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  1. nice job reel doc,weather looking good for this coming weekend!!!!!!
  2. prime rib carving knife,you can get one from amazon for around 20 bucks.
  3. i have around a dozen of the 15 and 20 series magdas and have been running them for browns on ontario and salmon and lakers on adirondack lakes for 10 years with 1000's of fishing hours on them and have had very little issues.might have to replace a drag or a sticky line counter,but other than that,they are very well built reels.
  4. just read barlows state of the city address and he states that wrights landing will be open june1 and the international pier work will begin this spring and be completed in 2022.dont shoot the messenger!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the heads up buddy,   I checked into it and did find two units out there, neither was what I am interested in-  the bad part, I was scammed by two other members who said that their friend or relatives had an islander for sale,  one was pictures that I had seen for sale on Craigslist about a month ago,  at a crazy cheap price, and they were more than interested in having it shipped to me-  it’s just SO SAD - that the scammers have even invaded a website for good old boys just wanting to go fishing....  ( I’m retired, hence- the old boy reference) 

  6. theres a few for sale in the boats for sale section of this site
  7. diawa ultra lights are sold,i have 3 reels and 2 of the accudepths still available.
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