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  1. Was looking into other brands of cable after reading this post, and experiencing the same problems. I think I'm going to use the scotty heavy duty high performance cable, it's 180 pound test. Anybody have any other recommendations?
  2. It's funny you brought this up. I saw the cable starting to fray on one of my riggers while out on the lake last week. And when I got back home I checked the other ones and found another one was starting to fray at 90'. I use 18 pound weights with snubbers. I thought it was from just taking a beating on the lake that day. Bought mine over the winter. Maybe Cannon got a bad batch of cable.
  3. Before I got my electric riggers, I had manual cannon uni trolls and ran 15-18 pound torpedo weights. I had no problems with those riggers handling those weights, and had way less blowback. I my opinion going with the heavier weight ( if your riggers are rated for it) than switching back and forth from PP to cable will be a simpler solution.
  4. I know it can be a pain in the you know what, but lengthen your leader. Run at least a 12'-15' (fluorocarbon). And don't forget your snubber.
  5. It's definitely worth the investment. Knowing the temperature and speed of your presentation can be the difference between having a good/great day on the lake, or spending a lot of money driving up to the lake ( I'm 2.5 hours away) not to catch anything. And yes, we all have those days where no matter what equipment we have the fish won't bite. But knowing temp and speed and that your baits are in the right spot, put the odds in your favor. I fish more looking at my Fishhawk than looking at my fishfinder
  6. Fished out of Mexico today, had 44 degree water 140 feet down. Was going 1.7 mph on the surface, and at 140 feet down, 3.1 mph. Almost couldn't slow down enough. They were liking 2.8mph today. Without the fishhawk, never would have known that. That was in 220 feet of water. And it paid off!
  7. I fished this tournament the last 2 years and again going to this year (I need to defend my title 😁). I love the fact that you can fish the whole season and it's your boat that's entered not individuals. You don't have to make special plans to get to the lake and fish specific dates, you got 5 months! There's a lot of tournaments I would love to fish, but just can't because of other obligations (mostly kids sporting events, lol). It's really easy entering fish on the app, and being able to see everyone’s positions on the leader board along with the fish they caught. With an 80% payout, the more people join, the bigger the cash prizes. This can be huge! I highly recommend this to anyone.
  8. What's the name of the campsite where it's at?
  9. Give Bryan Russell a call. He's on Instagram so you can look at his work. Does an amazing job. Might be able to help you.
  10. What you can see at a house of a fisherman who's kids love to fish. This made me laugh this morning looking out the front window. Bobbers hanging from the tree! 😁
  11. If you're worried about the 20 lbs momo, bump it up to 30, and run your lower pound fc. I have 100' fc leaders on my board rods. Even if you want to go longer on your leaders, it's still going to be more cost effective than running all fc.
  12. I would use 20lbs Big Game momo for your backer with 12-15lbs fluor for your leaders fishing the finger lakes. Learn how to tie a double uni knot. Very easy way to replace your leader when it gets to short, or you break off. You can do it right on the boat. Simple and easy.
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