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  1. FishingFool34

    A bit Angry

    Sometimes I have to have a less experienced person steer my boat while I set/move lines among other things. I always tell them, assume every boat out here has at minimum of 1-2 football fields worth of lines dragging behind their boats. This usually gets their attention and has them asking me if we are ok anytime there is a boat within 1000ft of us.
  2. FishingFool34

    best knot for wire

    I've always used the "loop knot" unsure if that's the proper name for it, but you make a loop, pass it through the swivel, then pass the swivel back through the loop. Then work the knot to the top of the ring and you're good, hasn't given me any problems so far, takes a whole 15 seconds to tie.
  3. FishingFool34


    Fished 180-250 this morning. Temp moved around a fair amount but for the most part we had 50* down 70-75ft. Ended 4/4 all 4 came on meat well below temp. 100-110ft down and they wouldn’t touch anything else.
  4. FishingFool34

    3 D gun printing

    So much wrong with that whole comment, I don't even know where to begin... Lets start with "Ghost Gun", please don't use that term! It's a made up political term like "assault rifle" that politicians use to entice an emotional reaction out of uneducated people. You realize that every long gun sold in NY could be LEGALLY sold and re-sold 100s of times with no record of any of the transactions? Also all the NICS checks run for anyone to purchase a firearm are supposed to be erased with no records kept. That means there is no way to accurately trace any long gun as it could have belonged to dozens of different people during its lifetime. So what good is a serial number on them? Also most pistols used in violent crimes are stolen, so what good does a serial number do if it is registered to someone other than the person using it?
  5. FishingFool34

    Newbie to lake O

    I have fished out of Mexico on days where you could have fished 200 fow in a canoe. Just pay close attention to the weather and wave forecasts and pick your days. As far as gear goes, a simple 4 rod spread will catch you plenty of fish. 2 downriggers and 2 wire dipseys, add in some sliders on the riggers and you will be able to cover a good section of the water column. Once you start getting bites adjust from there.Goodluck!
  6. We are headed out tomorrow am, I will report back on how we do.
  7. satin or buff brite?
  8. Fished 7am-11am today, Ran out to 150 and stayed in 150-200 fow all morning. Temp was 50 down 90ft, ended 7/8, all mid/high teens with one just at 20lbs. FF spoons and meat all took bites, bigger fish came from the deep meat on mag dipsey out 250. I was Due for a good day eventually!
  9. FishingFool34

    3 D gun printing

    Like I said the whole point is this is very far from the easiest way to obtain a firearm. The plans are already out there, they are in every lower that has ever been produced. Anyone with a bit of time and knowledge of measurement tools can obtain them from any of the millions of these parts already in existence. These aren't top secret plans to something nobody had access to before these guys in Texas.
  10. FishingFool34

    3 D gun printing

    I'd guess most of the people concerned about these 3D printed guns have never seen anything that has been 3D printed before. If you know the history of the company behind this whole deal, you would know they have been struggling for years to print one of these and have it hold up for more than a few shots without something breaking. The plastics used in the majority of 3D printers just can't hold up to the forces generated by a firearm. Also anyone who is against these plans being made public has prolly never heard of an 80% lower. With only a drill press and decent jig you can have a fully working billet aluminum lower that will hold up to 1000s of rounds. The 80% lower is NOT considered a firearm and therefore can be purchased online and delivered right to your house with no questions or background checks. Every other part needed can also be purchased easily and delivered right to your house no questions asked. My whole point is there are easier and more reliable options already out there to make your own firearm if you really want to do that. So why the big fuss over something that is more difficult to produce and much less effective?
  11. FishingFool34

    for sale : usa Wtb track bases

    I have 2 6" sections of Berts Track pm if you're interested.
  12. FishingFool34

    Mag Dipsy Diver chart

    This is the chart I use.
  13. We were out in Mexico yesterday, big rollers made it pretty miserable fishing in a 18ft boat. Combined with warm water, I had 69* surface and 59* down 150 over 180. It was like that from 80 fow all the way out to 200 fow. After 3hrs of getting tossed around and no fish or temps we called it at 9am.
  14. What’s the latest out of Mexico? Headed up in the am.
  15. That's how I fished the first year I year started... 2 riggers and 2 dispeys. Still managed to tangle just those a few times too! Now I can run that with no problems and have since added a decent selection of copper and leadcore setups that I run on inline boards. Started adding cheaters/sliders to my riggers this year... baby steps and you will get there before you know it!