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  1. sounds good, I'm still interested.
  2. I'll take these. I have purchased from you in the past. my email is [email protected] if you send me your paypal. I will need them shipped to Ohio. thanks, Dan
  3. sold pending payment from jerryriggin
  4. yes, all kinds of bait, most fish had fresh bait in gut.
  5. Last trip was Monday evening, Speed was 1.9-2.2, fished in 120-130' fow down 93 on rigger and out 270 on wire dipsy. Seemed like fish are in the 48 degree water.
  6. Brad's Super baits, they open up and you put tuna fish in side.
  7. Saturday fished 550' most fish came dipsy 240 out with meat rig. Sunday & Monday moved in to 120-130' Meat rig 270 out, Carbon 14, & Brad's rig with tuna fish in it, seriously.
  8. Buoy 45191 - Great Lakes Buoys (glos.us) This will give you an accurate temp out of Oak Orchard.
  9. The lake had flipped and it was cold on top. 50 degrees down 30 in 220' of water. Got Fish on the meat rig 120 out on wire dipsy. Wish I knew more I would help you install your I-Pilot. Fishing has been tough.
  10. Finally got a fish close to 30#'s, weighed in at just over 29#'s, Only other fish was a nice Steelhead, lake turned was chasing fish all day.
  11. Are you running that fast pulling meat & Flashers???
  12. Thanks for report, just got to Olcott this afternoon, spending 2 weeks here. Thanks for the report.
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