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  1. Ttt Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Now that's a beautiful salmon boat and 400+ hours. That's like new. Amazing!
  3. The CHIRP sonar generates an image using a wider range of frequencies, which allows the processor to produce a much more accurate and detailed sonar image of fish, structure, or the bottom. "For freshwater use, 200 kHz is the most commonly used frequency with traditional 2D sonar. Check out utube for side by side comparisons.
  4. Very nice, I love my 223 Rage. Good luck Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Fair Haven is open with center flowing dock. Bring your boots to keep get your feet dry.
  6. Did you check the kicker with a load meter. It is most likely a bad alternator.
  7. Late week the floating dock was put out. The out docks are closed.
  8. The state has closed the outside piers at Fair Haven park. Today they have put out the center floating piers and they have raised the walkway a foot and are open.
  9. Bob made a good point about the coil. Its requires a complete system change. You cannot used any from the old ignition system. Example is spark plug wires need to be the best.
  10. All pro's. I would recommend that you check into a package from MSD and Mallory Unilite. I used this combination year ago. Zero problems and you can rejet for unbelievable fuel economy.
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