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  1. jamiechipper

    Finn spoons

    Great go to spoon on lake superior and Michigan for lakers and salmon! I have not had issues with "spin out". They have come along way over the past 5-10 years.
  2. jamiechipper

    Wanted ISO Fish Hawk X4 Probe

    Thanks PM sent.
  3. ISO Fish Hawk X4 Probe Looking for a used fish hawk probe. Must be willing to ship. Thanks!
  4. PM sent. I'll take them. Thanks!
  5. Navionics+ Navionics OEM Nautical and Sonar Chip for Raymarine DragonFly This Navionics+ micro SD chip was used in a Garmin DragonFly 4. It includes nautical charts and sonar charts for North America. The model number is MSD/NEB-3/R1 and believe it will only work with Raymarine Dragonfly. $50 Shipped.
  6. jamiechipper

    Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Cool. - thx. Still not sure what I am going to do... best deal I have seen though.
  7. jamiechipper

    Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Ha! What did the one end up costing you out the door with shipping US$?
  8. jamiechipper

    Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Cool - thanks guys. I was hoping to stay around $1k for the pair (new or used). This may be close. Ill give them a call today.
  9. jamiechipper

    Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Long shot, but you never know.... ttt
  10. WTB (2) Scotty 2116 Looking for 2 Scotty 2116 downriggers in new to very good condition. Must be able to ship. Thanks.
  11. jamiechipper

    Enclosure condensation

    Thanks for the info. Ill try this out next time... sounds like a reasonable solution.
  12. jamiechipper

    Enclosure condensation

    I picked up a new to me boat (2004 Lund Tyee 1950) this past Saturday. I took it out for the first time tonight with the top, front brow and sides up. The entire enclosure and front window started fogging so bad I couldn't see and had to remove much of the enclosure and dry the windows. Any ideas how to keep the condensation away? Thanks a bunch.
  13. jamiechipper

    Bad Downriggers

    Picture of one of the bad downriggers sold to me.