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  1. Went out yesterday afternoon for 45 min and again this morning . Cold water , no hits Fished from 10 to 30 ft . Saw a few on the screen and some jumpers .
  2. No protection . You are right out there in front of God and everybody . Sure it's fishable , but I Like my comfort.
  3. I heard the waves crashing on the beach this morning from my cottage .
  4. There was a guy on here a,while back who suggested that there was a lot more Nat repro of kings on the south shore than most thought . And as,I recall he got pretty beat up over it . Can't remember who that was .
  5. After talking with the guy at the show , magnums Metalz will be my choice if I go new .
  6. Fishing was as,good as I could hope it would be and continues to be good . Lots of kings which seem to be average size a little bigger . The last 3 years have been awesome ..
  7. Those dying fish are put in the lake for the sole purpose to generate money for the region and tax dollars for the state . We took a ride up that way to the hatchery last Fall and could not believe the amount of cars / people all the,way up the river from Pulaski to Altmar . And no doubt dropping a lot of cash . And that area depends on it . So if you think they are going to shut it down , that ain't going to happen .
  8. Lovin me some Nat repro of kings Will assure we will always have at least some in the lake .
  9. Back out late afternoon Tues . Did my Small boat tactics j plug program . Wasn't out there 5 min and #3 glow green takes a nice hook jaw king. I'm like yea , its going to be a good day . No more hits . Yes Dickey , I his the motor with a,hammer and it worked so I figure I'm all good .
  10. Save the money and Get a speed probe / surface temp add on for your depth finder . 40 to 70$ . It's not a fish hawk but will be a huge help. I love my buckets . Would not be without them . I attribute a,lot of my fish to them. And they are free.
  11. That s crazy . A lot of ,in fact most of the hits I get are going into the wave .Mostly because I head west out of port and head to my fishing grounds which are farther than I drop lines . Learn how to do it . Without speed you should be using speed forgiving lures and turning a lot . SOG is pretty much worthless unless you note the direction of troll on the hit and duplicate the direction . Even that is hit and miss because a few degrees either way can seriously affect your down speed .
  12. Ditto on the buckets I use 1 on each side on my 21 trophy w/ 230 IO for 35 years . I posted on here how to make them a while back Tie them to mid ship cleat and adjust rope so they are about 4 ft from the transom running on the sides . They are as big a part of my equipment as anything on my boat and are in and out of the water all day to fine tune my speed . As far a trolling straight , that's on the driver . Driving the boat to get fish to bite is an art form IMO . I get as many hits or more trolling into waves,as going with them .
  13. I was lucky as a leprechaun both days . 1 fish landed each morning and very happy I did that .
  14. We went to a meeting about him getting approvals . Apparently the channel issue has been straightened out . Guy seem like a nice guy and serious about it . I'd be surprised If there are not boats there this spring .
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