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  1. Anyone use the Dubro release? Seems similar to the blacks.
  2. Yes thank you I should early enough to avoid them. Appreciate it
  3. Able to get 275 yards of 20lb XL on reels. Enough capacity for kings out side of flea times? Can always use braid backer to increase. Saltist 20. Thanks
  4. Hi, anyone have experience with these releases? I use braid on my downriggers when not on the Great Lakes and looks like these work with braid and are adjustable for use on salmon or inland use. Curious if people have had good experiences with them. Open to other suggestions for adjustability and use with mono and braid. Thanks
  5. Yes, I have fished there. I spend more time on Granby and Williams fork, but Blue Mesa is huge.
  6. I believe it was released, so still swimming. They eat lake trout, koakanee, other trout and the lake now has perch. Crawfish and bugs. I do think there is a lot of cannibalism here with lake trout.
  7. They aren’t all that big but is a really cool reservoir with diverse fishery for sure.
  8. 6” jig and I am one of your customers:-) The angler is pretty well known around here so I do believe it is legit.
  9. 73lbs ice out fish https://freerangeamerican.us/world-record-lake-trout-enloe/#:~:text=Scott Enloe caught what is,fishing with his son%2C Hunter
  10. Ended going with new saltist LC, the rest of my reels are the older saltist, so rolling with them
  11. I don’t have to deal with fleas and have used wire extensively. Prefer braid.
  12. Adding a fishhawk to maximize my trips to the Great Lakes, any preference on lb braid or issues with a probe? Thanks
  13. Looking to pick a few saltist 30 non-line counter. Thank you
  14. I hear you, feels a bit like marrying a prostitute. The boat itself is super clean and is priced like the motor is free, so I might look a little closer look at it.
  15. Thanks, the price on the boat takes this into consideration. It was a rental, so the hours were from 2 summers of use. Everything thing looks clean, price is right, just a lot of hours.
  16. Looking at a 2021 90hp mercury 4 stroke. Has a lot of hours on it. What is the average life span of a motor? This one has 730 on it.
  17. Thanks, the flag won’t bother me, hopefully I can tell if a fish is on:-) appreciate the help
  18. Appreciate it, I max out at a 7 color set up, did you feel they could handle a 7 okay?
  19. Hi, going to use 6 and 4 color with 30lb power pro backing . What board and release would you all suggest for this set up? I prefer a release that won’t release on its own. Thank you.
  20. Thanks, I don’t run wire. These would be for downriggers with 15lb big game. I typically dont fish late enough in the year for fleas. I think they are big enough to hold 300 yards of 15. I usually use saltist, but these are priced really good.
  21. How are the new models holding up? Can pick up 500 LC at a decent discount, as good as the prior model? Solid stock drag? Thanks
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