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  1. Sounds like you don't intend to do any deep water trolling. So a depth finder speed / temp probe add on would help a lot . Even if you did some deep water trolling it would help a lot .
  2. HB2


    Went down yesterday to jig for trout off my dock at Sandy . No trout but I did get about a dozen perch in about an hrs time . A few nicer ones .
  3. We had a spell of very cold weather in early Sept . There were also sustained east winds for a few weeks at the same time which pushed any of the closer staging kings and trout up the creeks on the south shore . 2 nd , 3rd week in Sept the creek temp was colder than the lake temp when we got better winds . Combine that with the canal water and that means good fishing . The floating weed scourge we get was not a factor so much this year because the flow flushed it out into the lake Was a good king run as I see it with a lot fish . Way more people fishing this year . The Gov knows which side his bread is buttered on , so for all you " shut the tribs down " guys out there , I don't see it happening .
  4. A lot of them go thru the spill ways .
  5. I never for one second had a doubt they would get what they needed . And some wanted to lock down an entire regions revenue for nothing .
  6. Went to ADKs with the wife to look at leaves . Stopped at Fat Nancy's to get some hooks / etc on way up at 6 am Sat . Counted 50+ cars in the parking lot . The place was packed with guys getting licenses lined up around the store . 4 guys in front and I spent a total of close to 700$ as I was watcgin the cash register display . McDonald's and Dunkin drive thru lines were long .
  7. I guess it's about how much of a feel you have and how well you are in tune with what you are doing . I fished without down speed for 30 years,and now that I have it , things got a whole lot easier . On my big boat it's out past 40 ft .inside that , the surface speed is enough. Why risk losing 300$ . Deeper than that , it's hard to judge sub surface currents . On my little boat I have no speed at all and I seem to do pretty well . There are ways to compensate for it to draw,hits . I keep saying to myself I'm going to get a probe add on for my depth finder, and might , but I like the challenge of using my expertise . Makes me better .
  8. Sure is fun when they are biting . I told Rich he pulled his boat out to early .
  9. Sometimes For Zombies , those fish sure do fight hard .
  10. I wore the guy I had with me out , he had to go home and take a nap. #4 glow green florescent , silver bullet
  11. Finally got good sustained winds for some days in a row to straighten things out. Solo Sat morning 20 to 35 ft J plugs and my rig 3 for 5 Sun had a partner . Same water . First hr was crazy . Same lures . Went 7 for 8
  12. When I drive from Holley to my Sandy cottage , which is a lot , I drive by all the bridges on the way down on propose to see how many guys are fishing . If the water is at all decent , some of the bridges are packed from Oct till spring if the creek is fishable . There were cars parked today on 2 of the lower bridges And half or more are from out of state .
  13. So let's say the DEC decides to close the tribs from Sept 15 to Nov 15 . Basically no fishing as most pull their boats by then . For every action there is a reaction . And there is the law of unintended consequences . If I owned a lodge or was a river guide or tackle shop owner my new position would be this : seeing how we can't fish for trib kings anymore and financially benefit from it we fully expect the DEC to triple the amount of steelhead, Brown's, and advance the Atlantic Salmon program we have been asking for . Kings are Nat reproducing at higher rates so why are we wasting valuable hatchery space and lake bait biomass on something we do not benefit from . We feel this is the fair and equitable thing to do . So watch out what you wish for .
  14. I'm not worried . I'm quite sure there will be kings to catch . And besides , there are always the fat chicks.
  15. So " F " Pulaski and the entire region around it and the people who have invested a whole lot into it ? I see a whole lot Me , Me ,Me on here . We have some of the best fishing opportunities in the world for all styles of angling in this state and some complain about it . Kudos to the DEC for consistently providing it for us . Met Dave and his wife once . They both seem like nice level headed folks with experience who care about the fishery as a whole . And realize all facets are important going forward . Sounds like we might have a few leaner king years for a while because of the bait situation . Can't wait to see how that goes over .
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