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  1. if your looking for something with a higher gear ratio you might like the okuma convector cv 30ds high speed reels. they have like a 6.2 to 1 ratio.
  2. i can see where anyone would be upset with a holder that the main pin failed on. i didn't read the post as good as i should have. i thought it was the pin that adjusts the left right movement. i would be very concerned if my warranty had expired. if it was just one holder it could be a bad holder. but i would be sure and check for any wear or damage to the rest of my holders as you already have one ready to fail. have you thought about using a ss screw or bolt and going all the way through with a nut on the end. keep us posted as to cannon's response to your email.
  3. i've been using my cannon single axis for about 12 yrs now with no trouble from any of them. i just hate leaning out over the side of the boat and pulling a rod from the holder with a fish on the line. just grad and lift on the cannon single axis and it ratchets to the upright position then i lift the rod up out of the holder.
  4. that pin is for the up down pivot not the left right pivot. all the ratcheting holders has to have a hinge pin for the up down motion. i was referring to the pin in the double axis that's used for adjusting the left right motion. this pin will let you move the holder from one pin hole to the next which might be to far or not far enough and this pin fails where as the up and down pin doesn't seem to be a problem on the single axis holders. just loosen the base and adjust as much or as little as you want then tighten it down on the single axis.
  5. you can get the single axis (no pins to worry about) holders at hodgesmarine.com for 76.16 each with free shipping to the lower 48. these are a much better holder than the double axis in my opinion.
  6. the biggest difference is in the base. the duel axis is square and adjusts left/right from pin hole to pin hole which at times can be to far or not enough. the single axis has an oval base and can be adjusted left/right as little or as much as you want up to 70 degrees. just get the holder where you want it and tighten it down. if you need to go 1/16" just loosen a little adjust and tighten back down. i've had both and like the single axis the best. i have the single axis. if you want to know where i got them on the cheap just message me and i'll try to save you a little money.. i would just post it but i dont remember off hand and i'm not on the server that has my favorites listed. ,
  7. the answer to all your problems is the med action 9' ugly stik gx2 rod. its light action but has enough backbone to hold up to 30# braid in salt water. dont lets its durability fool you its rated from 4# to 20#. so it light enough for crappin but will handle saltwater reds.
  8. rods found please close thread. thank you lou.
  9. i don't have any need for the 9'6" rods. i want 4 of the same size. if i could use them i would take them. actually i would rather have 7'6" or 7' but i'll go with 8'6" if i can get them.
  10. i'll pay 65.00 each for the 8'6" plus shipping. these rods are 89.00 each at fishusa.com with free shipping.
  11. i need up to 4 roller rods 7' to 8'6" full roller or roller tipped. will pay fair price plus shipping. tell me what you got and price.
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