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  1. you will never be looking,you love your penn yan!!!!!
  2. im selling a raymarine cp 370 fishfinder with power cord and interface cable to connect to a raymarine c120.this is a replacement/upgrade for the old dsm 300.bought it last year.located in mexico,ny.asking 350.00.
  3. I buy mine from bass pro,they don't have the best price,but they have six month intrest free financing.alot easier to swallow 100 bucks a month instead of laying out 600+ in one shot.also,right now they have 10% off on Tuesdays through the month of may and free 2 day shipping.
  4. Harvey troutman,troutman87 I believe is his screen name here.
  5. you can call mikes marina in mexico 315-963-3119 and ask,but its about 13 miles from Oswego or you can just launch right in mexico.you can also try k&g lodge in Oswego,not sure if greg would do it.
  6. this was yesterday,unless they use a loader to remove the ice,nobody can launch.
  7. there isn't any ice in Oswego harbor or out in the lake,there is a 3 foot high pile of ice on the ramp though,i dought it will melt by next weekend.could easily be removed with a loader.pretty much same story at mexico,the lot is mostly glare ice,which will probably melt by next weekend,but here too,there is a pile of ice on the ramp,but not quite as much as in Oswego.
  8. this is what it looked like last weekend,not sure what the last couple days did,not going to be any fishing this weekend even if it is open.hopefully next weekend!!!!
  9. capt.nick lange,totally hooked charters 845-594-3372
  10. hey glen,we saw the footprints in the marina,kinda sickening to see all the snow and ice,looking like a late start like last year.first two boats in last year,april 6th,we got 3 inches that morning and the next day it was gone.
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