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  1. 60lb braid is a bit light for some lures. Buck tails and top water are effective, cover water and don’t take a finesse approach and work fine with lighter braid. They also don’t tire you out as quick. They are predators, so cover, ambush areas are great places to cast. Open water with located bait is also good. Just when you are about to quit is when they typically show up:-) I have chased them for a long time, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like.
  2. If it makes a difference this will mostly be in Lake Michigan, I fish out of my uncles boat when we are on Lake Ontario. Thank you
  3. Thanks, I have used single strand for Muskie, but will be first time with the braided wire. Appreciate he help.
  4. Thank you, I have 8’ MH talora rods, if I install a twilli tip, can the other guides/rod hand wire? Thank you.
  5. Having moved west I don’t get but a week or two of Great Lakes trolling. Growing up we used mono. For a diver rod set up, if you had to choose, which one wire or braid? I am comfortable with rigging either, Thank you
  6. If you could only have one leadcore set up, how many colors?
  7. Accurate and more than enough for a deer. My father in law uses one for elk here in Colorado as well.
  8. the .270 and 30-06 are the same case with a ton of overlap. An animal won’t know the difference. Typically ammo availability is good for both and you can hunt bigger game as well. Felt recoil comes down to fit much of the time, find a gun theater fits and recoil is typically not an issue.
  9. for anything in the lower 48. With quality of bullets these days you don’t need anything special caliber wise.
  10. I will take them. Thank you
  11. Hi, looking to pick up a net that allows me to release salmon/lake trout with minimal damage. Lake trout get up 40” or so and be used for salmon as well. I fish solo or with my kids, so lighter is better. Any suggestions? Thank you
  12. Thank you, this is the older sportsman model so I don’t believe I can extend it. I believe it should work fine though. Appreciate the help
  13. Outside of being a giant, this fish looks like it has room to grow, not the more robust body you see on upper 30, low 40lb fish. Crazy!
  14. I agree, I use both here Colorado on elk and deer. They work great.
  15. Hi, looking to pick up light 7-7’6” rods that are light but have enough backbone for once a year salmon trip Lake Michigan or Ontario , using spoons. Also suggestions for ML for flasher flies would be great as well. Want to keep them on the shorter side as well. I am in Colorado and will use them on lake trout the rest of the year. Thank you
  16. Thank you, they will be 2.5-3 feet off the stern, should be good
  17. Hi, Is it possible to buy replacement “spring” part? Seems mine have worn down. Thank you
  18. Thank you, typically using big motor, so sounds like it shouldn’t be an issue I believe. Will be shifting to a 80lb trolling motor soon as well and then should be totally clear.
  19. My Dad's as well. Looking to track them down for that reason. Thank you
  20. Looking for a size 3 j plug that has the prism tape inside, blue in color. Thank you
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