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  1. Updated lowered pricing on items! See first post.
  2. Thank you sir! Glad to see you made it home safe and sound.
  3. Ok a bunch of stuff sold so I am going to update the original post.
  4. Sorry i was sleeping i work midnights.
  5. I still have the kicker and bracket and remote steering you would have to purchase whatever controls you wanted to use.
  6. All of the updated prices are listed in the original post on the first page.
  7. Thank you buddy for helping me out with getting some of this stuff gone!
  8. New lowered prices on items come get them. See original post.
  9. I updated the original post with what is still available. Thanks.
  10. I also have 6 line counter setups with size 20 convector and magnas. 4 rods are Okuma classic GLT telescoping 7’10” planar Rods, and I have four Okuma classic pro leadcore Rods two have line counters on them. I would let the entire bundle go for 500.
  11. I’ll never sell my Special mate haha.