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  1. Any lake reports out of oswego my last trip of the season
  2. I need your zip code for a shipping amount estimate
  3. does it come with a trailer
  4. Dont know much about this .How about a money order from Walmart or bank draft. went to ups today I have to pay for shipping up front to you ship to you first then they will give me the money once you pay them for shipping and dont know how long that will take, I will try today the post office today to see what they offer for shipping.
  5. dont have paypal I will sale them to you but give me another idea
  6. Boat for sale and what year stringers replaced
  7. What do you mean COD and how do you do shipping charges
  8. The pig pen all yellow both sides or yellow one side and tape the other side lost package
  9. 25 Years on Lake Ontario in Oswego I feel this was the worst weather year ever wind, waves, rain thunderstorms and as far as the salmon not great by far. I got some salmon but not like past years what do you guys think.
  10. It is about 14 1/2 inches silver boom, then from the silver boom tip all the way to the base 20 inches.
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