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  1. I think I can help you with the spoons and flys- Ill go through the stuff tonight and fire a few pics at you.
  2. 4 matched reels Okuma cv30l (non line counters) 1 ea 7 color 2 ea 6 color 1 ea 4 color On 4 matching rods Okuma claasic pro leadcore rods 7 ft 2 pc rods Used but in very good -excellent shape, all reels have rod clamps and rods are all original eyelets and tips. Rod Butts are in good shape and the line is all new. Located in MN,no problem shipping PayPal f/f $360 shipped to your USA location Pm me here or direct at [email protected] Do have 2 of the same reels in left hand too if youre interested Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Very nice matched pair of Penn 330 GTI reels with 200’ of blood run 32 lb copper. Freshly spooled Reels have boxes and rod clamps and very good condition Located in MN - shipping included to a USA location $185. Ready to fish ! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Big lot of extra releases - time for a new home What you see is exactly what you will get tension release pinch releases misc part release $50 right to your USA mailbox with paypal friends and family payment. PM me here or direct at [email protected]
  5. Got a bunch for sale: Okuma Convector 30, 45 (NON line counters In 30 only) Catalina 30, 45 (line counters) got some nice Magda's too in line counters both sizes PM me if you want pics or prices. located in MN but I can ship no problem.
  6. Longbow, I appreciate the input and have experienced that before for sure- in this case I kinda asked for it knowing that this site has a allot of experienced good fisherman and I needed some input. This time it's all good. Gary luv2rapala
  7. Yea all I could find was one previous auction for $160 with 15 bids on it so I was hoping ??? Seems like they are fairly rare- hard to find. Thanks for the input guys.
  8. Got a nasty pile of hooks all mashed together and dont want to spend the time untangling???? I need them. I got pile of J plugs Id like to match up with hooks. Maybe we can work something out?? Located in Minnesota any size OK but mostly needing 4, 5
  9. Seeing if there is any interest in these hard to find all original fenwick down rigger rods 6 matching rods in a nice case shipped to your US location Just too much money sitting around not getting used, Thinking $1000 shipping and insurance included with the case too. Fenwick DR82c 8 ft 2 in Pm me here if you’re interested please (attachment=85914:IMG_5562.JPG] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Got a FedEx drop off close to you? Google FedEx near me Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Willing to ship all? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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