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  1. If your in area with poor service help them find a better provider. Make it happen!
  2. It does bring in hundreds on fisherman and some of are customers. Lol
  3. This is the first time I have herd of this project and I cannot find information. Please share a link
  4. If it's any engine issue is that not an issue with all boats that use that engine?
  5. Thank you Rich, I am interested. I am interested in the 3000 Express model.
  6. Thank you both for the information.
  7. I am considering the purchase of a Pursuit 3000 ex. I am interested in some owners feed back. Namely, ease of maintenance and any design weaknesses.
  8. Where is it located.
  9. Great report Phil. I would add one item. There has been a company contacted to produce a comprehensive hatchery improvement plan. Great news
  10. I am interested in how to can fish. Do you have a recipe you can share.
  11. This years lake has had more widespread color than the previous 5 year. I am interested in some fish forcasts for next year. Thank you
  12. I am looking into a boat with Yanmar 240hp Diesels. I need your feedback and is there a Yanmar mechanic in the Oswego area?
  13. I am considering the purchase of a boat with a pair of 360. Are they reliable.
  14. When you change to single hook what size hook do you recommend for the different size spoons. Thanks
  15. Earl28

    for sale : usa 1999 Baha 272 Fisherman

    Will the teeth come off.
  16. Smooth cable has less drag than naked cable. Plus different probe size. I run both and the difference is negotiable. Just an opinion.
  17. Chinooks dive deeper and are felt less on the retreive. I have experienced 350 out down 140.
  18. If you fish alone and need longer leads consider slide divers. Also use a small spro swivels that will past threw your rod and reel. With this setup you can run long meat rigs and land your fish by yourself. Good luck
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