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  1. Couple of boats on Lake Michigan are running large kickers. There is a 35 ft bertram with a 125 hp four stroke kicker. And also a 38 ft tiara running a 90 hp suzuki four stroke.
  2. If you think there is no difference sell me your sharks.
  3. Looking to buy shark cannon balls pm what you have 12 or 15 lbers.
  4. Towing works great for kings. I hate steelhead I try not to even handle thengrabe the hook with pliers over the back of the boat and flip them off.
  5. jerryriggin


    Had the chance to use the tailfin and I-troll for my kicker. Works very well together probably not as good as a true autopilot.
  6. jerryriggin


    Just installed the tailfin on my kicker along with Itroll. Haven't got a chance to get on the water. I'm in Michigan and the governor banned boating with a motor.
  7. I bought my Suzuki for suzukioutboardteam.com
  8. Mi stinger and stingrays sizes. Moonshine DW and Silver Streak mags and standard are my go to spoons. Nk 28s the list goes on.
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