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  1. So sorry to hear that you lost your partner. My God bless you both.
  2. One place is in Wilson with boat slip.
  3. There are places on the Niagara and the Canadian side.
  4. I just reserved a house for the spring loc. There are several property management companies in the Wilson/Olcott area. I found them with a simple Google search. Many places available from 1 to 5 bedroom. Some with slips but not many. Good hunting.
  5. A am interested in a pole to determine if Jack numbers this year were up or down from the previous 3 years Up or Down Thank you for the feed back.
  6. I am asking for your input in the developing a Fish catch record. I am interested in improving my catch, land and reduce failure rates. I also would like to better understand wx and fish reactions to the lake changes. If you do this yourself please share your thoughts. I hope to produce an app for my tablet.
  7. Found them Sea-Dog Roller Catch - Surface Mount 227108-1
  8. Hi All, I need to replace this hatch retainer. Can anyone identify this hatch retainer. Thank you
  9. 4 miles to 200ft 6 miles to 300ft 7.3 miles to 400ft 8 miles to 500ft
  10. Sounds like you had a great time. Congratulations 👍
  11. Power cable to the display is required.
  12. Did you check the Shimano Talora rods to see if they are approved for seven strand wire. If not the wire will cut the guides.
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