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  1. The size of fish and quantities seem to be trending back to the haydays. The K/D tournament gives a good history of sizes. Obviously Lake Ontario is an amazing fishery, was just referencing the discussion of salmon size.
  2. It might return, Lake Michigan is staring to get back to the glory day sizes and set the Great Lakes record for Chinook a couple years ago.
  3. Thanks, are the older ones more durable than the current model?
  4. I have the current line counters and have a chance to pick up a couple older ones to use for wire. Is the position of the line counter that big of an issue? I love mu silver non counters. I use the more current version for braid divers. Appreciate it.
  5. My downriggers came with dubro release, just a beefier blacks, so going to roll with those and use rubber bands when using my lighter spoon rods,
  6. Curious if you are able to really load them up, as well as with blacks?
  7. When you look at Lake Michigan you are seeing the opposite, a drastic increase in overall size and larger big than we have seen in quite some time.
  8. With a track system on modern boats, is using an individual downrigger mount like crestliner sure mount stronger then using the a track mounted on a few mounts with the downrigger and other items. Was curious if using a track strengths the connections.
  9. Can you load the rods tight using rubber bands in blacks?
  10. I use Okuma big lake tournament ML and L on inland lakes here in CO, they work well and the lighter sizes are priced right.
  11. I have a couple new in box but do not have line counters, just standard.
  12. Thanks, they seemreally nice. This is what the reel cal said, it sounds like I can get away with less backing,
  13. For those of you using these for, what type/amount of backing with 30lb wire? I have blood run wire if that helps. Thanks. They have a bit larger capacity than saltist 30it seems.
  14. I certainly do feel fortunate to have fished Lake O in the 90’s, not only because the fish were much bigger but you also used 12-17lb line and downriggers. It was just simpler and less heavy tackle.
  15. I will give the 7’ MH TDRs a shot, inexpensive experiment . I appreciate the insight
  16. I fish solo most of the time in a 17 footer. I use the s clip set up and anything over 8 feet is difficult to unclip the diver and keep the line tight
  17. I have no need to overcompensate . 7 foot has been fine with braid.
  18. I have some twili tips, looking for 7-7’6” foot rods for wire diver. Will the aluminum oxide rings on standard talora rods work? Or TDR with same guides? If not any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  19. With the south Chatham spooler, does it hold enough tension to get it spooled pretty tight?
  20. With the smaller diameter what is a likely out come for copper length with braid backing? This would be for smaller kings out west and occasional Great Lakes salmon, was hoping for 200-250 but that might be a stretch. Thanks.
  21. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    These sealines have the ultimate tournament drag and higher speed. Bump.
  22. Only troll salmon about 10% of boat use. How accurate is the slipducer.? Will be getting a lithium multi and think the slipducer would be most convenient, but not against the traditional transducer if there is a big advantage. The sea sucker mounting board would be useful as well with the standard transducer. Appreciate the help.
  23. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Saltist are all sold, open to offers on the sealines. Thanks.
  24. BRsnow

    for sale : usa Sold

    All new $100 shipped in US
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