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  1. I think my display on my x4d is bad so rather than invest in new display for old model I will wait and see what is new and improved with the new version. I have been fishing for a couple of weeks without it and certainly do not feel as confident not having it, Still catching but sure I would be doing better with it
  2. Is there a new version of the Fish hawk this year and if so, does anyone the changes being made?
  3. Thanks Rob, I will pull the trigger and start with replacing my downrigger rods.
  4. I was looking to upgrade my GLT downrigger rods to white diamonds, does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on this.
  5. Any recommendation on a good fish weighing scale for lake Ontario?
  6. I tried doing that for the first tie this year and it works great!
  7. Spin doctor with a fly on dipsey diver 120 ft back over 110 Fow
  8. Caught this beauty on South end of Canandaigua Lake. Weighed in at an even 8 pounds
  9. Thanks Sk8man I found his number and will try and contact him
  10. I need (2) 12 lbers and (1) 16 lber I can pick up if you can tell me when and where Thanks
  11. How do I contact him, need some work on some electrical items for my fishmaster
  12. I will take 10 -6 packs, can I pick up Saturday morning?
  13. my wife would not go with me again until I installed autopilot last spring, now she really enjoys going
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