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  1. if I was in the market for a boat I would snatch this one up.
  2. sherman brown

    How do I close my acct

    just quit going to this sight and you'll never be bothered again.
  3. sherman brown

    Kicker help

    have you thought about getting the ez steer? they make then for different motors.
  4. sherman brown

    Sold / Closed Childs life vests

    I can use both of them. i'll take them. please let me know how much for shipping. I can pay to friend with pay pal or send you a check or money order. sherman brown 2715 e 29th st muncie in 47302
  5. my bad, I read your post all wrong. I thought it was 25.00 each. 25.00 for 4 holders is a great price. I use them on my small boat for fishing inland lakes. they are a great little rod holder.
  6. sherman brown

    Manual downriggers

    any of the big name riggers in good shape wsill work for you, cannon, big jon, penn, scotty, and I don't know about walker manuals. I have big jon electric and just love then. penn makes a awesome manual that I like. manuals are going to cost you 100.00 to 150.00 each. you can get used electric for around 225.00 to 250.00 each. I used manuals for 30 yrs then when I got to old to crank them up I bought electric. I've kicked my rear end for not getting electric yrs ago you can check them all out on ebay if you don't find what you want on here.
  7. don't mean to bust your bubble but you can get these for 16.99 without base at cabelas. you can get 4 with bases for 69.99 at cabelas.
  8. sherman brown

    electric wench

    I use a 4000# atv superwinch that I bought off ebay for around 200.00 on my 21' boat. but I used the same winch on a 28' sea ray amberjack and it worked beautiful. it has automatic 100% load holding brake but I use a safety chain just in case it ever fails.
  9. sherman brown

    for sale : usa Items for sale & free

    will you ship the flare gun kits for 30.00 plus I pay for shipping??
  10. sherman brown

    Wanted WANTED......Big Jon electric motor

    the big jon motors are like 149.00 for the old short motors the pre dates 2012. the new heavy duty motors that goes on the new riggers plus is a upgrade for the short motors. the newer motors is 179.00 from big jon.
  11. sherman brown

    Need a new Boat Trailer

    why not just put some guides on the trailer you have? you might buy a new trailer and have the same problem. guides on the trailer will pretty much keep the boat aligned on the trailer.
  12. sherman brown

    Dipsey leaders

    yes we used 8# trilene xl and never had a break off. but we only used it on one trip as it took forever to bring a fish in. we also cleared one side of the boat before the fish was brought to the boat. a nice 18# to 20# fish would make some awesome runs on the light line. I know a lot of you guys thinks what an idiot that guy is for running 8# line for kings. but we just wanted to see if we got more hits on the light line. but we spent so much time getting the fish in and only fishing on the side we didnt clear. we couldn't tell if we got more hits. I use 30# braid for fishing for big black drum in saltwater and I've had them take a lot of line but never had one just break off. I have had a couple of rods break and I've had them get into something around the bridge we fish and cut my line. but fishing open water for salmon they can make long runs and not hurt anything.
  13. sherman brown

    Wanted WANTED......Big Jon electric motor

    if you don't get one on here you may have to order from bigjon.com I just emailed them with questions like where to order a motor. and the price of a capt pack motor and a pro tournament motor. and if the pro tournament motor is better than the capt pack motor. I have 2 pro tournament riggers on my boat and run 13# pancake weights. one of my riggers will trip the breaker every so often but the other one never trips the breaker. but they are very fast which takes some getting use to.
  14. sherman brown

    Dipsey leaders

    just loosen your drags a little. we went to south haven some yrs back and used 8# trilene line. wanted to see if we got more hits with light line. we caught several fish but took forever to bring them to the boat. we had the drags set for 8# line and didnt have any break offs. if your drag is set right you shouldn't have any break offs.
  15. sherman brown

    What fishfinders does everyone run ?

    I use lowrance depth finder gps on my erie boat and a hummingbird helix 7 di gps on my small boat that I use for inland fishing.