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  1. jerryriggin

    Salmon genetics - something to think about

    Not buying the size decrease isn't because of bait fish. Lake michigan went years without producing 30lb kings. Now the last couple of years size has came back in a big way with even a 40+ lb king being caught.
  2. jerryriggin

    for sale : usa Pro trolls

    PM sent
  3. jerryriggin

    for sale : usa Pro trolls

    80 shipped to you
  4. 9 8" pro trolls and 1 8" pro king. 80$ shipped. PayPal f&f. 9897375397
  5. jerryriggin

    Sold / Closed Bay rats

    Sold pending payment
  6. 13 bay rays for sale. 8 SS and 5 S3. 65$ shipped paypal f&f. 9897375397
  7. jerryriggin

    Fly leaders

    I've used 2 singles before. Hardly ever loose a fish once hooked up but it misses many strikes.
  8. Ive got 6 SG27LC3B for sale if your interested.
  9. jerryriggin

    Magnum metals downriggers

    Never 3 years old still as smooth as the day i got them.
  10. jerryriggin

    Magnum metals downriggers

    I have the riggers love them.
  11. To each there own. I will take my chances on the magnum metalz bouncing the probe of the tip with there clutch system versus a cannon that the auto stop could malfunction on. I can guarantee more probes have been lost to the bottom of the lake by other manufactures with auto stop then by magnum metalz.