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  1. if you'll mail at my expense i'll pay 25.00 for it plus shipping.
  2. i have a ray marine smartpilot x-5r with rudder sensor still on the boat. i live in muncie in and if you want to come remove it we could work out a great deal. it should be like new as i've only had it about 4 or 5 yrs and its only been used 1 or 2 weeks per year. if your interested shoot me a good offer.
  3. you might check the bellhousing where it bolts to the block. but it could be a fly wheel bolt. i don't know about boat motors but on a car the bottom of the flywheel has a small cover bolted to the bottom of the bellhousing this would be my first guess.
  4. lot 3 mags 1 and 2 and 15, lot 2 stingers 1 and 10 and 11. lot 2 stingrays 5 and 10. lot 1 mags 8. lot 1 stingrays 9 and 18. lot 2 mags 7. do you take pay pal? sherman brown 2715 e 29th st muncie in 47302
  5. i thought about getting a X-bow for a few yrs as i'm handicapped. i did a lot of reading because i wanted to get a good one. as i didn't have anyone to hunt with me i gave up on the idea. but from my research i had decided to get a ten point. they have great reviews compared to other brands. no bow can compensate for every shooters error. even though never ends had a miss fire something like that is rare and could probably happen with other bows.
  6. i fish lake erie for walleye. i run 2 riggers 1 off each corner at a 45% angle out the side. then i run lite bite slide divers out the side. these are about the same as a standard dipsy diver. if i still fished salmon i would stick with 2 riggers 1 on each corner out the side but set at a 45% angle to the back and 4 divers with 2 on each side. i would run a standard diver in the front then i would either run a magnum or a slide diver with the 7 oz conversion kit in the back. you can use the slide part of the diver if you want longer leads. but i tie to the front arm just like a dipsy then tie a 7' leader to the back. this way you have the front diver set on 3 for your high diver and the back diver set on 1 for your deep diver.
  7. i personally feel the front bracket is superior to the ez steer and a fraction of the cost. it was very nice of great laker to share this picture. i have a mercruiser and couldn't use the bracket above so i'm using the ez steer but only have it mounted but i've never used it.
  8. how do plan to steer your little motor. the ez steer is one option but the coat is a little high. another option for 2 outboards is the kicker motor steering on eBay. the ez steer connects on the rear and is supposed to be self adjusting. and is left on at all times. the other one mounts on the front and is very easy to remove when tilting either motor. but the best option is the garmin reactor 40 autopilot with ghc. if you have a gps thats compatible with the garmin you dont need the ghc. with ghc 2599.00 without ghc 2299.00. hope this helps.
  9. i have a panther spacer in front of my panther tilt and trim (lift) the spacer gives more motor clearance when the motor is tilted. but any way would it help if i went down and measured the width and height on the panther model 35 to see if you have room. by the way i have a brand new open box model 35 i'll take 450.00 plus shipping if you want it. i think it cost 568.00 plus shipping for a new one. this one hasn't even been mounted. you might as well save a ab 150'00. i bought it and never needed it. i got by changing the motor and actuator on mine. they work great if you want power tilt on a kicker without having it.
  10. just order the motor from bigjon.com and contact them by phone then explain your in a hurry and they should ship it as fast as you want it shipped. and get the heavy duty motor.
  11. i'll need to have them shipped if you accept my offer.
  12. i use the std slide diver but dont know what size it is but its about the same size as a std dipsy. the only rings i have encountered are the small and large rings for this diver. but i think the std or large is a size 1 that has rings then there's the size 00 which is on the small size and has no rings that i know about. now if your wanting to get deeper faster they have a set with the large ring and a 7 oz weight that gets er done.
  13. my recommendation to any new guy on the big water take a charter before even thinking about trying it on their own., i started fishing the big water of lake michigan for salmon. we didnt catch a lot and didnt have a marine radio. then we went out on a trash bag charter. i'll admit the water was a little rough but we were fishing the harbor in the fall. there was 4 of us on the charter. and the caption started out with 2 rods with j-plugs. every other boat around us looked like up side down spiders they had so many rods in the water. and they were catching fish, about 1:00 pm and 2 fish in the boat he added 2 more rods. man that was the sickest i had ever been. we came in and that was that. but i learned a lot from him and the boats on the radio. we moved to the western basin of erie and drift fished. we got limits just sbout every trip until we didnt. then we trolled and still got limits just about every trip. i had wanted to fish the central basin but was always a little afraid. then a guy i worked with bought a boat off a charter capt. then my friend asked if i wanted to go out on a charter with him. i said yes i sure would. we learned so much from him. then we went up to fish on our own. but i chartered him out our 1st day. by mid day the 2nd day we was running the rods putting out dipsies we was doing it all after 2 days of school. this guy really taught us more than i could have learned in yrs on my own. i dont know what happened to the lake michigan caption. for some reason he didnt like us from the start. but after those 2 days on erie i was running my boat with 3 dipsies per side plus a downrigger per side. now we did get a tangle now and then but now its rare.
  14. with that boat i dont think a kicker weight will be that much of a problem. but if it is just add a set of electric trim tabs. they will level the boat and will give you a much better ride in rough water. if i stayed out and let the water get a little to rough i could lower my trim tabs and run 10 mph faster than i ran without them.
  15. i would go with a motor with electric start and remote controls. if money was available i would get power tilt. but what i did was get a used panther lift power tilt off fb market place. with the set up you have id check around for a rudder control auto pilot. if i couldn't find anything i'd go with kicker remote control. the unit i'd get would be the garmin reactor 40 kicker motor auto pilot with ghc . it's like 2600.00 though. i have auto pilot on my mercruiser i just bought and the guy i bought it from said that he used it with a ez steer. i'm going to try it 1st if it dont work i'll be getting the garmin., good luck.
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