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  1. love the videos thanks guys, nice huge brown
  2. Dan1, I have fished with meat off and on for the past 5 years, not a hit on it. This year I committed to running it regardless of activity. First trip this year caught 5/6 on meat. Game on, we were in Olcott for 17 days fished 6 days. Caught 32 fish, 1/2 of the fish came on meat. Make sure your meat if tuned and running correctly. I think either I was not paying close enough attention to the spin of the meat or something was wrong in my setup. I am sold on meat now. Enjoy, Dan
  3. Thanks for the report, sounds like you had a good trip
  4. Not tomorrow, but hope to be up by Thursday this week for 16 days. Give a report of your findings please.
  5. Have had smoked lake trout, it is very good if done correct.
  6. Not had much success on Meat, any pics of how you are rigging them? Any tricks I should know. Any help is appreciated. thanks, Dan
  7. I get it, that is great that you are able to get out. Thought I was missing something in the area if it looked like that. Nice job on the fish.
  8. Where is the top pick from? Sure doesn't look like Olcott.
  9. Looking for a nice used 90-115 Outboard. Looking to spend $5000-6000. I live in Ohio and travel to Olcott, NY. So anything along the way would be great. Text 419-680-2517 or PM Thanks, Dan
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