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  1. My encounter yesterday was at fair haven. 40fow straight out and west temp 52 degrees, wonderbread. Only a few in close.
  2. I have a Simrad ap12 with a mechanical drive rotory cable steer. I am looking into retrofit the steering to a Garmin Reactor 40 Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid Corepack Without GHC 20, 010-00705-48 and my Garmin 7600. Is anyone running this autopilot retrofit. I am hoping to be able to use the pattern features the available with 7600 sonar.
  3. Please provide the $69 hotel contract information.
  4. You can count the number line lever passes and measure the line out per pass. Example 4' per pass x 25 passes = 100 feet out. 20 passes = 80 feet out.
  5. Does anyone on this thread have a preference for the standard or the extreme shark. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Hey guys thank you. This is a great thread. Its like being one on one at salmon school. So I am thinking 3 black and one chrome down the middle when needed. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Do not forget the other water pumps, ex. Deck wash down. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Thank you for the feedback. I am setting up to troll deeper. (+80) Do you think the chrome, black, or white color shark make any difference below 80? Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Looking to get your opinion on the shark cannonballs and it's advertised advantage. If the general opinion supports the shark attractant advantage then what setup would you recommend for a 3 rigger combination. (Weights and colors)
  10. Where are the weights and where are they located. I have two 10lb sharks and two 12lb torpedoes if your interested.
  11. I was considering a purchase last year that needed the same work. Friends recommended Mike's Marina in Mexico. The sale fell through when someone made a better offer. So this is not a first hand recommendation. The purchase was a Penn Yan 26. Good luck
  12. Nice smile dude. Oh the fish is great to. Congratulations on an amazing catch.
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