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  1. the beam only gets one side farther away from the other side. it doesn't get your divers farther apart. the best way to keep them apart is to do as I said in another post. don't start reeling the fish in until the rod is brought to the middle and allow the fish to come over the other lines then reel the fish in.
  2. I don't use dipsies any more I use the lite bite slide divers and use then like a dipsy.
  3. there is a lot more to running more than one per side. set on 3 I let the front rod out first to the desired length. I run the middle rod out 15' less than the front rod then the back rod set on 1 out 15' less than the middle rod. if I get a fish on one of the outside rods I just keep tension on the fish and walk to the middle of the boat and let the fish come over the other rods then start reeling the fish in. it you start reeling early it will get tangled in the other rods. when I let the rod back out I start by letting the diver back out as far over to the other side of the boat as I can get without getting tangles in the lines. I let it out slow. when it gets to 5 feet beyond the rods that will have to go over. like say you bring in the front rod and the middle rod is set at 120'. then I let out 125' then take the rod over the other 2 rods and set it in the holder and check the counter. if you allowed the diver to keep going while you take it over it should be close to 135. sure hope this info helps you be a better diver fishermen. I learnt to use divers by going out with a charter 2 days. I learnt more on that charter than I would have learned in yrs by myself.
  4. congrats on selling the boat. I would love to have your/his boat. but I was under what you sold it for.
  5. something has got to be wrong. if your turning 4500 to 4800 you are turning the right rpm. does it get up on plane and stay there? what type of speedometer are you going by? if its not a gps then I wouldnt trust it to be right. I am running a 14 1/4x17 pitch on my 21' glass boat and at wot with minimal weight it runs 5000 rpms. I don't run wot that often and don't know what my top speed is. in most cases I run about 3500 on calm water and less when pulling a tube. if your going by the boat speedometer it could be bad. it works off water pressure being forced into the pitot tube and up the hose to the speedometer. they some times get a leak and it doesn't work right.
  6. to each there own. I like the med/light rods its just easier to see something is wrong. pick up a small fish or some trash and the rod bends back just far enough so you know it has to be checked. but you are not alone in using a heavier rod for divers.
  7. I run 3 per side. with a dipsy I run 3 for the front 2 on the middle and 1 on the back. with the lite bites I run 4.5 on the front 3 in the middle and 1.5 on the back. since they are close to a dipsy I figure its as close as I can get to a dipsy set on 1 2 3.
  8. that bottom is just the way I have mine mounted.
  9. I put mine just low enough that its just at the bottom of the boat. I angle it up in the front so it doesn't get turbulence under the transducer. I don't care where my riggers balls are. thats why they put counters on the riggers. I use 13# pancake weights so I don't get a lot of blowback.
  10. I tell you the traxstech retriever is the best one made at this time. go to there web site traxstech.com. I think they call them traxstech pully retriever. the cost is like 21.00 and worth every cents
  11. yeah it doesn't matter your age. nobody should go out there without a working radio. he should get a meddle just for going fishing at that age.
  12. we just use a heavy rubber band over the handle.
  13. a new one on ebay is about 125.00 each. I have never heard of them going bad. 150.00 shipped for 2 bases is a good price if they are in good shape.
  14. what size are the spoons? what brand are the spoons? I have mostly galeforcetackle.com spoons and harnesses. but I do have some stinger scorpion spoons.
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