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  1. yea i forgot about the three i got with my 2001 grand marquis on a curve just north of Jamestown TN. there was about 20 ran out and 3 was all i got, LOL. I was just too tired to clean them but i did go report it to the sheriff's office.
  2. somebody has got to want a great 5.7/350 motor to put in your boat this winter. just drop it in and go.
  3. it is a DI but is a 1st generation. and it's still for sale at 250.00 plus 10.00 on shipping. so it's yours for 260.00 shipped.
  4. my first was with a very old savage 16 ga with homemade sights. second was a CVA kit gun 50 cal that gun killed several deer' my next was a CVA double barrel 12 gouge with 690 round ball many with my CVA double barrel 50 cal. somewhere in here i got a few with a mossberg 12 gauge auto loader. gor more than a few with savage, traditions, and white muzzleloaders used a bow for a few yrs but only killed 2. several with my Thompson encore 50 cal. hunted with a CVA accura v2 but didnt have much luck. went back to the encore after the CVA was stolen, got a few more. i'm now hunting with a 45 cal CVA accura long range. but i only hunted 1 year with it. all my deer came off public land. this yr will be 40 yrs deer hunting.
  5. ok guys here's what you've been waiting for on the helix. 250.00 but i've got to have help on the shipping. so there will be a 10.00 charge if it ships, or you can pick up in muncie in.
  6. i know traxstech holders will fit cannon tracks and that scotty downrigger pedestals will fit cannon tracks. i just bought some off brand track to add to the tracks i already have and the cannon holders fit them just fine.
  7. slidediver.com gets me to there page with no problems. but if you want to buy them you should do a web search for them. some sites have them cheaper than 27.99. i use the lite bites for walleye.
  8. i got the hds unit removed just waiting on a new transducer i ordered for it. the eagle is going to be a little more complicated. i've got to remove the dash to get to the power cord and start getting the transducer out. which the transducer cord is going to be a b____. i dont know yet if its below deck or along the gunnel. the helix is ready to go when someone wants it.
  9. what are you talking about? i didn't know i was getting any more involved than i have been all along. and what the crap does me not being local have to do with anything? living here in east central Indiana i wouldn't be local to anyone. but what did i do that was so wrong.
  10. the hds 5 lake insight has been SOLD the other unit i have is the eagle fish elite 640c and is a great little unit. it would be ideal for a yak or someone getting into fishing on a budget. it would be hard to find any unit with gps and maping for under 150.00 but here it is, 60.00 to your door. comes with everything needed including a face shield. then we have the helix 7 di gps. this is a 1st generation unit. but its like new and only been used a few times. if i price it much lower i might as well give it away. 275.00 and i pay shipping. i'll get about 250.00 after i pay shipping.
  11. did you buy the caption packs new? when did you buy them? i bought a set of pro tournament units about 12 yrs ago and if i had registered them they have a lifetime warranty on them. are you sure you dont have a warranty on them anyway? might be worth giving them a call.
  12. stupid me! i read the listing again and it clearly states it doesn't have the hardware. dah
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