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  1. sherman brown

    First Timer Looking for Some Advice

    get electric riggers if at all possible. I fish erie for walleye with 6 lite bite slide divers and 2 electrics. I used manual for lake Michigan for salmon and erie's western basin back when I was younger. but moved to the central basin and got a little older. and after switching to electric i've kicked my b*tt several times for not switching sooner. you don't want to run more than 2 divers for kings or you'll have a mess. you would be good with 2 divers and 2 or 4 riggers. the riggers can be used on erie with 6 divers I do it all the time. some of my biggest walleye comes off the riggers set at 50' to 55' down in 70'+ of water. braid or wire will work on your divers and 30# mono on your riggers.
  2. sherman brown

    Saltist vs tekota A ? Pros/ cons

    I don't think the new one hit the market until late last yr. so your going to be hard pressed to get any feed back on them. I did look at them on fishusa.com and they do look good. they have a faster line pick up and lower profile. I have read the counter numbers are smaller.
  3. I was just going to tell him about your listing. but now he knows about it. just what he's looking for.
  4. sherman brown

    Prop question.

    im my opinion you need to go to signaturepropellers.com and contact then about a 14 1/4 x 17p 5 blade propeller or a 14 1/4x15p. I have a 21' glass boat with a 5.7 mercruiser. I know my boats a little smaller but with this prop its just amazing how quick it gets on plane and stays there. I switched to the high five 13 1/4x19p from a 3 blade 19p and was amazed how much difference it made. went looking for a spare and came across the 14 1/4x17p and tried it and have never looked back. I do think I had to cut a small section off the anode on the outdrive so the 14 1/4 would clear the anode. they do make this prop in a 15p. but I turn 5000 rpm's at wot with my boat. I think 4800 is what rpm's these motors are rated at. if you go to larger diameter than 14 1/4 your motor might have trouble turning it. but with your boat i'd think about the 15p. these 5 blade props will keep you on plane at much slower speeds. talk to them at the wed site and explain the size boat the prop you have now and your problems and see which prop they recommend. a 305 has less hp than the 350 but the 305 is supposed to have more low end torque. this should give you a better hole shot than a 350.
  5. sherman brown

    Prop question.

    I was having the same problem with my 21' boat with a 19p 3 blade when loaded up for fishing erie. I went to a 19 pitch high five and now she jumps on plane. only takes a few seconds to get up. she stays on plane at slower speeds and I have much better handling with the 5 blade. you need at least a 4 blade but a 5 would be even better.
  6. sherman brown

    Dipsy rod spacing

    I was using the cannon ratcheting holders and loved them. but they only have 5 or 6 up and down positions where the traxstech has 17 for fine tuning your holders. the one thing I liked most about the cannon holders was they could be set down with one hand where the traxstech holders takes both hands. and I already had the cannon but sold them to buy the traxstech holders. I have a 24" track and run 3 holders about 8" between the holders. I use a 7' 8' and 9' rod for my divers but still want to adjust the front holders up just a bit. the cannon holders are around 80.00 at amazon where the traxstech are around 130.00.
  7. sherman brown

    Rem 1100

    another pm sent.
  8. sherman brown

    Looking for kicker steering options

    the ez steer worked great for me.
  9. sherman brown

    ISO new deer hunting firearms

    this is an awesome tack driving ml. easy to remove the breach plug by hand after firing several rounds at the range. my big or rather my older brother bought me one a few yrs back. when my son needed a new gun I bought him one for Christmas 2 yrs ago. I gave it to him early and he got his deer that yr. we went to fl during our ml season last yr. this yr he got his deer opening day. they are fine rifles that shoots straight. if you can find one of the old Remington 1100 shotguns in decent shape they are hard to beat. the I believe the Remington 1187 is a great gun.
  10. great prices on these items. just the easy steer rod is well over 100.00, ebay has the rod for around 150.00 each. any set of used manual riggers is worth 200.00.
  11. sherman brown

    Diawa sealine reels

    the sealine 47 reels will work great for kings and last you for many many yrs. the sealine sg47lc5 is on sale at cabelas.com for 69.88 each with free shipping. your not going to beat that price on a sealine reel. the sglc3b left hand reels is the same price.
  12. sherman brown

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    get a tru trac klincher terminator off ebay for about 6.00 then use a good set og dikes (diagonal pliers) to cut off the bad cable and install the terminator to your cable.
  13. sherman brown

    Merry Christmas

    merry Christmas to you all and your families.
  14. yeah I enjoy trying to get them all in one pass. if I miss a couple i'll go back and get them after I get to the end of my pass, LOL.
  15. hey we've got to stick together. just thought it might help knowing what a deal you was offering. merry Christmas to you all here at lou.