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  1. Any fleas in Oswego or Mexico Bay area or just a matter of time.
  2. What about white silver gold colors
  3. Forgot to add the perfect temp for salmon is 53 degrees
  4. I never fished Olcott but you have to find about 50-53 degree water I would have to say you have to get down deeper and find the temp. and bait fish pods.
  5. there is a place in Rochester ny that rebuilds the motors i will look for the number
  6. As of right now 2 nm from shore Sat. I say 4-5 footers and for Sun. I say 2-3 footers not good.
  7. I have 8 weather and waves sights and not one is correct they say 1 foot or less you get 2 to 3 footers. They say 5 to 7 footers its like glass.
  8. Nice job what is the cost per spoon
  9. Nice job what is the cost per spoon
  10. 100 percent agree with capt rich same setup
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