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  1. There is something a large king brings that prompted a guy I know to proclaim it is better than fun loving. Mid teen fish don’t do that. Fishing is fun, catching a mature king is different. I think it is probably cyclical and good days are ahead. For the next few years I am taking the shorter drive to WI. We have teenage fish pretty close in Lake Oahe to Colorado. I have the greatest memories of Lake O when a rod released you had no idea how big the fish might be. Now you probably know how big it is at the end of a 400 copper.
  2. We didn’t work hard back in the day. We drove out to fish 5 days every July from Chicago in the 90’s. 4 downriggers with 12lb mono for spoons, 17lb for dodger /fly and limits of big kings and steelhead. today there is wire, copper, fleas…..different game.
  3. It was great in the 90’s. Trying to find the pic of a 42lb we got. Did find this one I think smallest is 28 if I recall.
  4. Quite a few over 30lb showing up in WI side very early in the season. Should be interesting to see later this summer.
  5. update: 2024 Sheboygan Salmon Cup KMDA INC 1K a Day Winners Friday: Hell ON Reels 26.10 Saturday: Liquor Box 23.74 Sunday: Secret Asian Man 33.50 Big 3: Black Jaw 62.88 Pictured below is Secret Asian Man 33.50# King from today caught on a Salmon Candy Blue Stud Uv flasher and illumination fly! Congrats! 5 fish limit, largest king I believe just under 27. This is Wisconsin side 2024 Sheboygan Salmon Cup Day 1 Pro Division Results 1. Vendetta 2.0 94.46# 2. Mvp 93.22# 3. Rocks and Reels 90.92# 4. Karma III 73.66 5. Liquor Box 70.28 6. Fish Stik 68.94 7. Poseidon 62.50 8. Great Oz 59.62 9. Piss on money 51.92 10. Pure Chaos 51.78 11. Hell on Reels 51.24 12. Pennisula Pursuit 45.88 13. Grandpa VI 37.08 14. Outta Line 28.46 15. For Real? 18.74
  6. Is the line counter location less impactful on the size 20’s vs larger sizes?
  7. I don’t fish the MI side, not saying who has better fishing, pointing out that over the past few seasons they appear to be getting bigger while I read here how you all feel yours are getting smaller. It seems you can reverse the trends. The WI plan seems to be working with Browns and salmon so far.
  8. The size of fish and quantities seem to be trending back to the haydays. The K/D tournament gives a good history of sizes. Obviously Lake Ontario is an amazing fishery, was just referencing the discussion of salmon size.
  9. It might return, Lake Michigan is staring to get back to the glory day sizes and set the Great Lakes record for Chinook a couple years ago.
  10. Thanks, are the older ones more durable than the current model?
  11. I have the current line counters and have a chance to pick up a couple older ones to use for wire. Is the position of the line counter that big of an issue? I love mu silver non counters. I use the more current version for braid divers. Appreciate it.
  12. My downriggers came with dubro release, just a beefier blacks, so going to roll with those and use rubber bands when using my lighter spoon rods,
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