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  1. Finn spoons

    Great go to spoon on lake superior and Michigan for lakers and salmon! I have not had issues with "spin out". They have come along way over the past 5-10 years.
  2. Wanted ISO Fish Hawk X4 Probe

    Thanks PM sent.
  3. ISO Fish Hawk X4 Probe Looking for a used fish hawk probe. Must be willing to ship. Thanks!
  4. PM sent. I'll take them. Thanks!
  5. Navionics+ Navionics OEM Nautical and Sonar Chip for Raymarine DragonFly This Navionics+ micro SD chip was used in a Garmin DragonFly 4. It includes nautical charts and sonar charts for North America. The model number is MSD/NEB-3/R1 and believe it will only work with Raymarine Dragonfly. $50 Shipped.
  6. Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Cool. - thx. Still not sure what I am going to do... best deal I have seen though.
  7. Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Ha! What did the one end up costing you out the door with shipping US$?
  8. Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Cool - thanks guys. I was hoping to stay around $1k for the pair (new or used). This may be close. Ill give them a call today.
  9. Wanted WTB (2) Scotty 2116

    Long shot, but you never know.... ttt
  10. WTB (2) Scotty 2116 Looking for 2 Scotty 2116 downriggers in new to very good condition. Must be able to ship. Thanks.
  11. Enclosure condensation

    Thanks for the info. Ill try this out next time... sounds like a reasonable solution.
  12. Enclosure condensation

    I picked up a new to me boat (2004 Lund Tyee 1950) this past Saturday. I took it out for the first time tonight with the top, front brow and sides up. The entire enclosure and front window started fogging so bad I couldn't see and had to remove much of the enclosure and dry the windows. Any ideas how to keep the condensation away? Thanks a bunch.
  13. Bad Downriggers

    Picture of one of the bad downriggers sold to me.