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  1. I got mine at Captains cove or from Mrs Narby at point breeze.
  2. I have replaced the pads on my offshores a few times. Maybe they will fit .
  3. Ain't nothin' smells like bacon but bacon .
  4. The sense of smell is a HUGE part of of an animals survival in the wild. From self defense from danger , finding food , Procreation . If I go to FLA and dont put a piece of Shrimp on my jig , I get 1/3 or less action. Why does cut bait work so well when flies look way more sexy? Underwater video I see has the salmon come from behind and trail the lure for a ways sometimes ( You can see this on your sonar) before striking or turning away. All I know is when I come home from work & smell my wife has been baking ,I get hungry , my mouth waters ,& I start looking for cookies.
  5. The past few years I have come to depend on scent . I found one that I have so much confidence in I buy a bottle everytime I see one. Put it on my jigs& plastics for bass ,pike , panfish. Put it on my Flies for steelhead last spring . Also on my skien for Salmon & Trout . It flat out works. Turned My Friends on to it and guys I see on the water. Didn't do much trolling this last year but will try it this coming year. You are not getting bit , put some on , next cast a fish. Do that a few times & you find out quick it's the squat drops.
  6. They could be perch or smallmouths or sheepheads or carp, ETC. Everything you mark is not a salmon or Trout . Many years ago a good friend told me this and it is a good thing to remember.
  7. Rustolium glow at lowes. I put a base of white, then glo and mist the color I want over it then clear coat. Make sure all paints are compatible so it wont flash & crinkle.
  8. Drop backs are the best steelheads on the fly of the year. They have so much power & they can smash the fly ,jump and tear up the creek. . Might be a little late but there will be some left in the fast water & riffles of the Salmon if not real warm early.
  9. I have older easi trolls on my small boat and use #10 herbies for the last 10 years ,no problems . I usually only fish in decent weather waves . 60' or less mostly but I have had them down to 90 ' .The drag washers dried up so I drilled a few holes in the spool and use a screwdriver across housing through spool to hold it at depth. It works.
  10. I like # 3 & # 4 Jplugs,tiger plugs , And some old #3 canadian plugs ( J plug type with single treble attached. ) I redo the hook harnesses w #65 braid and use size 1 on 3's and 1/0 on 4's ls374 trebs . I use them almost exclusivly after labor day for staging fish in my small boat. Off riggers 25-150' back . I run 1 or 2 and that's it. I like the old glo green flouresent w/ or W/o ladderback, silver bullet , cut plug ,and my first thing in the morning hands down favorite pearl white red head w/ black dots. I have a gold one that catches fish when nothing else works, a watermelon that has its days also a jet black w/ purple ladder back and others I painted . Found at least half of them floating. I have had days over the past 10 years where I alone have boated 7-8 kings by 8 am. This past year I went out 7 times and had 1 on, so go figure. i
  11. Anyone who can say Brady is not the best ever to play the position must be blind . What bothers me is as a Bills fan is how far we have to go. Epic collapse for Atlanta. Atlanta fans , I feel your pain . An interception last min against the SEA Hawks and now this.
  12. Picks I'll be first Atlanta 33 NE 31
  13. 20 trillion in debt. Bet Angela Merkel wishes she did what Trump did on refugee ban. It's a mess over there. We don't need that here.
  14. Another verse.... Donald Trump Donald Trump Forever shall we hold our dobbers high ! high ! high! Come along and bring your dong... Oh no wait ! wait! Flag on the play . Sorry I got confused.