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  1. Yesterday evening after the blow outta the Oak, had crazy temps out to 360'. 47 degrees and 55 degrees mixed together with no consistency. Kings were completey gone and only managed a couple coho even though we found some bait. Wish we woulda gone deeper but oh well. Today only saw 1 boat go out but fishing had been great until this week, guess it's a good time to do boat maintenance and twist up a fly or 6.
  2. I'm going to show this post to my box of spoons to let them know what happens if they catch a lake trout. Absolutely classic statement Whaler and great gesture!
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  4. Wonderful to hear all the positive reviews! I saw first hand how hard Katia busted her butt getting this to run smoothly! Great job to all those involved and to those showing support for the clubs and the fishery!
  5. Fish your primary moontimes and moon rise even if it's middle of the day. I'm a firm believer in them! Stop into Chautauqua Reel Outdoors, speak with Mike Sperry- buy something even if it's small and start up a conversation. Mike is a great guy who has lived , fished that lake for many years. He will point you in the right direction and can even do half day trips to get ya in the game. Absolutely best wishes, hope ya catch a slob and release em right for the rest of us to enjoy! Imo it's better to have a few good baits than 100 baits that you have zero confidence in. Tight lines and don't be afraid to roam 100-200 yards off the weedlines as summer time Muskies under stable conditions love to suspend. One storm or cold front will draw them back into the safety of the weeds making casting more productive. May also want to try just south of the State Launch down about 200 yards where the NYS Chapter 69 Musky Club just put in 10 4' wooden fish cribs in 12-14' fow heading south in a straight line (many thx to all those involved). Sure they will hold some fish as we saw muskies swimming around them just after dropping them in.
  6. By July both ends of the lake should be kicking out fish. South end is easiest to fish imo bc its shallower, if trolling run 5"-7" baits 6'-12' down over the 12-18' flats 4mph+. Colors like perch, walleye and golds do well in the usually stained water. North end is deeper often clearer and you need to know how deep your baits are running. Look for suspended fish and fish baits 6'-20' down once again at 4mph+ over the open water. Launches at State Park , Bemus or Pendergast will put you in decent musky water. Good luck, hope water temps and algae bloom are good for your trip. Here's a few Katia got last Saturday on the opener with a 5" Bluegill Baker, we were only able to fish 7-10:30am before engine trouble brought us in.
  7. Looking for 1 please, text sent- thanks.
  8. Great transaction! Highly recommend AgentOrange.
  9. Still available? I have to drive from Rochester to clayton over the next week or two.
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