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  1. Hard baits

    I have PayPal and I'm interested. Price?
  2. I'm for the most part set up at this point I'll get some pictures later. Still bare bones but it will work for now!
  3. You can see in this picture there are in fact 4 screws. No need to confirm I appreciate your help!
  4. Ok thank you Ill give Cisco a call on Tuesday.
  5. Piece to go into gimbal and trolling bar. So this above piece will not go on the gimbal then into traxstechs trolling bar? using this gimbal
  6. Ok so Cisco does not make a piece that has counter sunk holes to attach to the gimbal and thumb screws that will go into the bottom of the trolling bar like Traxstech has? I do not plan on using risers. I would like to mount the trolling bar directly to the gimbals. I will use 3 inch risers in the top of the trolling bar for each rigger.
  7. Dave seems like an awesome guy and I don't doubt that one bit. I found a great deal on some used stuff from Traxstech. So I plan on getting their trolling bars and using Ciscos adjustable gimbals. I just have to make sure I get the right piece to marry with Traxstech's trolling bar.
  8. I only see tracks on that link no trolling bar.
  9. Cisco adjustable Gimbal for Traxstech trolling bar. I wish Cisco made a Trolling Bar but it seems they don't. I talked to Dave from Cisco about a custom build and emailed him my info. Unfortunately I leave for vacation soon and need the boat rigged and I have not heard back yet. I'm wondering if I Purchase Cisco adjustable gimbals will they work with a traxstech trolling bar? What piece will I need to make the connection? Thanks!
  10. Thanks man! But track and trolling bar are very different.
  11. With you experience in this field how hard would it be for someone who has never used CAD to actually get it right? Sent the company a design and have them get it back.
  12. Don't those companies only offer competitive pricing to large quantity orders? Group buy? Hahaha who needs trolling bars? We can see how much it would be for 50 of them or something.
  13. Since the lift and turn racheting holders by Traxstech are so pricey and the Cannon Dual Axis have less than stellar reviews I am now also looking for the Traxstech RH-1 style holder. Lift and turn, pull and adjust with no racheting function. I think these will suit me well. Will just have to pull the rod out in the position it's in. Thanks.
  14. You are saying buy 80/20 stock and have someone make trolling bars, gimbals, and rod holders? Then get it shot peened to match Traxstechs finish?