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  1. have you tried turning the squelch down to where your getting static then turn it back up until it stops. then ask for a radio check on your radio. you may only have traffic on a few channels. on lake erie we mostly use 68 on the central basin but do use 79. the western basin uses mostly 79 but uses 68. find out what channels are used most and try them.
  2. just go with a 19p or even a 17p high five and you'll be very happy. when I got my boat and loaded it for erie it took forever to get on plane. I replaced the 19p 3 blade prop with a 19p high five and it jumped out of the hole gave me more control in rough water it held plane at slower speeds its just a much better all around prop. but I only have a 21' boat with a 350 mercruiser. you might be better with a 17p with a 25' boat.
  3. what about the riggers and kicker in the pictures? does it have a marine radio that goes with the boat?
  4. I would give you 150.00 for the 2 1/4 spoons shipped without box. can pay with ff pay pal or check. pm me if your willing to break up the spoons.
  5. the cannons are the best of the lot. you can lower with only one hand where it takes both hands with the others. I have the cannon single axis that I think is better than the double. you can get them new at hodgesmarine.com for 74.00 each.
  6. why don't all you guys switch to chamberlain releases for walleye and small fish. its built on the blacks release but has 2 adjustments. 1 is for rod tension the other is for lure tension. you can set the rod tension tight then set the lure tension loose enough where even white perch will trip it. i've been using them on erie's central basin for some yrs now. they are hands down the best release out there on small fish or walleye.
  7. its not as exciting as some fish but permit on the wrecks can be very rewarding. yellowtail snapper can be a bunch of fun on lighter tackle. there fun to catch fight hard and are plentiful on the offshore reefs.
  8. i'll take them. I can pay with pay pal. how much is cheap shipping to muncie in 47302?
  9. you not only want the tracks long enough to hold 2 of the rod holders but the allow enough room to keep the reels apart. I used 24" tracks with 3 rod holders and my reels were to close for me. so I added another 24" track. now I have room for 3 holders and another one for the net. I recommend a 36" track for 3 holders. and a 24" track for 2 holders. I use the daiwa 17 size reels with power handles.
  10. i'll take them both. but I cant pay until the 12th. on the 12th I can pay with pay pal or I can mail you a post dated check. I will need them shipped once you receive payment. pm sent
  11. I would see no need to use bags with a kicker. you just wand the boat to slow down to trolling speed. the kicker should slow you down as slow as you want to troll. if for some reason your wanting to troll slower than you can get with the kicker then try using bags. but I would try using 1 bag before using 2. now in the early spring we want to troll 1 to 1.5 for walleye on erie with cranks. then a bag might be needed. but for salmon I think you could get slow enough with a kicker even if you had to idle it down a little.
  12. the best day was hooking a zebco 1 and rod at dale hollow. this was back when I used spin casters. it was in new condition.
  13. I don't use anything on mine. but if I did it would be a 1X12 board under them.
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