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  1. I think Crestliner 1850 meant Convector reels- If you are fishing pretty regular I agree with Crestliner go towards the convectors.
  2. Pair of Walker swivel bases with boat plates NICE A very nice used pair of Walker swivel bases with the boat plate $150 to your mailbox via USPS VERY good used condition works as it should PM me here or direct at luv2rapala at yahoo dot com Paypal friends and family Located in Andover, MN
  3. no longer available l
  4. for sale : usa

    I have a set of 4, how bad do you want them? hahaha Let me know if you're interested PM me here or direct at luv2rapala at yahoo dot com
  5. few black and gold/copper as well bump
  6. bummer - good luck
  7. I got a busted one- pin is pulled out completely and base if cracked around the pin- the swivel part is good
  8. for sale : usa

    If the ad is up they are still for sale- cash/payment talks luv2rapala
  9. for sale : usa

  10. no longer AVAILABLE
  11. for sale : usa

    pm to you with payment info- please respond with shipping address
  12. for sale : usa

    Yes sir, includes shipping via USPS luv2