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  1. Both for 390.00 shipped in US. Thank you
  2. They are non line counters. I believe they are sold to @Sanitarium pending payment. Thank you
  3. Both shipped in USA for $295.00 thank you
  4. I have 2 of the new models, new in the box I would sell. If interested let me know. Thank you
  5. I prefer to not add a kicker to my boat, was curious if I pilot trolling motor works with bags. Currently use trolling motor as auto pilot. 17 foot boat. Thank you
  6. Crazy how times have changed we weighted in a bigger fish back in the day and it didn’t make the board. The MI fish gives hope the true giants are still out there.
  7. Does anyone make an 8lb in either model? I realize heavier is better, but 8lb will work for what I need and figure if I can get the most efficient design the better. Plan to run them on 150lb braid. Any heavier and I have to mount the downriggers different. Trying to use track mounts. IThank you
  8. Cut the hooks, we do it all the time with Muskie, should a breeze with little salmon hooks. With less stocking and rearing pens seems the little ones become more important.
  9. Having been out of the game for 20 years or so, I can see some newer techniques and certainly heavier line. Back in the day we landed salmon up to 42lbs (our best) with 12lb-17lb line. I understand the fleas and such, was curious if the big kings are still fun with 30-40lb line?
  10. Thank you, can you use the Willis knot with stealth?
  11. Hi, I can’t seem to get the reel capacity calculators to work or find via a search, so I was curious if anyone knew approximately how much 30lb original fused fire line I need for backing with standard 27lb leadedore/leader. Really appreciate it. I am open to other backing as well if preferred, already have the fire line. Appreciate the help.
  12. Thank you. If you wanted to run one on the rigger with 2-3 colors will these rods work?
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