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  1. Is it a window that fully opens?
  2. I had a 5 and 6 on Sealine SG47LCA last year. I had to thumb the line on multiple occasions to prevent from getting spooled. The 47 capacity is 40/480 for braid I have since switched to the newer 50 SLW and the are 40/830 for braid. For my 7 and 8 I always ran a 50 SLW and never had an issue. For my 10s I run micro leadcore so cant really compare but the 57 is fine.
  3. Weighted Steel - Special thanks to Russell at Anglers Avenue Going all in this year on weighted steel. Had Russell at Angler's Avenue spool them up for me. If you want to go with weighted steel, he is the one go to go get them spooled. Have a 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 250ft, 300ft all on brand new Daiwa Sealine SLW60H 6 to 1 reels.
  4. Best way to check is to grab the end of the outdrive and move it back and forth left/right. There shouldnt be much play in it. If there is more than 3 to 4 inches of travel before it catches, then the gimble is already worn.
  5. Also, make sure there is new oil in your outdrive. Often people dont replace it right away when winterizing (they just check to see there isnt water in it) because it usually already cold out and the oil and new oil is like mayonnaise in cold temps.
  6. What type of motor and outdrive do you have? One thing that people forget with Mercruisers is to check is to make sure the bolts are tight where the gimble ring grabs onto the steering arm pin. You let that wear out and its new gimble ring time and you have to either cut holes in the side of your transom ring or pull the motor out to replace it.
  7. Also, you can put it on either rigger and it will get picked up. I ran mine last year with no issues and also have a Raymarine 50/200 and a Raymarine chirp unit.
  8. Mount it on the port side. Its only another 2.5 feet of cable probably. Route the cord straight up and then over to the right and have it enter the boat in the same spot that your other cables enter for your current ducers. There will be plenty of cable. Then just route it up to your helm following the same path that you took with your other ducer cables. Also, if you havent already now would be the time to mount a piece of starboard for your ducers. Then if you ever have to make adjustments or add/remove, the holes are all in the piece of starboard.
  9. Thats why I went with a brand new edlebrock last year on my V8 350 - was sick of messing with the old carb.
  10. It was crazy last year on Lake Michigan with the warm top water and cold water only 20 feet down. We had multiple kings that seem ready to net and then they would just take off - even had a few pass the boat up last year
  11. So how often does a fish get tangled up into the kicker?
  12. They could self plate with a $1500 setup and not farm it out. I tried to contact them to see if they wanted me to setup and completely manage/ship all of their items. They said they dont even want to sell on the internet because they are old school. Just dont understand when you give people the opportunity to make a mint and they flat out refuse.
  13. If you can do $40 shipped for lot #2 I'll take them.
  14. Yeah if you run a Water Wolf camera, you would be amazed at how many fish follow a bait and never hit it. The last time I used it was on a downrigger line with a spoon. 5 completely different fish came and checked it out. They swam withing 1 foot of it and just swam with it and then peeled off (one did take a swing and a miss). That was just 2 hours of camera time and only 1 rod.
  15. I catch alewives behind my boat in the slip and then package and freeze them. I then take 1 or 2 ever time I go out and cut it up. I put a small piece on the hook for flasher/fly setups and then I rub the spoons with the other pieces before sending them out. Not sure if it helps, but it helps to get the human stink off.