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  1. What did you end up getting?
  2. Thanks again for the beautiful boat!!!
  3. dpiazza22

    for sale : usa Rods for Sale

    I'll take 2 of them, I'm in Greece
  4. If you haven't found one by spring, you are more then welcome to come out on mine and see how it performs
  5. I will agree, the 4stroke 115s are dogs
  6. It's a 115 two stroke, it jumps to plan instantly and tops out at 33 with a full tank, two guys and loaded with gear
  7. Dont count out the ones with the evenrude I have a 2010 and its awesome on the 196
  8. dpiazza22

    for sale : usa Rods for Sale

    Hi Bob, where are you located?
  9. I will want just the mast
  10. Where are you located? I have a set of single planer masts
  11. How much and I'm located in Rochester