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  1. NBK, Jack's Pretty Girl, Circus Freak Frog , Fat Nancy, Johnny's Buster
  2. Okuma Raw II with upgraded boca ceramic orange bearings. Okuma Aventa 13’6 float rod, 3pc with slip reel seat. Reel is all spooled up ready to go, used one day on SR and decided it wasn’t my thing. $300 pickup only Utica/Rome area or possibly Altmar area on the weekend. Pics available on request Okuma SLV 7/8 fly reel loaded with Dacron backing and sink tip fly line. 9’6 Okuma SLV 8wt rod 4pc. This was a backup combo that’s only been used 3-4x $150 pickup only, Pics available upon request.
  3. 30% off Okuma Coldwater Reels in all sizes, thought it was a pretty good deal worth passing along. I know Amazon isn't usually a place I go to looking for fishing gear so maybe some people missed it... https://www.amazon.com/Okuma-Water-Linecounter-Trolling-CW-303D/dp/B008GQ6WBG/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=FHtyM&content-id=amzn1.sym.a5eaa569-8a45-4530-84d2-2dcf8023272a&pf_rd_p=a5eaa569-8a45-4530-84d2-2dcf8023272a&pf_rd_r=EG4QHR95RGQTEVTRBXJ3&pd_rd_wg=1arC9&pd_rd_r=6ce786fb-a252-4d51-8805-b05cd0ea660f&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mi
  4. I bought an Okuma Convector off him in another thread, he just sent me an email this morning with a pic of the box and shipping label. We communicated via email and I had no issues with him.
  5. Reports from the charter guys out of Mexico make it seem like the fishing is on fire in the bay... I'm seeing reports on fb of double digit numbers of fish landed and 20+ bite trips. I havent been up since last weekend so I guess I'll see for myself tomorrow.
  6. I installed a B60 this past spring and bought the correct crows foot wrench needed to install it. If someone ends up going the B60 route and needs the wrench shoot me a PM and I'll mail it to you to use.
  7. It's already starting.... fish are piled up in 120-150 fow between Sandy Pond and Salmon River as of yesterday. Managed to find a few that wanted to bite but most were not interested in anything we had.
  8. There's a good number of deep water cases made for go-pro cameras that will handle anything the great lakes can offer for depth. I've seen them used on several salt water fishing shows, where guys are deep dropping in 1000ft+. They are not cheap though, I linked one of the less expensive ones that's rated for 500'+. Never used one personally, but what you want is easily achievable if you have the money to spend. https://www.golemgear.com/p-814-gopro-housing-for-gopro-hero-9-and-gopro-hero-10-rated-to-500ft.aspx
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