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  1. I'm on the east end, but find this facinating. I'm interested in ports to the west and curious. Why does anyone even bother here if its so damage prone? Its one thing to have it be difficult due to sand blowing in via wind / current direction but having steel, concrete etc in the perceived channel or even just slightly outside is just bonkers. Especially if a dredge is making it harder to keep to the desired perfect line. Yet people still use it. Does this location provide access unattainable from east / west directions? A few extra miles on the land or water even would seem worth it to avoid such a known difficulty.
  2. Fat Trout

    My Fish Hawk modification.

    Its not good for it to spin at high speed for long periods of time (hours of driving). I use rubber bands when trailering distance but don't even know why I care. My top speed is off by at least 30-40% from GPS, always was. Reality is I only have the fish hawk for the down speed & temp which work fine so even if the paddlewheel came flying off it wouldn't bother me.
  3. I would think having a solo category wouldn't be too bad to sort out. I would agree on 1,2,3,4 being a bit much though. Get a few solo guys to meet each other at events and next thing you know you have some teams of 2 or 3.
  4. When you need 9 it shoots down the smaller boats that might fish 2 guys. As things have evolved even though I've fished the lake for a long time I fish solo or with 1 nearly all of the time. I'd be into the competition, but it tends to require bigger and more than I have. I use to fish in a bigger boat for a long time, but the smaller boats are more economical and fish "larger" than years ago so thats where I'm at. A solo category would be super interesting to me. Won't ever happen but dare to dream.
  5. You can try Woody's tackle in Port Ontario just a few miles from Pulaski toward the lake. If you walk in the door....immediately on the left along the window are some Cannon parts. You might get lucky.
  6. too many issues. I wouldn't use that channel if you paid me.
  7. Pay the money for good swivels for ANYTHING that rotates. Trust me, cheap out and some day you will loose a fish you will regret forever.
  8. Not a bad day out of Mexico. A couple small browns a Laker and a decent spring king. The water was chalky green out to 100 ft......like the old days
  9. Fat Trout

    Recommended Drift sock

    Amish outfitters 18". I have 2. for an 18' boat with a 115. I only use them for lakers. I usually only need 1
  10. Even though this is trolling and not general boating, those rules would apply in my mind and the onus is on the overtaking vessel to avoid the vessel being overtaking. Blowing the horn and waving to get your way doesn't change that. It just makes that guy that was overtaking you a dick lol.
  11. So the OP is misguided in your opinion but your 1963 boat for $4K in this same forum is totally logical. Right. There's no need for me to post that on your ad any more than for you to post negative views here. The market will decide for both.
  12. Last week of the fish I cleaned 2 had gobies but 1 had 2 large alewife. I was pleased to see that as Mexico can be a little short on bait at times so seeing Alewives in shallow fish was nice to see.
  13. Fat Trout

    My Flys are killing me

    For $13 at Michaels (Craft store) I bought a photograph organizer, granted that took a sale and coupon lol. It is a clear plastic box with handle and 16 or so little clear plastic boxes that slide into slots. I put my meat rigs and flys in the boxes. I can put 2 or 3 rigs in one box, you just have to wrap them and be careful with the hooks. I found a photo on the internet of it
  14. Fat Trout


    Yeah and we were in the same area. I wouldn't say it's on fire everywhere in Mexico but there are some pockets of fish which is nice to see and one of my fish had alewives in it which was also nice to see. You just have to find them and hope they turn on. 2 weeks ago I found fish in a different spot and and a lot of blank clear water in between. After today's wind and the coming forecast....who know where they will be. Unfortunately a lot of lamprey marks which was not nice to see, although a lot of the marks were old and not fresh. Hopefully the lampreys are on a downturn and not an upswing.
  15. Fat Trout


    I have a 72" shaft trolling motor with Ipilot so basically its my autopilot which is a must have for me running solo. I use it to change direction and my outboard for the main push. Past that I use church tx-6 and tx-12 side planers for up high (instead of full planer board setups) and torepdo divers that clip to the line for the spoons. I run 2 low and 1 high or vice versa. If its rougher I run less lines. On a bigger fish I may have to clear lines by sitting the hooked fish in a pole holder while I clear. Its a challenge, but this is easier than when I run solo for kings offshore.