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  1. just look at the top of tackle and techniques on this forum.first post is a copper spooling chart.
  2. i had 2 mag10 stx with 3 seasons on them with no issues with cracking.i used blacks releases and tighten the rod tips about to the water line.
  3. thanks glen,ill give them a call today.
  4. i called them a few weeks ago and the guy that answered the phone said they were only pumping out the campers in their campground and that they could not pump out boats,even though i see the pump out machine sitting right by the gas dock.i got the feeling they are only taking care of their own customers.
  5. thanks todd,can anyone recommend a porta-potty company in the area that might be able to come to the marina to pump a boat?
  6. 10-4,thanks
  7. mexico point pump-out station? heave not been out in a couple of weeks and was wondering if the pump-out station is working or is it still under water?
  8. i cant help you out with fishing info. on tupper,but i would fish tupper and stay there,dont even think about heading south towards the old forge area to that schools are closing it will be an absolute zoo in this area and you dont dare put a boat on these waters until after columbus day.
  9. okuma magda pro 30's,best bang for the buck.dont waste your money on the convectors if you go with okumas.
  10. nice job dan,guess you are staying out west?
  11. with the high water conditions and seeing the headline,i thought maybe we would get some reports of guys trolling the parkway,nope,just another non-fishing report in the fishing report section.
  12. 4-stroke all the way,no smoke and fumes to deal with.4 hp is enough,i have a 5 hp on a 16ft center console and now just put it on a 18 ft glass cabin boat and it pushes that just fine.only down size is vibration,single cylinders vibrate pretty bad,but i got use to it after awhile.also,look into getting a controll king to operate the throttle,way better then a control box and cables.they only work on 4-strokes.
  13. mrclean,you should take up carp fishing,a couple corn niblets or a dough ball on the end of a hook and hang on!!!!!only fresh water fish i know of other then a king that can scream off a couple hundred feet of line off a reel.