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  1. would you sell the arch alone?
  2. i tried his email,,,, no luck
  3. whats your bottom dollor on them?
  4. No I don’t have Facebook. I will give him a shout through email. Thanks
  5. would you happen to still have the reels?
  6. Do they have a email address? i am not on facebook and i tried to look them up but can t find anything.
  7. i am in pa,,, that really looks good, i have the 210 model in black and blue
  8. Good evening all,,, not sure where i should be posting this. I am in need of someone or a company to design and make the grafics for my boat name. i just can't seem to find anybody to help me out. any ideas would be great. thanks jim
  9. what the heck does ttt mean??? what track does these fit if any? i have the berts system on my boat i think 3 or 3.5 inchs...
  10. would like to find a pair of tree style rod holders. trips or quads cheap though,,not that 400 dollor stuff.
  11. i take it not willing to ship. seems that question never likes to be anserwed. thanks anyways.
  12. never used down riggers before just trying to find something cheaper to start i fish lake erie for walleye guess i need a temp and speed probe to. lot of my buddies tell me that
  13. interested in the down riggers,,,, are you willing to ship?
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