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  1. Any recommendation on a good fish weighing scale for lake Ontario?
  2. I tried doing that for the first tie this year and it works great!
  3. Spin doctor with a fly on dipsey diver 120 ft back over 110 Fow
  4. Caught this beauty on South end of Canandaigua Lake. Weighed in at an even 8 pounds
  5. Thanks Sk8man I found his number and will try and contact him
  6. Where else can you buy the torpedo weights
  7. I need (2) 12 lbers and (1) 16 lber I can pick up if you can tell me when and where Thanks
  8. How do I contact him, need some work on some electrical items for my fishmaster
  9. I will take 10 -6 packs, can I pick up Saturday morning?
  10. my wife would not go with me again until I installed autopilot last spring, now she really enjoys going
  11. Does anyone know if the docks at the south end of Canandaigua lake in Woodville are still in?
  12. I also used one for the first time on Sunday out of Irondequoit bay and took 2 12lb kings and 3 lakers on it had a mag spoon behind it
  13. Thanks I printed it out to check my paperwork and hopefully i do not miss anything
  14. I bought it new from a dealer and they have it all notarized so I should be all set. I bought my last boat there with no issues, but thanks for the info
  15. I am hoping that i will have no issues but just hate to wait very long the season is short enough.thanks for the compliments on the boat. Will be a fun weekend installing all my rigging.
  16. From what I have read they are open but only for getting licenses not registration
  17. I just picked up my new Fish Master 210 last night. I bought it in Pennsylvania and need to title and register it in New York Steuben County. You cannot go to DMV to get this done so have down loaded some paper work and will put it in drop box at DMV. I was wondering if anybody knows how long it has been taking to get the registrations back to you in the mail and if I was to take pictures of the paper work and take the boat out on the lake would there be any enforcement of not regestered because of the covid 19 not letting you get this done. I had to wait 3 weeks for delivery of the boat and I really want to get on the water.
  18. Just a follow up report on my fish hawk problem. I took BAITNH advise and called them while on the water for trouble shooting. They were great put me on with a technician and went through everything and in the end he thought it was a bad temp sensor in the probe. I sent it to them, they checked and sent me a new one no charge and just a few days turn around. I am very happy with the customer service, seems like not to many company's are this good to work with.
  19. Thanks dry net I will check that but it did not bother last year
  20. I am having an issue with my fish hawk x4d. It is only the second season for it this year, and the down temp says its 75 degrees and surface temp is at 58 degrees pretty sure this is not right also the blue tooth is not working to my phone. This has only been used about a dozen times and I always keep the probe in its case and it was stored in my house all winter with the batteries removed. Has anybody ever had this problem?
  21. launched at state park and ran down to the bluff set up with 2 riggers with spoons 2 dipseys 1 with spoon and 1 with spin doctor and fly, also set out planer boards just wanted to see if there were any lakers up higher, ran deep divers with 3 oz. snap weights no luck with boards. fished from 7 to 11 and did well on the riggers and dipsey set ups we went 9 for 14 staying in water 110' -120' fishing down 90 ft. nothing big but what a beautiful morning with a fair amount of action
  22. State park launch is open and surface temp. is mostly 50 degrees down the wes
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