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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I'll keep one unmodified and I'll put a twili tip on the other.
  2. I just purchased two of these rods. I have a lead core reel for one rod but no copper reel spooled yet. I do have another reel already spooled with 1000' of 7 strand wire line. My questions are, could I use this rod as is for steel line, or does it need to be modified with either a twili tip or roller tip? The rod, as configured, has all stainless steel guides and tip. My last question is, if I changed the rod to a twili tip, could it be used for both copper and steel line if I decided to spool a reel with copper? Thanks in advance for any advice. This site has given me a lot of useful information.
  3. Great photos. Glad the weather cooperated and you had some good fishing.
  4. Copper John, thanks for the input. I'm looking to purchase one now.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I went with two lead acid flooded batteries from O'Reilly Auto Parts. Appreciate all the input I got from this site.
  6. Bluegiller, will the guides handle seven strand stainless steel wire or just copper line? I was looking for a wire diver rod with roller guides. I have several dipsy rods that I could modify with a twilli tip but I'm not sure if the guides could handle the 7 strand wire.
  7. I really want to add a wire dipsy rod to my spread. I have the wire and a reel but can't find an 8-1/2 or 9' rod. Don't think I could handle anything larger when I fish solo. I hope the fishing improves and I can make it to Lake Ontario before you head back to Ohio. Looks like you might have some decent weather through early next week. Enjoy your vacation.
  8. Way to go Dan! Great photo. How deep did you have to go to find the fish? I'm still working on the i-Pilot installation. Got the motor mounted but running into battery location problems. Didn't want to wait for several weeks to get it installed by a marina. Hope to have it up and running soon. Congrats on your catch.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I was kind of thinking that way too. Any suggestions on brand of battery or whether to go sealed AGM gel or just regular wet cell batteries. There are so many brands out there. Thanks again.
  10. What batteries would be best for a 24v. 80lb. thrust Minn Kota Terrova? Can't afford lithium. What are you guys using for the 12 volt batteries? Thanks.
  11. Just wondering about that. I've got two 1000' foot spools of 7 strand coming in the mail. Never used wire before, but anxious to give it a try.
  12. Thanks. Was wondering on the dipsy divers. Do you use wire or braid?
  13. What brand and lb. test of line do you switch to on your riggers and dipsies to combat the fleas. Planning a trip in the next couple of weeks and want my rods ready. Thanks.
  14. I'll take both spools. Will you take payment through PayPal? Thanks. Jim
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