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  1. 250 feet. White meat rig on mag diver back 100 takes a 28in steelie. 300 with carbon 14 takes 16 pounder.
  2. Thanks, I hadn't considered that. In my dreams though, there were all 30 pounders
  3. Thanks...it was nice to see marks finally..now I need to hear some drag screaming.
  4. I had these screens all morning in 75-80 feet out from Pultnyville. The water was 41F at 60 feet ..what fish were they? I tried everything...FF, spoons, meat any where from 40 to 60 feet.. nada. Screen says speed was 1.3, but down speed was 2.1at 60 feet on fishhawk. Thanks Dave
  5. They were there, just not hungry. Itll happen eventually.
  6. Stayed in 105 feet and there were quite a few marks at 80-90 feet and a bunch of bait balls anywhere between 70 to 90. There were a few bait balls surrounded by marks with my meat rigs, FF and spoons going through the middle of them. No takers but one good rip on a nbk out 120 on a deeper diver. Put a gambler death trap on the bottom to avoid getting skunked. Managed 2 then called it a morning.
  7. Trolled east toward sodus. 100 feet gambler rigs and death traps were on fire for lakers. Same with green hammerhead with gambler rigs. We stopped targeting lakers by 7 am. Found some hungry cohos in 110 and picked a few with green/chrome flasher and hulk fly with the deeper diver at 100 on setting 1. Saw alot of marks in the 60 to 70 foot range but no bait. This was the first trip trying to run 2 dipseys per side..holy crap I need practice.....but..... better than a video game.
  8. I have a 18ft aluminum and I want to install electric downriggers. Can I connect to the starting battery, or should I install a separate battery to run the riggers. Right now I have a battery that starts the engine and runs the electronics and pumps and a separate battery for the trolling motor. Thank you Dave
  9. Started in 25 feet. Water was no where near as clear as yesterday. Nothing for 2 hours. Moved out to 80 feet. Lakers off wonderbread hammerhead cow bell. Put dipsys out with NBK back 150 over 80 and something smashed the hell out of it, took me out to 400 feet, then the wire breaks....oh well. On the way out of bear creek i went over this school of i dont know what...about 20 of them all about 16 inches long in 4 feet of water. Maybe a school of stocked trout??? They were long and slender. Anyway, back at it tomorrow if it's not raining
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