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  1. Started in 25 feet. Water was no where near as clear as yesterday. Nothing for 2 hours. Moved out to 80 feet. Lakers off wonderbread hammerhead cow bell. Put dipsys out with NBK back 150 over 80 and something smashed the hell out of it, took me out to 400 feet, then the wire breaks....oh well. On the way out of bear creek i went over this school of i dont know what...about 20 of them all about 16 inches long in 4 feet of water. Maybe a school of stocked trout??? They were long and slender. Anyway, back at it tomorrow if it's not raining
  2. Shakedown cruise this afternoon....Gin clear out to 25. 41F everywhere. Not a mark on the screen, moved out to 50 feet, blank screens....but I got the dust washed off alot of gear. Does the North wind have an impact? Is that why it was so cold compared to other days and did that keep the fish out deeper?
  3. I didn't with kings...its Flippin awesome
  4. No kidding right...its so good I dont know why it took so long for me to do it. I had some thia morning on a bagel with cream cheese mixed with capers and dill...holy crap man
  5. I did the same with a king. It was so dam good I plan on making it with every king I catch...well at least 1
  6. Thank you!!!...ill do some research tonight
  7. Right now I have a lowrance hook2 7 inch screen. Last year toward the end, the screen would go blank, then restart and totally aggravate the snot out of me. I want a new unit, I could probably squeeze a 9in in there. I was considering a helix g4n to pair with the I pilot link upgrade on the way, but im not sold on it. Whats everyone's opinion or recommendation. Thanks.
  8. I'd Ike to get my boys out catching spring perch in Ibay or Sodus. Any recommendations on location/depth you care to share. Ty.
  9. Yeah...I do well on wire divers and not so well on lead or copper. So I thought I would try 2 divers a side.
  10. This year I want to run 2 dipsey on one side. I have 2 dipsey rods with wire for the inside low diver. What set up should I use for the outside diver...wire or braid and do i need a longer rod for outside?
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