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  1. Make an offer this includes everything plus the traxstech rail mount and an extension cable.
  2. If you are using it for trolling panoptix PS30 is the way to go. Livescope doesn’t have the range of the first gen and it’s beam is narrower.
  3. I have a fishhawk X2 with the traxstech rail mount. I bought it about a month ago and it is slightly used. I also bought an extension cable for routing purposes that cost like 50 dollars. Asking 600 OBO.
  4. As most of you know scams are rampant on Craigslist and other sites. Less likely here but it happened to me. Here are some major points I have learned along the way. 1. Check the users history on the site before agreeing to purchase anything. If they signed up for membership very recently and messaged you privately that they have the item you are looking for be very careful. Especially if they show no other activity on the site. 2. If they refer you to someone else to purchase the item through who is not a member of the site, ie "contact this individual at this email address ______________" should raise red flags. 3. Look at the wording the individual uses. Yes is it possible that someone who does not speak english as a first language is completely legit unfortunately many times they are not. Many scammers throw in the words like "kindly" to seem friendly in strange places that really make no sense. The following is an excerpt from a message I received from this scammer "Okay a notification from Paypal will be sent to you kindly click yes on the notification to complete your payment. This is to ensure that you have successfully made your payment to me so in order to have them shipped to your location. Kindly let me know when you have received it and clicked it." Notice how some words do not belong or out of place. In this situation I was trying to buy one downrigger but they referred to the item as "them" indicating this person does not even know what a downrigger is. They use words like "merchandise" or "goods" to describe the items you are trying to purchase when anyone that fishes would call it a "rigger" or "downrigger" 4. They ask for steps that are foreign to you compared to past transactions. This individual asked for a screen shot of my payment confirmation. They also insisted that they would send a notification to me through paypal to confirm the payment. This step does not exist in Paypal. 5. Scammers are getting very sneaky and use American names and emails. Im sure most of this was covered already but go into each transaction with caution and do not send cash, check, or money order to anyone unless you personally know them. Do not use friends and family in Paypal unless you personally know them.
  5. Thank you but my budget is really limited. I figured there would be some floating around with the new Optimum out I guess not.
  6. Anyone know of any available or have any available please let me know.
  7. Lets hope they are not 10k a piece. I wish Cannon would produce a smaller profile rigger. I do not care if it has half the retrieval speed.
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