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  1. @wherearethey You have a PM sitting in your inbox.
  2. Hessney auction house has their spring sportsman's auction going on - it ends tomorrow. A bunch of barrels in the auction, looking to see if they have 20 gauge rifled listed.
  3. I stopped going to Canadice and Hemlock last summer because of the chit show. I trailer the kayak and my usual 3-5 minute process of pulling down into the boat launch to load or unload turning into a 35 minute ordeal waiting for the granola crunching cidiots to get out of the way after they blocked me in.... Found a quieter place a few lakes east that was easy access to some really productive deep water. I laughed about the pontoon boat when I saw it - but the little 9 HP motor did make it move along pretty good....
  4. They haven't stocked Landlocks for a number of years - I think last stocking was like 2000/ 2003 time frame. Heard that's one of the options being discussed. Browns in Canadice are a challenge to catch. I've seen pictures of some real tanks taken there, but I've only caught smaller ones that based on their size were stocked that year or possibly the previous year.
  5. For your reading pleasure. For those of you who regularly fish these lakes, I would suggest you partake in the program - the more data collected, the better management practices can be developed for each lake. Link to DEC page with more info. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/27875.html Hem-Can 2020 Report.pdf
  6. My Hobie Outback. Generally troll for trout / salmonids. Been trying for Perch on Canandaigua lake the past week, but they haven't been too cooperative... Also have an old town camden 120 kayak that I used before upgrading to the Hobie. I've jigged up a lot of lake trout from this thing; the pic is from a few years ago when Keuka was flooded.
  7. Another good site. Windfinder - Wind map, wind forecast & weather reports
  8. A few places I've done business with http://www.trollingflies.com/jay-fair-trolling-flies-1 https://rangeleyflyshop.com/ https://rangeleyflyshop.com/collections/types?q=Tandem%20Trolling%20Streamers Sent from my SM-G981U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Just remember that it's still early in the season - cold water is all around. I'd highly recommend a dry suit until it warms up some more. Remember the 120 degree rule when it come to cold water immersion... water temp + air temp less then 120, then thermal protection should be used. The Cold Facts on the ‘120-Degree Rule’ | Waterway Guide News Update I generally wear a dry suit until the water temps are 55-60; get some weird looks from the "Citidiots" in their recreational kayaks, but at least I know I'm protected. I've had a few experiences with cold water immersion in the past, and have seen the bad effects it can have. Want to make sure I'm around for my wife and kids in the future.
  10. On the road, so I'll keep it short. Search the site, lots of good posts about kayak fishing. Here's a post where i describe my set-up. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php?/topic/89553-Kayak-Trolling-Help#entry651832 Sent from my SM-G981U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Picking though some unused gear, I came up with this hair-brained idea. The rod is a 34" HT Blue ice heavy action with an older Penn 209 level-wind. It's short enough that I think I can manage detaching leaders without leaning too far if I've got fish on. Gonna load it up with 50Lb braided line with dropper loops every 10-15 foot instead of bead chains so I don't have to use roller guides. Figuring I can use hardware like duo-locks, swivels, weight that I already have, so no purchases necessary, Convince me it won't work....
  12. Thinking about heading up there the next week or so. You staying inside the bay or getting out into the lake ?
  13. The dlx anger is a single-layer hull, so you can mount the transducer right in the hull and shoot through it - you would loose water temperature reading if the 'ducer has that option. I have a different old towne kayak - it's got open cell foam sandwiched between 2 layers of polyethylene, so I had to hang the 'dcuer off the aft end with a RAM Mount RAM Track Ball Transducer Mount. Looking to see if I can find a picture of that set-up.
  14. Give the guy credit - At lease he was being considerate and drilling his own holes. If he had just started fishing existing ones, image the complains about how Googans don't know the rules.
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