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  1. every excuse in the book It says 20 lbs weight max on the downrigger I used a 12 pound shark weight then a fishhawk probe 2.5 pounds about 14.5 pounds not even close.
  2. only better when I do get all my money from CANNON for bad cable for what i lost and this is a promise
  3. When your fish hawk probe, and the shark, flasher extra's get lost because of cannon defective cable and the cost is about 500.00 to 600.00 dollar's due to cannon products such as the cable there is no room for sarcasm it is not like this cost is 5 or 10 bucks. Then try to find out if this has happened to anyone else on the sight and why it did and these people could be pissed off to.
  4. Did some work on the boat 8/5/2022 Friday and what I heard salmon were west 13-15 miles west somewhere around Fairhaven or more west maybe pick up some but have to cover water
  5. what is this purpose i dont follow
  6. Why did they give cannon a great deal on cable because of all the breakages or another reason
  7. I did to from 1994 to 2021 and they were the mag 10s till the motors stop working. What do you use and if you read my post these were right out of the box new.
  8. 10 lbs weight shark affraid to use any more
  9. I would like all of you to wright how many time your cable broke on your cannon downrigger, I had old mag 10s 20 plus years and not one cable break. Then got new ones cannon mag 10 TS first one right out of box cable broke a 45ft on way down lost 134.00 dollars of stuff.This year first trip cable broke on the way up 2 feet under surface lost fish hawk, shank eveything eles 500.00-600.00 dollars worth of stuff See cable pictures.There reasoning is to much weight and cable rubbing all excuses ran downrigger the same way 27 years on problem ever.
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