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  1. Shimano Tekota 800 with 450ft of copper-$200 Shimano Tekota 600 with 200ft of copper-$200 Diawa Seagate LW50H W/250ft of copper-$200 60# power pro backing tekota 600 and diawa are brand new never used will ship on your dime im located in Rochester
  2. just looked, couldn't find that great of deals
  3. what ever Trout doesn't want I'd be interested in
  4. works 100% $100 shipping will be $8bucks
  5. works 100% $100 shipping is $8bucks
  6. what size you looking for? I found a 20 Inch one that was affordable, I want 31inch
  7. there are plenty of mornings lake Ontario is flat... I'm not going to win races but 30mph is more than fast enough on the water
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