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  1. yeah,cause all the panic monger jackwagons bought them all.along with all the tp!!!!!!
  2. well kingfisher06 has me so scared now,im going to climb into my bubble,someone please let me know when its safe to comeout!!!!!!
  3. both are wide open,no dock in at Oswego,but its usable.
  4. the convectors are good reels,but if you are only going to be chasing landlocks,lakers,browns,or walleye,just get the magda pro 15 0r 20's.i have around 20 of them I use to chase salmon and lakers in the Adirondacks and they work just fine.no need for the more expencive reel.you can get the magda pros for under 40 bucks.
  5. sounds good,i think I found him,he has an ebay store,mad river custom fish tackle,he has lots of tape.
  6. hey matt,did you try witchcraft lure tape,i believe its wtp-inc.com.also,there is a member here on lou from Oneida lake area that makes tape,i just don't remember his name,maybe you can search him out???
  7. yes the Adirondacks are beautiful and yes there is some great fishing and camping here,but unless you can change your time to april through may or September through October.i don't recommend coming here in july and august,im specificly talking about the old forge/inlet area.i live here,well not anymore in the summer months and the reason being,it has become an absolute nightmare.the area has become way too overcrowded and the area just cant handle it anymore.motels,campgrounds,parking areas,boat launches,hiking trails,and the lakes are just overwhelmed.there are fist fights at the boat launches every weekend and there are a few serious boat accidents on the lakes each summer,last year a power boat drove over the top of a canoe seriously injuring the people in the canoe.if you can change your time frame,id be happy to take you and your kids out fishing on the fulton chain or raquette lake.if you still wanna come this way in july or august,id be happy to help you out with where to stay and go,just shoot me a pm.
  8. probably gonna look like that in a couple days!!!!!!
  9. beagler beat me to it,i have a 5hp honda on a 19' cuddy,pushes the boat okay in calm conditions,but the single cylinders do vibrate quite a bit.
  10. lost a lure,if ya ever need a fishing partner,let me know!!!!!
  11. southern cross- Crosby,stills,nash cool changes-the little river band
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