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sherman brown

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  1. sherman brown

    Rod length for lead thoughts

    try setting your drags a little looser. and don't try to rush fish in. just remember the closer the fish is to the boat the less forgiving your line is, set drag accordingly.
  2. sherman brown

    mono flouro connection method?

    never seen the need for glue with a double uni knot.
  3. sherman brown

    mono flouro connection method?

    I use uni to uni. I use to use a blood knot but then I tried the uni to uni and I like it much better.
  4. no the double axis to adjust the left and right you can onlu adjust from one pin hole to the next pin hole. on the single axis you can make adjustments as little as 1/16 or as much as 35 degrees in either direction. just loosen the holder put the holder where you want and tighten down. sometimes when running divers its nice to be able to make a small adjustment. with the duel axis you have no choice but to go all the way to the next pin hole.
  5. if you have to buy new be sure and check out amazon.com for prices. I have both duel axis and single axis. I like the single axis the best.
  6. sherman brown

    What are these fish

    i believe those are white perch. i hate those things. is the lower lip purple??
  7. sherman brown

    Handheld vhf

  8. sherman brown

    Downrigger stacking, help

    im another chamberlain release stacker guy. it just clips on the cable and locks down then when it bumps the pulley it releases and drops down the cable.
  9. sherman brown

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    for just holders i have my tracks mounted with ss screws and they are very solid. i lifted my 220#'s off the ground and bounced a few times on the end of a couple of holders. but for riggers i still wouldn't trust them without backing plates or at least using fender washers as backing and bolt all the way through the gunnel. its better to be safe than sorry.
  10. sherman brown

    Where to buy gear

    fishusa is good amazon is good ebay can be good galeforcetackle.com is the best place I've found for harnesses and spoons.
  11. sherman brown

    Handheld vhf

    a hand held has very limited range. i wouldn't recommend any hand held for lake erie.
  12. sherman brown

    Wtb: Left hand retrieve LC reels

    you can get a great Daiwa sealine sg27lc3bl left hand reel off ebay for around 100.00 each. or another great reel for the money is the accudepth plus adp27lcbl reel at around 65.00 on ebay. the sealine is a little better reel but the accudepth plus will serve you well for less money. if your budget still don't allow then the Okuma magda pro left hand for about 50.00 on ebay is a cheaper option but not as good of a reel as the Daiwa.
  13. sherman brown

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    as a matter of fact he bought me 2 cups of coffee. was that you?
  14. sherman brown

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    yes he was happy to get them. and your going to not want to believe this but the last boat i bought came with 2 scotty holders and i gave them to him also. i also just upgraded my radio to one with built in gps. i asked if he needed my old radio, and he did. all it cost him for the holders and radio was shipping. i sure was glad i could help a new guy out.
  15. sherman brown

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    i can feel where your coming from. I've been there and done that. thats the reason i used the tite loc holders myself. then i invested in a set of cabelas quickdraw rod holders. they were great until i started running divers. then i was just a little worried that they might break and lose a rig. and thank god i had a little money and invested in the cannon holders. but they was like 60 bucks a pop then for the single axis which is the ones i like best. there like 80.00 now on amazon plus the tracks. i started getting mine off ebay then finished up at amazon.