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  1. We're teaming up with Tioga County Bass Anglers to host the 1st Annual Hammond Lake Ice Fishing Tournament! Also, big thanks to our friends at Indigo Wireless for cosponsoring the event. $500 Guaranteed bonus for the winner!!! Please share with your ice fishing friends!!! You can also find this flyer on our website or on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack) Details and entry forms can be found on our website here- http://www.wellsborotackleshack.com/1st-annual-hammond-lake-ice-fishing-tournament Please feel free to PM me, call or stop in for more info!
  2. The ice season looks to be another couple weeks off yet here in Tioga County, but we've got some great deals to help you stock up early! Or stop in and shop for some gifts for your fishing friends and family! We've got tons of new stuff to look at too with new shipments arriving every week If you use facebook (www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack)- Share this flyer and spread the word about these great deals ! In stock merchandise only. While supplies last. Sale ends Dec 20th. Stop in and see us!! **If you are interested in any of the augers, shelters, or flashers and can't make it into the shop soon, give me a call! Pay over the phone and we'll keep it here for your next trip to the area! **
  3. We picked up a big lot of the industry's finest nets! You will not see these nets this cheap again. A few large nets are available too! EGO NETS ON SALE!!! up to 50% OFF!!! (quantity available indicated on the left by model #) 3-Model #72060- RETAIL $89.99 - SALE- $50 (S2 SLIDER) 3-Model #71263- RETAIL $44.99 - SALE- $23 2-Model #71363- RETAIL $54.99 - SALE- $30 2-Model #71001- RETAIL $46.99 - SALE- $25 (REACH) 2-Model #71377- RETAIL $39.99 - SALE- $23 3-Model #72054- RETAIL $106.99-SALE- $54 (S2 SLIDER) 3-Model #72063- RETAIL $96.99 - SALE- $48 (S2 SLIDER) 2-Model #71002- RETAIL $49.99 - SALE- $29 (REACH RUBBER) 2-Model #72036- RETAIL $109.99-SALE- $55 (S2 SLIDER) 3-Model #71007- RETAIL $79.99 - SALE- $45 (XXL LANDING NET) 3-Model #72081- RETAIL $109.99-SALE-$55 (S2 SLIDER) You can find all these nets online here at these 2 websites https://www.adventureproducts.com/ S2 sliders- http://www.egos2slider.com/
  4. Down to about 50 bags. When these are gone, we will no longer be able to get more . Stock up while you can!
  5. Need a new bass rod?? We've got some great deals on some quality rods from your favorite brands! Save $25 to $50 on these select rod models. Sale Ends July 15th. Get in and check them out today! *sale applies to in stock rods only
  6. We picked up a big lot of the highly sought after Zoom White Ice tubes (045-185). They are a favorite for jigging Lake Trout on the finger Lakes and they are one of our top sellers. I have roughly 200 bags in stock. $2.99
  7. This tangled mess is headed to the Berkley Fishing line recycling center. Good job Tackle Shack customers! This is thousands of yards of fishing line that will be turned into park benches, fish habitats and more. More importantly though it is not going to a landfill or into our waterways. Save your used fishing line and line spools and recycle them at Tackle Shack or ask your local bait shop if they offer a similar program!! You can find more info here-http://www.berkley-fishing.com/Berkley-Conservation-Institute/Berkley-conservation-institute,default,pg.html
  8. New York trout season opens up next Tuesday , April 1st. Down here in Tioga County, PA Trout opens up April 12th. We've got the gear you need to have a great season! Make a trip to Wellsboro and we'll get you geared up right this season We've got every size, flavor, and color of Powerbait, power egg, and Gulp baits and eggs made. Don't forget the necessities ! We've got all kinds of mono, fluorocarbon, and braided lines, plus a full assortment of LEAD weights, hooks, and swivels! Our wall of roostertails is the best around! Choose from over 150 different styles. Panther Martins? Yea, we've got them too! Choose from over 50 different styles. Leland Lures makes 33 colors of Trout Magnets and we carry them all!! Our spring restocking order is due in this week. Their popular Trout SOS line will be back in stock very soon too!! It's hard to beat a good ol Mepps spinner and we've got over 70 styles to choose from! Get your favorite tiny trout spinners or pick up the bigger pike slaying Mepps #5 Like Joe's flies??? We've got over 40 to choose from!!! Stop in and stock up! Over 25 varieties of Atlas Mikes salmon eggs! We've got them all...garlic, plain, cheese, anise, shrimp and even nightcrawler. Yep, Nightcrawler salmon eggs! That's like the steak and eggs breakfast of the trout world We're big fans of Okuma here at Tackle Shack. All their reels offer a great value for every budget. We just unpacked over 70 new ones to outfit you this season! We have an awesome new reel display coming soon too!!! We've got All your favorite brands! Here's a stack of new Shimano and Abu Garcia reels we just unpacked this week. More coming soon too!! Need a new rod? Choose from over 250 rods and combos from St. Croix, Okuma, Fenwick, Pflueger, Less, Abu Garcia, Shakespeare and more! We've got everything from Master Roddy light up kids combos to the brand new St. Croix Trout Series rods. More due in this week too! Tackle Shack has also been approved as a G.Loomis and top shelf Shimano dealer! We will be stocking a limited line, but we will be able to special order any rod or reel you need!
  9. THIS WEEKEND ONLY- All 13 FISHING ice fishing products on sale. (Today through Sunday!) Take 25% off our last remaining combos, reels, and rods!! In stock 1-Whiteout 23.5" UL combo 2-Wicked 26" ML combos 1-Wicked 27" UL combo 2-Wicked 24" UL combos 1 Black Betty 22" L combo 1 Black Betty 24" UL combo 1 White Noise 28" ML combo 2 White Noise 25" L combo 1 White Noise 24" UL combo 2 Black Betty Ice Reels 4 Wicked Ice Reels 2 Wicked 20" SUL rods 1 Wicked 24" UL rod 1 Wicked 27" L rod 5 Black Betty Fenders
  10. The 3rd Annual Tackle Shack/Tioga County Bass Anglers 3 Day 3 Lakes Open Bass tournament will be July 25,26, and 27th!!! http://www.wellsborotackleshack.com/tackleshackopen
  11. We are still well stocked with Oak leaf grubs! Picked up some more to give us about 1500 total.
  12. Just in!!! Four 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061's!!! Also, one more teardop and the black betty fenders!! These are the absolute finest in ice fishing reels! Stop in and check them out! These sold out in just a few weeks last time we had them!
  13. We carry a full assortment of bait in stock and we have 1000 more Oak leaf grubs shipping in late this week!
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