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  1. nice report,gotta love being able to troll in february!!!!
  2. we were there over the weekend,did not fish,but the launch is will have to go in through the exit though,the state piled the snow almost as high as the guard shack at the entrance.
  3. Any paper work for boat or trailer?
  4. thought about it,temps. look good,but not the winds here on the east end,not for the weekend anyway.
  5. x2 on tuna,he has serviced and repaired a few of my okumas.very reasonable and quick turnaround.
  6. Wanted

    1987 chris craft 33 footer on albany craigs list
  7. i would take the third one for 325 if you sell the other two.
  8. the manual says digitroll iv,if they were 10's they would have sold 2 minutes after posting!!!!!still a good price for them,they are nice riggers,i had 2 of them on my boat last year,i really likes them,they are not as fast as stx's,but the really nice thing about the iv's is they stop gradually,not like the stx's that come up 100 mph and then just stop.
  9. Wanted

    bought 2 from polar bear,still need 6 more.
  10. if pulling more then 300' copper,i would run the dual keels.another thing to consider is storage,they do take up alot of room,if you are fishing from a smaller boat,it may be tough to find a spot to store them,other then that they work great,we pull 500 copper on them and have pulled smaller coppers in 4 footers with no problem.
  11. for sale : usa

    what do you consider small size?
  12. how is this related to fishing???????
  13. okuma 15's ii anyone has any okuma magda 15 series linecounters they want to sell or trade for 20 or 30 series please send me a pm.thanks.
  14. 600 for all 4 is a good price,try local pick up only,also,there are some local tackle shows coming up like the one in watkins glen and the elotsa show in brewerton.