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  1. If you can do $40 shipped for lot #2 I'll take them.
  2. Yeah if you run a Water Wolf camera, you would be amazed at how many fish follow a bait and never hit it. The last time I used it was on a downrigger line with a spoon. 5 completely different fish came and checked it out. They swam withing 1 foot of it and just swam with it and then peeled off (one did take a swing and a miss). That was just 2 hours of camera time and only 1 rod.
  3. I catch alewives behind my boat in the slip and then package and freeze them. I then take 1 or 2 ever time I go out and cut it up. I put a small piece on the hook for flasher/fly setups and then I rub the spoons with the other pieces before sending them out. Not sure if it helps, but it helps to get the human stink off.
  4. Hook it up to a Raymarine MFD/chartplotter....I only touch the wheel twice every trip. Docking and pulling away from the dock. The best is doing a 180 turn in whatever width you want.
  5. EV200 here - best thing ever!
  6. So what about one for dragging on the bottom aka bottom bouncing. What would you make a lure out of so it is more neutrally buoyant instead of floating?
  7. Hey I see that you have an eBay link on your site. Send me a PM if you want to hear more about some services that I can offer you.
  8. Its the best fish out of Lake Michigan besides coho. Have to be really careful cleaning them. Take only the white meat from the backstraps and do not let anything touch skin when you skin them. Cut into cubes and boil in sugar water or 7up and water. Boiling them gets the rest of the oil out of them. Cook them till the float, season a bit, and then dip in melted butter when you eat them.
  9. Biggest one that I've caught in the last few years - got it will going after perch with spawn near the bottom
  10. So what do you run? I run all church walleye boards but have had issues last season with some not sitting in line right running 3 to 4 boards on a side
  11. How far are you letting the boards out?
  12. So they arent planning out to the side like they should? You adjusted the weight on them right? What leadcores did you run? Any difference between different amounts of leadcore? Are you letting them out 30+ yards?
  13. Just sent you a PM about all of the spoons.