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  1. sherman brown

    Fishing line question

    I have used seaguar inviz x for my downriggers on erie's central basin. but I split a spool on 2 reels. never used it on a spinning reel.
  2. don't have any need for the 25" shaft. would love to have one with a 20".
  3. sherman brown

    Rodholder Recommendation

    go to tracks and get cannon ratcheting single axis holders from amazon.com.
  4. knew the boat would sell at that price, it was priced to sell. I would love to have had 3500.00 to spare. I would have bought the boat for a spare in case my boat died. congrats on the sale.
  5. sherman brown

    Looking for a Trolling Plate

    you can get a new easy troller off ebay for 125.90. just make sure to get the standard and not the short one. at least check them out before you buy.
  6. sherman brown

    Looking for a Trolling Plate

    if you have a choice the easy troll is the best of them all.
  7. sherman brown

    Low speed steering

    yeah it sounds like you might be over correcting. I trolled for yrs with an I/0 before getting auto pilot. you do have to stay alert and not let the bow get to far over before making a small correction then wait to see if it was enough. try to always troll with the wind or at a angle with the wind. trolling against the wind is just asking for steering problems. I once fished by myself in pretty rough water. I angled the boat with the wind, tied a 6v flashlight to the bottom of the steering wheel. and it did most of the steering for me. I only had to adjust once in a while.
  8. sherman brown

    Radio hand held or mounted.

    mounted with a good antenna. something like the Shakespeare 5225 xt. the quality of the antenna is more important than the radio. just get a radio with the bells and whistles you want. but do not scrimp on the antenna. a hand held is good around the dock or in a group of boats. but a fixed with a good antenna is good for 15+ miles. I splurged and got a new radio with built in gps for my boat.
  9. sherman brown

    Winterization question

    I had my youngest son drain my 5.7 a few yrs ago. took the boat in to the marina for an oil change in the spring. all the freeze plugs on one side was out. very lucky the engine didnt crack. it turned out the drain was stopped up with sand and the motor hadn't drained. now I make sure the water drains and I leave the petcocks open until I use the boat in the spring. I wont venture to guess if the small amount of water in your motor would cause a crack. why didnt you leave the plugs out so any extra water could drain?
  10. sherman brown

    What size dipseys

    I switched to the lite bite slide divers a few yrs ago and would never go back to std divers. I don't use the slide part but lace a piece of heavy braid through the back then attach my snubber then a 6' to 8' fluro leader. I tie to a split ring lace it through the back going in the lite bite arm. set the tension loose and the diver will trip on small fish. for walleye they are the best diver made.
  11. sherman brown

    Trolling Bibles

    I would list them for 100.00 each. thats a fair price but not on the high end. you can always lower the price if they don't sell. but you cant raise the price once you list them and get flooded with buyers. i've seen them priced from 50.00 to 150.00. I sold the one I had for 60.00 shipped last summer.
  12. sherman brown

    Walleye and riggers

    12# balls are good for anyplace you fish erie. I used 10# on the western basin. but didnt like the blowback fishing 50' to 60' on the central basin so I switched to 13# pancake weights. 12# will work great either place. I run both harnesses and spoons in the summer depending on the fish. but mostly fish spoons on my riggers. for early trolling the westers basin (april early may) shallow diving cranks off riggers at 1.0 to 1.5 will catch fish. use bandits, reef runners, husky jerks, flatlined should catch fish. don't be afraid to try hot n tots as they was our staple back when I fished the western basin. there are so many eater eyes in erie right now you should be able to catch fish. we started fishing the western basin back in the early 80's. now is the only time i've seen fishing as good as it was then.
  13. sherman brown

    Walleye and riggers

    i've been using the chamberlain almost since there inception. once I got them adjusted right I get very few false releases. but get releases on just about all small fish including white perch. the few false releases is much better than dragging small fish around. fishing erie you'll find the small sheep head and white perch are what you catch the most on some days. if the release doesn't trip on these fish you end up checking the rigger often or drag the little fish around all day. you wont catch walleye if your dragging a white perch around. it may be just me but 5 or 6 false releases per day is much better than checking the rigger ever 15 or 20 minutes. of course you can check them every 30 to 60 minutes. but it a small fish has been on most of that time your rigger is just dead weight. but to each there own. i've checked my riggers before going to the chamberlain release and had walleye of up to 2 1/2 lbs just swimming along with the lure and I never knew it was there until I brought the weight up to check the lure.