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  1. Currently have 20 lbs of fillets in the fridge submerged in brine. Going to be my first smoking of fish in years, so hopefully Im not to rusty. I picked up a electric Masterbuilt smoker, so I can set the temp to whatever I want. I see that time/temps are all over the place for recommendations. For smoke I'm using a Amaze'n smoke pellet maze, so I can run whatever temp I want and dont have to use the smoker to actually produce the smoke. I was thinking doing a 4 hour smoke. Hour at 145 2 hours at 160 1 hour to at 180 Basically I'd like an internal temp of 160 since this salmon is all fresh and hasnt gone through the freeze for 30 days to kill everything process.
  2. Is it a 1/2 cup of soy sauce? There is a strange character in the original post - likely from a copy paste. How many lbs of fish is the stock recipe good for?
  3. I thought everyone runs antifreeze through the block after draining - at least thats what we do around here. Also helps with rust that builds up from the constant changes in humidity.
  4. sorry - its all I had and just sold the lot an hour ago. On my boat any spoon with rattles (we call them dingle berries on my boat) always do well.
  5. Have someone interested but thought I'd bump to see if I can get a backup buyer.
  6. Purchase with confidence - I have an 8000+ positive comment rating on eBay and over 50 transactions here on this forum. 202 premium spoons - $340 shipped First one to claim it in this thread gets it. Pro King Magnum x11 Pro King Standard x7 Moonshine Magnum x3 Moonshine Standard x10 Dreamweaver SS x5 Fishlander Mag x18 Fishlander Standard x3 Pro King Walleye x7 Norther King 28 x9 Michigan Stinger Stingray x11 Michigan Stinger x6 Silver Streak x9 Raider x5 Warrior MP x9 Misc Glow x20 Misc Mag x9 Misc Standard and Slim x60 Total 202
  7. Take the paddle wheel off of the probe. I had the same problem and it was hair wrapped around axle of the wheel.
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