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  1. I’ve done a couple walleye trips with the 19 strand as backing on a 3 color… mixed results… first trip I slammed some extra fish because I was easily able to let out more line ( I have enough 19 strand backing to make it a 10 color equivalent) and get deeper on my planer board lines. Second trip, big waves and I got cocky and let the clicker off while trying to speed up the process of sending down the planer board line and just like a wire diver, you’re screwed when that line nests up… frustrating. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Picked up a bunch of vintage white back NkS on ebay. Can’t wait to run em Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Awesome, glad you guys had a great night! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. What kind of program do you run on your riggers to draw them in? One attractor, one spoon? Two attractors? Mid/late summer last year I had some success with 11inch paddles w/ Twinkie meat rigs on both riggers but wasn’t running boards, just wire divers. Hoping to get bit a little more by incorporating some copper on the outside this year so i like that strategy of drawing them in. I hate fishing for walleye but it’s something to do mid summer and they are good eating! Later in summer they can be down 50 or more, but usually suspended in the middle water column 25-40, so short 3 cores with deep diving plugs usually do the trick. Late Summer steelhead fishing temps are usually down 50-75. Sometimes will get deep on long lines for Lakers, but usually target with riggers/divers Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. thanks, makes sense. It's a lot of money to risk losing on a turn or big king. Do you run regular copper or weighted steel? Think it's okay to run 2 leadcore lines?
  6. I've done it before with big boards for walleye/steelhead/lake trout on lake erie many times but not for kings... have only used 4-6 rod setups without boards on Lake O in my previous trips. Why does it seem like many only run one line off the boards? Usually if I go through hassle of setting up the big boards, I want to run more than one line. I was thinking 4 of the 8 rods in my setup would be on boards and out of the way, 2 wire divers, 2 downrigger rods.
  7. Is your spread targeting kings only at those depths 50ft +? Steelhead and cohos usually are higher up earlier in year right? My thinking was to run some stuff in the 30 ft range to put more fish in the boat with the kings less prevalent so far this year Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. @Super G I recently spooled up some 453 cold waters and they worked well for a 300 copper set up. I used 50lb high viz braid for backer to hook to the boards. FYI most people seem to have switched over to Weighed Steel these days, easier to work with, similar results.
  9. @FishingFool34 what temps do you use as as a starting point? I've heard 45 degrees for kings, 55 for chrome?
  10. yep, I fished the bar area the last weekend of the derby and had a tough time with the flat lake and boat traffic. It wasn't until we got out of the traffic that we started to hook up and got 2 20lb kings in 250 fow north of the bar. People with boards and long lines were putting more fish in the boat even if they were cohos and chrome at least it was more action. That's why when I go back I'm going to have a wider/stealthier spread. We ran high/low dispey on each side with riggers off the corner.
  11. What baits do you normally run off your copper and lead long lines? I never ran a shoot rod before due to fear of tangles but recently started experimenting with the Church stern planer. https://www.fishusa.com/Church-Tackle-TX-007-Stern-Planer?quantity=1&L-Size1=1094 Easy to use and worked really well! Can sail it back as far as you want to keep the shoot open
  12. That’s kinda what I was thinking but I’ve heard a lot of pros talk about coordinating your spread so that all the lines play well off each other… so I’m trying to figure out specifically what that would look like. I guess the big thing is to make sure the action is working properly on all your lines given your speed. Meat paddles need to go slow 2.0ish but that makes most spoons not work too well at that slow speed. So if I go big paddles with meat on the riggers, maybe pair those with flasher flies on the wire divers and run forgiving spoons like super slims on the long lines. 2 rods on boards with 200/300 copper and 2 with 7 color lead? Would I put one of each on each side or pair them up? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I only make it to Lake O a couple times of year and I really want to refine my approach to maximize my experience... I've been studying up and accumulating more gear but I need to come up with a solid plan for my next trip in late July. Obviously I want to catch Kings, but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. So, my overall goal would be to catch Kings but get more overall action by using some setups to target Steelhead/Coho as well, especially considering the King numbers have been down this year so far. So that being said, with an 8 rod spread, what would you guys choose to run for an effective program? I have all the gear... big boards, down riggers, wire divers, slide divers, 200/300 copper, big paddles/meat rigs, etc. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  14. How does the telescopic feature work on the Denali? Any issues with storage/transport? Early and late season lake trout, steelhead and smallmouth make a more expensive rod worth it for me. I caught 2, 7lb walleye this week and neither was able to pull off the Scotty planer board clip. 4lb sheephead, no problem!
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