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  1. tunas reel troubles in ludington,mi.very reasonable and fast turn around times.
  2. Wanted

    pm sent.
  3. "this old boat" section on the home page would be a good place to post info. about your decals.and other "boat"related stuff.
  4. thats really great,oh great one,but what does decals have to do with fishing reports?
  5. im with buckmaster,trolling bar is the way to go,no bending over to hook line to release,bring weight to the surface,cinch in ball retriever and your release is waist high.
  6. Iso

    you should be able to find a trailer for 5k to carry a boat with a 10ft beam,you still are going to need another 20+k to buy the boat though.
  7. pm sent
  8. when you lift the throttle linkage on the carbs you are not advancing the timing thus flooding the motor.the only way to raise rpm's on a 2-stroke is to do it with the control box throttle.put it in gear and run it as if you were on the water,just dont over rev the motor and make sure no kids or animals are running around.if it still acts up,i would check compression.
  9. are you putting it in gear and using the throttle on the control box to increase rpm's or are you raising the rpm's buy lifting the throttle linkage on the carbs?
  10. port lodge is in port ontario/pulaski,its about 20 miles from wrights landing in oswego
  11. Good to go.there was 6boats out yesterday
  12. give beth a call at mikes marina 315-963-3119.i have stayed there many times,they are decent and i believe if he has the docks in by then,you can keep your boat right at the may have to leave a message as they are not there every day yet.
  13. i just bought a couple of them from all seasons sport shop in pulaski.i think they still had a couple more.also,amazon has 5 available.
  14. a pic.of the h.i.n. off the transom will tell the story.
  15. have you looked into big jon?