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  1. Slim to no chance he misses next week's game IMO. He's basically the face of the NFL at this point. The NFL won't let their poster boy miss his most important game of the season (to this point), due to something they are trying downplay as a league-wide issue (concussions). As a Bills fan I would love to see him miss the game as odds of Bills win will dramatically increase if he doesn't play. I just don't see him missing the game.
  2. https://www.fishusa.com/Shimano-TDR-Downrigger-C-Trolling-Rod idk how much you're gonna save buying used when new ones are only $30... if they aren't local and you need them shipped buying used will likely cost more than buying new.
  3. http://www.madsdocks.com/shop/Item/pmpoletree
  4. I'd be interested as well if you come up with more info.
  5. Same here, 300' WS is the max I run (On a Convector 55LS). I C&R majority of the time and anything longer than 300' seems to result in completely exhausted/dead fish.
  6. Easy with a battery switch... you start the main on #1 and the switch to #2 for everything else. That way your starting battery will always be charged. Does your kicker have charging capabilities? If so you will be fine, I run same AP, fishawk, sonar, radio, electric riggers, stereo and washdown all with no problems and can still start the main with the #2 battery if I wanted to.
  7. On ebay as well. https://www.ebay.com/p/1336081274
  8. I would hookup the tach as it is extremely simple to do. You 100% do not need the throttle actuator (I don't have one and mine works fine), I mounted my compass ball in the cuddy with no issues. Like Hank said Tohatsu and Merc are basically the same motor (under 15hp), depending on how handy/technical you are I'd bet you can make it work. The biggest difference between the kits are hole locations on the bracket and spacers, all of which you can modify to fit your kicker.
  9. Anyone have a chart or website that tells which filters (Oil, F/W) I need for my year motor? I thought I saved the boxes from last year but can't seem to find them. 2004 5.7L Carb Mercruiser.
  10. Tohatsu is not on the list, you don't need to use the Garmin throttle actuator though. You could use any aftermarket throttle controller (Controllking, iTroll, Trollmaster) they won't affect the performance. For the cylinder mount bracket, I believe Tohatsu 9.9 and Mercury 9.9 are very similar if not the same (I believe Tohatsu makes all Mercs 15hp and less). Checkout the bottom of the page in the link below, you can find p/n on the manuals. https://www.marinedeal.com/product_p/gar101200000.htm
  11. You should mention what year motor this came off of. The cylinder mount bracket and throttle actuator are specific to a select year range of motors. The core pack is the same for all motors though.
  12. If I had to guess that's either a 165 Lunker or 165 Magnum... either way 16.5ft
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