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  1. haha,thats some funny stuff glenfish,good for you!!!!!!!!
  2. nope,its a picture of a fish.nice job glen fish!!!!!!
  3. r.i.p eddie,he surely was one of the best!!!!!
  4. sonnys right behind woodys was carrying a few different types of meat last year
  5. just read a list of specific businesses that the state is allowing to open if their region is allowed to open and charter fishing is nowhere to be found now!!!!!
  6. as of now though,only regions that are going to open to phase one is southern tier,finger lakes,and the mohawk valley.central new York and the north country did not meet the criteria to reopen.they are close and if they meet the criteria by Friday he will let them open,but if they don't,those two regions wont open till june6.
  7. if anyone has locations of any launches that are still open,please post them here and please post as many pictures as possible and if you could post pictures of the license plates of trucks and trailers at the launches,that would be very helpful also!!!!!!thanks for your help
  8. I don't blame the out of staters,i blame everyone on this site that went out fishing and had to go post fishing reports,pictures of four people on a boat,pictures of full lots and talking about full lots and heavy boat traffic.i can only imagine the same thing is on facebook and all the other stupid social media sites.if you would have just went fishing and kept your mouth shut and stayed off the internet,you probably would still be fishing!!!!!!!keep posting pictures of ramps that are still open,you are helping the state find them and close them too!!!!!!and if anyone thinks this is gonna be over with in a couple weeks,you are sadly mistaking,vermont just extended their stay at home order to may 15th and we all know that this moron Cuomo isn't gonna be out done by another state,so im sure in a few days he is gonna make an announcement that he is extending the stay at home order in new York till the end of may.
  10. offshore iv,i sure hope I get to shake your hand some day!!!!!!!!you are 100 % right and im glad you can see through the smoke and mirrors of the gloom and doom news media and the absurd non-sense this moron Cuomo is doing to this state.OFFSHORE IV FOR GOVERNOR!!!!!!
  11. yeah,cause all the panic monger jackwagons bought them all.along with all the tp!!!!!!
  12. well kingfisher06 has me so scared now,im going to climb into my bubble,someone please let me know when its safe to comeout!!!!!!
  13. both are wide open,no dock in at Oswego,but its usable.
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