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  1. Already have it set to install on port side to offset weight of driver and batteries. Easiest way to do it anyway, with all cables and wiring running to starboard side from the main engine.
  2. Wanted

    FYI... this is the part you need to attach the dual rod holders to the rear. The same dual rod holder that goes on the front works on the back too. There is no difference, only the post is needed to attach them to the rear.
  3. forgot to mention, installing on a 18ft Alumacraft with a 150 merc outboard.
  4. Transom Kicker Install Anything I need to know about before installing my kicker on the transom? I measured and have plenty of room on the transom. Is it really as simple as hanging it on the transom and tightening the screws? Do I need to put something on the transom to avoid marking or denting it? Is there such a thing as too tight?
  5. willing to trade for some fishing gear...
  6. I was gonna say I hope you know him to lowball him like that lol
  7. Wow, talk about a lowball
  8. Well I picked up the 4hp 4-stroke, couldn't pass up the deal. I trolled with my 150 2-stroke for a long time so the vibration cant be any worse than that I would guess. I went the cheap route and ordered a panther aux steering kit, if it doesn't work I will have to look into an EZ steer setup. Anything else I need to know/do before I take it out for the first time?
  9. bump... $200 picked up!
  10. What size kicker? Looking at a 6hp 2-stroke kicker (1970s) or a 4hp 4-stroke Johnson (early-mid 90s) for a kicker. The 4 stroke has an internal tank, is it possible to hook it up to my main tank? I guess more importantly will a 4hp be enough for my boat? I have a 175 Alumacraft, tournament pro (See attached picture) I don't fish big water often and would only be interested in getting it for trolling (I mainly fish Oneida Lake). My 80lb terrova pushes my boat to 3mph maxed out for reference.
  11. 40% off all fishing tackle at gander now, they still have a lot of salmon gear left (flashers, dispies, flies, etc) Terminal tackle has been picked pretty clean but still ok selection of hooks and decent selection of stickbaits and spoons left.
  12. Its actually my brothers and he ended up selling the truck and going with a diesel.
  13. ill take the flush mount bases.... PM me your info