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  1. HB2

    Releasing salmon

    I troll kings till they are 5 minutes from running up the creek . I release almost all of them . They all ,with the exception of a very few, swim away . A lot of them strong . I fish a small boat and on the release I clear my other rod first , put the boat in neutral , and reel the fish in . I try to take the hook out while they are still in the water in the net . Or use my net to hook the other treble points and rip the hook out while we the fish is in the water If you drag them around behind the boat for 1/2 an hour and keep them in the boat to unhook them , then the chances of them making it are slim .
  2. HB2

    Lake level

    Erie is 10" higher than last year and 24" above long term average . Get ready
  3. HB2

    Earthquake off Oak Orchard

    If I had his money , I would throw mine away .
  4. HB2

    Radio hand held or mounted.

    Mounted and good antenna Don't new radios have a distress button you can push that will send position continuous ?
  5. HB2

    Spoon Debate

    When NK s first came out there were like 5 patterns . One was a black blank with diagonal glow green tape and a red eye . Was a killer then and still one of my best . The gator and die-hard and others are just jazzed up versions of it . And really , a lot of the spoon patterns are so close , can the fish tell most days? Location and presentation . FUNDAMENTALS , FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDAMENTALS ! I catch fish from 1.5 to almost 3 mph on NK mags .
  6. HB2

    Spoon Debate

    Glow frog was killer late July early Aug Black/ silver Orange was good when fish were 30 to 50 ft . Silver or black / purple also Ditto what Yankee said .
  7. HB2

    Lake level

    Sandy , but I hear it's a foot lower at the Oak .
  8. HB2

    Lake level

    Saw that chart ,thanks It says to me it is 2" above last year and 13" above long term average . It never got as low as it usually does this Dec or so it seams .
  9. HB2

    Lake level

    Stopped by the cottage today and water level seemed high . Am I wrong on this ?
  10. They can change all the limits they want ,but IMO , it won't make much difference . The fish are about 2/3 the size they use to be . And the LOC leader boards are a good indicator of this . We catch what is out there . The lakes ecosystem has change since the first stocks . The bottom of the food chain is way smaller . Maybe the alwives don't have the nutrient value to pack the pounds on . Or it's something else . Also both lake and tribs guys are better at catching them . You can c&r , but there is a percentage released ,especially lake caught ,that won't make it . Caught a winter early 1980s Skamnia 38" that weighed a little over 13# . Got it under the driving park bridge . Was easy back then to catch 15# plus steelhead . Caught a bunch up to 20#. Now if I get a 12 # it's an event . Although I have landed a few the last few years maybe 14# .
  11. Close all tribs during spawning season ? So no fishing tribs from Sept to May ? Yea that'll go over big !! A very selfish ,short sighted statement.and not very well thought out . The reason our governor keeps giving money to perpetuate the fishery is all the revenue it brings the state . When the money stops coming in , he might funnel the hatchery/ management $ to a finger lakes wine center or to downstate . Where is voter base is So all those out of state snagging trib anglers some hate so much on here, are a necessary evil to keep the dollars flowing our way . Some of you guys need to wake up and smell the coffee on this . We need as many guys fishing as possible for bargaining leverage.
  12. HB2


    It was all over for me after the call for the tackle made in the backfield . Instead of third and long . It's 15 + and first down . They are ruining the game . That was a textbook play .
  13. HB2


    Rams 32 Pats 28
  14. HB2

    Shamano talora dipsy rods

    Fine hack or coping saw Or a triangular file all the way around good then snap Sawzall ?
  15. HB2

    Vampire of the Sea

    Talked to the lampry guys at the Niagara show . Told them I caught a fair amount of kings with lampry the past few years . He seemed surprised by this or so I thought . Asked him when they were going to treat Sandy again as I have not seen the trucks sporting Canadian plates with the pipes from them running into the creek . He didn't know . Also asked if the lampricide they use has any collateral damage . He told me in a roundabout way that it did .