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  1. jerryriggin

    Fly leaders

    I've used 2 singles before. Hardly ever loose a fish once hooked up but it misses many strikes.
  2. Ive got 6 SG27LC3B for sale if your interested.
  3. jerryriggin

    Magnum metals downriggers

    Never 3 years old still as smooth as the day i got them.
  4. jerryriggin

    Magnum metals downriggers

    I have the riggers love them.
  5. To each there own. I will take my chances on the magnum metalz bouncing the probe of the tip with there clutch system versus a cannon that the auto stop could malfunction on. I can guarantee more probes have been lost to the bottom of the lake by other manufactures with auto stop then by magnum metalz.
  6. jerryriggin

    OMC cobra

    Crowley marine.
  7. jerryriggin

    losing lake trout

    I guess im different when we are trout fishing we fight them with the rod tip pointed towards the water to ensure there mouth doesnt come out of the water.
  8. jerryriggin


    I would use the magdas on riggers and convectors for divers. Not optimum size for each but id rather have the better reel on the divers.
  9. jerryriggin

    2 dipseys per side

    Dont have many problems with rigger fish going under the divers. Once in awhile on a turn but going straight hardly ever.
  10. jerryriggin

    2 dipseys per side

    I do run a copper over the high and low but prefer to not go over a 300 copper to keep down the number of tangles.
  11. jerryriggin

    2 dipseys per side

    I run mine on 1.5 and 3 for the low and high. I figure low runs 2 to 1 for depth and high runs 3 to 1. So a normal set to fish 90 down would be high back 270 to 300 and low back 180. I use all 124mm dreamweaver divers but i change the weight and bottom cover out on the high diver to one from a 107 diver to get seperation of the divers. I have ran both 124s with the big weight for high and lows but felt my bites went down.
  12. jerryriggin

    Wire rods

    I trim the curly ends back until i get down to around 700 feet then replace the wire so it takes a few years last time i replaced it was over 10 years old.
  13. You do know the older depth raiders had no calibration right? The fish hawk is calibrated.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Lake Ontario United mobile app