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  1. First light, perfect lake . Started out west in 150 and worked to 220 . 180 seemed the best 80 to 101 down Ran 4 rod set this morning , 2 flashers on 2 riggers and 1 flasher , 1 spoon on the dipsey . The Gary D rig was rocking this morning so I switched to all flashers pretty quick . White 11" Hotspots and a 8" white pro troll were best .slowed down around 9 so I put a few spoons down and took 2 shots on a watermelon Mag . . Had 2 doubles and one quad which was interesting . One at a time please . Had about 20 on and landed 12 . 2 steelhead , one Laker , the rest Salmon Boated 5 matures and lost maybe 3 more .
  2. We fished Blind Sodus for bass last weekend where the lake met the bay and I saw the same thing . They are Carp . My buddy caught a 20# on a Senco worm. They were everywhere .
  3. After no reports or bad reports did the double team thing with Coyote K and did the offshore thing . Set up in 150 and headed north . Temp was deep . Came up about 20 ft to 80 ft or so at like 320 and rods started going . Seemed like the fish were on the underwater break . Anyway we wound up with 5 fish and dropped a few more . Got a few on dipsy at 280 on a green dot spin a my rig . Also a watermelon mag was the choice. 320 to 380 best 101 ft down . Early bite , when fog was on , it was good . When it cleared and Sun came up , they shut down for us . Congrats and good luck to Ken on his 26# 14 king on top of the LOC leaderboard . Also the temp is screwy . It was 65 surface and 60 down 90 ft . Like the Thermocline hasn't set up yet .
  4. HB2


    Spent the weekend with my friends at Sterling campground Fished Blind Sodus bay mostly . Got some real nice Smallmouth and a few good Largemouths with a few of each to 20" First light bite was best with jigs and a small Crankbait doing the best . But it was a tough bite . Absolutely crazy what the high water did to that place . Busted the bay wide open . Apparently the army Corp is going to repair it . I hope they do .
  5. Actually , I'm drinking moonshine right now .
  6. Look into investing in a surface speed ad on for your depth finder . It will help a lot . I used this for years . 30 to 60$ It's not a fish hawk but its the next best thing .
  7. Amazing what happens when they pull the plug I thought this,wasn't possible ? Or at least we were told that .
  8. If I hag to pick one flasher it would be white. I like dbl crush glow white, White with black or green dots . White rocks
  9. That's a Radtke pike minnow ! I have one of them in Perch . Got some nice pike on it . I bought it at a show many years back . I remember the guy with the tank and his sales pitch .
  10. July /Aug is the time we all wait for all year I target kings that time of year . If I don't catch kings , my plan B is to look for kings . Who is targeting Lakers I at that time of year ? 1 good king is worth 10 Lakers I have fished all those ports a lot and the 4 years I was at Johnson's creek were the best . Once in 4 years did I go offshore to find kings other than lake flips . Lived in 80 to 200 ft .
  11. Also Hamlin beach state park has camping . 10 min to Sandy 5 min to Bald Eagle 15 min to Oak Hard to make a bad choice early July to mid Aug .
  12. Brockport is closest lodging 15 miles south . No on the water gas or restaurants , or tackle shops . East fork pro is Marina , no gas top shelf mechanic . Hamlin has restaurants and gas . Everywhere on the south shore has,been tough the last few weeks Never had a problem catching Lakers at the Oak.
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