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  1. Alright guys and ladies. 22.5 final offer if I can't get that I'll have to keep the boat. Thanks for the interest.
  2. 23k! TTT want someone that appreciates this boat.
  3. TTT I can't believe no one wants a Lund that's this well outfitted! I looked forever for this boat!
  4. Alright guys boat has gotta go final pricedrop before it goes on eBay. 23500 with the 1198c screen fixed.
  5. Right below the esopus light house near Kingston trolling a 18 hot steel in 20 foot of water.
  6. A hybrid bay boat down in Florida.
  7. Price reduced, found the boat I want to replace this one with. Boat is in the water ready to be sea trialed. I can also show that the 1198 still functions fine.
  8. I haven't seen many like this with 2x 4s power and everything this boat has...Took me a long time to find this boat. Im going to send the 1198 out monday so if you want the boat let me know Ill hold off and subtract the price of the Screen being replaced from our final price.
  9. I'm looking for a low profile center console 22-24 feet or a beefy bay boat 22-24. I would really love a ranger 2360 bay but they are 100k plus!!!!
  10. Alright guys, yea direct to humminbird! 500 bucks! You can't even buy the screen! Striper is just getting started but we got a nice 30 incher the other day and had a few good runs today but no fish. Thats my buddies building it cost him the concrete floor and some other materials. He got frame of the building for free and has his own sawmill! Here are some interior pictures the boat is wet and a bit dirty after a couple trips the last few days.
  11. So last night I went out fishing and meant to get pictures of the interior. Instead I dropped my 1198c and cracked the screen. So that is being send out tomorrow for a new screen and to be looked over to the tune of 500 dollars. Boat is still for sale and pictures of interior and crack repair are on the way.
  12. I guess it's not working I'll get pictures tomorrow. The boat is getting put in the water for stripers.
  13. IMG_3088.MOVIMG IMG_3154.M4V
  14. I can absolutely get some. I tried to post a video of the interior but it did not work.