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Ithaca fishtail

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    dryden, NY
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    fishing and big game hunting

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  1. Ithaca fishtail

    for sale : usa EZ-steer

    is for rkicker to io
  2. wife said got two now but to small
  3. you getting out of fishing or going biger fishtail
  4. looking for x4 fish hawk
  5. Ithaca fishtail

    boat launch

    boat launch what launchs are open in fairhaven going to come fri 811 2017
  6. Ithaca fishtail

    Cayuga fleas

    fleas how the fleas on cayuga
  7. Ithaca fishtail

    Cayuga Salvation army Derby

    how the fleas looking for that weeekend
  8. Ithaca fishtail

    Wanted Iso cast control knobs Penn 320 gti reel

    u can call me if u need it 2293567
  9. Ithaca fishtail

    Wanted Iso cast control knobs Penn 320 gti reel

    I got a 209 reel u can look at in live in dryden
  10. emergency handles for cannon downriggers I have older style cannon mag tens, I would like to purchase emergency handle for them but I am unsure how they attach or how well they work?
  11. Can anyone tell me what year or what this might be worth because i am trying to sell it...