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  1. FishingFool34

    Helix 7 for trolling?

    I have a Helix 7 and Helix 9 (both G2N CHIRP units), I can see my rigger balls down to like 90ft or so. Deeper than that I think I get too much blowback to see them. But I'm only running 12lb weights. Last year I ran 10lbs and could only see them to like 60ft, if you run 14lb+ you shouldn't have any problems. I have no problems marking fish or the bottom either. Can't say I have ever heard of Navico and others producing sub-par products. My guess is the clerk prolly had alot of Lowrance units in stock and was trying to move them.
  2. FishingFool34

    Brown trout rod and reels

    I use the same setups for Browns that I use for Walleyes. 8' ML Diawa Wilderness rods and Okuma Convector 20 LC reels.
  3. FishingFool34

    Great fishing?

    You should also look into attending some salmon seminars (if salmon is what you're talking about), most are done over the winter and can be very helpful. Most of the guys running these are highly experience captains who will gladly answer any questions you have during or after the seminar. I have also had excellent luck on LOU as well, I found answers to just about anything I wanted to know here or PM'd someone who was more than willing to answer it for me. Truly a great community here! Don't forget that you read/hear all the good reports, you don't hear about the bad days people have. We have all gone out and not done well at some point, we just don't talk about it!
  4. FishingFool34

    3way rigs

    Interesting... never heard or seen of them before, seems like they would work well though.
  5. FishingFool34

    3way rigs

    what is a "t turn"?
  6. FishingFool34

    Sold / Closed Offshore SST Pro Mag Boards

    These are much larger, designed for long copper and leadcore setups. The Reg size boards with some mods can pull up to a 300 copper, not sure what these max out at but they pull a 400 copper with no problems and I'm sure can pull more. These are SOLD also.
  7. 1 Left and 1 Right Offshore SST Pro Mag boards, bought them new this spring and only used 3-4 times. $80 + shipping or pickup in Utica/Rome area. Can get pictures if someone wants them.
  8. FishingFool34

    What's my boat worth?

    Appreciate the input! That's pretty close to what I was thinking for a stripped price. Plus another $3k for it all rigged up? Quick math puts me over 3k if i pieced out the rigging, which is always an option too.
  9. FishingFool34

    Fish finder recommendations

    I have a HB helix with SI/DI, pretty much never use either... if I could do it again I would have passed on the SI/DI and gotten the next size larger unit. I fish same few lakes and have been for years, I know where the structure is and it doesn't change. No real need for the imaging especially if you troll alot imo.
  10. FishingFool34

    Recommendations for speed monitoring

    Fishhawk does not need coated cable, the new X2 version actually doesn't technically require a downrigger either. I have seen 2.8mph gps speed be barely 1mph down speed. GPS speeds are better than nothing but depending on the conditions can be way off from what you want.
  11. FishingFool34

    Recommendations for speed monitoring

    X2 on this^... you will be very surprised to see the difference between your GPS and the actual speed at depth. Depending on currents I have seen close to 2mph difference in the speeds.
  12. FishingFool34

    What's my boat worth?

    This coming spring I plan on upgrading to a larger boat, but in order to finalize my budget for this new boat I need an idea of what my current boat is worth... just a ballpark idea is all I'm looking for. Any guess on an unrigged price? 1997 Alumacraft 175 Tournament Pro CS 1997 Mercury 150 (2 stroke, carb, oil injected) 2018 Tohatsu 8 (4 stroke, tiller) 1997 Eagle single axle trailer 60" 24v Terrova 80lb iPilot-Link Humminbird Helix 7 G2N DI/SI Humminbird Helix 5 G1 DI Fish Hawk X4d 24" Berts Track (each side) 2 Bert's Ratching Rod Holders 2 Double Tree Rod Holders 6 Cabelas Quickdraw Rod Holders 2 Cannon Mag 5 HS Downriggers
  13. FishingFool34

    Dipsey leaders

    A screaming King will put your drags to the test... I would look into a better reel imo. I ran into a similar issue a few years ago when I was using Okuma Magda Reels for my wire setups, I upgraded the reels and haven't had a break off since. I run 9'6 MH Diawa Wilderness rods, Okuma Coldwater 303 reels, 12" DW snubber and 30lb Seaguar STS Flouro line. I run my drags as loose as I can, a click every minute or so is good imo, more when conditions are rougher.
  14. I have a brand new Okuma SLV fly reel (size 8/9) and matching spare spool, both have never seen water. Only removed from the box to inspect them. $80+ shipping
  15. FishingFool34

    Salmon river tackle

    You asked the question, sorry you don't like the responses you got. You said you fished from 4 til noon... How was I supposed to know you were counting your drive time as fishing time? If I say I started fishing at 6 I usually mean I was actually fishing at 6, not pulling out of my driveway to go fishing at 6. I guess it makes sense that you only saw 3 jump from 4 til noon, hard to see them jump when you're in the truck. I don't think anyone lectured you, but you came across as someone unfamiliar with fishing in the river/estuary, you even said yourself you hadn't fished it on over 30 yrs. It doesn't help your cause when you then make ambiguous statements that can be interpreted as breaking regulations. Your question was answered by me in the first response to this thread, you weren't happy with it so this continued downhill.