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  1. I've fished off this boat, It catches big fish and a lot of em. Awesome rig!!
  2. Exactly what you said. I seen the trash ice fishing a couple weeks ago on sodus, I picked it up and hauled it home. I wonder what goes thru these peoples heads when they just up and leave they're crap. You know they live this way. Houses or where ever they live, Yard, house a dump. Pigs!
  3. Your killing me, I'm going Saturday
  4. Saturday was brutal there, The winds were ferocious, Seen a lot of shantys destroyed. Nice catch.
  5. Limited out on Perch, I drink at home and you gotta know where to park there, Seen 2 spots that only had one truck in them. Stay away from the crowds, You'll catch more fish. I picked up some slobs beer cans off the ice on the way back in. They're gonna ruin it for everyone else.
  6. i'd be a little careful on all southern waters, 2 and 3 weeks ago i fished 12" of ice in one area, Went back Saturday , it was open water, Be careful guys . limited out, long tough day
  7. 2 of us limited out on perch yesterday, They wouldn't touch fatheads but Spikes they'ed die for. By the way. Custom painted kastmasters in metal flake green is what we used.
  8. Fat head minnows n Spikes. On any jig or spoon. I wouldn't give a dime for a whole minnow, But i'd give 50 cents for a half of one.
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