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  1. 1985 blue fin cc i have a 1985 blue fin cc alum. with a 70's something 65 hp evinrude.i replaced the floor,transom is solid.i have fished this boat for the last 2 years here on local lakes in the adirondacks and have had her on lake o a few times for browns,good boat for fishing 2 tires and bearings on the trailer. pm for more info.i will try to get some pics.up when i get a chance.i would be willing to trailer boat out to pulaski area for serious buyer.
  2. hey ripper111,fish are every where,from 5 fow to 500 fow,anywhere from oswego to hendrson and they are biting on f/f,meat rigs,j-plugs,and spoons.go get um!!!!!
  3. nice fish and congrats,not that it matters,but it has your fish being caught on the 21st????
  4. that is an awesome fish,congrats,we r still waiting for our turn!!!!
  5. It was last weekend
  6. cooper canvas/canvas work i hired mark cooper/cooper custom canvas out of sterling ny to do some canvas and carpet work on my boat last was 3,000 dollars worth of work.i gave him half the money up front,my only request was that the work be done by april,come april,work was still not done,but he did finish it by mid-april after many calls to get it him to go over work,he did a very nice job and with quality material and i was happy with his work,but he did not do the carpet i paid him for the canvas work,but he asked me for the full amount of the carpet cause he had to special order the material,he said it would be about a week or so and he would get it done.i was not to happy with it,but the marina said he has been doing work for them for years and was trustworthy,so i paid him,that was in april and the carpet is still not done and he will not return any of my messages.i asked him to just refund my money,so i can hire someone else to do the job and still no response.i would never use him again,but if you are going to hire him,just dont pay him in full!!!!!!
  7. just look at the top of tackle and techniques on this forum.first post is a copper spooling chart.
  8. i had 2 mag10 stx with 3 seasons on them with no issues with cracking.i used blacks releases and tighten the rod tips about to the water line.
  9. thanks glen,ill give them a call today.
  10. i called them a few weeks ago and the guy that answered the phone said they were only pumping out the campers in their campground and that they could not pump out boats,even though i see the pump out machine sitting right by the gas dock.i got the feeling they are only taking care of their own customers.
  11. thanks todd,can anyone recommend a porta-potty company in the area that might be able to come to the marina to pump a boat?
  12. 10-4,thanks