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  1. What size and make are the red treble hooks on dreamweaver spoons? I was using 2 NBKs with red treble and the darn mud chickens broke a hook off each one. Ty.
  2. I fished from bear creek east all depths from 30 to 130. 3 Lakers on this green dreamweaver spoon on a slide diver out 100. my wife found at good will. I gotta find out what that is and get more. Lots of blank screens.
  3. Thank you so much. I appreciate the help. Tight lines!!
  4. Do you put your lead core rods on boards too? Thanks again
  5. New to lead core..when reports say 5 colors, or 3 colors...is that referring to only that amount of lead on your real, or is that just how many colors you let out, with more colors still on the reel? Ty
  6. Straight out to 50 feet. Headed east 30ft down anything green. 3 for 3 kings, few Lakers mixed in. First one of the year for my fish wisperer...
  7. 3 for 3 anything green. 50 ft down 30. I went east from bear creek. The boy got his first of the year
  8. I tell my son the same thing...he said he'd rather be in net...lol
  9. Nice fish. Did you stay in 30ft or head straight out and troll into deeper water
  10. Thanks again. I have the FF I like, but I don't think its capable .of pairing with a trolling motor, which I'm ok with. I'm not so interested in contour, just a constant course. I can use the trolling motor wireless controller to adjust direction.
  11. So the trolling motor doesnt need to communicate with the GPS to keep on track.
  12. I'm looking to get a new GPS and trolling motor package to allow me to more or less auto pilot while tending lines. I have a 17.5 ft aluminum that I routinely take out to 250ft. I dont know much about reliable brands or good set ups so I'm looking for some expert help. Am I wasting my time and money? Thanks Dave
  13. Found a boat load in 16 feet on the east side. Live minnows, I turn of bottom. We would have kept going if it weren't for the bone cutting wind that showed up.
  14. What is a reliable net for landing kings. The net I had was not deep enough and I had some bigger fish jumping out of the net and breaking my gear.
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