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  1. Top is a # 3 Jplug Bottom 2 are Canadian plugs If you have the middle one , you have GOLD !
  2. Ask Bernie about that when he was running against Hillary . Those Super delegates have amazing powers .
  3. If you are using riggers I would say no but most reels now come with them . Dipsys absolutely . Used rod combos on here also . There are guys on here that will tell you you have to have this and that to catch fish . I'm here to tell you you need basic stuff presented properly . Took me a long time and lots of money before I figured that out . Get the riggers
  4. I have a boat almost the same as yours Spend the money a buy the riggers . You won't be sorry . My setup and I love it . Removable board when I don't fish salmon trout . You can get used manual riggers relatively cheap on here . Lead core and wire are,both expensive and when you factor those in the price and value will be well worth it . And you will catch more on the riggers IMO .
  5. The top 4 are j plugs Probably a #5 #4 #3 #2 The bottom one with the fixed hook is a Canadian plug I do believe . I have a bunch I bought at a sport show back in the early 80s I have a pearl black dot same size as #3 j plugs I have caught 50 + fall kings on .it's almost automatic dawn for first hr . I . Have a few of the smaller ones I caught a few spring Brown's on .
  6. Google N.Y. travel ban and see the reporting . But I recall seeing Cuomo say there is a travel ban . Maybe it just a strong suggestion and scare tactic . But I suppose it's up to the individual how they want to handle it . I go fishing locally where I want . But a buddy wanted me to come down trout fishing and thought I probably should not travel that far. I also think that some of this is overblown , but I don't want to be the one to be wrong and spread this . I wanted to go to the Salmon river for drop backs,but won't for that reason . It's kind of a question of character .
  7. Cuomo declared it March 20 Google it . Maybe I'm reading it wrong .
  8. You must currently be staying up here as it is my understanding there is a travel ban for all non essential travel in New York state .
  9. And I also think those that run charters will not be doing it very long as those that are following the rules will not take those who don't very well .
  10. Just heard the President say that loans/ grant will be eligible for small business . So I would think charters would be covered under that . It is my understanding that essential businesses were spelled out pretty clearly. And 10k fines for those not in compliance .
  11. Wal-Mart's best marine battery . They are duel use . 100$ Been using them for years and they are awesome for the price . I have 2 chargers . I digital up to 15 amps . 1 which is a 2 amp digital charger maintainer cost 20$ . I use the 2 amp most of the time . They both charge the battery safely and have an automatic plate cleaning cycle . Also been told they equalize the cells . I have batteries that are 10 years old . Because I think of those chargers .
  12. Many Stick baits come with split rings on the front . Rapala sticks did not . So every stick I have now has a split ring . It is a,pivot point and does not affect the action . So I tie direct . The balance of the lure is critical , especially smaller lures It is important that you tune your sticks . Some say they are tuned right out of the box . Don't trust that . And after a few fish . You may have to retune . I have had some you can't tune . I use do do this in my mother's swimming pool or on a dock with no current or wind . It takes time but it's well spent .
  13. If you are serious about fishing and go a lot , I would take the time to set the boat up to the max . Would-be the electric start as big as the,boat will take,. 2 battery setup , one dedicated to the trolling motor . Maybe extention cables to put one battery mid ship under a seat or something . A cheap depth finder , maybe running lights , an ice chest . A spot for everything like anchor ,ropes , PFDs ,toolbox ,etc . A few rod holders and if you plan on trolling , a removable board with manual riggers mounted across the gunnels. Sit in it and think it out and take some time . I enjoy setting my boats up .
  14. It seems to have stabilized . Maybe because they pulled the plug , or at least partly . We also have not had a lot of rain , YET .
  15. There are many small business folks like myself . And if we don't work , we don't eat or pay our bills . I don't want a handout or no interest loan or even a grant for that matter . I have the gov telling me I can't work ,( I'm classified essential ) , or evict my non paying tennents cabs a landlord ,which I probably wouldn't do anyway . I hope dont get sick or worse get a family member or someone else sick . You do what you feel is right and I will do the same . Just out of curiosity , where does your income stream come from ?
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