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  1. Really looking for the LS high speed level wind version But I would consider a 55L as well.
  2. An Okuma 30 size is pretty close to the Daiwa 47 size (30 size is slightly larger). For a weekend fisherman, you would be fine with Okuma Convector reels or even the Daiwa Accudepth series. Personally I'd recommend the Okuma convector. The Okuma Coldwater is the next step up from a convector and are really great reels. I have 8 of them in the 30 and 45 size for salmon and 6 convectors I use for walleye/trout. Never had issues with any of them, just depends on how much you want to spend.
  3. I'm looking for 4-6 of the red Offshore OR 16 clips, if anyone had some laying around they want to sell PM me.
  4. The above chart is spot on for a super safe setup. Personally i think 650' of 65lb braid is a bit over the top safe but if you are comfortable with only 300' of 30lb braid backing you can squeeze a full 10 colors on a 30 size. I had a coldwater 30 with 10 colors on it, after coming very close to getting spooled on it last year I will be changing it to an 8 color this year.
  5. Ended up getting a new one, forgot about this post. Appreciate the offer though.
  6. I use regular 8ft M rods for all my LC and copper. Run them on planers without issue as well.
  7. Charter has different definitions other than someone who charges money to take people fishing. Very possible he could be a charter pilot, have attended/works at a charter school, among other things. I also didn't see anywhere he "bills himself" as a fishing charter captain/mate. Maybe he's an ex-tuna charter, doubt they spend much time trolling spoons in 10fow for tuna. It's just his handle here, it might not have anything to do with himself as a person. Could just be a new guy asking a simple question.
  8. I used super glue on mine, worked perfectly fine for me.
  9. The whole idea is because the boat I'm looking at has an autopilot system on the main motor which I'm trying to utilize with the kicker. I suppose removing the swim platform is always an option too...
  10. Has anyone ever modified an EZ steer rod to work around their swim platform? Boat I'm looking at has an I/O with a 3/4 length swim platform off the transom. I'm trying to figure out which kicker mount and tie-bar setup I will need to make this work? I'm thinking I would almost need a "Z" shape bent into the rod to clear the swim platform and allow the kicker to be raised and lowered via an adjustable mount. Is there enough length on these rods to allow for some drastic bends? Is there a better way to go about this? Is attaching and detaching the rod during trolling an option? Seems like I would never be able to reach and attach to the main motor with the swim platform there.
  11. At those speeds you are probably looking at closer to 4ft of depth per color. I use the 27# suffix performance leadcore with 30# KastKing braid backing. I picked up a 1000yd spool of the KastKing braid on ebay for $35, never had a problem with it.
  12. This is a gps/sonar only unit, comes with everything needed to install... mount, knobs, transducer, power cord, screen cover, original box and manuals. I have a brand new RAM (2.25” ball) for this unit for an extra $90. $700 +shipping for the unit. SOLD
  13. Brand new never installed 2.25" ball RAM Mount... the model # is RAM-D-202-25-C-202U. I can get pics if someone wants but a quick google will get you all the pics and info you want. $90 TYD
  14. Pretty sure this was the one that was for sale at the Brewerton ELOSTA Flea Market a couple weeks ago. I was surprised it didn't sell there... but I'd be even more surprised if it did sell on that craigslist ad with no contact info lol.
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