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  1. all the weather stations give 3,6 10 days forecasts and they can not even get 1 hour right
  2. call fish 307 in lake George New York they service all my down riggers every season you can not go wrong ask for the repair man I think his name is Mike he will give you all the advice over the phone and they have all the parts
  3. Is the last parking lot now open by the F dock at Wrights Landing all the way in the back
  4. What will Todays wind 8/19/19 do for tomorrow temp should I fish120-200 fow or go out deep 400-550 fow
  5. Thanks going to get up there thursday through sunday how deep were you down
  6. How were the fleas or are they gone great job.
  7. Ok guys how about a flea update for Oswego Thanks
  8. Are the bathrooms open yet and are the lower parking lot open.
  9. cjc


    Thanks but I think they are still to come in the next 10 days hope not.
  10. cjc


    How about a update for the fleas in Oswego and Mexico.
  11. How about a report for the fleas Oswego, Mexico.
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