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  1. Guy at work said his 80 year old step father passed yesterday . He lived on Chamout bay ,said he wanted ( his dying wish) some of his ashes loaded in 5 12 gauge shells with ,and he said this specificly , lead shot ,and kill some cormorants he hated.
  2. Looking forward to meeting you there. You bring the doughnuts. I fish both and I cant remember the last time I released a trout that I didnt want to eat that did not make it. I do know I have release lake caught steelhead that came from down deep that probably did not. Just saying.
  3. I have had good luck with the straight 9 & 11 and sometimes the 13 off a rigger back 75-200 ' off a rigger set 8-10 off bottom in water 12-30' deep. I fish this way with all sticks. 3 or 4 years back during loc when we had all that ice water west and guys did poor we got some nice kings this way. Good way to go spring when water is ice clear out deeper. browns coho , lakers and also a king once in a while . only problem is the hooks are so damn small so you need a soft rod and hand to land them .
  4. Just came up from the basement and painted a J plug . The one broke off painted , Pearl white w/ black dots ,and silver red head are must haves. I love J plugs from sept 1 on . The one I painted was a green glo flour w/ no ladderback and red head. also painted a few big O's I won as door prizes years ago . the were fitted with one single siwash hook. There is an art to fishing them IMO. Not just putting them out and dragging them around.
  5. Direct tie to split rind. With a diligent tuning .
  6. My nephew in FLA works for a marine guy who specializes in carb rebuild.Does a lot of them on big boats. Apparently he takes the carb and imerses it in Gumout for a day or two(says thats the secret) , blows it out with compressed air and the rebuilds it. Fixes carbs other guys can't. Or maybe it is not hooked up/ adjusted correct. Could be a lazy choke. Just a guess .
  7. I got mine at Captains cove or from Mrs Narby at point breeze.
  8. I have replaced the pads on my offshores a few times. Maybe they will fit .
  9. Ain't nothin' smells like bacon but bacon .
  10. The sense of smell is a HUGE part of of an animals survival in the wild. From self defense from danger , finding food , Procreation . If I go to FLA and dont put a piece of Shrimp on my jig , I get 1/3 or less action. Why does cut bait work so well when flies look way more sexy? Underwater video I see has the salmon come from behind and trail the lure for a ways sometimes ( You can see this on your sonar) before striking or turning away. All I know is when I come home from work & smell my wife has been baking ,I get hungry , my mouth waters ,& I start looking for cookies.
  11. The past few years I have come to depend on scent . I found one that I have so much confidence in I buy a bottle everytime I see one. Put it on my jigs& plastics for bass ,pike , panfish. Put it on my Flies for steelhead last spring . Also on my skien for Salmon & Trout . It flat out works. Turned My Friends on to it and guys I see on the water. Didn't do much trolling this last year but will try it this coming year. You are not getting bit , put some on , next cast a fish. Do that a few times & you find out quick it's the squat drops.
  12. They could be perch or smallmouths or sheepheads or carp, ETC. Everything you mark is not a salmon or Trout . Many years ago a good friend told me this and it is a good thing to remember.