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  1. I sprayed some Walmart engine foaming degreaser down there, let it sit, sprayed it out , did it again. Then some laundry detergent sprayed it & it is clean. Hard not to spill some oil when changing the filter.
  2. Amazes me that some guys start their outboards in the parking lot on dry land before putting it in the water. Mechanics have told me to NEVER, NEVER do this. just turning them over will cause heat & friction as there is no water to lubricate the rubber on metal. Have told guys that, some dont know, some say " It wont hurt it" .Why take the chance.
  3. He is back . Just had a long conversation with him. Was a last minute buisness decision on advice from council. And I don't blame him for making it. The few who made deposits will get them back. Pretty bold statement.
  4. I counted I think 34 boat there last year at what yearly fee ? $ 1 K ? Thats 34 K maybe . How much profit from gas sales ? Maybe 5-8 K ? another 3 K maybe from other stuff? Total that like $ 45 k tops .Taxes are what , $ 7 K , Insurance $ 3-5 K ? Maintanance and some help he hires what maybe $ 5 K . Accounting fees & other buisness related expenses . What did he put in his pocket after all said and done ? $ 20-25 K .Pay taxes on that ? Showed me his plans for the place & had a long talk about it . To get it to how he wanted it would be $ 250 -400 K. Would take him 20 years to recoupe his investment. With the rebirth of Bradocks ( Took Gov money to make that place Viable) and Bald Eagle ( Lets see how long that place lasts, AGAIN! Oshman got out at the right time. Kept my boat there for years ) From a buisness standpoint his best option is to sell. Someone with ambition , a dream , and a lot of money could make a go . I considered buying it . Great retirement project right up my alley . Then I woke up. You guys had a cheap ,quiet safe place you could pull your car up to , to keep your boats . Plan on it costing more . I knew it was over when he had the yard sale & talked to his girlfriend. I wish him well .
  5. Saw a guy walking around two Thursdays ago taking pictures
  6. Gotta love this rain They picked the right year to raise the lake level.I say keep on raining. If it's going to be bad lets see what happens .
  7. I have same boat/ motor . Awesome lake/trolling boat. Hardtop makes it. Reasonably priced.
  8. Biggest you can fit. Get Deepcycle for trolling motor & maybe combo for starting / rest of boat. I found the secret with batteries is to keep them charged. Get a good digital charger . I am anal about getting them back on charge as soon as I get home . I use walmarts best marine and they have never let me down. Remember , Buzz words for electrical are clean & tight. Loose motor conections have messed up motor electronics.
  9. Sucks to show up And have the water real muddy. if it's real bad I have a big rattle trap chart/orange that got me a few over the years in those conditions . Bright jointed stickbaits w/rattles also . bigger is better in those conditions. Vibration is the key IMO. Not to muddy , Brass orange, Chart / orange.
  10. The way things are going , could be the wave of the future.
  11. Guy at work said his 80 year old step father passed yesterday . He lived on Chamout bay ,said he wanted ( his dying wish) some of his ashes loaded in 5 12 gauge shells with ,and he said this specificly , lead shot ,and kill some cormorants he hated.
  12. Vise grips ?
  13. Looking forward to meeting you there. You bring the doughnuts. I fish both and I cant remember the last time I released a trout that I didnt want to eat that did not make it. I do know I have release lake caught steelhead that came from down deep that probably did not. Just saying.