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  1. This lake has always had ups and downs but the only way I'm going to stop trolling is if they drain the damn thing or flood it to the point of complete inaccessibility. Unfortunately those things are not a complete impossibility with plan 2014.
  2. Ive stayed at the quality inn on first street before and will again this year. it was just fine, as you said, I'm not there to stay in the room anyway.
  3. So I can't help but ask the question. If they did adjust regs to lean toward protecting / improving the salmon return to the hatchery (since the DEC says salmon should be managed for the lake), would the lake community be more accepting of increased regs on steelhead which the DEC has said should be managed for the tributaries? I've fished both sides for years and lean lake currently. In seeing the other post about proposed steelhead restrictions and negative feel there I'm curious if we all would be more willing to give on the one to get the other. While it probably wouldn't happen. I do agree with the DEC approach. (salmon lake/ steelhead tribs).
  4. think I'll try again. last year I got snowed out had a seat but didn't go....bummer. I'll roll the dice again though!
  5. Yeah, that whole move is kind of comical, for now its just one spot for a month but its part of the inevitable movement toward country club. I've played both sides (lake and river) for years. I had a DSR season pass for 23 years and this year was the first year I dumped it. I've had enough of the politics, whining and country club direction. I love the lake, clearing the inlet and trying to solve the day's puzzle in the lake knowing I'm generally left alone in open water.
  6. I realize this is a lot of discussion about inshore returns, piers etc but to give some East end perspective. I've fished this lake for over 30 years on the east end. We don't see the bait that is seen out west and it is definitely down from years ago. I troll over blank screens for hours. Over the years typically we never saw the early king fishing in the lake that is seen out west and our only claim to fame was the fish came east to the SR in August. It use to be you didn't see much in the way of kings until Mid july sometimes early July and in rare years May but only when bait happened to land in our area and those were still occasional fish here and there more than consistent The last few years I've seen Kings in April and in numbers and more consistently and pretty damn good through the summer....still no consistent bait but hey, I'll take the early kings and I see some encouraging bait from time to time. I've also seen more color to the water. Not always crystal clear. I have no argument on the usefulness of Net pens for western ports. However I'll only offer a box of tissues to those who think the west end is getting screwed over the east end. We never had and still don't have the fishing the western ports have spring through summer. To all who fish piers, yeah the clear water and whatever other factors is definitely a bummer. I wish shore fishing is like it use to be but I have been encouraged about how the boat fishing has improved my way in recent years.
  7. I'll admit, I was half way through reading this when my brain said what about the Gary D rig....so your final line set me up right. Part sarcasm partly intrigued on my end. Good luck either way, I should be out there tomorrow but am too burned from work to hit the road tonight.
  8. For what its worth you can get 30# through the microlead sheath, granted a pain in the ass. Once you do and tie the willis you need a drop of superglue otherwise it might slip out. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Google "Turnbuckle on boat trailer" and you'll see some interesting examples including using chain to get extra length. Needing to use a turnbuckle IMO just means the trailer setup isn't right but it seems like something that would work and keep you....and the rest of us safe, hopefully. There's always an electric winch with cable.
  10. Im in love with your garage! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I looked at hewescraft and they were NOT cheap but I would have LOVED their welded thicker hull. However the big thing I noticed with the NW boats at least in the 18-21' class is they didn't have the beam of my Starcraft FM196 until you go to the Ocean Pro series and at that point you were 22' and a pretty pricey boat. I've come to find you definitely pay more for extra beam. The Ocean Pro's were just out of my league for cost. 4-6" of beam might not seem like a lot but it was important to me. As for Lund....no argument there. I think they are overpriced for what they are and they are riding the name a little more than they should (IMO) What model Hewescraft do you have?
  12. I fished a Starweld 18 Pro for 4 seasons....no problems. Admittedly they are trying to hit a lower price point and that always comes with a catch. I recall Crestliner back when my father and I were looking at boats before we ended up with a 88 Grumman 18'er. Back then Crestliner was definitely a more expensive boat and looking at the commander series recently (before I bought my Fishmaster 196), they are still more costly than a Starweld and rightfully so it would seem as I see a few of the older ones around.
  13. I'll also just add that without any knowledge overall of what you have, the frame of the trailer just looks kinda light for a 24'er. Is that existing winch and related trailer properly rated for the boat? No judgement.....just trying to aid in your problem solving. I have a 20' aluminum and I feel like the trailer and winch related area on my trailer looks a lot beefier than what I'm looking at in your photo. My winch pulls from the top....but i dont know if/ how it varies between winches.
  14. If you are actually getting it tight then the problem is with the winch and I would suggest just replacing the winch as its not holding when locked in. If you are not really getting it up tight it might be a matter of backing the trailer in a little more so you are getting it up good and tight against the roller. You shouldn't need a secondary strap although the one thing I'm not seeing is a safety chain. That isn't tight and wouldn't prevent the winch from slipping but it will prevent catastrophe in general.
  15. Not to pile on but to give a recent observation from someone else. I know someone with 27' CC. New boat and new trailer. Via some screw ups with the dealer and him not doing some of his own dilligence the trailer did not have a sufficient load rating. His initial symptom was blowing out a bearing and finding another ready to go. Keep in mind this was a new trailer and he was only going an hour each way and the trailer was only for winter storage as he had the boat in a rack at the marina. The trailer bearings went at the end of season 1. He had perhaps 3 hours of road travel. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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