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  1. 3 cannon digi troll 10s for sale, 2016 models. Everything works fine and as should. 2 of them max 15lb weights. Just looking to upgrade to new ones. Got a new spool of cable as well and some misc pieces/ bags/ clips that come with them. $700ea 2k for all 3 obo.
  2. New batch is ready! $25 for 13 strips rochester, NY
  3. I am not, but I believe Dan Owens is grabbing some more shortly and he is out of there if you know him.
  4. Anytime within reason. If I don’t answer I will call you back…
  5. I am in Rochester. I can ship, give me a ring and we can try to figure something out.
  6. Cut bait for sale, $25 for 13 strips. Hand cut and brined. Half and half tails/ no tails. Call or text Nick 585-746-8307
  7. Please call or text me at 585-746-8307 as I don’t get alerts for messages on here. Thanks Nick
  8. Last call if you want bait at the show!
  9. Will be in Niagara next weekend! New cuts this week will have 100 packs of the original blue label 5-6” strips 13 for $20. 1.54 per strip, can’t beat it. Pre-sale pricing only. Let me know before I leave on Friday. Text or call Nick 585-746-8307
  10. October cuts on sale, limited quantity before our next batch. These will not freeze due to our brine and can’t go bad in the freezer. Blue label shown. Green is 1/2 inch shorter. Blue label 13 strips $20 50 packs left green label 13 strips $15 25 packs left new bait pricing TBD. Will be at the Niagara show Friday Saturday for pickup or in Spencerport NY text or call Nick 585-746-8307
  11. $30 for 13 strips blue label 4.5-6” $25 for 13 strips green label 4-5” cut, trimmed, and packaged to NYS regulations. Please call or text. Nick 585-746-8307
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