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  1. he doesn't want them, I sent him his pictures and he didn't respond. They are yours if you want them
  2. yes got them last year, used them for brown trout until the salmon started showing up and then they got put away and they have been in storage ever since
  3. I was at a funeral for a charter captain on the water and then I blew a trailer bearing on on my trailer on the way back.....my bad for not sending you pictures as soon as you sent an email.... and you said your self you didn't want to come till Tuesday.... so what did it matter as long as you got pictures before you came all the way to Greece where you said you worked anyway. what the hell is going on with this post
  4. you know... you are right, let me spend my money on high quality gear an give it away on the internet for free!!!! everyone but this guy.... are you for real dude?
  5. $150 each or all 4 for $500 work 100% will ship of you pay the ride used half of one season
  6. work as they should, I'll give you some cheap planer boards if you want will ship on your dime
  7. work as they should used one season $250 each or $450 for the pair will ship if you pay the ride
  8. how do you like the 210? I have the 196 and it fits perfectly into my garage, I wonder how much difference the 1½ft is on the water.... what were you asking for yours?
  9. that sounds like a nice boat! hope you guys make a deal, let's see pictures
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