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  1. dam I always miss the good ones... been looking for a pair of these for awhile. Good price too
  2. NY State Park Camping Been to a few of the campgrounds on Lake O and looking to do some more camping/fishing this year. My only complaint is some of the campgrounds open late in terms of spring fishing (some not until mid-May) My question is can you camp at these places during their "closed" seasons? Most campgrounds with boat launches are technically closed but you can obviously enter them and launch your boat, hike, X-country ski, etc. I had someone tell me they used to go a certain state park in their RV and camp for free until the park officially opened for the season. Specifically I'm looking at Long Point state park in Chaumont Bay which doesn't open until May 18. I wanted to do a trip for browns and possibly another for opening weekend of walleye.
  3. Here is the insignia on the riggers... there is another sticker that says "positive ion control" looks like regular mag 10s which makes sense because that motor looks identical to mine. But $160... think I would look into getting them rebuilt before I dropped $300+ on new motors. Maybe previous owner upgraded boards to add auto stop?
  4. well I'm thoroughly confused now haha. I'll check the insignia on mine when I get home. I know they never came with that big "mag 20 Dt" sticker on them that's for sure. But they came with the boat so who knows.
  5. Says "cannon mag 20".... never noticed that before
  6. Here is a picture of the boards in mine... I took it so I knew where the wires would go when I re installed the motors.
  7. I'm pretty sure mine have that insignia but I'll have to double check to be sure. I thought the 'A' was for Auto-stop which meant the balls stop at the water line automatically which mine 100% do. Those mag 10 motors look identical to the ones I pulled out of mine though... what would happen if I put those motors in my riggers?
  8. I pulled both motors out and they are exactly the same. I pulled them apart (just the motor from drive assembly) and noticed one had significantly more rust/buildup on the worm gear. Unfortunately I didn't mark which motor came out of the slow rigger but I cleaned it up the best I could. Going to put them back in the riggers and test them out to see if it made a difference before I go ordering new ones.
  9. Mine are mag 10a as far as i know.... I bought them used so can't be 100%
  10. I finally got around to pulling one of the motors out, mine look slightly different than the one pictured above. Mine also have a brand/model number on them as well. Its hard to read in the picture but the info on the motor is: Bosch FPE 12V 0 103 821 157 After a quick google search seems my motors are very similar to the window motors used in some older SAAB cars. I'm going to try taking it to autozone and seeing if they can find a replacement. I can't seem to find any online? electronics are not my thing, but is it possible to pull it apart clean it up and that fix the problem?
  11. I don't think it's the board that's the problem with mine. It will raise the balls just very very slowly and occasionally trip the breaker. But once I reset it, it starts raising slowly again.
  12. Guy on eBay selling new cannon downrigger motors... but $200 each is a bit steep imo
  13. With the price of new electrics in the $400 range... I would be willing to throw some money at this. These 10A are plenty for what I do. I'll have to see if I can find a model number on the motor and maybe bring it to an auto parts store?
  14. Thanks for the info, I sent them an email and will see what they have to say.