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  1. I pull and go but that's just me If it's that bad in I will pick up and go out to 350 or so or untill I see greener water and drop and head north . If the lake flipped I go north till I hit 60 deg and head north . Maybe I'm passing over fish but that's the chance you take . I also feel it gives you a fresh start .
  2. My setup is 5 rods Put a flasher down below bait and 2 spoons , one 10 ft above and one 10 ft below for starts on the riggers and adjust from there . If the flasher is hot , put out another on the rigger and run one deepest and one shallowest and the spoon between but keep them 10 ft apart . When I get ready to change I will drop thAt rod deep for a bit before popping it . Sometimes it works . But don't put everything at one depth , it scares the fish . Dipsys , one flasher and one spoon and you have it covered.
  3. 1 oz red and white silver back Daredevil BAGLEYS DB 06 chrome black ( old school ) 3/8 or 1/2 oz white or perch pattern bucktails along weed edge dropoffs ( I make my own ) #5 Mepps Bucktails I spent time in front / around Thousand island park . Weed edges seemed to be key . As it always seems to be .
  4. And how much did it cost . 2 nights 50$ 2 tanks of gas for the truck 125$ 3 gallons for the boat . 12 $ 2 breakfast at the Lumberjack 45$ 35 $ for a bottle of Black Fly Bourbon made in the Keene valley at a,flea market ( impulse buy ) . Can't count the food as we cooked in camp and we would have to eat home . About 10 worms and 2 jigheads 5$
  5. I feel extremely lucky it didn't take me a lifetime . I read a lot of stuff on here . Some guys on hear need to figure out exactly why they go fishing IMO .
  6. Got to watch it If you look at Flouro crosseyed it can compromise and weaken it dramatically . Also it's stiff and the people tying the harnesses maybe don't take the time they should to crank down on it . Might be best out of the package to hook the bend of the hook on something and pull on the line hard to seat the knot .
  7. Has anyone tried a citronella candle ? I will next trip and report .
  8. All part of the experience. My WIFE enjoys it for God's sake, man !
  9. At the Lumberjack getting breakfast on our way home 3 days at Saranac Islands Did about 40 bass . A lot of dinks but a few nice largemouth up to 4# Also got about 8 pike up to 8# Small Bass pro stico 3 and 4 " Sure thing Color and watermelon red flake . The #5 Mepps black/ gold for the pike . Not the best fishing but for the whole package , it's hard to beat . Love seeing the mountain mist on the water at dawn and seeing the Sun come up over the mountains . The fresh air . The call of the loon as I sleep in my tent . Blueberry pancakes off my cast iron pan I had since I was a kid . I pride myself as being a multi faceted/ species angler . I can jig, cast a musky plug , throw a fly for steelhead or stream trout , or troll for salmon . And love it all,. It amazes me that I talked to a lot of,people from the western New York area that have never been to the ADK Mtns . You owe it to yourselves and your kids to experience it at least once .
  10. It was great fishing for me and from most reports I saw from the South shore from Sandy west till mid June . The water was as green as I remember it being 30 years ago and that was a huge factor IMO. Late June and early July typically is the worst time to fish ,at least for me as the lake is stratifying and fish are scattered . I feel it is starting get better with the consistent warm weather and west and southerly winds.
  11. I loved my Mag 10 s . Smooth , fast enough,auto stop, not huge . I used mine a lot . They just wore out . I would think auto stop would be a standard feature now days on all brands . I look at the new,ones and they are 50% bigger . I don't want them so fast they bounce when they stop.and break the cable . I know guys this,has,happened to .Or drop so fast you can't control them . Why do they need to be so fast? I wish I could find a new set in the box . I'm leaning toward Big Jon .
  12. Early start Set up in 80 and worked our way to the nose . Not a great pic but worked out to 170 . Got 2 salmon at about 130 . Came back in to 70 and got Lakers and this 23# . Ended up 8 for 12 . Mostly a spoon bite but the Gary D rig helped out .
  13. Between Fox and Grenedier at the lake are some nice humps for Small mouths Or out in front of the Silos Also if you come out of Mud bay and look at say 10 o'clock and head to Grenedier there was an old chimney there on shore . In front it dropped from like 12 ft to 30 . Good Small mouths . Also on the point of the south side as you come out of Mud bay is a good spot .next to shore Drift from their to Ponds over the weeds for pike Fished there a lot as a kid . Have fun .
  14. You guys can give Yamamoto your money ,but I use the Bass pro Stiko in 3 and 4" and sometimes 5" . Also Yum dinger or Big bite Baits . Bass pro make a 31/2" forktail also . Goto colors are green pumpkin , Houdini and my best the last month ,sprayed grass . I have been Ned rigging before Ned rigging was invented . I fish in water up to 12 ft so I don't need a heavy jighead. I have found jighead weight is CRITICAL ! I use 1/32 or 1/16 . Sometimes an 1/8 or 1/4 if it's windy with the bigger baits . Problem was you can't get a jighead that lite with a big enough hook and I got sick of paying 1$ each for the Z man Mushroom heads . So I bought a mold and had my machines buddy alter the mold to take a 1,2 or 4 hook . The last few days I have taken a 1/8 oz tungsten worm weight with a sinker stop behind as a stop and Snell tie a #4 or 2 octopus hook . Worm weight not fixed . Basically Carolina rig . 16 to 24" lead . Been great for finicky fish . Can't weight to try a Craw pappy this weekend at Saranac .
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