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  1. Nice report, thanks, Good memories and fun times.
  2. Am I reading this correct? Outlaw 2 had 3 fish weighing in at 90.47# on day 1. A 30# average on fish?
  3. Distance finder? Graph/fish finder or counter on downrigger?
  4. I would get the heaviest your riggers can handle. 10# is ok down to 100-120' for me. I can see my rigger balls on my graph, for speed with experience you will be able to tell by the sing of the cables and the bubbles from the cables how your speed is doing. Angle will depend on the depth, it will be different 40' down and 100' down.
  5. BLT-WR-1002MH Okuma is what I was looking at.
  6. I have never used a rod with rollers for wire diver's but am considering purchasing some Okuma Roller rods. Have been using the twill tips. Wondering is anyone has experience with roller rods with wire. Any problems with wire hanging up on rollers? thanks, Appreciate any input.
  7. Good question low baller. I ran braid and wire at 290, both took fish. I'm guessing also on depths. Wire runs deeper. It just gives me extra lines in water. Especially when temp is 90' and below.
  8. We just go in from 350-450'. Went 5 for 9. Got 3 Kings and 2 Steelhead. 3 fish came 131' down on rigger with white flasher and white fly. other 2 were 290 out on meat with braid on dipsy #3 setting.
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