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  1. dam I didn't get the notification someone had responded to this... looks like you already sold these too. Still looking....
  2. Looking for (2) Okuma Convector 20 reels and (1) Okuma Coldwater 45 Reel.... Pm me
  3. FishingFool34

    Looking for ice!!

    Oneida Lake is locked up with 10" of ice, was out there Sat, walleye bite has been really good lately. Delta Lake has plenty of ice also, walleye bite there has been pretty slow though.
  4. FishingFool34

    fire works flasher

    madriver sports definitely has the fireworks tape, they have bulk sheets of it listed on ebay. I'm sure if you contacted them they could cut it to fit whatever flasher you want. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-x-8-2-Sheets-BULK-HOLOGRAPHIC-SILVER-FLASHER-Fishing-Lure-Tape/252870456074?hash=item3ae040f30a:m:mM7skYwjEjXy1XSHvcpGN9g:rk:2:pf:0
  5. FishingFool34

    Weigh in

    I use leadcore for my spoons in the spring, 1-3 colors will get you the depth you want. Then just clip your backing onto your inline boards. I have run clip-on weights before but I don't like adding more things I have to un-clip while fighting a fish. Found it to be much easier to just use leadcore with a Sam's Pro release on the front of the inline board.
  6. FishingFool34

    Wanted WTB LUND 2075 tyee/ 1900

  7. FishingFool34

    Helix 5 chirp DI GPS G2

    Being able to track your weights is prolly more about how heavy a weight you're running than what sonar you're using. I had a brand new Helix 9 a couple years ago that wouldn't pick up my weights over 50' down. Turns out that was because I was running 10# pancake weights, I switched to 14# torpedoes and can track my weights down to well over 100' with the same Helix 9. The blowback on the 10# weights was causing them to be pushed out of the sonar cone the deeper I dropped them down.
  8. FishingFool34

    New Riggers

    I upgraded from Mag 10s to Mag 5 HS last year and love them. The used pair cost me way less than 1 new digitroll, are plenty fast enough and have no problems lifting my 14# torpedo weights. Nice part was I had already upgraded my Mag 10s to the new style power cord and the Mag 5s used the old style mounts so it was literally a plug and play swap.
  9. FishingFool34

    Dipsy wire

    Some people use torpedo 19 strand wire and supposedly you don't need a roller guide rod or twilli -tip as the 19 strand wire is softer. Personally I use bloodrun 7 strand SS wire with twili-tips.
  10. FishingFool34

    First Timer Looking for Some Advice

    That's a heck of a setup, actually identical to what I will be looking for in the spring. 6 dipseys is crazy, 4 max and personally I don't like running more than 2. Downriggers are pretty essential and electrics are very nice but you can get away with manuals if you don't mind the cranking. I don't run a dedicated battery for my riggers or electronics but I do have an isolator switch and a 2nd battery but have never needed it. For baits that late in season I would focus on FF (flasher/fly), Meat rigs and J-plugs. For line I would run wire (fleas usually aren't bad that late in the season so braid will prolly be ok too) for the dipseys and 30lb mono for riggers. You can also look into weighted steel or copper setups and run them on planer boards if you want a couple more lines out. That time of year you will most likely be fishing the marks so a probe system isn't really needed but it is very useful to have. Goodluck!
  11. FishingFool34

    Ice fishing

    I ice fish Oneida Lake almost every weekend there is good ice, they covered the basics pretty well above. I'd also add an ice scoop and propane heater to the list for sure, a warm pair of insulated rubber boots (lot of time spent standing in ankle deep slush) and if you decide you like it I would look into some type of portable flasher unit.
  12. FishingFool34

    In-Line Trolling Sinkers

    Also used them for walleye on boards, but never anything that big. Usually run between 1-3oz with no problems. I'd look into weighted steel or copper setups before I ran a 12oz inline weight personally.
  13. FishingFool34

    Open garage door?

    Well they are over 3hrs away from me, but I appreciate the recommendation.
  14. FishingFool34

    Open garage door?

    I already unplugged the opener and slid the inside latch so the door can’t be opened. But I like the lock idea better than the inside latch. I did some reading and read that I could have a damaged circuit. We had a big wind storm the other day that knocked out power a couple different times. I think I will call someone to come inspect it just for my own sanity.
  15. FishingFool34

    Open garage door?

    Just some more info... the garage is detached from the house and I have not opened the garage door in over a week. It’s an older genie model opener without the photo eye/beam setup. Don’t know how old, as it was installed well before I owned the house. I’m running attempted burglary scenarios in my head and just can’t imagine someone breaking in in the middle of the day on a busy road. And on top of that, taking the time to reset all the door locks but not putting down the overhead door? I’ve sat at the end of my driveway for up to 3-4 minutes waiting for a break in traffic to get out in the middle of the day. So a quick getaway with the boat and trailer is not likely.