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  1. FishingFool34

    for sale : usa Fish Hawk TD

    Rome, NY
  2. Used this for a year, worked great for finding the thermocline and figuring out blowback on my riggers. I bit the bullet and bought an X4D so I no longer need this. I can get pictures if need someone wants to see it. $120 shipped Or Trade for a matching pair of Linecounter Reels!
  3. You are first in line now, no response from the other guy in 2 days... moving on
  4. Yes swivel bases are included and pictured above.
  5. FishingFool34

    Wanted Fish x4d

    Absolutely! If your aren’t buying it pass the details along to a fellow needy LOU member (me) as someone (me) would surely buy it for that price!
  6. I had one person contact me yesterday via PM then I will contact the next in line. Thanks!
  7. **Please note** riggers are pictured both with dual rod holders... only ONE is coming with dual holders! The other comes with the standard single holder. Plug to battery wire is not shown but IS included. I just haven’t had a chance to unwire the boat yet.
  8. I will get pics later tonight... they are the Bosch oblong ones for sure.
  9. FishingFool34

    New troller here

    As someone who just started really getting into Salmon fishing in the past few years here is what I recommend... You have riggers so that's a HUGE plus, Next get 2 wire dipsey setups and atleast 2 of each size dipsey diver (not counting the mini). A Google search will turn up a depth chart for each size dipsey, print them and carry them with you. 2 Riggers and 2 dipseys is a great starting point that shouldn't cause you too many issues and is fairly budget friendly. Another budget friendly addition is a free slider (Search LOU for info on this), throw one on each of your rigger rods and you got 6 lines in the water. I would also recommend atleast a fish hawk TD to help find the thermocline and figure out the blowback on your riggers. Alot of people hate on the Magdas but I can tell you from experience they 100% will catch salmon. Not the best reels by far but I wouldn't toss them aside as a junk reel. You can always upgrade as you get more into it. Couple spoons, flashers and flies will get you started. Last bit of advice is to pay attention to the weather, read the reports ppl post here and don't be afraid to ask questions... lot of friendly ppl here! Goodluck!
  10. I have two cannon mag 10 electric riggers for sale. One had a new motor installed 3yrs ago and the other had had a new motor installed last year. Both have extendable booms with autostop. Come with swivel bases, power cords and ball retrievers. one has single rod holder and other has dual rear mount holders. No issues with either of them. I will have pictures up later today $400 pick up only Utica/Rome area