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  1. Thanks Captain Richard appreciate your input
  2. I am new to running copper. Last year I was on the dock at Olcott talking with a Gentlemen and he pulled some copper off his reel and it did not kink. He piled a bunch on the dock and it just wound back up on the reel without kinking. He said it was the best thing since sliced bread. I for the life of me, maybe my age, cannot remember the brand of the copper. Is there such a thing as copper that won't kink? Any help is appreciated.
  3. What is the best way to store paddles with rigs attached? Or should you remove them?
  4. I know this maybe a stretch, is this still available?
  5. Same out of halfway between Olcott and Oak Orchard, 300' Thermocline was 120'-150'
  6. Thanks for the information, appreciated.
  7. Anyone have the specs on the Sea Flee 30# Line? Thanks in advance
  8. Maybe next time. Sounds like a good day on the water.
  9. You might want to look at this report. I realize it is out of Point Breeze, however, might help.
  10. Everything I see is looking good for waves. We fished Thursday and it was mixed water. We did best in 55 fow down 40. Got a mixed bag of Couple Kings, Laker, Brown & Atlantic. I know that sounds crazy but we had 48 degrees 40 down.
  11. The biggest thing I have found with meat it can be hot or cold. Don't be discouraged if you don't get hits right away. I've had days where it was really hot, and days where I could not buy a hit. Hang in there.
  12. We did the same thing, started in 275' where we finished yesterday, then moved into 90'. Only saw a few bait pods. As soon as we pulled lines we say bait balls in 85' so I put 2 riggers down and ran through them with no results. We worked in shallow and back out. Yesterday we worked the same area and picked up 6 Kings, 2 over 20#'s, 2 around 10-12#'s and threw 2 small fish back. Could not find the bait today. Temp was down around 45'.
  13. Thanks for report. We didn't start until 9 am, raining Grandsons didn't want to get wet. Fished 275'-90 only 1 shaker and 1 other knock off. Different than yesterday, landed 6 in the same water.
  14. Sherman, Thanks for the advice, used the winch for the first time today and worked great. Did not even hesitate to pull the boat on. I did get the lt4000. Thanks again, Dan
  15. One more quick question, are you using the cable on the winch? If so, have you any trouble with the cable pinching and not working well?
  16. Sherman, Thanks for the input, I ordered the LT4000 it really was not that much more. I appreciate your input. thanks again, Dan
  17. Thanks Sherman, is your trailer a bunk trailer or rollers?
  18. I have been doing some research on an electric boat winch for my trailer and I am not finding many good reviews. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have a 20' Crestliner Sabre Aluminum Boat. Thanks in advance.
  19. He just text me on some Salmon Spoons wants to know where I'm from.
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