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  1. I would hookup the tach as it is extremely simple to do. You 100% do not need the throttle actuator (I don't have one and mine works fine), I mounted my compass ball in the cuddy with no issues. Like Hank said Tohatsu and Merc are basically the same motor (under 15hp), depending on how handy/technical you are I'd bet you can make it work. The biggest difference between the kits are hole locations on the bracket and spacers, all of which you can modify to fit your kicker.
  2. Anyone have a chart or website that tells which filters (Oil, F/W) I need for my year motor? I thought I saved the boxes from last year but can't seem to find them. 2004 5.7L Carb Mercruiser.
  3. Tohatsu is not on the list, you don't need to use the Garmin throttle actuator though. You could use any aftermarket throttle controller (Controllking, iTroll, Trollmaster) they won't affect the performance. For the cylinder mount bracket, I believe Tohatsu 9.9 and Mercury 9.9 are very similar if not the same (I believe Tohatsu makes all Mercs 15hp and less). Checkout the bottom of the page in the link below, you can find p/n on the manuals. https://www.marinedeal.com/product_p/gar101200000.htm
  4. You should mention what year motor this came off of. The cylinder mount bracket and throttle actuator are specific to a select year range of motors. The core pack is the same for all motors though.
  5. If I had to guess that's either a 165 Lunker or 165 Magnum... either way 16.5ft
  6. I saw you guys stern to stern at the dock that morning as we were going by... I was wondering what was going on. Must have given you some good karma because we were in the same area all morning and didn't move a rod.
  7. Mexico Point State Launch... I wouldn't trust any launches in the big river with the water so low right now. You will be fine at the state launch in Mexico with a big boat.
  8. I like my cannons but if I ever bought new riggers again, I would seriously consider the magnum metalz.
  9. Combat fishing time, boats are buzzing the mouth of the river. A buddy had trouble getting out of the river the other day due to endless line of boats right at the mouth. Goodluck!
  10. 2352 Trophy here... came from a 175 Alumacraft. My trophy is plenty big enough for 4 ppl, I even had 5 on it at times. Not a problem to fish with only 2 guys either, with addition of the autopilot this year I could prolly solo it if I wanted to. Fishing is more fun with ppl to me though which is why I went with the bigger boat. Keeping it docked for the season was awesome and got me out a lot more than when I used to have to trailer up to the lake. If you're ever in the Mexico area let me know and you can come check it out just to get an idea of layout, etc. P.S. How's my 8hp Tohatsu kicker working out for you?
  11. There are a couple cottages literally right next to launch that come with slips included in the price on Airbnb. We stayed in one this spring and other than the docks not being in place because of COVID it was awesome. Those docks were not part of the marina they were private docks, everything in the marina was in a fully functional. Fishing was great too.
  12. Why not just make your probe rigger your deepest line? That way you should have a really close idea of what your other rigger is in temp-wise. Plus if your probe is your deepest you can run it up and check the temp above it without needing to reset. I think you would have issues trying to run two fishawks and multiple signals on the same frequency (I could be wrong on this). Your best bet you be to run some other brand temp system on the other rigger if you really wanted to do that.
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