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  1. New bait shop in Honeoye opening tomorrow. Located on Main Street (20A) near CR # 37 - Think it's the old Aquasoruce store. From Facebook : We open Saturday 6/27 at 6am Please stop back and see us for our grand opening celebration July 4th 6am-6pm. We are a full service locally owned Bait & Tackle store. Worms, mousies, Fatheads, Bass Minnows. Crawdads.. Cook’m or Cast’m.. we don’t judge!! and coming soon Leeches.. We carry a good selection of Rods, Reels, Combos with more coming in each week. Lures and tackle from many manufactures. Strong focus on Local and American made goods wherever possible. We are the North East’s largest stocking dealer of Flintstone trolling spoons, flashers, trolling flies and harnesses. 100’s in stock and ready to troll. Huge Selection of Maki Plastics, over 1000 in stock of 120+ different varieties . Vast selection of Big Chinook stick baits spinners, spoons etc. 1000+/- in stock and ready to fish. 98 different types of TCS jigs ready to cast. Shimano, Shakespeare, Daiwa, Fish 13, Zebco, Eagle Claw, Chubby, Blue Fox, and many many more. We have numerous give-a-ways / door prizes from all the businesses at the Honeoye Emporium and other great Honeoye Businesses. First 100 Kids 16 and under will receive gifts compliments of Doc’s Tackle and Maki Plastics. Door prizes every hour starting at 7am. Donated by Doc’s Tackle, Maki Plastics, Flintstone Lures, Big Chinook Fishing, TCS Jigs, Chrisman Insurance, D&D Creations, Helling Real Estate, Pop’s Place, Papa Joes Pizza, Trident Marina, Birdhouse Brewery, Nobel Shepard, Twisted Rail Brewing, Kraft Real Estate. Donuts and coffee will be provided in the morning. Pizza compliments of Papa Joe’s Pizzeria and Hot dogs in the afternoon. Hope to see y’all next Saturday if not before. Open 6/27 at 6am for business. Best for now The Staff at Doc’s
  2. Looks like you've got yourself dialed into fish pretty good. I used to use WIllis knots, but the past few years either the lead core sheathing has gotten smaller, or my eye sight is falling, and I've had a hard time getting the flouro into the sheathing. I've been stripping 3-4 inches of lead out, and using an albright knot recently.
  3. Biggest bow I've gotten in hemlock was 24". I would say average fish for me is 18-19" range.
  4. Nice report and congrates on a sucessful trip. Hemlock is one of my favoriates - the tranquility makes it worth the time even if the fish don't bite. What's your secret for getting browns ? They never cooperate when I'm targeting them. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. No permit required anymore. Permit was a requirement back before ~2010 when the City of Rochester still owned the land; it's now State Forest. I'll echo what the others say - Canadice for lakers, Hemlock for Rainbows.
  6. Sorry for the late post - I went out of Sheldrake yesterday (Wednesday 17th) - hit the water @ 6AM, and the wind from the S/SE forced me fish north of the point in 30-80 FOW. Also saw lots of bait with marks underneath; trolled 4 and 5 colors with a mix of stick baits, trolling files, and mixed spoons with only a 19" salmon brought to the net to be released. Wind died down around 11AM, and on the way in, I spent about 30 minutes messing around jigging white flukes over marks - brought up a 23" laker. @egcuth - Weekdays are a bit tough for me to schedule in, I generally get out more on weekends; but send me a PM if you're looking for a partner next time out.
  7. I've kayaked out of Sheldrake a bunch of times - had decent luck both north or south of the point. My choice of direction was based on the wind conditions more then what I was seeing on the humminbird.
  8. Sorry for the late report - I hit Hemlock both mornings (5/17 & 5/18) and here's my results. 5/17 - Launched from the North launch @ 6 AM and headed to the west shoreline. Ran down to south of the bluffs in 30-60 FOW. Fished marks and bait when I saw them. Lots of marks near the bottom in 50 FOW. Water temps were 48-50 on the surface. I top lined a mix of humdingers, flutter spoons and small suttons with only a small mouth bass caught. Also had 3 color and 4 color lead cores out. The 4 had a homemade cowbell-type flasher with a night crawler on a bare hook. The 3 color I ran a mix of smelt pattern trolling flies. Landed and released 3 Lakers ; 18, 21.5 and 23 inches. (2 on the night crawler 1 on a trolling fly) 5/18 - Launched from North launch @ 6:30 and again headed for west shore. Fog was pretty thick the first hour or so. Based on the marks that I saw Saturday, I stayed in the area of 50 FOW and only got a far south as the white building, as I kept circling and fishing the marks. I ran a down rigger with a mix of green & green-black spoons near the bottom and a "cheater" rod up higher depending on where marks were. Cheater used a mix of flutter spoons and smelt pattern trolling flies. Landed and released 2 lakers; 21.5 and 22 inches. both from the bottom spoons.
  9. Yes. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. SOLD Like new condition - Bought these last year and spooled them up, then only used 1 time. These do NOT have a line counter on them.
  11. Was on Hemlock 2 weekends ago (5/3) in the yak for a few hours. Surface temps were 46-48. Ran a shallow program, no takers. Gonna try to get out as well this weekend if the weather holds.
  12. JJBat150

    Cayuga Perch

    It's call misdirection; everyone will there tomorrow looking for the perch when in reality, they're schooled up off Gilligan's Island.
  13. this thread is making me jealous... I'm classified as essential at work, and have been working a lot of additional hours to support the increased need for remote access and other IT initiatives in our healthcare environment, so haven't had time to get out in the kayak yet. On a side note, I am in the process of stripping down and repainting the trailer I haul it around on.
  14. For your reading pleasure, see attached PDF file of the 2019 report. Wondering if the discontinuation of stocking Lakers will allow for a better population of browns to develop; Personally, browns have always been challenging to me in Canadice, but I was able to land 2 last year. Know a fellow kayak-er (not a diary cooperator) who landed a monster a few years, and have heard of others being landed, so I know they're down there. Would also suggest anyone who regularly fishes these lakes consider participating in the program - there's definitely a lot more folks fishing these lakes then are represented in the cooperator program. Hem-Can_Angler Diary 2019.pdf
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