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  1. I am having trouble keeping hooked up and some suggested not using snubbers. Next time out I'm going to remove snubbers. Just a thought.
  2. Yes, snubbers, also on rigger rods. Are you suggesting not using snubbers?
  3. How do they do that? Come unbuttoned that quick. I have had dipsy bouncing and before I can touch it they are gone? Not just once, last trip I think one day we were 1 for 8, and it was different rods. Checked hooks, and crazy.
  4. Last night 1 for 6, 350-450. Could not keep them hooked. Done for 2 weeks.
  5. 1/4 really slow. Fished 90-200 fow. Might have to slide deeper this evening. How deep are you fishing in 485'?
  6. Fished last evening, temp was 50 degrees at 38' Went 4 for 6. All on meat 100-110 back on dipsy.
  7. Was out last evening, started at 350' heading towards shore figured we would end up shallow at dark. Hit Flasher Fly 240 back, Meat rig 240' back. Carbon 14 regular size spoon took 2 on riggers 71 down. finished with 6. East towards power plant.
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