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  1. I fished lake superior for lake trout a couple months ago. The food quality of the lakers in superior is far better than onatrio. I guess the colder water and food sources makes all the difference. We caught steelhead and lakers and could not tell the difference in color or taste of meat. That being said, I believe smoked lake trout is as good as any other smoked lake fish coming out of lake ontario.
  2. 630 first rod in, UV hulk Mag 50 down in 100ft. 635....fish on while setting second rod. 18 pound female. Moved on to 50 ft after an hour of blank screen screens. 15 minutes double on green meat rig down 30 and nbk on 5 color. That is all
  3. Its what I feel like the day after eating the Bill's Mafia sauce covered wings washed down with a Genny Light...its a different kind of screamer
  4. Left at 330 straight to 200. Blankety blank blank screens. 50 degrees was down 50ft. Moved headed NE, nadda. Moved in to 115...holy crap. 400 copper with a 11in silver paddle and meat head takes a rip, dipsey out 220 with green meat takes a rip. Get those rest and 300Cu with C14 gets a 20 pounder. Green meat gets smasked and I lost the whole rig behind my snubber. 400 copper has a flounder pounder mag RV, takes a hit, 45 pound braid backing breaks. So...if anyone catches my copper line I just want the spoon back. Rigger at 65 with raspberry carbon gets a teenager. A great night, cant wait for tomorrow.
  5. The color of their gums. Coho are white compared to black in kings.
  6. Jesus...now I really feel like an idiot. Thanks for the help everyone
  7. So hold back the laughter, but what is the 29 line? Thanks for the help.
  8. Its not much better tonight. C14 on 300 copper 1 little guy in 250. But...im washing the dust off alot of gear. We just slipped into 110...few big hooks at 90. Fingers crossed. 54f at 91ft
  9. 2 hours tonight in 115 feet. Raspberry carbon down 68 gets 2 kings Not alot on marks or bait tonight, much different than last night.
  10. Bear creek yesterday 3 for 6 in 120 feet. Carbon 14 on copper and meat were my most productive.
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