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  1. 12ft boat I have a 12ft aluminum v-haul boat with trailer, electric trolling motor and oars. Have paper work for boat and trailer. Can send pics thru texts. 575.00 call 315 576 0742
  2. Are the docks still in at the state park boat launch?
  3. 12ft boat and trailer with electric trolling motor, oars,and anchor. Have all the paper work. asking 795 or bo. call or text 315 576 0742.
  4. eyedoctor

    marine grade plywood

    Thanks 2lbperch but I need 3/4" plywood.
  5. eyedoctor

    marine grade plywood

    where can I buy 3/4 marine grade plwood and what staple gun works best to staple the carpet on with. I live in the savannah area. thanks for the help. Brad
  6. I can come up with 800.00 if that will work.
  7. eyedoctor

    lake O walleye

    Thats a nice one thanks for sharing
  8. eyedoctor

    it's started

    which lake are we talking about?
  9. eyedoctor


    5/8 oz gold sonar is my favorite with the perch color close behind
  10. eyedoctor

    backing plate

    Tom, thanks for the heads up about the aluminum. Will give that a try.
  11. eyedoctor

    backing plate

    anyone know where I can buy a backing plate for a 30degree atwood rod holder?
  12. eyedoctor

    30 degree rod holder

    I recently recieved a 30 degree rod holder for a bday present. I have a lund aluminim boat with a 6 inch gunwale. what to I use to install this at a 30 degree angle.or do you recommend a pro do it .
  13. eyedoctor


    my lowrance loses power every time I go to start my motor . It never use to do that. Any suggestions as to why.
  14. eyedoctor

    Wanted Dual planer board mast

    I have a mast for sale with the adapter for the seat. If interested call me at 315 576 0742
  15. eyedoctor


    can I run peanuts behind spin doctors or just cowbells? new to the game!!