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  1. I'm good guys, I honestly don't really need it thanks though.
  2. Id be all over that if you were closer... dam
  3. Sold / Closed

    Those look like short shallows to me
  4. Checkout Cabelas they are having a sale on all fishing gear right now... Their depthmaster rods are great and can't beat the price when they are on sale. They have a 8'6" ML rod that fits what your looking for, for $32!
  5. Gander is now offering an additional "10% off sale" on everything left (still a good amount of stuff left too). Just FYI the 10% is in addition to the 20% off sale but don't get confused and think its now 30% off! Its 20% off then 10% off the discounted price... so technically 28% off lol.
  6. In case anyone was wondering it did work! Add a Cannon Mag 20 board to a Cannon Mag 10, find a place on the motor to add a ground wire and now you have auto stop!
  7. Pictures of how the new riggers are setup... no circuit board in there at all. I think I can use one of those bolts near the breaker as a ground too.
  8. Pulled apart the new TS Mag 10s... no board of any kind in there... power to right to switch to motor to breaker and that is it. I'm thinking I can just swap the entire setups out (switch/board/breaker) and put it right in the TS riggers. This will also save me the hassle of swapping out battery plug-ins as they are slightly different between the two riggers. Only thing I will have to do is find a place to connect the green ground wire on the new motors. Makes sense in my head lol
  9. Add auto stop to downriggers? So I had a post before trying fix my old cannon mag 10 downrigger motor. Well I had no luck. Instead of buying a new motor for $150 I found a good deal on another set of electric mag 10 tournament series riggers. Only bad part is they don't have auto stop. my old mag 10s had been upgraded with mag 20 boards for the reason of adding auto stop (I'm assuming, previous owner did it). Is there any reason why I can't swap these boards into my new mag 10s and then have auto stop on them? Below are pics of my old mag 10s with the mag 20 boards in them. Looks to me like the green ground wire may have been added by the previous owner? (Different hardware and different gauge wire then the rest of the connections)
  10. No need for a backup... I'll cya at 530!
  11. Chaumont Bay opening of walleye, not many other places in NY your gonna find a higher concentration of trophy size walleye.
  12. As far as I know only the one in New Hartford is closing for NY stores. There's a list of the ones they announced were closing if you google search. 32 stores nationwide I believe, all "underperforming" stores. Lot competition in the Utica area honestly... 3 Walmarts, Bass Pro, Runnings, Dicks, 2 Herb Philipsons, multiple local bait/tackle shops. Honestly the Gander in new Hartford was terrible anyways, prices were outrageous. The 20% off closing sale barely made it worth shopping there.
  13. I'm actually looking for the exact same thing, pair of single tubes with the clamp... If the OP is all set and someone had an extra pair I would be interested... pm me. EDIT: never mind I'm all set too!
  14. Wow yeah Cummings carries just about every type/size net there is it looks like! I'll measure my hoop and hopefully it's a standard size. Pretty reasonable prices also thanks!
  15. $75 for a gal of flex seal I might as well sell this net and buy a new one lol. I know Beckman is out of business so I was unsure if it was possible to get a replacement net. I suppose I could measure the hoop and try and find something else close in size.