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  1. I've got a raymarine ev-150 on my 25 Cherokee and it is fantastic. Installed the same on my buddies 28 Cherokee and installing the same on my 31.
  2. Definitely not a dw. I would say silver streak
  3. Mauler spoon from howies tackle
  4. I would load test the wires with a large halogen bulb not just check for power with a test light
  5. I've done hatches on my boat with the west system it really isn't difficult. Worst part is getting the old wood core out if it's not fully saturated and still glued together. Just remove hatch, cut out the wood from the underside. Clean it up, cut a new piece and then follow the directions on the west systems to glue it back in then add some fiberglass mat over the repair
  6. So the motor runs and moves the drive when you jump the relay?
  7. V8 350 burns about a gallon an hour trolling. So 8 gallons verses 2 gallons on an 8 hour day. So to me it takes a long time to recover the initial kicker cost. Where the savings would be is wear and tear on the main engine.
  8. I had a bracket from adventure marine. It is a fixed mount very sturdy very good construction.
  9. Tekotas or saltist only good okumas are the 55 size.
  10. I've ran both saltist 30s and tekota 600 and 700 and I will take the 700 tekota everytime. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. I've used both. Have caught fish on both.. Silver streak also make white,black, green and orange chilly willies
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