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  1. And they fight better than lake trout
  2. You must be referring to my failed attempt at a rapala knot I use to tie my jig heads on with . So I came up with my own version . Want to guess what I call it ? I haven't tied a jig head on without it for 15 years . And I use a ton of jigs . No special knot on my rig .
  3. Do you really think it would make a difference ? I ran it this spring the 4 times I went out till I gave up trolling and did the creek thing . Never had a hit on it . We will see in a few weeks . I tell it like it is .
  4. I use to run deep diving Crankbaits off my boards till labor day long ago with good success . I had some spoonbill rebels , bombers , and a Lindy shading in lemon lime that was killer . A big king broke the tail off it . The Rapala tail dancers really look good to me for this . Those baits trolled go down 20 to 30 ft on 12# mono . I would think the coho and Steelhead would eat them up .
  5. Sounds like the fish are coming up off bottom and becoming active . I noticed Sunday morning the warm water fish were very aggressive first time this year . Most of my hits the last few weeks very soft takes . So it's sounds like the worst is over .
  6. I'm going to have a " wait and see " attitude on the season . Might turn out great king wise . We have had springs like this before and the summer fishing was lights out. If all the fish run up to the west end and go sit on bottom in 300 ft till the lake sets up , it won't matter a lot how many more they stock if you are in a bad area of the lake . It has traditionally been for salmon .... Spring west end Summer mid lake Late Aug on, east end . I'm not surprised by this except for the Brown's
  7. 5 dog fish this morning with this hog that swallowed my 9$ Crankbait and bit me as I tried to get it out .
  8. I hear it tastes like chicken
  9. Best game in town right now . Match the Bait fish .
  10. I talked to the Magnum Metalz downrigger guy at the shoe a few years back . He told me his riggers could crank up a 20# ball . I asked why he needed a 20# ball . He told me in Lake Michigan , he gets half his kings 300 ft down .
  11. They could be 30 pounders .......... Carp
  12. Don't assume every fish you mark on your screen is a trout or salmon . Especially in water less than 100 ft . We have had sustained east winds and bad temp/ water for most of the spring . Fish are scattered. All fish are scattered . They could be smallmouth bass / perch/ pike / sheephead , etc. .
  13. As I said , I want surface speed thru the water , not SOG , which I already have .
  14. Yeah , well they haven't been working so good lately . I'm pretty good at judging speed . In fact I have kind of perfected trolling in my small boat without having it . And I really don't want a fish hawk . A surface speed gauge will do just fine , and I'm apprehensive about that . And yes I know all about the sub surface currents. I have ways to compensate for that . I don't think some of you guys know what I want to accomplish when I'm out there in my small boat .
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