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  1. a good used big jon rigger with swivel base is well worth 150.00. just the swivel base new will cost close to 150.00 each.
  2. i'll take the other 2 swivel bases. need them shipped at my cost. can do pay pal or check. pm me with instructions.
  3. i've had tires cup on trailer tires as well as auto tires over the yrs. each time i had them replaced i made sure they were balanced. it cured the problem each time. so many people dont think they need balanced. so it doesnt get done. and by the time its noticed its usually to late. i check my hubs every time i stop to see if they are running hot. while i'm there i also check the tires for heat and look for any problems with the tire.
  4. you are definitely doing something wrong. i run 2 riggers with 6 dipsies and never get tangled in the riggers. i only run 25' leads on my riggers. then i run my divers set on 3 in the front set on 2 in the middle set on 1 in the back. but if you put one out on the right thats set for left it will cross the lines, i have done this a few times when we had a fire drill back when i 1st started using divers. i have now switched to the lite bite slide divers set on 1.5 in the back 3.0 in the middle then 4.5 in the front. i also use daiwa sg17lca reels on the left side of the boat. and i use daiwa sg17lc3b reels on the right side to keep from putting them out on the wrong side.
  5. if you remove all gear, fish finder, riggers, planer reels, fish hawk, rod holders but leave the tracks, what would your price be fot the boat and trailer?
  6. i went to the electronic flares 2 yrs ago. just remember to install new batteries each spring.
  7. make sure and have your new tires balanced. an unbalanced tire will bounce causing it to have cups in the tire. i'm not saying its your problem but it sure as heck could be.
  8. i had 13" tires on my trailer. every time i got on the interstate i would have 1 if not 2 flats. i raised my fenders and went to 14" and havent had a flat in over 3 yrs. if the tires are wearing even try going to a larger size tire.
  9. yeah the only safe way to mount them on tracks is to bolt the tracks on with backing plates or at least fender washers. i have run riggers on my tracks one time. but i tied the riggers to the boat.
  10. the wilderness trolling rods in 8' or longer in med or m/h at fishusa.com is all you need, only 19.99 each. these are fiberglass rods that will last for yrs trolling. i always liked fiberglass best for trolling.
  11. the wilderness trolling rods from fishusa.com for only 19.99 each in 8' medium will work great for all the things you want to do. the fiberglass rods are made for trolling. they look good and will last for years.
  12. I just mounted my 24" tracks with standard ss screws. then I put 2 of the holders down then lifted my 250#'s and bounced around. and i've been using then with the cannon ratcheting holders using 3 dipsy style divers on each side for the last 8 yrs on erie. i've caught lots of 8# to 10# eyes and numerous steelhead and they are as tight as the day I installed them. but a metal boat wouldnt hold like my glass boat. I wouldnt mount them without backing plates on a metal boat.
  13. other than tearing the foam out the way I have mine mounted is with ss screws. but i've only used riggers for 2 weeks once with 3' booms with 12# weights. i've been running 3 0f the large lite bite slide divers on each side with cannon ratcheting rod holders. when I mounted mine I put 2 holders in the down position and lifted myself up and bounced around just to make sure they were going to hold. I weigh 250# and couldn't pull them loose. if you can get to any of the backs of the holes use ss bolts with large fender washers for backing. if you use ss screws drill your holes so the screws are tight going in. but not so tight the screw twists in two.
  14. i'll have to give them a try and see how they do for me as I bought 4 packs for practice and 2 more for the hunt. now I need the deer to cooperate, lol. good luck and good hunting gambler.
  15. I haven't tried these bullets on game yet. but they are wicked looking and shooting at targets.
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