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  1. give me a call 518 8835716 I have used and it might save you a lot of hours
  2. I could not agree more.
  3. Yes you can put your boat in at no charge but the wind is always a issue every day.
  4. The Mayor says Aug 2021 from what I see I say spring of 2022
  5. Now they say august 2021 and I doubt it from what I saw 2 weeks ago , more like in the year 2022 and all of use the keep our boats there were lied to, mislead , and deceived.
  6. I have 12 weather stations and all of them stink 1 footers you get 3 to 4. 4 footers lake is like glass. 20 percent chance of rain in pours.100 percent chance of bright sun you all get my point.
  7. They are first class new never used list price 69.00 each got them for 20 dollars total
  8. Question I got a great deal on dipsey rods with stainless steel eyes can I use these with fish line 30 lbs test for other polls off down riggers or just with wire. Will the eyes ware out the fishing line.
  9. call me in the morning i am up at 4 am i live on the sacandaga lake to 518 8834716 maybe work together on lake o
  10. the store is on pause by there web sight and the the phone number is not in service
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