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  1. Been doing some more reading - how do you prevent the kicker from pulling fuel from the I/O and then sucking air - also the other way around if you are running the main I/O?
  2. Is the point to shutoff the gas from one so that it doesnt pull from the other? If you are using the kicker for trolling, isnt that a pain to do 3 times a trip?
  3. Im even more confused now on what I should do about the fuel setup after reading that
  4. Its my first time with an outboard so have a few questions. I have a 5.7 mercruiser I/O as my main motor. Im in the processing of adding a T9.9 Yamaha non-tiller kicker. 1) For the gas line, do I just get the fitting and attach a hose to it? Do I need a primer bulb and if yes, where do you install it on the line? What kind of fitting do you use to put it into the water separator for the main motor? 2) For main pos/negative connection, do you hook it directly to the the battery? 3) For the other electrical connection, do they make an extension to lengthen the cable to get it up to the throttle box? 4) I assume you just need to get longer shift/throttle cables if they current ones arent long enough.
  5. vetting

    Installing Hydraulic Steering

    I was referring to the Non Power Assist vs Power Assist. Since the main motor wont be running when using the kicker, the power steering pump wont even be running. Just wondering why it even matters since the ram isnt even hooked up to the PS anymore - or am I misunderstanding something? Is the power assist meant to mean the extra SeaStart pump that you can add into the system?
  6. vetting

    Installing Hydraulic Steering

    I have the exact same thing except its a V8 with Alpha 1. I guess I really dont understand why they make 2 different helms.
  7. vetting

    4.3 mercruiser issues

    Had a similar issue on mine a few years ago - it was the tank vent screen that was clogged in the anti-siphon valve.
  8. vetting

    Installing Hydraulic Steering

    I'm also thinking about the same conversion to hydraulic but keeping the sport pilot. How much was the total conversion? Not sure what unit to get - the power assist or non power assist.
  9. vetting

    Installing Hydraulic Steering

    I put spacers on rotary helm to set it back a bit into the dash and get the sport pilot more flush to the dash. If it everything is line up and not twisted, then not sure what to tell you.
  10. vetting

    Electrical issue.

    Is it just a matter of the fact that you are completing the circuit and it sparks as the wire gets close enough to the terminal for the current to arc? The arc that you see is the total current demand of all things that demand power as soon as you hook the cable up.
  11. Looking for Adventure Marine fixed kicker bracket in the USA if possible. They are based in Canada and the shipping is $60 which makes it a $400 bracket. Anyone have a used one or a place to buy new in the USA?
  12. Looking at getting a T9.9 Yamaha as a kicker motor. Having a real difficult time finding a remote 25" shaft used. I went and measured my transom of the weekend and wondering if I could get away with a 20". Where I want to mount it, its around 16" from the water line to the bottom of the transom. However, we often troll in following seas and the waves can crash up another 6 inches above that. Just looking for any suggestions or help.
  13. vetting

    Installing Hydraulic Steering

    Why dont you just leave the Sportpilot the way it is? If you going to hydraulic, you still can just turn the wheel to steer which is what the sportpilot is good at. The sportpilot shouldnt change the feeling of the wheel. If it does, then its binding and you need to install spacers. Im currently looking to switch my cable/power assist alpha 1 over to a hydraulic sea start and Im going to keep my sport pilot spx 5 the way it is.
  14. vetting

    More kicker motor questions - tiller or remote

    I guess I could also switch to hydraulic steering and then continue to use my SPX-5 with the main motor off. Any tips/costs estimates switching over to hydraulic - Morse column right now with the typical Alpha 1 power steering ram.
  15. vetting

    More kicker motor questions - tiller or remote

    I have a Raymarine SPX-5 EV200 autopilot. Its the one that turns the actual wheel. Just hope it can still turn the wheel ok without the power steering pump running. Will probably also add an iTroll for speed control for the kicker. If I go with the iTroll right away, couldnt I technically go with a tiller if I find a good deal on one? Or are there going to be issues with the tiller getting in the way when you tilt the motor?