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  1. This song isn't for everyone... also it's NSFW, more of a gag/funny song. Definitely fits the water theme requirement of the OP though... Lonely Island - I'm on a Boat
  2. Haha! Those are the exact ones I have and was referring to!
  3. As long as they are decently sharp pretty much any non-safety scissors would fine I'd guess. I use the pair I have for cutting braided line, no issues.
  4. He likely has dedicated setups, which is why he has 10 setups. Clip boards on to the backing and no wear and tear on the leadcore itself. I would never clip boards directly to the leadcore just fyi.
  5. Suffix Performance Leadcore 27lb and Fishusa Stealthcore 27lb. For me a 7 color and 10 color both go on 45 size reels so there was no benefit in micro lead for me. My leadcore is pretty much strictly salmon/trout so I'd rather have the extra strength and 27lb test. If I was targeting only walleye I would likely use the 18lb stuff.
  6. Best price you will find new is at Northwoods outlet just fyi. Finding them used is tough, there is nothing better to upgrade to. Goodluck on your search https://northwoodsoutlet.com/product/fish-hawk-x4d-bluetooth-lcd/
  7. I also use a Beckman, never had anything but goodluck with Beckman nets. I use the 26"x34" hoop on a 6-9ft handle.
  8. This is a known issue with the coldwater line. If you follow Rochester Reel Repair on facebook he put up a lengthy post on this just the other day. If you read his post and purchase a carbon fiber drag washer kit ($10) you can fix the issue. There is a plastic washer in the reel which is replaced with a CF one from the kit, there is also a stack of 3 curved metal washers that need to be re-orientated. $10 and 15 mins of your time (there are multiple YouTube videos cover the disassembly process) and you can fix that issue.
  9. Will listen to offers and possibly trades as well. Looking for some 6" Bert's track, an adjustable rod holder, Okuma Reels, Flashers, Rods.
  10. (2) big jon swivel mounts (2) big jon mounting plates $175 shipped
  11. Thankfully you are in the minority on this forum. If you're obviously so secretive about your fishing techniques why even make videos then? Seems like a much safer way to protect your "hot rig" is to just leave the cameras at home? Imagine what would happen if you missed an edit and someone saw your "hot rig", they would almost certainly catch fish that would have been yours otherwise...
  12. There are different types of fishing videos on Youtube imo… there are fishing SHOWS and fishing VIDEOS. Fishing shows are sponsor heavy and I think they tend to use and do things in a way to promote sponsored items that may or may not be how they would normally fish. Now nothing against them, it's their job and they want to keep sponsors happy as that is where the majority of their money comes from. Then there are fishing videos, these are people who are more focused on content as they make their money from ad revenue and more views equals more money. These are guys who go in depth into techniques and equipment because they usually don't have large sponsorships they tend use equipment they prefer and techniques they actually believe work. These sometimes tend to be the more "clickbait" type video titles but they are usually pretty good content-wise. Then there is a smaller section of people that do it all for fun. They want to capture something they enjoy and even teach/help others with things they have found. These people's videos don't tend to be the first ones that come up in a search as they have lower subscription counts and their videos aren't as polished. But these tend to can be some of the best videos imo. There are a lot of good fishing videos on YT, you just have to pick the right ones. Some of the best great lakes fishing videos I have watched on YT are made by members here, Fishin' Physician assistant, Russell's fishing tech, Dan the fisher, among others.
  13. In order to control a Minnkota TM with your depth finder you will need an iPilot Link version. Standard ipilot can only be controlled with the remote. That being said I have a Terrova with Link and other than being able to see the TM heading displayed on my GPS (which is very nice imo) I almost never use any of the other Link features. I didn't have a standalone AP unit so I used my TM like an AP. My kicker would do the pushing and the TM would do the steering and fine speed adjustments. It worked very well most of the time. I would recommend finding one with the 72" shaft, I had a 60" and there were times I felt it was too short.
  14. Yeah I use the supplied swivels, never had any issues with them. I usually have a regular snap on the end of my mainline and tie my flies with snaps on the end as well so I have even more hardware on there. Gotta figure the flasher is always spinning I doubt an extra inch or two of hardware is going to make a difference.
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