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  1. Go to minn kotas web page. They guide you to service places as i recall. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Im not sure how DIY oriented you are but if you look up northland marine they provide all kinds of minn kota parts and part kits. Last year i rebuilt the armature and brushes of the motor on my Terrova with parts from them for Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Not to hijack the thread but I'd be interested in options you could quote installed. I have hydraulic steering on a 2018 Fishmaster 196. 150 main, 9.9 kicker and tie bar connect from main to kicker. I'll send you a PM.
  4. Yeah when it gets too choppy I can't use TM autopilot going into it for sure
  5. I have the same setup as you. I have a Fishmaster 196 and 72" Terrova in the front. I contemplated an actual autopilot but stuck with my setup for now. Unit cost, uncertain install and how well it will work on a light aluminum boat (vs what I have) have kept me at bay. I have thought about taking it to someone but that has its logistics hoops. @Yankee Trollermight have some comments with the work he does with Krenzer Marine.
  6. Since (unfortunately) the "unofficial" word is that the Niagara show is cancelled....is it too soon to ask the question about what is going to happen with the salmon school? I made it one year, had snow storms keep me from traveling to the next 2...then covid...now covid rearing its head again I feel like I'm the problem lol.
  7. Yep....don't trust that guy, he's a little nutty. Good luck this weekend Clarke! I'm probably not out this weekend since I'll be up the next month+ of weekends hitting the river or combat zone lake as conditions allow. Post up so I can regret my decision! I was referencing your 26# fish posted earlier but glad I could create some confusion lol.
  8. LOL, your right, it scared me straight on Lake O.....37 years later (not to date myself) I remember it like yesterday. We were close enough to be OK and when we started coming in to the state launch (I think it was) I remember is the dunes sand blasting the boat coming in and the small boat behind us bailing water. Mother nature.....
  9. That Pic takes me back to when I was 12 in a 14'er with my dad out of Fairhaven when we said to each other....thats a weird cloud. Needless to say we learned what that brings.
  10. I loved Saturday's weather and met you on the doc next to Mike's (briefly) before I left in my intent to go back out (ha ha)....sorry didn't realize who you were until I went by your boat lol. I applaud your efforts, posts and small boat game. Not long ago I was out there on days like Saturday in my 13'er. I was fortunate enough to get 4 this Saturday going out morning / evening with my wife...and actually working as a team (this time). Here's a pic of my Saturday evening with a nice dipsy fish I hooked .....with rod in hand when he hit as I was trying reel it in to a shorter length out. Its not as fantastic as your 26 of course lol
  11. All comments were reasonable, yours as well. None sour. just open talk with a few different thoughts.
  12. I agree with you and @A-Lure-A the fishery is very cyclical and I remember the 90's well. I also remember browns in 2013 or so being the same at least on the east end with big ones only and few smaller. It happens. Fishing where I do I don't expect kings until the lake sets up and even then you have to have your A game dialed. If I get a few early I'm grateful and excited. I'm really glad to see the bait resurgence of smaller bait (good recent hatch). I'm committed to this fishery (or should be committed due to my focus on this fishery). I live for the good days and still love fishing even on the bad ones. I do love that the fishery still makes you earn it.
  13. I have 2 cabelas depthmaster reels I'm selling together @ $90 shipped. - Depthmaster Gold DMG45 with 1000 ft of 30# mason 7 strand plus enough backing to make the spool full. Wire is 3 years old. The reel is lightly used, it sat in a closet for a while then was put on an extra rig and used once or twice a season the past 3 years as I prefer my braid diver rig. Reel capacity 20#/580yds 25/430 30/330 - Depthmaster II DM30a - New never used reel capacity 15#/510 20/420 25/310 I prefer to sell together. PM me if interested.
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