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  1. King heads roll without tuning. I think king heads catch more fish but I think Rhys catches bigger fish.
  2. Your 12 lbers will be fine. The fish hawk will only add a little bit of blow back.
  3. Cheap line will cost you more in one break off on a diver then buying the proven products the first time.
  4. Not buying the size decrease isn't because of bait fish. Lake michigan went years without producing 30lb kings. Now the last couple of years size has came back in a big way with even a 40+ lb king being caught.
  5. 9 8" pro trolls and 1 8" pro king. 80$ shipped. PayPal f&f. 9897375397
  6. 13 bay rays for sale. 8 SS and 5 S3. 65$ shipped paypal f&f. 9897375397
  7. I've used 2 singles before. Hardly ever loose a fish once hooked up but it misses many strikes.
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