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  1. Sherman, Thanks for the advice, used the winch for the first time today and worked great. Did not even hesitate to pull the boat on. I did get the lt4000. Thanks again, Dan
  2. One more quick question, are you using the cable on the winch? If so, have you any trouble with the cable pinching and not working well?
  3. Sherman, Thanks for the input, I ordered the LT4000 it really was not that much more. I appreciate your input. thanks again, Dan
  4. Thanks Sherman, is your trailer a bunk trailer or rollers?
  5. I have been doing some research on an electric boat winch for my trailer and I am not finding many good reviews. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have a 20' Crestliner Sabre Aluminum Boat. Thanks in advance.
  6. He just text me on some Salmon Spoons wants to know where I'm from.
  7. I will take them sent message on phone, thanks, Dan
  8. Anyone use Scotty Gimbal Mounts for downriggers in the gunwale rod holders? Curious how solid they are. thanks,
  9. Anyone use Scotty Gimbal Mounts for downriggers in the gunwale rod holders? Curious how solid they are. thanks,
  10. Greetings Pete, I will take all 4 of the reels if still available. this is Dan, I just purchased the downriggers from you. Thanks, Dan
  11. Pete, I'm still interested in both of your Scotty's Please contact me. Thanks, Dan
  12. I'm in no hurry. I don't need them until June. Where you located? Are you coming back to Ohio?
  13. Located in Fremont, OH. Not in any hurry for them. Where are you located? Between Toledo & Cleveland.
  14. Interested in both, would you consider shipping?
  15. Is this still available? would you ship? thanks, Dan
  16. Saw this report on Facebook out of Olcott from today it that helps. Andiamo Outdoors Out now 9/17 to the east almost to the stacks in 160-240 4/8 Andiamo Outdoors Ended the day 9 for 16. All the fish were loaded with alewives. Best spoons were silver with black alewive patterns(go figure)
  17. I realize it has been bumpy, has anyone got any reports from either port? thanks in advance,
  18. We have not done much this year. Probably our last trip and was crazy finish. Glad we had two nets.
  19. Fished Oak Orchard this evening. Had 4 on in 10 mins. Landed 3 of the 4.
  20. What Port were you fishing out of Gill-T? Thanks in advance.
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