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  1. I was 17 my first derby . We threw Cleo's off the piers . Had no clue what we were doing . Bought a 17 ft wood boat and outfitted it with 2 Riviera manuals and a flasher depth finder . Ran stickbaits close to shore mostly. Spring was 4 days . Boat launches were backed up 20 cars . Fishing was more fun back then . There was a mystique to it that is long gone for me . A 21 ft boat was big back then . Look at the equipment / boats we have now . It's on the verge of unfair chase .
  2. A friend of mine won the spring derby maybe 1979 Got it on a 1/3 oz Cleo 5 ft down on a rigger and ultra light with 6# test at the Oak off the ladders in 15 ft. . I think it was 17# . He was sleeping while his father was driving the boat . He played it out , netted it , and when they were bringing it over the side , it went thru the netting . But they managed to land it . Won a new Hydro Sports boat . Selden Beebe. RIP.
  3. HB2

    Sold / Closed J- plugs

    That one top left is a first light killer . That one alone is worth the asking price . And very hard to find .
  4. Now what does this virus have to do with fishing ? Gee , I wonder 🤔🤔
  5. All I ask is the people that we elect to office to serve us , do right by the American ,yes , American people . And I might not even agree with some of it . But most don't . One guy did , and look what they did to him . And they wonder why we don't trust them . I think they don't even care what we think . Stay healthy my friends .
  6. What about all the small businesses and restaurants that were forced to shut down ? Every day these people were begging to survive . Guess you may have missed that . What about all the free money for those who make more staying home than working ? Which is largely to blame for the labor shortages and supply chain issues? I as a landlord have people that are still waiting for assistance because their employer was shut down . And the best part , I could not evict them , not that I would, because the gov said I could not. So I have to pay their utilities and pay my taxes and mortgage, but can't evict non payers even if they can pay but don't have to . This has bankrupt a lot of property owners . And Trump got the Vaccine done when Biden and Harris said it was not possible . And Kammy said she would not take it and encouraged others to do the same .How soon we forget . More worried about impeachment over stuff Brandon actually did .Remember that ? Seems to me Nancy and her crew made the mess . Now they are crying that a lot , mostly minorities, which does not get reported , will not take the shot , which is available pretty much everywhere. We have had bad flus before and people die . That's life . I'm not afraid. And excuse Trump for being positive. We have more ventilators and other equipment than we will ever use because of him . So please,with the he did not do anything . Time for the out of shape people of this country to keep the junk they call food out of their face, get off their asses , and start living a healthy lifestyle. That's a real OZ of prevention . So this stuff doesn't have as big of an impact . Did not think this post would go in this direction .
  7. My original post was how the booster made me , and my son who said it was as bad as he has ever felt , affected us . My wife , nothing . So how can anyone say that this vaccine can have no long lasting side effects ? Maybe worse than the virus. This remains to be seen . Back in the day they told us Sacrin and cigarettes were safe for gods sake .and there is a long list . So don't be so quick to throw those that are anti Vax under the bus. And Fauci is a deucsh bag . Trump should have fired him .
  8. A lot of the above stuff is way over my pay grade . My wife got a sub call from a teacher that likes her asking if she can take her class because she tested positive. Mind you , she has all shots , does a few miles a day on the tread mill , and oh yeah, feels fine . Happy New Year. Hopefully by the end of this year , things will be semi normal
  9. Yeah , well who ever would have thought we would see what we see on the news for the last few years ? So absolutely nothing surprises me . Maybe you will have to show your Vax card to get a license . Far fetched ? And why would the gov not regulate what we eat ? They get into our knickers for everything else .
  10. Bordum Information Education Mental stimulation Stirring the pot .
  11. There are 4 ways to get your lure down to the fish 🐟 once they get deeper than 15 ft . 1 riggers 2. divers dipsey style , jet planers ,pink lady and the like . 3 copper ,lead core , steel , snap weights . You need different lengths for different depths .expensive and kind of complicated for small boats . Best off planer boards . 4 diving plugs , only good to 35 ft max . Easiest , riggers . Most versatile , slide divers . Can be used from 15 to 80 ft with no or minor adjustments . And some of you guys are so set against braid . And I just don't know why . I know Whaler uses both braid and slide divers . And he does well on them .
  12. I am talking about the 7 oz optional replacement weight ring that that goes on the slide diver . When fish are below 80 ft there are better options IMO . A reg or mag dipsey or other brand same diver is better option IMO . But the slide divers with the 7 oz ring, which pulls hard , will get down to 120 ft .I know this because I smacked bottom .it surprised me . And that's with 65# braid . Which is fine with the fleas if they are not real bad . I have been using braid divers for over 20 years . If you want to get into divers , a braid rod setup is a great start . A slide diver is 20$ . When fish get deep cut the mono off and wrap the whole setup on a pool noodle or similar and run a reg or mag dipsey . 60$ gets you a very versatile setup other than rod and reel .
  13. My suggestion is this .. Buy a 150 us spool of 65 or 80# power pro , 20 $ Get a bigger size slide diver, 20 $ This setup is good to 80 ft . Shallower waters , set it to 6 and let it out so is 5 ft bellow surface or 10 ft above bottom . I have the 7 oz ring and don't like it. When you have to get down real deep , a mag dipsey it better and you most times don't need the long setback . A slide diver is a very versatile tool . And pretty cheap , relatively . And way more forgiving and durible than wire . I have braid that is 15 years old and 2 setups . Zero , repeat , ZERO problems . The wire in 2 years cost me 200$ . AS far as swivel goes , what Les said
  14. I believe there are good people in the CDC that are doing the best they can for the people . Problem is we have politicians who use and twist things to best suit their needs . Anyone with a pulse can see this . I'm not afraid of 75 years down the road , I'm worried about 7 years , or 3 for that matter . And people need to look out for themselves . I'm a bit of a health but . I watch what people have in their carts at the checkouts . Some people are digging an early grave . Maybe the Gov should set our diets next .
  15. I had zero side effects from my Phizer shot . 3 days and I'm still not myself . One of the guys who gave us the shots had to take a few days off. So it must be powerfull . The way we got the opportunity for the shots was we were working at a super big shot in the health care industrys house and asked us if we wanted it . I watched him get his so if anyone would know about these things , he probably would . But you never know. We see adds all the time from lawyers on TV , did you take this or that drug , you may be entitled to compensation from long term side effects. There are pro athletes who won't take the shot , and one is a friend of mine . And they get chastised and shunned for it . Who's to say in the long run , they aren't the ones who are right on this . Merry Christmas 🎄🎄
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