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  1. Most of the time these money grabs using family members are aimed at the elderly or at least 65 plus. They get overwhelmed and grew up in a time where this treachery didn't exist. It doesn't even cross their mind it isn't real and will do anything to help a son/grandson et cetera. I have seen 30k in cash taken of out of a retirement fund and sent in an envelope with no questions asked. Have also had to console people who knew it was likely a scam but were not 100 percent sure and were beside themselves that a family member could possibly be in trouble. Very confused, very overwhelmed. Educate your elders and be educated yourself. You always have time to slow down make calls and figure out what is going on. Transactions in person Ask to see the item with your name, a sun, moon, and a unicorn on a piece of paper in someone's hand. Not resting on the item. It is way harder to professionally photoshop in a hand and paper in the foreground than a piece of paper sitting on an item or next to it. Look very carefully at the way light hits the hand and paper does it look out of place to your brain? Then it is. Only use payments methods that 100 percent protect you. Unfortunately this is non negotiable anymore. You are not getting a better deal by using a free service. If they are a person that sells items more than once they will have something besides venmo and the cash app. Make sure the item is actually protected under the entity's protection policy. Some items are omitted from purchase protection. If the seller is worried about transaction fees offer to pay them yourself. If the item is such a good deal the transaction fees shouldn't kill you to pay. Once again a short list of details but if simply adhered to unless an account is directly hacked and the scammer actually uses your account directly to take money or buy items you cannot get scammed. You simply have to not make "exceptions" because "someone was just widowed" and they have a brand new boat. They are from Canada and the pictures of the boat are clearly in the florida keys.
  2. Yes this has been around forever. Whenever there is a step that is out of the norm it needs to be questioned. At this point in this day and age I wouldn't send anyone money with out having the item in hand unless I knew them. Only exception is if I was using a service with very good payment protection. You might not get scammed for a couple transactions but you will at some point if you send money with no recourse. Even Paypal is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on scams. They will reimburse you but they eat the cost.
  3. Ladies and gents I have not heard back from the individual who was going to purchase a large lot. Everything is still for sale. If for some reason I have not responded to you please remind me. I would really like to sell riggers and fishhawk as a package due to the custom mount I built for both ducers. It works really well and allows you to refrain from drilling holes in your transom. That being said my cannon ducer is a bit suspect as I have had it sometimes read strange depths and if you are in bottom tracking that leads to a world of trouble. When the downrigger suddenly thinks the bottom is 600 feet down. So I will not include the price of the transducer itself in any transaction.
  4. I have added quite a few items that are in the pictures. I would sell the entire lot of everything for 7k. I don’t know how much money I actually have sunk into all of this and really do not want to think about it my loss is your gain.
  5. The downriggers all have cannon covers, two have retro ease retrievers and I lost the string and Pully for one, and 6 inch tall cannon swivel mounts. I also have a traxstech adjustable gimbal mount with I believe 18 inches of track on it. Asking 5,500 for the entire package OBO. No shipping located in 12491. I can possibly have a friend deliver to the Mexico area if he happens to be heading up there. galaxy vhf antenna with mounting hardware. I believe the end that plugs into the unit needs to be messed with but it’s all there. one cannon swivel mount REELS 6 convector 30 D with high speed gears and upgraded drags. One is missing the piece to adjust line out tension one the clicker is not working which is an easy fix. One has leadcore the others are all 30lb mono with 30 lb braid top shots. RODS 3 okuma classic pro leadcore trolling 7’ 10-25lb, 2 classic pro GLT telescoping 7’10” 10-20 planer board 4 8’6” Downrigger 10-20 lb classic pro glt one with tags still on it. I would like to sell the rods and reels as a package 500 for all 9 rods and all 6 reels. SOMEONE THROW ME A NUMBER ON THE ENTIRE PACKAGE OF EVERYTHING AND COME GET IT. Resell the stuff you don’t want. I am willing to let go of it at a loss I need to pay down credit cards. THANK YOU!
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