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  1. My son is a first year college student in Rochester this year... I'd like to help him get started fishing with an introduction to fishery with a guide. Anyone know how I can get linked up with somebody? I suppose I can call around to the tackle shops but thought I'd start with a post here just in case. He has some experience and most of the gear needed, not a rookie. Thank you! ~ErieBuck
  2. Our best combo was 8 inch Chin Music spin doc with Dreamweaver Pickled Sunshine Fly, running 10-20 ft off bottom, mag dipsey, wire. The big males were smacking it non stop 4-6pm. Switched to glow stuff after 630pm and took a huge hit from an absolute monster with 8 inch white crush glow green dots, atomic glow stud fly, but the big one got away… broke 50Lb dispey leader somehow below the snap on the dispey end. Must have had a nick from a tangle . Took another on 10 inch carbon 14 spin doc twinkie meat rig on rigger, near bottom.
  3. Same. After trolling over them for many hours without luck it got me wondering if it might be more effective to agitate a bite by jigging
  4. Never seen fish stacked like this. This was 105 ft, so many fish sonar can’t find bottom
  5. Set up 95 FOW off 6 mile only got 2 rods out and dipsey FF fired right away, 20+LB mature. Finally landed the beast and put same rod out and it fired again within 5 min. 24Lb. Thanks to @Gill-T for the afternoon/evening recommendation!!
  6. Weird they were stacked up there beyond belief the last several days but few biters. Was planning on heading over there later today
  7. Thanks we’ll give it a try! Stoked it early again today 6 Mike to bar, ran into 400 and had steady action. Mostly steelhead and a few nice kings
  8. We had a GREAT screen from 6 mile to the bar 90-120 FOW. Got one bite in 5 hours. Threw everything I had at them. Ran out to 350 just to catch a fish and got a steelhead and teenager king. Disappointing, hopefully they turn on today.
  9. Yes, I bet it’s loaded! Looks like it will be a calm lake so I’ll be able to run down there pretty easy. Does 12 mile/ Wilson harbor usually attract many fish? Was going to take a look this evening
  10. Headed to Wilson for the next 3 days, will let you guys know what's happening. If anyone wants to collaborate let me know
  11. mature salmon are going to be staging near the river mouths and heading up the river this time of year... it can be tricky to time it right to catch them nearshore and actually get them to bite. Many target the 80-120 FOW range and in even tighter in low light. water temps are less important as they are programmed to get up the river regardless... You can still catch immature salmon and maybe a stray late matures offshore.
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