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  1. Unless the previous owner upgraded the steering, cable sounds right for a 2011 with an outboard. Quick look under the dash will confirm it. You would likely already know if it was hydraulic steering, its a decently expensive upgrade and would likely be a selling point of the boat the previous owner would have almost certainly mentioned.
  2. You just figured it out right there... you have full cable steering.
  3. Garmin makes an AP unit just for your kicker motor. Its called the reactor 40, I have the previous version called TR-1 and have no complaints. It was a very simple install, I did it myself in 2-3hrs. Works great and was relatively cheap (~$1200). The new reactor 40 is a full electric setup where the older TR-1 was hydraulic. The 40 can be connected to a GPS unit or be purchased with a standalone headunit.
  4. Used to be Northwoods Outlet was about $80 cheaper than anyone else. But it looks like they don't carry the complete setup anymore, I only see the probes on their site. Might be worth a phone call just to be sure. Otherwise I'd say to watch Fishusa.com. They have daily sales and if you keep and eye out you can catch a sitewide 10% off or sometimes even better on a $250+ purchase. Other than that, pretty much everyone has them at the same price. Today is cyber Monday so it would be a good day to check around for a sale.
  5. You would just put the AP on your main motor and then connect the main to the kicker via tie-bar or EZ steer.
  6. Both items have been shipped, I sent each of you tracking info via PM. I hear there have been issues with PMs so figured I’d post it here just in case.
  7. Got it, will get back to you with tracking info once I ship
  8. Only a weekend warrior here, we didn't have too many issues with the weather but was by far my worst year of fishing. We had more skunk days this year than the last 3 years combined.
  9. Would consider trades for fishing gear... spoons, flashers, flies, etc
  10. Price updated... would consider trades for fishing gear... spoons, flashers, flies, etc
  11. I will take it, if something doesn't work out. I'm in Mikes Marina also.
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