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  1. Nothing has been sold at this point. I have the tail end of striper season here in the Hudson River to get to. If someone hasn’t come up with an offer on the entire package I will do my best to go back in cronilogical order and find guys that will come pick up items first. Once I have exhausted that I will consider shipping items. I also would like to mention that ive set my no haggle basement price for the entire package at 31,000. (Sorry to sound like a dealer) No more messing around. Please do not offer less I will sell the parts seperate before I go lower. last night I put in two brand new group 27s for house batteries.
  2. THanks guys I’ve got a great woman that loves fishing and is going to help me out!
  3. hopefully one of these with no hard top.
  4. It’s really ridiculous how much we spend to get frustrated trying to catch fish it’s bordering on insanity hahahah. The only reason I’m selling this boat is I convinced my girlfriend we need a bigger boat so she has somewhere to pee.
  5. Like I said 35 is a starting point. I think if someone comes and looks at this Boat they will agree 35 is not that far off. A lot of time and money in this rig.
  6. Come fish with me for striper I’ll let you tell me what it’s worth. :0)
  7. Thank you! To be transparent here I didn’t think I would get this response. Sorry to make people wait after posting this list.
  8. Multiple people expressed interest in Rod holders already. Tracks as well. I will do my best to keep everyone updated. I am winding down striper season here in Kingston. So if the boat hasnt sold in a week max Ill start pulling parts off.
  9. I am l looking to get 1600 for all three riggers. Cash and pickup may have a little wiggle room.
  10. I dont know exactly how old they are but they are in mint condition and the new style Digi Troll 5s with the updated pulley. I would be surprised if any have more than 20 hours on them.
  11. OK gents my internet is out due to storms. I have some interest in the complete Boat and would like to pursue that for a brief time before I cannibalize the boat. I will try to respond to my inquires as they were received.
  12. 35 is a starting point I have well over that into it but I’m aware you don’t get out what you put in.
  14. Guys I’m out fishing until around 2pm I will get with ya all when I come in. Thanksks!
  15. Ok I’m getting a ton of interest all at once so seperating May happen.