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  1. thanks everyone for all the info. i think i will go with the control king, seems simple and all i need is to dial in the speed,, i have i pilot to drive the boat. thanks again everyone...
  2. i am in the market for a speed controler for my 9.9 yamaha kicker motor any suggestions?
  3. well i hate to say it,,, but that hunk of crap just got me,,,, said he had a fish hawk and needed the money for surgery. dammmm maxwelll was the name. this guy needs baned.
  4. good evening,,, are you willing to ship? and are the rod trees still available
  5. is the fish hawk still for sale?
  6. i tried his email,,,, no luck
  7. No I don’t have Facebook. I will give him a shout through email. Thanks
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