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  1. More kicker motor questions - tiller or remote

    I guess I could also switch to hydraulic steering and then continue to use my SPX-5 with the main motor off. Any tips/costs estimates switching over to hydraulic - Morse column right now with the typical Alpha 1 power steering ram.
  2. More kicker motor questions - tiller or remote

    I have a Raymarine SPX-5 EV200 autopilot. Its the one that turns the actual wheel. Just hope it can still turn the wheel ok without the power steering pump running. Will probably also add an iTroll for speed control for the kicker. If I go with the iTroll right away, couldnt I technically go with a tiller if I find a good deal on one? Or are there going to be issues with the tiller getting in the way when you tilt the motor?
  3. So I think I settled on a Yamaha T9.9 - should I be looking for a tiller or full remote? Id put an itroll on it and connect it to my main I/O. Boat is a 1989 Cobia Cuddy Cabin
  4. Kicker motor questions

    So I think I settled on a Yamaha T9.9 - should I be looking for a tiller or full remote? Id put an itroll on it and connect it to my main I/O.
  5. Autopilot help for a friend

    I have a cable steer boat with power steering assist. I have a raymarine EV200 with the a sport pilot that connects to the steering wheel. A friend of mine is looking to add autopilot to their boat. The boat is a 2006 cruisers express 300 I/O Im pretty sure its cable from the wheel to a hydraulic assist ram but not really sure. The ram in the back is part number 15293-c Does that mean that you cant use the newer Raymarine hydraulic units?
  6. for sale : usa Sold

    Can you send me some pics please
  7. Kicker motor questions

    I have 2 of the biggest Cabelas AGMs on the boat - dont ask me how but my orange alternator wire broke once and the boat still ran for an entire trip
  8. Kicker motor questions

    Looking at a 2012 9.9 Merc Pro Kicker right now with power tilt 20" shaft for around 2k. Sound like a good deal to push a 1989 Cobia 25'?
  9. Kicker motor questions

    Kicker motor questions Looking to add a kicker motor over the winter. I'd like to be able to track down a 9.9 25" shaft Mercury bigfoot. Is this big enough for a 25ft Cobia Cuddy Cabin. Boat specs are 1989 Cobia Boats/Robalo ODYSSEY 265FC 5000lbs Currently the boat has an 5.7 I/O with cable steering with a power steering pump. Its controlled with an Raymarine EV-200 autopilot (wheel pilot). It seems to turn fine without power steering. So is the kicker big enough or should I look for a 15hp model? Should I just use the kicker for thrust and turn the boat with the main I/O or should they be connected?
  10. Fish hawk Display Problems

    Yeah check the main ground/power wires. Most of the time I've had problems with electronics it ended up being corrosion on the terminal connection to the fuse panel or the fuse itself. Corrosion can also cause a slight loss in voltage so you have to check for actual voltage to the pins on the back of the cord and not just continuity. Do you leave your fishhawk on the boat or to you unplug and replug it every time?
  11. Coho?!

    If you are catching them on small spoons or stickbaits, they are going to come off every time with their aggressive nature and easily ripped mouths. Peanut flies are the way to go since they are trebble with the tinsel wrapped right on it which gives them nothing to torque/twist against. Running close to the boat (they are attracted to the boat anyways) means less reeling time and their diet is more geared towards bugs this time of the year so they are up toward the surface. In Milwaukee we had a freak class of them that stayed around all year. By the end of the year it was impossible to tell them apart from 3 year old kings they were so big - many in the 10 to 12lb range. At that point you have to throw out the gum color ID - we had to count anal fin sticks to tell them last year was fun.
  12. Coho?!

    Not sure if its common knowledge out by you guys....but this is how we roll in Lake Michigan - Milwaukee. Often in April/May, you will see boats leaving the marina with 12 to 18 rods with the exact same setup. Double 00 Orange metal dodger followed by a peanut fly or trimmed king fly. 16 to 18" inches behind the flasher. Colors of the fly are silver/green/blue. Run 1 through 4 color of lead or keel weights on boards. Run normal flashers on rigger down deeper to draw in or if kings are around. Run 2 dipseys on a 1.5 setting. Run them just to the point where you lose sight of them in the prop wash. Sit back and when you hit a pod of them you will have 4 to 5 on
  13. How to restore oxidized/chalky fiberglass

    Yeah vehicle wraps have come a long way since everyone wraps cars now. If you do it, go with 3m 1080. If you have a complex structure or dont feel comfortable using knifeless tape, get a pro to do it. There are plenty of car wrap guys that would love to do a long flat surface. I paid a pro $300 plus materials to do mine and took an afternoon.
  14. Was about to buy a new one - $125 shipped to Milwaukee if you can do it.
  15. How to restore oxidized/chalky fiberglass

    What year is the boat? What color is the gel coat that you are trying to restore? If its colored gelcoat its a battle every single year. I wet sanded/buff/polished/wax the white parts and then vinyl wrapped my colored stripe that is 3 feet wide. I tried every single year to fix the grey and finally gave up last year - filled and faired it and then the wrap went on.