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  1. I have an 18 Pro. Just curious. For your issues do you have a kicker on the port side along with the battery? I'm running a 115 and I don't have issues (but I'm not running a kicker). I do have weight based listing depending on passengers (or not) and where they are sitting but nothing bad like the OP is dealing with. I consider this somewhat normal for a smaller boat and not close to dangerous in my case. I'm intrigued by the 4x12 tabs mentioned as adjusting tilt as needed based on wind, waves & passengers might be nice. I just wanted to gauge your observations with the 18 as points of reference only. Seems to me the 18's are marginal on the tilt and dependent on weight distribution where the 20's have a more significant issue that needs definite resolution. I like the 18 but have this affliction where I always find see some shiny new fishing gear or boat gear to spend $ on.
  2. Thanks for the info. any issues / observations with transducer location or proximity to other transducers, engine etc? The speed / depth / temp probe in the on sale kit looks different than the one in the separate probes....smaller, more compact. Improvements I guess? any known cure for the paranoia of loosing a probe? (kidding)
  3. There's a full length reverse chine. Perhaps however at the length and weight of that particular boat its not effective enough on plane. Hard for me to say. I have the next size down and don't have the same problems. Deadrise isn't published (that I've found) so I'm not sure if the series of boats is actually a full V
  4. For what its worth and to aid potential future participation from others. Has the DEC ever considered a Saturday meeting at at least one location?. A lot of Lake users travel a long distance and have to schedule in advance to get off of work. A week day meeting at 6 can be a tall order for many who can't get off of work or essentially need to take 2 days off to be there. Just a thought to help participation.
  5. Looking at the history in the write up seems to prove the effectiveness of stocking cuts. 2008 was very low stocking due to drought. 2011 was year 3 for those 2008 fish. 2012 and 2013 was a banner year for Alewife hatch and is now the bulk of the bait we are supposedly living off of.
  6. For what its worth....when you look that prop up. it is listed for a range of Yamaha engines up through 115. My boat weighs 350# less than yours has 10 gallons less fuel capacity and is 7" narrower so less drag for me. I may be on the edge and you are on the other side of a prop that is on the top end of its range of use. As I think of it. When I trim up I notice a pitch change so I don't trim up a lot. I'm slipping a little I think. This was interesting btw https://www.boats.com/reviews/outboard-expert-finding-the-right-propeller/
  7. My prop is a 13x19-K. I'd be curious what's on yours and what you end up with. Next time I have my boat out I'm going to bring up the RPM's on my Lowrance and pay much more attention to the actual performance info from the engine vs my analog gauge on the dash.
  8. Interesting Point. I remember that having a big influence on a little boat with 25hp that I had ha ha. I have the same Yam motor on a similar model as Sea IV My tab isn't centered. Its one notch from center toward the driver side. That puts the tail of the tab toward the driver side and front of the tab toward the passenger side. He's still under propped but this could be making things worse.
  9. Ha.....I get it. I've seen you post before. You know enough lol. As for the new boat thing. All I can say is that there is a devil wherever you go....new or used. I've seen issues with both....myself and with others. Where I agree with you the most is in the high end super expensive fiberglass class. Shocked...shocked at issues I have seen new buyers deal with for $100-150K boats. I'm hoping for you its just a prop thing and in your past before you know it!
  10. sounds high. The prop may be the thing.
  11. A foot! and with Batt and all that stuff. wow. with batt (on passenger side) and my buddy their too, I was ****ing about a couple of inches of steady out of level.....lol.
  12. still seems weird. You mention the battery. That only justifies my lean more now that I think of it. In that case my battery is a size 29 and on the passenger side with no batt on the driver side. My buddy also outweighs me by 50 lbs. zero lean when I operate by myself. Also zero lean with me and my wife....who thankfully weighs less than my buddy lol. Just seems odd to me that your boat is that bad with the leand and mine isn't. Same design, same hull angles I assume..... I'm a little shorter......I would think if anything you would be more stable.
  13. I have a 2015 18 Pro with a 115 Yamaha. You say your shaft is 20"? Are you measuring from the inside top of the bracket to the cavitation plate? Mine measures 25". My Cav plate is just about even with the tip of the keel....just a little higher perhaps. I can run wide open....granted I don't do it a lot. I can trim up too without issue....other than trimming up has its time and place and trimming up in the wrong chop gives a little more porpoising than I like. I have a stock Yamaha prop. I notice a very slight lean with me and another person in the passenger seat but I attribute that to prop rotation torque and its only slight and no bother at all. I don't notice any lean if its just me solo. There was a guy on here who had a 2014 or perhaps 2013 who said his had issues with porpoising more than he liked so he put nauticus trim tabs on. He liked them and said it also slowed his troll too as a bonus. I didn't want to put tabs on and so far in 2 seasons of use I see no need. However I mention it as a thought for you. I have to say....if you can't go WOT on a 20 footer your motor is set too high or shaft is too short. I'd have to think you are cavitating if you are going over on RPM's.....but geeze I didn't think they even made a 20" in 115HP. I can take pics and some additional measurements if it helps...just let me know what you need.