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  1. Location is the most important factor in the fishing equation. Cant catch what isn't there. We all have pretty much the same lures /equipment / program. but some use it better than others. but that is a different dissussion . As far as a staring point, and this goes for all types of fishing IMO , Find structure. some sort of dropoff or point which will influence the current. Some fish will almost always be on ,around or suspended off of it. If you go offshore ,say past 180 ft, look for changes in the water as the current from the Niagara river on west or north wind , especially up west that way. Keep your program simple. A few lures spaced apart on riggers and maybe a dipsey or two . Good luck
  2. I tried from behind but it was a complete failure for me. Had the fins catch the netting like a barb and stop it, scare the fish and have him swim out. . Net from the head. Wait till its ready, If its on its side, slide net under til most is in/under net and lift. If green and you want to take a chance, dip net in front and let him swim into it or try the scoop method, which is risky but fun.
  3. HB2

    Best way to finance a cottage?

    We bought one recently. Home equity line of credit ,but it was adjustable rate. So we decided to get a mortgage. What a nightmare. My credit score is outstanding. They kept telling me we were approved but need this or that . would give them what they wanted and they wanted more. Set up meeting with mortgage lady and wound up making her cry. After the mortgage fiasco , thats how it is now. Be prepared . But it was worth it in the long run . Consider renting it out when you are not using it .
  4. HB2

    1970 60 hp evinrude

    Update 90-95 on all cylinders found wires on motor around coil / power pack area that insulation had deteriorayed and some shorting /arching look like it was going on. Shrink tube/ replaced bad. Pulled flywheel. some oil evidence but not to bad . Crank seal going ? Lets hope not. Cleaned with brake cleaner . Emery points and regap. inspected wires ,looked good. Took carbs off and cleaned / inspected. New fuel , added in line filter( Esential IMO) cleaned filter screen on motor New plugs Muffs on fired up , started , let run , adjust carbs. Took to canal , dumped in , Drove it like we stole it, ran great. Total cost about $ 30 Thanks tuff for the advice.
  5. HB2

    1970 60 hp evinrude

    1970 60 hp evinrude Buddy has this motor. starts up , smokes a bit. Runs rough but ok . Top end runs well . Back it down to idle, it stall and starts very hard. let it cool and it starts back up and does same thing. Thinking weak spark maybe bad coil. I say buy a new boat but he cant . Any advice. Did the plug deal and adjusted carbs.
  6. HB2

    IJC 2014 White House petition

    I feel they will never admit any responsibility for this 2014 thing. Legal liability & lawsuits.
  7. HB2

    IJC 2014 White House petition

    Of course they cant let the water out now , I don,t think anyone disputes that. Should have let it out Dec, Jan , to prepare for the anticipated waters that could come from thaw and springtime. It came up fast this winter. I figure the IJC is responsible for 6-8 " of this mess.
  8. Lots of fish 60- 150 on most days . Find structure and watch your depth finder . Fish the bait & below it. spoons off riggers this time of year are good. Maybe a dipsey also. Keep it simple. Nice structure off oak east of port about a mile at those depths . Also west starting in front of Lakeside and west a few miles of that . Good luck.
  9. How is Shady Shores? Is the boat launch under water ?
  10. HB2

    Best trolling motor battery

    I have 4 of Walmarts biggest marine for both trolling and starting for both my boats . Have NEVER let me down . Get a good digital charger and keep them charged as soon as you are done fishing. I would rather spend half the price and replace them more often. Have one that is 8 years old. I'm anal about keeping them charged. I keep them in the basement during the winter.
  11. HB2

    IJC 2014 White House petition

    Anyone who had to shell out to protect and minimize the damage or have property loss not covered by insurance claims should make copies of their receipts and send them in lieu of their tax dollars. Water is over my seawall in the creek And my place is well above the water level but my heart goes out for some. Kind of hit home a few weeks back during a nor easter . Water was surrounding a summer home on Newco drive and a lady was watching her kids play in the water.She was crying. Where do we sign up for the clash action lawsuit? Also , there is like 10% of guys fishing this year so far.Marinas closed etc, whats the economic impact of that. I know of a few guys who are not putting their boats in this year. When we are fighting for money to sustain the fishery , how will this play ? Also , as I see it property values for some have gone down substantialy. And so has their tax levy. Some reassessment should be coming . But better watch out for that . If they claim eminaent domain , they can give you less for your property. What day are we going to Albany in force. Everyone bring a bucket of LO water and dump it over their representatives desk. Give them a taste of it. Just so they get the messeage.
  12. HB2

    IJC 2014 White House petition

    And if this bill is not repealed or adjusted , you will know the fix is in.
  13. HB2

    IJC 2014 White House petition

    A question I would like answered is , How much is every inch of water over the old limit worth as it translates to Hydro power ? And who owns that Dam ? With the years of disscusion & debate about a yes or no on 2114 , and what happened in 1973 , did the insurance co not have a say in this, like they do everything else. Don't buy for a minute that some back room deal was not made between all parties .I would bet a 100 year average from year to year precipitation study was done and a calculated risk was made and the bill was passed.And as Kharma goes , it rained like hell. All this extra money spent and revenue lost is just a cost of doing buisness. They threw a few million at some ditches & trees in Bradocks and hide behind that. The water being piped to other states will be next. Hopefully Trump will do something about this last minute Obama deal . Not for us but to piss off Cuomo and Shummer.
  14. HB2

    low power 90 merc

    How old is the fuel line ? mine did same thing and fuel line had inner sheath and colapsed inside. Changed line and ran great. Ethenol fuel .
  15. HB2


    LOC We have known since last tues the conditions we were to have this weekend . Seems more than not launches/marinas/docks are underwater. Shore erosion, Water everywhere it should not be. Guys who want to fish can't find a place to launch their boat safely without waders. Let alone a place to dock. With all that being said and knowing what we know was coming, the spring LOC should have been postponed or canceled IMO. Out of respect for All fishing related buisnesses who depend on the influx of cash from this and cant be part of it. Was a complete lack of good judgement , bad form,lack of respect for the severity of the situatio,IMO. I understand Captains and guys who travel but sometimes you have to do the right thing. The 7' of snow we got a few years back , the BILLs decided it was best to move the home game to Detroit.How much money was lost on that ? Kind of the same thing.