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  1. Pretty sure I'll take this... PM sent
  2. Fishing stuff

    ill take the tipup bag if you will ship it... PM me
  3. Braid Color? - (I know, I know...)

    I ran braid with flouro leaders on my walleye rigs and run the standard green, but I run yellow brad as backing on my leadcore/copper setups. Like the yellow for visibilty, but leadcore is multiple colors and doesn't seem to bother the fish so I would say it doesn't matter with long leads.
  4. Yeah that pic is my PB walleye caught right in your neck of the woods this past May... BRB! Good luck!
  5. The mods from bloodrun are moving the weight forward, changing clip point on rear from top of board to bottom (newer boards already have this done from factory) and finally angling the front clip bracket up. Use a heat gun and bend the front bracket so the clip points up in the air instead of parallel with the water. I run red clips front front and rear on mine never had an issues with them. Have to double wrap them when clipping in braid though.
  6. Trolling with electric?

    I troll for walleye all the time with my trolling motor. Speed and conditions play a huge roll in how long you can troll for. On a normal day I'm trolling at 1.8-2.2 at 50-60% power on my motor and can do 6ish hours on my 24v Terrova with ipilot Link. I run 2 29 series batteries (I don't know the specifics off top of my head) but they are top of the line walmart batteries lol, roughly $90-100 each. You will prolly get more duration/power if you bumped up to 31 group AGM batteries, but you're talking almost triple the price of conventional batteries too. You would have a very tough time on Lake O trying to use a TM to get up to salmon speeds in any kind of wind/current imo. I can't comment on a 36v other than to say if you can afford it... get it, you can always turn down the power. You could prolly get away with a co-pilot motor but I would recommend iPilot, Link is great but you need specific electronics and map card to utilize everything.
  7. Planner board

    Not sure how to interpret this question... Yes you can use planner boards in the morning for trout without leadcore. This is where proof reading your posts come in handy, I feel like you meant to ask something more/different...
  8. I started with big boards for walleye and honestly hated them. I ended up selling it all and going with inlines, granted that was before I got the salmon fever and now wish I kept them to pull coppers. But for walleye they are hard to beat (great for spring browns too), add a set of clip on weights and you can pinpoint just about any depth you want for walleye. I would highly recommend the tattle flag kits also, not so much for telling when a fish is on but for telling when something isn't running right (small fish, weeds, fouled lure). Here's the bloodrun link, and a link to the best price if you decide to buy new boards
  9. I run offshore inline boards and needed to modify them to pull anything over 5 colors or they wouldn't run right. I can pull 8 colors (haven't tried a full 10 on board) or 300 copper but just barely after modding them. Checkout Bloodrun's website for tips on how to mod them. Offshore makes a larger inline board that I haven't tried but heard good things about.
  10. 09/20 out of Mexico

    So what's the latest out of Mexico? Headed up in the AM
  11. 09/20 out of Mexico

    Still got some time left to catch them in the lake... these warm temps have really slowed the fishing in the river from what I've heard. Means more fish still in the lake for us! Ill be out there Saturday for sure.
  12. Wingers

    I believe you just flip it over and it will send them out the other way. I couldn't tell you how far, I've never used them, just know what they are for.
  13. Wingers

    attach them above your downrigger balls and they will swing them out to the sides further. Mainly used by ppl running 3 or more riggers.
  14. I believe Mag 15s were discontinued in 2006 just fyi