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  1. We named our Chocolate Lab Dipsy. Full name Dipsy Diver......or just Diver!!!! when she creates an all hell breaks loose moment which is often. Holy Diver would be her theme song.
  2. I'll joke only to say the cold helps keep the numbers down...haha. Many things I like about Canada and some I don't. Same can be said for my opinion of the US..... many commonalities. Its probably why I think of Canada highly and the people I've interacted with.
  3. Agreed, common fuel is best. If you are going to buy a motor at least buy a 4 stroke 8. If you already have one, I would understand wanting to use that one first. A kicker literally mounted to the outdrive while seemingly nice in simplicity concept sounds like a breakdown in the making, lost kicker or both. While I have never done it or seen one it is setting alarm bells off in my head. This is probably why photos are hard to find. I deal with strength of materials, design and engineering as my day to day means to fund my fishing exploits. All I can say is I recommend against anything like that. Good luck with your setup. Its always a challenge figuring out how to make it all work best for you without breaking the bank
  4. It would probably work but im thinking it might be marginal. My fishmaster 196 has a 9.9 and its fine but im farther into the throttle than i than i thought id be going into chop trolling at salmon speed Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Primus - Fish On Robert Plant - ship of fools Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I love my fishmaster 196. I moved up from an 18 pro starweld. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Sold Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I bought this last year but it doesn't work into my layout like I hoped. Mine looks exactly as pictured, triple fixed holders, can be rotated and fixed in position with the knob at the base. https://highseasgear.com/store#!/Triple-Fixed-Tree-Aluminum-Rod-Holder/p/72199660/category=20769025 $115 shipped. PM if interested. Thanks!
  9. If I understand the chinook diver setup described on this thread (and others) its a different animal. But for slide diver vs regular its all about lead length and each will have its advantage. Where there is no contest is in not having a sufficient crew (especially solo). Running a regular diver solo with a long lead is problematic. Running solo a lot slide divers make divers a reality for me. I get bit plenty on slide divers. Originally when in a multi person boat before I realized lead length mattered I learned the difference between a 6 ft lead (and no or minimal bites) and a 12' lead. With a slide diver I can go out to 25+ which I prefer. Back to the Chinook diver which I understand to be a really short lead behind the boat, I have to believe that is water clarity dependent. I fish east and clear water is the norm or at least frequent. However I like the idea of a choked up short presentation when I know I have color to work with.
  10. Pm sent Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I had an 840 and upgraded to the X4 but was being cheap and told myself I didn't need the X4D. Talking to some people who were telling me how they were able to see the blowback caused by lake currents, speed and ball weight, I regretted it and 2 years after buying the X4 I upgraded. I'm glad I did. I do really like having the depth. I really like knowing how much the lake current impacts the blowback.
  12. I did manage to get 400 copper on a Seagate 60 but barely. I have 200 yards of 40# powerpro and 400 feet of 45# bloodrun copper. I started with 300 yards of powerpro but that wouldn't fly so I undid it and took 100 off. Originally I had the copper connected to mono with a small spro swivel doing the copper twist and covering with a light coat of epoxy. However it was so tight that this connection would occasionally hit the level wind so I didn't trust it and went to an Albright knot. That cleared barely and then later it all settled in a little bit better once used a bit. I caught a number of kings on it and was happy with the setup. I considered buying a Tekota but I really wanted to higher retrieve rate. I think the squeeze was worth it.
  13. I have a 2018 with a 9.9 kicker on the port side. Mine does not have the tiller arm. I can tell you that the splash well will interfere with the tiller arm laying out flat. You will likely be able to operate it with the arm folded up but that may not work for you. I attached a pic i have from last winter when i had it stored in a sweet garage i had access to. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Regardless of the DEC saying kings are managed for the lake, they will never shut down the SR for the sake of increasing natural reproduction. That's just the pipe dream of those wanting natural reproduction to make up for the stocking cuts. You can say "DEC said kings are to be managed for the lake" until you are blue in the face, the reality is that natural reproduction makes it harder for the DEC to manage the lake. We can disagree on cuts or no cuts but from a management perspective natural reproduction is a wildcard. They can't count on natural reproduction enough to back off and save rearing tank space for other species, but they also know it could blow out one year and a bumper natural reproduction crop could impact baitfish. Regardless of the economics or the stupidity of the fishing in Pulaski in Sept / Oct, they aren't going to suddenly agree to shut down fishing in a natural reproduction stream in the effort to increase natural reproduction in order to undermine their stocking cuts. Its possible they may in the future shut down the SR in the event of another drought year as bad as the one a 8 years ago or whenever that was when they struggled to get the minimum egg take. Bottom line is they think what they are doing is right for the lake. I fish east. I don't see piles of bait as described by others claiming full on conspiracy theories....that's what I know.
  15. Nope, thanks thats plenty of detail. I wasn't trying to dig at old wounds. I had a 3 min conversation with him when i saw the pen there. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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