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  1. Yes, both motors will have an alternator. Worst case it sounds like I could use the 100ah 12v to start main motor if battery dies and may pick up a portable NOCO jumper like I carry in my car. I just like redundancy, the backcountry hiker in me:-)
  2. I am running the TM on an 80ah 24v, the electronics on a 100ah, then cranking battery for main motor and 9.9 pro kicker. With DR towards the back and only used once in awhile it seems easier to attach to main cranking battery, just don’t want to drain it.
  3. My TM and electronics are set to be wired to lithium. For simplicity adding electric DR for first time, if they are the only thing connecting to my starting battery besides main and kicker motor, any concern of drawing the battery down too much?
  4. Thank you, going to order a pair, with quick disconnect base.
  5. Thank you, I am a bit too far, but appreciate it
  6. I think I settled on a 1650 fish hawk, the lay out and 25” transom I believe will cover my needs and a dealer with good reviews is 4-5hrs away which works here in Colorado.
  7. They look really nice and the owner was quick to respond , they do offer braid options,
  8. Thanks, I looked at them because many of my family members use them with good success. Only issues when speaking with big Jon is no braid option with auto stop currently, I would guess there is work around though.
  9. Was think of Scotty 1106B, but they might take up too much space. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Interested in any experience with 1 cylinder kickers and if they are useable. Also if one is smoother than other brands. Held off and am now looking to make the purchase. Thanks
  11. I read Yamaha is bring back the T8 but can’t find any confirming information. The one benefit of the motors made to a kicker is the mounts are more sturdy for the increased stress of bigger water and trim/tilt is nice.
  12. Are the new StarCrafts using wood in the build?
  13. I have read those forums and is why I asked. I might end up going Lund simply because it is the only dealership with close to decent reviews in my area.
  14. Stabicraft has one interesting 15-16 foot models. $$$ but seem to cover what I am looking for.
  15. I have looked hard the 160 sportsman and my cousin has 21 footer. I also cast quite a bit and it is really set up for o trolling but I haven’t ruled it out, would have to go used as they stopped making this model.
  16. thanks, fished forever on a 15 footer and use a kayak now, so I don’t need to go that big. Plus I wan it to fit in the garage.
  17. I am good with riveted or welded, just do want loose rivets or counsels cracking right away. The reviews for new boats have been concerning.
  18. Hi, looking at picking up a 16-17 foot boat, Lund rebel, alumacraft classic, crest liner fish hawk 1650. Haven’t boat in some time, previous Lund was 1982 and was a tank. All the research I find on web suggests the quality is poor on new boats. Being in Colorado I won’t have access prior for the most part. Any experience with the newer boats or suggestions of best quality theses day? Appreciate it.
  19. I am no longer considering them. You could also send a link to this thread to them.
  20. Finally getting around to boat set up. Lund track system on an adventure is thin, using Scotty 1106b and 10lb shark weights , using the track system I need to be careful with putting too much pressure. I mostly fish inland with 10lb weights, with a few salmon trips mixed in. I wa thinking 36-48” boom at angle would put less pressure and still get a good spread, only running 2 downriggers. If it does work, I can mount a rail flush on boat but prefer to try track system first. With be a 30” track mount on the rail, appreciate the insights.
  21. Thank you, look forward to the feed back.
  22. Hi, have you been using these? Curious on their quality and performance compared to the originals? They look really nice. Thank you
  23. Hi, I have never used them, but think based on reliability and not powering while lowering they might fit my need. I would be running 2 off a 17 foot 87” beam boat. Are they that much bigger than cannon or big Jon? Appreciate the insights
  24. Hi, is anyone running one of these? Seems you can get an alternator and also remote controls. Just curious on vibration with a single cylinder. Want to put a kicker on a 2022 Lund 1650 XL sport, but think the pro kicker might be too large/heavy. Thank you
  25. Both for 390.00 shipped in US. Thank you
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