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  1. I certainly do feel fortunate to have fished Lake O in the 90’s, not only because the fish were much bigger but you also used 12-17lb line and downriggers. It was just simpler and less heavy tackle.
  2. I will give the 7’ MH TDRs a shot, inexpensive experiment . I appreciate the insight
  3. I fish solo most of the time in a 17 footer. I use the s clip set up and anything over 8 feet is difficult to unclip the diver and keep the line tight
  4. I have no need to overcompensate . 7 foot has been fine with braid.
  5. I have some twili tips, looking for 7-7’6” foot rods for wire diver. Will the aluminum oxide rings on standard talora rods work? Or TDR with same guides? If not any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  6. With the south Chatham spooler, does it hold enough tension to get it spooled pretty tight?
  7. With the smaller diameter what is a likely out come for copper length with braid backing? This would be for smaller kings out west and occasional Great Lakes salmon, was hoping for 200-250 but that might be a stretch. Thanks.
  8. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    These sealines have the ultimate tournament drag and higher speed. Bump.
  9. Only troll salmon about 10% of boat use. How accurate is the slipducer.? Will be getting a lithium multi and think the slipducer would be most convenient, but not against the traditional transducer if there is a big advantage. The sea sucker mounting board would be useful as well with the standard transducer. Appreciate the help.
  10. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Saltist are all sold, open to offers on the sealines. Thanks.
  11. BRsnow

    for sale : usa Sold

    All new $100 shipped in US
  12. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Bump for today, looking to avoid eBay 14% fee, so open to offers. Thanks
  13. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Thanks, but my home office looks like a sporting goods store currently, so just looking to sell:-)
  14. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    New prices
  15. BRsnow

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Went a bit overboard and geared up like a charter vs 16 footer. I am in Colorado, so I will be shipping, but have bought and sold on here with no previous issues. Saltist are sold. 2 60 and 1 50 sealine, all 3 for $280 shipped in US. always open to offers but not looking to trade. Thank you, Ben
  16. I have caught browns on them, basically have caught everything on them, but also used to run them a ton. They did excel with spring and summer kings though.
  17. Small j plugs, size 3 have put some really large kings in the boat over the years.
  18. Can you use a Y adapter to have both the gt56 and p66 attached to one 93sv and just nit run them both at same time? Thanks
  19. The new probe is what I have been waiting on, prefer to use 10lb, so this should be fine.
  20. System includes: display, probe, transom mounted transducer with cable, power cable, display cover, wireless charging pad and USB-C cable
  21. I agree, if I add the slip ducer can use on other peoples boats as well. The smaller probe is great as well. Really excited with the changes and glad I held off. Really fits small boater needs for sure with flexibility.
  22. It looks like you can run the new “X2”with a transducer, outside of battery vs wired power any reason to spend more for the new x4?
  23. The price difference between ipilot and link isn’t much. I am shifting to garmin now that their TM comes in shafts up to 75”. If you need a TM either way, 500-1000 more for charting auto pilot doesn’t seem too bad.
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