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  1. Sofia collision did mine on Palmer st in Rochester .
  2. Just buy the damn thing and get it over with . Should I ? Shouldn't I ? When you go out and don't hook up and others are , the doubt will be in your mind at this point and you will regret it .
  3. More Brown's are the answer . Hearty , they eat what is in front of them , they stay close to shore under 150 ft for small boat guys , fun off the piers this time of year , and they can get big . And guys like to catch them ,lake and stream .
  4. See Gambler , it's getting better .
  5. I was talking to a guy I was working with and see once in a while this fall . Told me he and his younger daughter had landed a few salmon out of the local stream and showed me a picture . I asked him what he caught it on ( I pretty much knew ) he said " we snagged them , those fish don't bite once they get in the stream " . I told him I had been doing well the last few years on skein . He did not believe me and told me I was full of it . I kept on him about it , showed pics and explained exactly what I do . Told him I would take him sometime also . I think I may have convinced him but I don't know . The DEC said they were aware of the bad trib stuff and were going to address it by" education " . Now ,I don't know what that means,but in the above case , maybe they have a point . I think the mindset needs to change . But there are those that just like to break the law . That's where the enforcement comes in . Then , swing the hammer hard .
  6. The big Marco pass with an outgoing tide , look for the diving sea gulls . If you find them action is non stop . Saw a bunch of tarpon once also . Did not hook up there on one but lost one Somewhere else. Ditto on the back water . Like fishing bass 7 ft med action spin , 15 # braid 20 # flouro 1/4 to 1/ 2 jigs with shrimp.. Fun !
  7. Yes , I know exactly what you mean about guys pressuring the DEC to change regs for their own benefit . I've lived that and took a lot of crap for it . I look at it from all parties viewpoint , not just the captain's . There are more people economically tied to this fishery besides them . Love the fact that DEC now has formed focus groups from both trib and lake and that a " State of the Salmon river " meeting will be had . An equal seat at the table so to speak . A long time coming IMO. Didn't some guy on here say it might be nice to reach out to the trib guys ? Thought I read that on here . This site use to have a vibrant trib section . Rarely a post anymore . Maybe because when someone does , they get jumped on for naming a trib or to light a tippet, or using eggs ,or the snagging card gets played ,and on and on . So why would they show up .
  8. Is catching a fish and keeping it for the eggs illegal ? The way I see it , when I catch a fish and it is of the legal size , it is mine to do with as I please . Now discarding it steam side is another story. If I want to bring it home and feed my cat , it my business. All of us that fish the tribs are well aware of what can go on down there . I personally have yelled at guys more than once for bad behavior . We don't condone it , but what the hell do you want us to do about it ? Some of the lake guys want to shut the tribs down . Shortsighted and selfish . If someone could wave a magic wand and make all the bad trib stuff going away , how much better will the lake fishing be ? I see guys with boat loads of fish . Bubba ain't hurtin the lake fishing one bit . The original question on this thread was why the reg change . Yankee said it was Bull and I asked why . GAMBLER said to appease the trib guys . So if it goes through , a,three man charter with captain and mate can keep 10 steelhead . What , that's not enough ? And maybe instead of a 7# average , they are 10 . With what was said at the state of the lake and what is going on with the pens , it's a power struggle IMO.
  9. In my opinion over the last many years with much discussion on this subject , my summation on this is that it is a power struggle .
  10. Not saying it should be swept , but you can't manage a fishery by the few that abuse it , as it seems some want to. Anytime anything about the tribs is brought up , the snagging card is played , and I'm sick of it . The DEC said at the meeting they are aware of it and are going to address, it the best ways they know how . I want what's best for the fishery as a whole as I do all of it . To me that should be the goal of all of us to ensure it . It's the smart thing to do . I would think that would be obvious. I have been saying more Brown's also but apparently hatchery space is maxed out .
  11. I see this and wonder how to reply because this conversation has been had to death on here . Enough already with the outlaws . I saw a stream guide a few weeks ago I asked him about this and his,response was it's,not nearly as bad as it use to be . There are clowns in the tribs and with the price of salmon in Wegmans , I would bet there are lake fish that show up in the Chinese buffet . So the charter guys need these fish ? What about the trib guides or the lodges and tackle shops ? Any consideration for them ? The Salmon river and other areas economy depends on the trib guys . From what I saw of the state of the lake , the DEC is going thru a,reorganization of sorts . Probably to squeeze,more money out of the fishery and to justify the funding they get . The gov has a $ 2.6 billion budget gap . I'm sure the DEC guys are aware of this . My guess is the bean counters keep a,close eye on the tax revenue the fishery generates . So we need guys,coming up here to fish , like it or not . The reason they said they wanted to implement these,new regs was to increase the size of the steelhead . If it works ,both lake and stream guys will have a shot at them . That's a good thing ,don't you think ? We have had some of the world's best fishing, for me literally50 ft out my back door and the great guys in charge of it do a,fantastic job of providing it to us . And under a lot of trying situations over the years . They are the guys who go to school and study it ,which makes,them the experts . They are trying to make the fishery better . How bout we freaking let them do it . Or at least try .
  12. The proposed regs are : 25 " ,1 fish tribs 21" , 2 fish lake . is this correct ? if so , how is this bull ?
  13. Being hard to deploy / retrieve defeats the purpose of them IMO . I toss them over to deploy or grab the rope and bring them in easily and hang them on a rod holder . That's what I like about them . Small speed changes without adjusting the throttle. If I hook a good one I can reach back and drop both like it's nothing while playing the fish . Can't imagine being without them . If it's rough I keep both out to stabilize the boat and up my rpms while trolling into the waves. And the best part , FREE !
  14. A few clowns do something stupid and everyone has to suffer?
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