amish outfitters releases but they seem to crack and drive me crazy.
  8. ISO Raymarine sportpilot plus autopilot parts or complete unit. What I need is the arm that looks like a turn signal.
  9. Fished from the A-frame to Otter creek. 28 to 35' down 12 to 18 on riggers two color with angry bird and sticks took fish. Spoons on riggers were on fire back 100' finished 17 for 20. Great morning!
  10. Anyone know where you can get Rhys Davis heads in bulk
  11. Hi i'm looking two traxtech triple rod tree's.
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