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  1. Sold / Closed 230 proline

    Send you a PM
  2. Carborator work needed, 93 force 150, send the carbs out to be cleaned got them back I now need them adjusted and synced... Who can do it and how much? Motor will start but doesn't want to idle well and will stall going into gear
  3. Misc cowbells

    Haha, no thank you
  4. Misc cowbells

    $20 and you got a deal
  5. Not enough room, I need one that attaches to the front
  6. What do you got? Anything to connect the main motor to my kicker.,.. Let me know!!
  7. What do you have like those? Need two maybe 4, will possibly buy the track off you also
  8. 79 spoons for sale

    Sold, thank you!
  9. NKs, Dreamweavers, stingrays and others Make offers on 1, 10 or all?? May trade for trolling gear also, let me know what you got!
  10. I'm in Greece, make me an offer!
  11. Anyone else that needs gear this guy has it all... He sold me probably 5,000 worth of good stuff for a great price!