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  1. I have 4 of the 12 inch 30 degree I believe. Just having trouble locating one right now.
  2. I have at least three Cannons in great shape if you are interested.
  3. Thank you I bought 4 heavy action cabelas rods for like 25 a piece for my project.
  4. Looking for heavy action rods that are broken and no longer usable but still have some length. No one piece please. I will be using them to support a sunshade. Telescoping would be best but I know thats reaching.
  5. I have four cannon 6 inch pedestal mounts that are fixed non swivel. I also have 3 Cannon Gimbal mounts. Everything is in like new condition. Asking 60 bucks a peice.
  6. I will be mounting Them to the boat at some point soon. My intention is to mount them high enough they are out of the water while on plane. My boat does around 50mph. I don’t need them unless I am at trolling speed. I can’t imagine it’s great for the paddle wheel to be in the water at those speeds. My transducer for my graph gives me all the information I need while on plane or searching. So am I ok to only have them in the water when off plane?
  7. I have the riptide ulterra 112 and initially had some issues due to what I’m guessing was low voltage. When it messes up it can be a pain. Luckily I had the quick release bracket and just pulled it off still deployed. Since then the motor has been flawless. But I still cringe every time I stow or deploy it because it just sounds like it will stop at any point. With that being said I don’t think I will ever not have an Ulterra again.
  8. I have a digitroll 10 with motor side cable, quick release and swivel base. I can also add a cannon gimbal for 50 bucks. The paint is worn off on the boom where the weight hook sat. Asking 800 or throw me an offer.
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