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  1. woodys and sonnys in port ontario,all seasons in pulaski.
  2. mikes marina is the closest,you drive right bye it on your way to the ramp,you also have salmon country marina thats right there on the river.if those two places dont work out,theres a couple of storage places in mexico that are not to far from the ramp.
  3. depends on your boat setup,but i know the cannon retro ease tethers that you would use to cinch in your rigger cables works well for some guys.
  4. that looks alot better than wednseday!!!!now we just need the wind to cooperate.
  5. i made the two hour trip today,not usable yet.ramp is still iced in,but it should be all gone by the weekend,but then the wind is gonna blow for four days!!!!!!
  6. unit is 3 years old and in new condition.comes with lighthouse and navionics charts.$450.00.can meet up in pulaski area.
  7. shakespere is the most popular brand for vhf antennenas and mounts.as far as length,the longer the antenna the better the reception and transmission will be.
  8. nice job reel doc,weather looking good for this coming weekend!!!!!!
  9. prime rib carving knife,you can get one from amazon for around 20 bucks.
  10. i have around a dozen of the 15 and 20 series magdas and have been running them for browns on ontario and salmon and lakers on adirondack lakes for 10 years with 1000's of fishing hours on them and have had very little issues.might have to replace a drag or a sticky line counter,but other than that,they are very well built reels.
  11. just read barlows state of the city address and he states that wrights landing will be open june1 and the international pier work will begin this spring and be completed in 2022.dont shoot the messenger!!!!!
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