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  1. 2 bucks each...everything. there arent alot left. I walked out of there with 4 meat rigs, 10 flies, 5 dreamweaver spoons...40 bucks. Hurry before its gone.
  2. dhhurlburt


    I want to get my boys out and catch dinner....namely perch. What spots on IBay are producing perch? What depth..deep near the hump south of the bridge? I'd spend the day searching myself, but little ones have short attention spans and I want them to be excited about fishing.
  3. For us new guys..what is a Gary D rig? I see guys talking about it all the time. Thanks Dave
  4. We share the same last name. Any relatives in Watertown or on manton michigan?
  5. Thank you. I'm trying to determine if I should go out to deep water or go shallower and try to grab some staging fish in front of Ibay or the Genny for an afternoon trip tomorrow.
  6. How deep did you go to find the fish? Thanks Dave
  7. If I were to take out some vets this weekend near Rochester..should I go out to 350 fow or stay in 100 fow and look for staging fish? Thank you.
  8. Then thats what I was getting into today in 250 feet. Thank you
  9. May seem like an obvious question, but do I focus on areas in front of the river they are running, or poke around 100 everywhere. Are meat rigs and spoons still the go to bait? Thanks again
  10. When do the mature fish start staging? And how does that change the way you catch them? Depth, baits, flashers...flies....is it all out the window ir do you just adjust depth to target them? Thank you
  11. 4 for 4 this morning. Green Jean's magnum 250 fow, down 90, dipsey out 200 at 1.5 with a green atomic meat rig, 300 copper green atomic meat rig and down rigger 300 fow, down 90 with a purple atomic meat rig. It was rough out there, but as long as the boy is happy, I'm happy...
  12. I agree, but the weather report didnt mention anything about a 12 NW. We "found" it on our way out. I'm looking for a more reliable weather source.
  13. Left this morning with the forecast of 2-3 mph NW winds. Thinking the lake should be pretty flat, I was surprised to see white caps and rollers with winds at 12 knots out at 200 fow. It's too much for my 18ft aluminum, so we went home. What is a good source for wind and waves? And why is there 3 knot winds on the shore and 12 knot winds 2 miles out? Thanks for the help
  14. Is 140 where you found 50 degrees? I wanted to go deeper, but my son just finished hockey camp and wanted to get out for a couple hours so I stayed in 130 feet and found 50 degrees at 90. Managed 2 before my son got too tired. Green glow meat rigs for birh.
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