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  1. goby and brown trout candy are 2 must haves in the 3 1/2 inch shallow diver.they run about 7' at 2 may want to get a couple s3 shallow divers, they claim they run 1 to 3 feet if you will be fishing shallow.
  2. was out at the marina today and took a ride down to the launch,it looks worse then the pics.above.the river and launch are froze solid.the lake has chunks of ice pushed in to shore with some snow on top.the ice looks like it extends for a 1/4 mile or so out from shore.
  3. raymarine c120w im looking for a raymarine c120 wide screen,if you have one and are looking to sell.please shoot me a p.m.i would rather buy from a l.o.u member then e-bay.
  4. i was just searching for screens for mine and came across www. they have a large selection of port lights.
  5. wow,she didnt look like that yesterday,we were out there around noon and there was just a few chunks of ice at the launch,but the river out to the lake was open,but it was still blowing pretty good.calm wind and a cold night sure did change that.hopefully the warm and rainy weather for the next couple days will flush the river and open her up around the docks at the marina is pretty solid.
  6. i have a 16ft blue fin console with a 5 hp honda,pushes the boat just fine for trolling speeds.5 hp is plenty to push a 16fter.the only thing with a single cylinder kicker is the vibration.twins are alot smoother.
  7. march 11th glen
  8. do you have any okuma 15 series reels?
  9. nice report,gotta love being able to troll in february!!!!
  10. we were there over the weekend,did not fish,but the launch is will have to go in through the exit though,the state piled the snow almost as high as the guard shack at the entrance.
  11. Any paper work for boat or trailer?
  12. thought about it,temps. look good,but not the winds here on the east end,not for the weekend anyway.
  13. x2 on tuna,he has serviced and repaired a few of my okumas.very reasonable and quick turnaround.