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  1. Kept my boat at my brothers at Johnson's creek for a few years . Spent a lot of hrs from Lake side to about a mile west of green harbor 70 to 180 ft of water , sometimes out to 220 . Got a awful lot kings and Lakers there in the spring and kings from Mid July on . Unless they changed things , might be hard to get in and out of Green Harbor in rough weather or low water .
  2. I use a good zip strip that will take off epoxy. You can use super fine steel wool to finish clean and also shine Chrome but not real.silver . Use silver polish for that. Spray Rustolium works . You can make them like new .
  3. For about ten years , we would camp at Shady shores , father's day weekend , opening bass . We would stay on the hill lake side across from the dumpsters on the hill . We loved it . It was perfect Then they sold and new owners would not allow tent camping . Way better than the state campground . We fished Blind Sodus .
  4. And when I'm close I will put my rigger ball down 1 or 2 ft below surfAce
  5. Leads of 75 to 125 shallow ( 12 to 20 ft ) , 35 to 50 after that . Run 1 7 to 10 ft off bottom, and one half way down . Run them on the fast side and turn a lot . Glow and whites first light generally , shiny during day although glow can work all day . Size 3 and 4 Pretty simple .
  6. Why would you use a slide diver fixed with a 7 ft leader ? Just use a regular dipsy for that application. What makes the slide diver attractive to me is the longer leader option . I feel if I have 100 ft out , I'm down 40 ft . The afternoon bites were off a rigger . I have a ultimate depth adaptor . It's real heavy , but works .
  7. Went back out at 530 . Drove out to 40 ft and headed north . Was a little sporty out there but laying down . Was best pic I have seen in a long while from 45 to 60 ft on bottom .Lots of big hooks . Managed 1 very nice female and lost another on a #4 glow green fluorescent J plug . Back at it in the morning if it's not to rough . I love my slide divers . They work great and have saved the day for Me numerous times . I don't use them enough . Less than 6o ft is where they shine .
  8. Well it has been a Murphy's law year for me . After the last few years of I could do no wrong , this year I could do no right . My slice of humble pie I guess . Went out first light . Started close and worked out to 40 ft . Went 1 for 2 . Nice male king . Both hits on slide diver with my Gary D rig which kind of let me down this year . 100 ft lead . Did not see a whole lot out there . Nothing on my normal J plug set up . Was,a little sporty for me .
  9. I wanted to go out in my 16 ft but thought better about it after the forecast so I fished bass at the mouth of Sandy . It was a south west wind and it looked good close but you could see it was,choppy out farther . I saw 2 boats go out . A 17 ft v hull and a 17 ft low gunnel bass boat with makeshift manual riggers and 2 guys and a kid . The guy driving the boat had a big carefree smile on his face . This was about 45 min before the big blow . I could see the weather coming and almost said something like " it's going to get bad " as they drove by me but regrettably , did not . I was just back at my cottage when all of a sudden the house shook and the trees were going wild . I worried about those guys . The weather forecasts have gotten more and more accurate over the years. So you need to be aware . But more importantly , use your head .
  10. My brother in law had a double hip replacement and hiked the 46 peaks of the Adirondack mountains after . So you have a lot to look forward to if you keep yourself in shape . Nice fish . The water looks nice and green .
  11. I think it is a lot of factors I remember the very first ESLO Derbys We grabbed our spinning rods , a handful of Cleos and hit the piers . A 21 ft boat back then was big . Electric riggers were a luxury . There were not as many charter captains . And we really didn't know how to fish . 10$ to get in . And there was a lot of excitement. It has morphed into an expensive sport. 40$ to get in . The equipment is costly . You get excited and ready to go Sat and the lake is rough . Or you go out and get skunked. And go out the next day and get skunked, again . . My friends don't like salmon trolling , even if we catch fish . They would rather fish bass . It's,boring if rods are not going off regularly . If not ,it's a boat ride . Also the shine has worn off . It's not new any more . More guys are stream fishing because it's cheaper , and more hands on . Take a,charter and they sit there till the rod the mate picked the lure ands set goes off and hands it to him and reels the fish in . I really wish that 2 things would happen but I doubt they ever will because we like to step over a dollar to pick up a dime . A bulk price for like 150$ Or so to cover anyone on my boat. Probably more for charters . This one is a no brainer . As long as they have a licence I can pull someone off the street . , This Derby is to promote the fishery . So seemingly they would want as many people out there as possible ,esp first timers . . I am reluctant to ask guys to go because they have to get into the Derby . Had guys register for the day and got blown off . Waste of money . They get turned off . I can fish alone . If this would happen , I would buy a 18 ft center console , equip it and my wife would never see me Derby time Also , the best fishing of the year lake wide is 3 rd week in July to 2nd week in Aug . And there isn't a Derby . And I mean big fish Derby , not tourney . I
  12. Nice thought , but what do you do when all three points of a 2/0 treble are in there mouths ? I agree with you but unfortunately this is a contact sport .
  13. Spinnerbait over submerged weeds Tandem Colorodo chart 3/8 or 1/4 Texas rigged 5 or 6" Seiko style worm Scum frog of some sort . They have micro wire leaders at Wal-Mart
  14. I realize hard choices had to be made . But to me , it didn't have to go down this way . If they were worried about release survival , why not Add say 5% to each pen to compensate for that ? Instead all that was done was piss of and push away an enthusiastic volunteer base and piss them off . They say they want and need our support but it seems they thru Sandy guys under the bus . What happens when things get back to normal and they want to pen rear lake wide again ? Are the guys that were forgotten about suppose to step up ? This fact , and to me it is important , seemingly was not even considered .And that in itself is a problem . A lot of guys put a lot of time and money into making the project successful . After how this went down , will they ?
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