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  1. The OP was looking for a wiring diagram. I bought a new Fishmaster and was looking for a wiring diagram (true schematic). My dealer helped with what he could which was helpful (wire color detail list and where it goes) but not what I hoped for. I was told starcraft won't provide / doesn't have the schematic that I wanted....even for the dealer. With that said, I didn't expect to get one. Hypothetically, if I call Ram about a wiring diagram to my truck I'm going to get the same response.....and a dealer won't be any better. At best I'll find 3rd party info (and have to pay for it), and only then because so many are made that someone decided to publish info for $ (compared to my specific model of Fishmaster one given year). I'm thinking people are going to find about the same level with most boat MFG's unless you are custom. I'm not defending smokercraft mfg though. They did some really dumb things on my boat that are just lazy but easily remedied to my liking (2" sharp tipped screws through two 1/8" or less pieces of aluminum to hold them together....really? no safety issue there reaching behind to run wires Endless aluminum drillings not cleaned up, plus a bunch of steel rivet cores in the bilge that I think I finally picked out completely as they migrated to the drain hole . ) I knew I was buying a platform to start from and I would tweak from there. I hope to never have a significant issue that I can't work out myself or with my dealer somewhat locally.
  2. I thought they always drained the canal and through those streams....granted my recollection was it started in Nov. Was this just an earlier start? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. unrelated but when searching for herring as bait I found that out west Lamprey is a bait used for ....I think sturgeon. I have no idea where/how they get them.
  4. this year was an abbreviated season for me on Lake O but for the weeks and months I did fish I didnt see a single (noticable) mark on the fish I caught (weekend warrior but still a decent amount of time in). I saw some healed over ones....well healed, not recent. Full disclosure I don't target lakers, but lakers I saw looked clean. Last year I saw some fresh marks for sure and the year before was quite a few, a LOT actually 2 years ago on the browns in spring, it was nasty actually (Mexico). Having fished lake O for years, it has always been up and down but I was pretty encouraged with what I saw this year. As was said earlier, treatment is dependent on the right conditions when they treat. I use to walk the lower part of the little salmon river in spring and remember one year where the dead small lampreys were piled up at the tail of a slower larger pool....good year I guess. i also read how there was a large walleye die off in the sandy's (east lake O) perhaps 8 or so years ago which some attributed to the treatment, again as mentioned its a balance.
  5. I ran afoul of the situation where prior allowance turned into not allowable but I respect the land owners right. It was an erie stream. I had been there before going past signs because it was accepted or so was our understanding. I was with another and we went past signs as in the past. a person came out said you need to leave and we left, no questions asked. made it back to the parking lot and was met with DEC who asked us to stay and then a PA trooper. Both were cool, so were we, PA trooper went and talked to the landowner who gave him an earful. He didn't appreciate the earful. The story was that the past October (it was march) some bad actors were really bad....a bad season salmon guy when asked to pick up trash literally (I was told) took a dump in front of the landowner out of a F-U disrespect. We gave info, left without incident but I later got a ticket in the mail from the town for $75. OK, I paid it...it is what it is. BTW, we had great fishing and it was worth the $75 but I would never have done it (had we realized) and have never been back since. We didn't have advanced approval....our fault even if I can say we had reason. The trooper was understanding although not thrilled with the situation (I can't blame him). The town got their $ which was unnecessary IMO but I had no defense. I also don't blame the landowner at all. I'm just saying that I understand the posting with phone # as they are trying to get the word out (or so I hope the intention was ....in this case). as a last edit I'll add this to the LONG list of places I've lost access too because of bad people. I don't question any land owner's right regardless of where it is and what's stocked where and blah blah blah position non land owners might feel (stream rights or otherwise).
  6. how about a partial name change....."good" Medicine? lol BTW your dog is a hilarious....great pic lol.
  7. I have a place in salmon country. the distance to the lake isn't that big of a deal. The ramp isn't optimal now though. Dock is set high from the previously high water, the gravel past the concrete varies so when you pull it you boat isn't always straight. It might be OCD but when my boat is cocked on my trailer it drives me nuts. Realistically its deep enough and there isnt a drop off but i'd use the state launch, if I go out again thats what im going to do.
  8. Yes. A guy got kicked out Sunday morning for having 2 browns on a stringer. Patrol guy said the guy told them he didn't know. Thats a tough sell these days since he not only had a C&R fish in there but had one more than the new NYS tributary limits.
  9. I'm a mexico bay guy for a few decades....river and lake. I agree with both sides in varying degrees. They will never do it but for the salmon river I'd like to see - Closure to Sept 15 with usual labor day water pulse (gets some earlier ones up there) - Open for 2 weeks Sept 16 and on for 2 weeks - water pulse + Closure 2 weeks (get a different group up there) - Full Open after Oct 15th-ish Personally I think there should be shutdowns of Oak Orchard and Burt Dam to some degree as that is some of the ugliest river fishing and snatching of salmon and browns I have ever seen....but dare to dream.
  10. Fair. Perhaps the warnings should be shared by other peaceful protesters/ supporters of certain other known politicians/causes who "mean well" but create consequences not expected. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. If you have the totalscan transducer set it to medium chirp. Way better Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Every year is its own game. The good years (days) keep me going through the bad ones. I worked like a dog on Monday changing lines through the morning. It killed me when a long time great flasher had a barrel swivel let go. It was waaaay better than work! lol
  13. Great rod. I wish you were selling when I was looking!
  14. I was curious so googled it. I got some info but sadly no concrete answer on size. I'll have to continue with my previous assumption. My boat ain't gonna cut it lol.
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