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  1. Any help thanks! Looking at being in North Carolina in April, I see that the Roanoke river is great for stripers, Any advice on a guide/charter in the Weldon area? Like to take my dad out. Don't want a bad Captain! Thanks Joel
  2. Thanks for the reply, have some friends and boats coming up to do a friends derby, Some are smaller and will be in the bays, other wise love to do the derby, thanks again and good luck for the salmon!
  3. Out by galloo or shipping lanes are the fleas bad, looking to be out there this weekend and was wonding what to tie up for trolling. thanks
  4. Covered alot of the bay, managed 3 eyes , (one right at the 10 lb mark). The Kids did great with me 😃, sm.bass, Lg bass, pike, chains. Watching them work the 8 ft rod priceless!! Little dock fishing for Rockies and Perch action was fast!(compare to boat lol) black and silver for lure did the best. But hopefully fishing picks up! Weather was great ! Hope to be back soon!!
  5. Can't wait for ur reports!! Need lure color and gps cords. , lol. Prob won't be up till late tonight, once I get on water tomorrow,( honey -do list- gets done) I will let u know if we get anything going. Renewed my confidence on Erie so ready for the bay again. Good luck in morning.
  6. Fished sat. Never had a bite , mark some bait here and there , temps were 53-55 on top , little disappointed, but glad to be out, hope it gets better!
  7. That's great!
  8. Is it sat yet....
  9. This came off boat 2 years ago. Spring cleaning, Motoguide big gator mount. Trolling motor 24 volt 55 inch shaft lazer2 Wireless foot control. 62 lb thrust. $60 located in lockport ny In wireless unit( foot pedal) takes a 9 volt battery. The battery wire needs to be reattach were it hooks to battery.
  10. My oldest daughter first fish, Gear: Barbie pole Line: 6lb Lure: the old bobber and worm Place: Pond She got the pole for Xmas that year and practice in house all winter. Got her first bass too. Great day!
  11. Thanks for the info Chas. Joel
  12. Cool story, last year I heard a 2 hand story about a guy in Erie county fishing a creek and had a wild encounter, story like yours, with them coming back and barking. Story goes after he kill one went back with a offical, something to do with skull and teeth but was identified as a timberwolf/ yote. Said makes them very aggressive. I have no idea if it is true. But a great reason wish u could carry while bow hunting. Tall tails going to send u a pm.
  13. I definitely don't get out as much as I used too. But 70 lake trout days on the bar between dec- may seems only to be a memory. King fishing is not the same, Perch numbers the last 3 years in Chaumont bay, henderson area has declined with guys not even catching small ones. Smallmouth ( remember those green fish) from fort Niagara to Chaumont seems to be sloow picking. Even the sheephead I used to catch seem to be missing. Little grass pike and pickel seem to be hard find. But I don't think the king fishing is the only spiecies that are in trouble. Vhs, gobies,cormorants, osperys, don't help. I find it hard to believe when we have a normal winter things will bounce back.
  14. Nice!