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  1. you can make your own with all thread and air fittings. or you can get the ez steer. or spend the big bucks for auto pilot. I think panther makes a steering set up but im not 100% sure.
  2. to start with all 16' boats don't have room for a kicker. but it is the best option. but if they use a plate be sure its the easy troller. it swings up if you forget to raise it. I forgot with a happy troller the 1st morning out and ruined the whole trip.
  3. I just use the hot hands toe warmers in my boots and my feet stay warm. if I come in for lunch I put them in a zip lock bag then use them for the afternoon hunt. usually your feet sweat then they get cold. thats why boots don't keep your feet warm.
  4. I use bags on my 23' boat I use on erie. but on my small 17' tri hull open bow I use the easy troller plate. either one will slow you down. they are positives and negatives to both. but with a small boat I like the plate the best. get the easy troller with the fins. the easy troller has a spring loaded lower half that raises up if you forget them and give the boat throttle. the easy troller is the best plate out there. I used plates for 30 yrs and used almost every plate on the market.
  5. i've got items i've bought off ebay in amazon boxes. as long as there authorized they can sell from anywhere. I still say steel screws or a steel brace or something steel is to close to the compass. is there a depthfinder mount close to the compass that could have been mounted with steel instead of stainless steel screws? make sure the screws used to mount the compass isn't steel. take a magnet and check them. take the magnet and feel around the compass mounting area for steel. only ss, aluminum, brass, should be used around a compass. if ss is used take a magnet and check to make sure its a good ss.
  6. check around and see if something made of steel is close to the compass. anytime the magnet gets close to steel it pulls the compass off. is the compass accurate before being installed?
  7. you can buy new accudepth plus 57 reels off ebay for 83.00 each. or get the sealine sg57lc3b foe 101.75 at amazon.
  8. i'm not sure who has it but a couple of yrs ago I seen one that you use a cordless drill to cock. but that co2 one would be even better.
  9. i've fished in smaller. but its best to fish the weather. I fished the western basin of erie for yre in a 18' Cherokee open bow. wasnt many days we couldn't fish. it was more about comfort or storms that kept us in.
  10. I have a pair of the big jon pro tournament that i' bought new a few yrs ago. the problems i've had is the auto stops quit working the 1st yr. I use 13# weights and the breaker on one unit kicks out at times. I contacted big jon and they gave me a name to call but I never did. I just reset the breaker and bring it on in. other than these problems they are awesome. a little fast going down for my liking but not a problem. if I had the money and was getting new it would be either big jon brutes or scotty.
  11. we just bought one of the new Beckman nets at a bait shop in Ludington Michigan on our trip up to Manistee salmon fishing. I cant give you much info off hand but it looks great, has rubberized netting, a large enough hoop for salmon and extendable handle. it was like 149.00 but they had one for more and a cheaper one that was out of stock. Beckman nets are back by the new owner.
  12. i'll take 3-5-6 if still available pm me payment instructions. i'll also need shipping.
  13. another easy way to get the boat up is to start going forward about 10 mph then hit the brakes hard. the boat will slide forward just about every time. another option is to change winches. a 2 speed 3200# fulton will pull it up for you. you can get the new model which looks good or the old standard model which looks like a winch for around 145.00 on ebay.
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