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  1. the big jon looks to be wired for auto stop. does the big jon have auto stop?
  2. these are around 150.00 each on ebay. 175.00 for 2 is a steal.
  3. if you plan on using tracks with your riggers you cant go wrong with this traxstech 6" wiser with swivel base on it. new one on ebay and amazon 137.99.
  4. I have 1 6" riser with swivel base. I know it fits traxstech, big jon, and scotty downriggers. 85.00 shipped.
  5. sherman brown

    Wanted: warn a2000 winch

    they have a new 2000# for 179.00 with free shipping on ebay. but they also have a 2500# for 199.00. and lots of used ones that still looks good for around 100.00. but i'd rather spend the extra and get a new one for 179.00.
  6. sherman brown

    Daiwas, convectors or coldwater

    I don't know anything about the coldwaters. but have used daiwa sealine daiwa accudepth plus and convectors. the daiwa sealine is the best of the 3. but its kind of a toss up on the accudepth plus and the convectors. I used a set of accudepth plus for yrs and never had any problems. I only used the convectors for fishing our local lake. i've had them for a few yrs but they have been good reels. if money wasnt a big problem i'd get shimano tekota's. but if im on a tighter budget i'd get daiwa sealine sg lc3b reels. if thats still to much i'd p;robably go with convectors then accudepth plus lc3b reels. this is based on my opinion only.
  7. sherman brown

    Wanted: warn a2000 winch

    i've been using pay pal on ebay for the last 10 + yrs with no problem.
  8. sherman brown

    Tagged out early

    I would take that deer anytime it gave me a shot. thats a nice buck to have this early in the season. its kida like the old saying, don't leave fish to find fish. in other words don't pass on a nice buck unless you know bigger bucks are in your area. I got a little 10 pointer on the 2nd day of hunting back 37 yrs ago. I hunt public land and any deer is a good deer. i've taken a few other bucks but nothing better than that 1st little 10 I got. just be thankful your not having license stew this yr.
  9. your really going to like these cannon rod holders. they adjust with one hand then just grab the rod and lift. all 6 holders are SOLD. please close thread.
  10. i'm not real sure on berts tracks. but cannon and traxstech are the same. maybe someone else will chime in.
  11. 4 of these will cost you 220.00 plus shipping 6 will cost you 330.00 plus shipping.
  12. I have 6 cannon single axis ratcheting rod holders in great shape, used very little. I will sell all 6 or 4 of them for 55.00 each plus shipping. they sale new for 77.00 each. why pay new prices when you can get used ones in like new condition? pick up in muncie Indiana or I will ship on your money. SOLD please close thread
  13. sherman brown

    3 prop motor???

    yep that is electric trolling motors that attaches to the cavitation plate. I got transom mounted motors that came with the trim tabs. but they eat up the batteries so I removed the motors and just use the stand alone trim tabs. if I was buying a new trolling motor now I would get a bow mount 36v with auto pilot for steering and trolling.
  14. sherman brown

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    you probably don't need a new motor. do the things I suggested first. if that doesn't work hook the boat up and take it to another marina even if you have to tow it to a bigger town. I have a 115 hp old merc 6 cylinder. I let it set foe 2 1/2 yrs. when I did take it out it didnt want to run at idle. I took it to the marina and they rebuilt the carbs. they charger over 400.00. took it back out and when I put it in gear it died. it wasnt fixed. took it back and they worked on the carbs again. charged me 268.00 and said it was fixed. took it back out and it did the same thing. took it back and it costed me over 1000.00 that time and they said it was fixed again. took it to fl to do some saltwater fishing. it ran ok for about 10 minutes then started dying on me. this time its worse than it was to start with. im not going to that marina again so they can rip me off again. next spring i'll take it to a different marina and see if they can fix it. I invested over 1700.00 in a 1200.00 or 1400.00 motor and it is worse than it was before I even took it to the shop.
  15. make that 450.00 plus 20.00 for shipping and i'll take them. can pay with friends on pay pal or I can mail you a good check or as a last resort I can make a trip to the post office and pick up a postal money order. sherman