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  1. Where are you located? No cover?
  2. I hope u sold that ducer for more than 140$
  3. What's it come with?
  4. I have fished lakers in March with 35 degree surface temps and caught in 19-25 fow on shoals. It's also routine as soon as ice out happens to fish them on flats with deep water around them in 25-40 fow.
  5. Prob pretty accurate. Could be deeper but shouldn't be far.
  6. Single hook or treble hook? Which do you run and why? ...yes I'm bored and have cabin fever lol
  7. I'm sure it was an incredibly tough couple years, sorry for your loss. Here's to finding some passion in fishing again. Welcome back.
  8. Atl 27 Ne 30
  9. Yup no need then. The big motor will charge a lot stronger than a kicker anyways. Worst case I would upgrade to a group 31.
  10. My riggers are hooked up to my only house battery. Along with my graph, radio, lights etc. If your kicker charges while you troll you will have no problems.
  11. So sad. The ice can't be good in most places right now. Guess the reports up here about a boat were wrong. Condolences to the families
  12. Anyone on the south side hear of a water rescue today. Saw some tweets stating search and rescue helicopter from Trenton Ontario was dispatched to north pond or somewhere around there. Apparently one boater was pulled from the water and another was missing.
  13. Random pic lol
  14. They look amazing but can't do it with the Canadian dollar it would cost me way too much. Someone should snap these up. Great baits and amazing colours