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  1. I have a HDS 9 Carbon that I would like to sell, if you're interested in that. Has the Total scan transducer also. GPS is on that unit also. it's about 3 years old. I don't use it much as I don't have a lot of time to get out fishing. $1500 Greg
  2. I have one that's an 840 probe and it will work on an X4. $50
  3. I know a guy that might have one for an 800 model. But not the newer ones
  4. Hummingbird 596c HD with Down Imaging Selling my Hummingbird because I've upgraded to a larger screen and side scan. New these are over $700. Selling this one for $180. Works just fine. Includes all the parts it came with including a temp probe, which I think the transducer will do temp but I installed it on my boat before I tried it out to see if I really need it. The c after the 596 means it's color, in case somebody asks. I'm in Amsterdam NY but can ship Priority mail and get it to you in 2 days. It's cheaper and faster than UPS. Greg
  5. Fish Hawk 840 probe $50 I have an 840 probe that I have no use for anymore. It works just fine. It will also work on an X4 unit.
  6. This would make a nice spare probe, just in case you lose one during the day of fishing.
  7. in the title it did but it was marked as sold.
  8. The unit is sold. It is marked sold in the ad in red.
  9. If you don't find one I have an older one from an 840 you can use. It would make a nice spare too. $90 Greg
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