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  1. 3 Scotty hp. Rigger

    Can you tell me what model they are? Why don't you care for them?
  2. Spring Browns

    What is your go to spring brown trout lure?
  3. Do you have anymore pics of the boat?
  4. Where at near sandy pond i will be there all next week 26 -1st. I have a place by the sportsman club. i would like to look at it. you can call me at 570-212-1584
  5. Kicker motor

    Anyone know any good mechanics near sandy pond?
  6. Anyone fishing out of Sandy Pond with any result? Heading up tomorrow night Till sunday hope something starts soon!
  7. Why no snubber?

    Thanks guys I love this site!
  8. Why no snubber?

    I see some guys don't use snubbers on there dipsy why is that?
  9. Thanks for the help guy's.
  10. Hey guy's i haven't fished the lake in twenty years. I'm going up this weekend out of the salmon river just wondering how the fishing is for the browns and lakers. Just looking for a starting depth. thanks any info is appreciated