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  1. Late Summer,early fall fishing west end has not been the same since they quit raising kings at Caladonia . The fish head east because that's where the were born .
  2. Thanks Gator for your technical explanation of your view on the aclimatation of LO kings over the last 40 years . Kind of confirmed my suspicion . You sound like a brainiac. Volunteerism is low in all groups / organizations. 10% of the members usually do 90% of the work . And it's,usually me doing it . I can't sit around and watch . Money should be no problem at all . If everyone gives a little, it can total a lot . No domestic rainbows in upper Sandy? I have lived in Holley for almost 60 years and you don't know what you're talking about . And I troll j plugs almost exclusively after labor day for many years . I do pretty well on them and have NEVER Snagged a salmon . And yes ,there are guys pier heading and trolling staggers off Sandy . Also last year I launched my small boat 2 days after we released the fish at Sandy . There were a bunch of cormerants having breakfast on all the little ones you could see swimming around . I imagine the smallmouth bass were well fed also .
  3. So more or less ,half The kings are Nat reproduction . The state stocks half and mother nature stocks half . We are like what, 15 generations removed from the first stocks way back when ? Seems to me these fish are not Pacific salmon ,but are now a lake ontario strain of Pacific salmon . And maybe they are evolving to the LO ecosystem right before our eyes . I think we may have to throw some of the life cycle stuff for our fish out the window from the ocean fish . Jeff Goldbloom said in Jaracic park that " life finds a way " . We were told at the beginning these fish don't reproduce . I'm curious if over the years to know if the percentage of Nat reproduction is increasing.
  4. To Kill a Mocking Bird Man,would we make a great 51st state .
  5. It is sexist Slang . Name calling? You must have missed the PC memo . Someone might be offended. And we can't have that .
  6. And upstate is funded by downstate ? That's the problem. The good governor should show us some tough love and cut us loose . Maybe we can make upstate great again . Like it was till Hugh and Mario taxed the heck out of the business and they pulled up stakes and left .
  7. The Dr was used as a pawn by the Dems . They knew about this six weeks before and held it till the last second and then somehow miraculously,it gets leaked at the last possible minute only to delay the vote . And nobody knows how. Six FBI investigation and #7 after the Dems demanded it. and they found NOTHING . And the Dems are still not satisfied. With what they drummed up on this judge . Sexual assault,drunkenness, wild parties, gang rapes,fights . And not one witness to any of it .This guy was a wild man . I want to party with that cowboy. Neanderthal ? Seems sexist ,don't you think?
  8. We are subject to the downstate policies . The reason all the businesses left the state was because,and yes it was thriving, it cost so much to do business here . They didn't leave because of the " weather " . My well educated son left for north Carolina because he couldn't find a good job up here. Doing great down there. And he is not alone .
  9. We would be a thriving 51st state. We need downstate like a hole in the head .
  10. But it not for lack of trying
  11. 47 % Nat repro is a huge number ,as I have stated in the past . IMO ,it the difference between a great and not so great king year ,along with weather ,winds ,and currents . I also think more tribs than just the salmon river contribute to the Nat reproduction . And now that the DEC does not Mark the fish ,how would they know which are stocked or Nat reproduction ?
  12. We would make thriving 51 st state .
  13. 75 back 2 to 15 ft down Ball 8 to 10 ft off bottom
  14. Badly needing skein , I took a chance and took the small boat out yesterday prevening. Lake was choppy yesterday but was laying down just as I was going out . Put out 2 j plugs and no more than 5 min in , rod goes off and I land a nice female . Problem solved . Weaving around the sailboat regatta, no more hits so I slid out a little and managed one more nice male . Silver bullets ,size 3 & 4 .