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  1. who has some they want to sell looking for a dozen or more
  2. never mind I have a 115 Etech 2 stroke... totally different beast
  3. I have the 115, if comes up in plane instantly and I get 33 full throttle with a full tank all gear and 2 big guys... the motor is light and gets incredible fuel economy
  4. dpiazza22

    Wanted WTB 2 man flip over

    I have one, I'm in Rochester
  5. $300 in perfect condition, has a tow bar to attach to ATV
  6. Cannon ST 5 works like it should Make me an offer will ship I'm located in Rochester ny
  7. Works 100% as it should. Color, GPS, graph, and flasher. Comes with case and a good battery Make me an offer, will ship it. I'm located in Rochester ny
  8. dpiazza22

    for sale : usa Sold

    Do you want them?
  9. dpiazza22

    for sale : usa Sold

    Make me an offer and we can go from there
  10. 271 Luhr Jensen Needlefish Various sizes plus Plano spoon box. Would like 1.50 a spoon and you get the box for free.... these are perfect for ice fishing, or ice out walleye and brown trout. Will ship located in Rochester
  11. Make me an offer and come get them, I'm in Rochester