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  1. Left about 5pm for a couple hours with my boy. Straight out to 140feet. Green and black spoons 60 feet down got us some smoker meat. Still figuring this stuff out and it was great to spend the night with my son and seeing how happy he is fishing.
  2. 10 pound ball, I was considering torpedo to eliminate blowback thinking it would bring it into my cone.
  3. Thank you for all the valuable info, someday I hope to pay it forward.
  4. Could I just use the 200hz? I know its designed for shallower water? I know that not seeing the ball isnt the end of the world, but it's my OCD
  5. Way back when I was in the Navy I was stationed in SC. There I had a boat and fished my butt off. When I would troll at depths of about 150ft and 10 knots SOW I could still see my ball on my sonar. Today, I have a 17ft aluminum with lowrance hook2 splitshot. I can not see my ball on the sonar down 50 feet trolling 2.5 mph SOG. I checked my transducer alignment, sensitivity settings....what am I missing?
  6. I read info from the DEC that's says to target 53F for kings, but on here I read to target 48F. Recently that's been a 10 foot depth difference. Whata the go to temp target I need to pay attention to?
  7. I'm new to the trolling scene and I'm trying to figure out the terminology you all use. I dont want your secret spots, or favorite colors, just decode some terminology. Any help would be appreciated.... "On wire at 225" "300 copper" "100' rigger" "130 wire divers" Thank you for the help.
  8. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help everyone is willing g to give
  9. Thank you. I should have been able to figure that out., feels like I'm losing my mental toughness as I get older.
  10. New guy question here...when captains say 50 over 130...what does that mean?
  11. Lest at 5 am and headed to Hughes. 2 for 3 on kings with meat rigs on the dipsy with 200 feet of line out. 1 big ass bown on a green and black spoon 40 feet down. All caught in 140 feet of water.
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