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  1. We all want and use all this modern stuff that makes our lives better and gives us higher standards of living cheaper .And everybody, everybody, wants cheaper. Our clothes,homes , vehicles , boats . Even the plastic lures and the paints on them . Everything is plastic or some sort of composite . The production process of these materials are extremely invasive . These " profit mongers "are giving us exactly what we want .
  2. I to use know a guy that use to eat a ton of LO fish of all kinds . Sadly he died mysteriously one day . Quite possibly from what was described . He was 97 years old. As far as food allergies etc in children. After getting in my eat healthy kick a few years back I started to read the ingredients on the labels at the advice of a nutritionalist.It amazes me the amount of crap we are feeding ourselves and our children we call food . And we are worried about some fresh fish ?
  3. I agree with Whaler Downriggers are the center of any small boat trolling system , especially for newbies IMO . I love mine on my 16 ft . Easy to deploy and are precise with depth , no guessing like with dipsys . If you were to get dipsys , make one a Braid slide driver IMO . If you are fishing spring , planer boards are nice . Some sort of down speed and temp is a great investment .
  4. Looks to me like it has gone up about 6" the last few weeks
  5. Seems like the water has come up at least a few inches the last few weeks
  6. The way I see it , it's not about power or green . It's about putting money in the right people's pockets .
  7. There is offshore and inshore fishing down there . Both are fun . If you or anyone is driving down and you are on I 95 , make a point of stopping at Buc EE's in Florence. It's quite the travel plaza experience . Get a brisket or what I got , a club melt sandwich . Incredible .
  8. My Dad wintered in Venice about an hr south of Sarasota . We went out on a head boat a few times. It was fun and relatively cheap . But I had fun on the Venice jetties . Caught a variety of species . Best setups were 1/4 to 1/2 oz jigs with shrimp on 7 ft med spin rods or I used a 9 ft steelhead rod with a float with shrimp . I let it drift with the current along the rocks . Enjoy the nice weather down there .
  9. They were a high percentage of my stream catch .Way more than any other year since I have had my cottage . I saw a good amount caught be other anglers also. Some who I believe mistook them for Coho.
  10. I am was just saying, since you are buying a spray can of lacquer , you could use it to refresh other lures you already have to kill time during the doldrums of winter .
  11. Also any scuffed up or rash stick baits , spoons or flashers ,etc can be brought back to life with a couple quick coats . Maybe some super fine steel wool to clean them up first . Then spray .
  12. Actually I have had good experiences with them . They rebuilt the my Cobra outdrive on my Bayliner and did other work . They did some work on my 35 Merc . Got parts and oil from them many times . Never once had a problem . But this was before they sold and I found Tommy Barbara
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