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  1. Thats good. I wish the same was true going from x4 to x4d
  2. Yeah, I want the x4d for the depth. They seem to sell both upgrade kits with the needed probe. ie 840 to x4 or 840/x4 to x4D. Thats what had me thinking an 840 upgrade to x4 needs a new probe too. Check into that before you get an x4 display and then need a probe. That would be a bummer. the only constant seems to be the transducer. That seems to work equally for all, as best I can tell.
  3. to go from the 840 I think you would need both the display and the x4 probe....not just the display. I have wanted to upgrade from the x4 to x4d but didn't want to eat the upgrade cost and still have the old equipment. They swap out the display and probe apparently. If you would be interested in the display and probe let me know. My probe and display are 2 yrs old
  4. As of last week you needed to wade through about 4-5" of water for about 10' to get to the floating dock section. Otherwise it was fine.
  5. Wanted

    don't know if I'm missing something....but Fish USA.com has them in stock. I was able to put them in the cart. Edit....nevermind...saw the comment on looking for used LOL
  6. Fishhawk for current direction and your speed. Then also Fishhawk for what the fish are doing.....ie I see marks at XXft, where are they in relation to the temperature. As said, its only data. but its good data. the problem is, it takes a whole lot of other info and experience to make it make sense. Even then, the fish just give you the "middle fin" anyway and leave you scratching your head (ha ha)
  7. Whoa..... My camper is upstream @ Salmon Country and when I was up last weekend the lake was as high as I had ever seen it but that picture puts it in perspective. Thanks! BTW Last weekend my Camper was probably 20 feet from pooled water which I had never seen before (that close). Camper is up higher so no prob there but compared to last fall its a shocking difference. Last fall I had to lie on my chest and barely could scoop a bucket of water from the same dock that has 3" covering (last I saw).
  8. Why is it closed? Lake height? I'm up there all the time but admittedly use that launch very infrequently.
  9. I have an 18 Pro. Just curious. For your issues do you have a kicker on the port side along with the battery? I'm running a 115 and I don't have issues (but I'm not running a kicker). I do have weight based listing depending on passengers (or not) and where they are sitting but nothing bad like the OP is dealing with. I consider this somewhat normal for a smaller boat and not close to dangerous in my case. I'm intrigued by the 4x12 tabs mentioned as adjusting tilt as needed based on wind, waves & passengers might be nice. I just wanted to gauge your observations with the 18 as points of reference only. Seems to me the 18's are marginal on the tilt and dependent on weight distribution where the 20's have a more significant issue that needs definite resolution. I like the 18 but have this affliction where I always find see some shiny new fishing gear or boat gear to spend $ on.
  10. Thanks for the info. any issues / observations with transducer location or proximity to other transducers, engine etc? The speed / depth / temp probe in the on sale kit looks different than the one in the separate probes....smaller, more compact. Improvements I guess? any known cure for the paranoia of loosing a probe? (kidding)
  11. There's a full length reverse chine. Perhaps however at the length and weight of that particular boat its not effective enough on plane. Hard for me to say. I have the next size down and don't have the same problems. Deadrise isn't published (that I've found) so I'm not sure if the series of boats is actually a full V
  12. For what its worth and to aid potential future participation from others. Has the DEC ever considered a Saturday meeting at at least one location?. A lot of Lake users travel a long distance and have to schedule in advance to get off of work. A week day meeting at 6 can be a tall order for many who can't get off of work or essentially need to take 2 days off to be there. Just a thought to help participation.