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  1. Rather disturbing info

    So I guess I'll have to avoid eating any walleyes from Canandaigua... Shouldn't be that hard. [emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. PM sent Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. kayak fishing

    This is the dry suit I have - bought it on line a few years ago. http://www.stohlquist.com/touring/drysuits/ez.html
  4. kayak fishing

    I'm planning on getting the yak out the next few weeks, and will probably be on the water before April 1st Always always always have the right safety equipment when you're in a yak - Although the "120 degrees" rule is is a good guideline, you really need to take into consideration the water temperatures and dress accordingly - no matter your skills or comfort level in a yak, you need to be prepared for immersion. **A PFD is mandatory Nov 1 - May 1 in NYS ** My personal guidelines on how I dress based on water temperatures < 60 ° Dry suit with appropriate layers underneath 60-70 ° frog tog waders with top appropriate for air temps > 70 ° shorts / lightweight pants with top appropriate for air temps Any time I'm kayaking alone, the PFD is on me, with a whistle attached. I kayak alone a lot of times, and on lakes like Candice and Hemlock you really need to be self-sufficient if you do happen to go into the drink - I don't go overkill with safety gear, but I'm definitely prepared if something goes bad. It pains me to see some of the recreational kayak noobies on these lakes go out in the spring when the air is 70 ° and the water is only 40 ° with no thought to what can happen. Especially when they take the PFD (still wrapped in the factory plastic) and stuff it in the dry well instead of wearing it. I've personally had 2 close calls in my life with cold water immersion, and being in the fire service for ~30 years, been involved in several rescues and unfortunately a few recoveries, so I am a bit cautious - but rightly so; I want to be around next week and next year for my wife and kids.
  5. $ 10 Face to face Canandaigua area or add shipping via USPS Constructed High-Strength anodized Aluminum And Stainless Steel Shaft Universally works any " T" type ice anchor or top oval loop stype anchor
  6. Brand new condition, still in factory sealed package. .$25 face to face Canandaigua area, or add shipping via USPS
  7. For sale, men's 2XL size frabill I-Float jacket. I bought this in September, and since then have lost weight, and the 2XL is too big. Worn 2X on the ice, in like new condition. Asking $150 face to face in Canandaigua Area. If you want it shipped, I'd have to figure out cost. DETAILS USCG Certified Personal Flotation Device Mesh self-drainage openings for emergency water evacuation 3M Scotchlite reflective material High visability USCG Orange accents and lining Waterproof Windproof Ergonomically designed elbows Durable Cordura on heavy wear points (shoulders and elbows) Ice picks with holsters Collapsible hood Hand warmer pockets
  8. 2018 Fantasy Nascar

    In - JJBat150 is my ID there as well.
  9. 2018 Hobie Compass Rigged.

    Like the idea of the electronics in the square bucket - never seen that before. What type of battery are you running on that ?
  10. Scary Boat Accident Last August

    As a kayaker on the finger lakes, my head is on a constant swivel watching out for things like this.. even on Canadice & Hemlock Wow - talk about being clueless, if the lawsuit does go to a civil jury, that statement to the media won't help his case...
  11. Ice depth finder

    had a piece of 3/4 " PVC conduit laying around - couple of set of holes in it, so the depth is adjustable.
  12. TTT - 688 and transducer is sold. 597 & Yankee Troller's shuttle would make an inexpensive ice machine.