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  1. Where can we find the patterns? And where did you get the glow vinyl? My wife can only find standard colors.
  2. I saw the same out of bear creek yesterday afternoon. We did catch a 14 pound laker on RV green jeans on a rigger 90 over 200. We didn't expect that at all.
  3. They sunk like a rock in the pool, so I took the weight off the original keel. They are a little saggy in the ass, but float pretty well. Well see how they work Saturday
  4. I read where some guys had keels made from thin sheet steel or aluminum. The ones I had made are stainless and heavy as hell without a weight. I'm wondering if that will make the boats sink and if I should remove the weight from the factory keel. We shall see...tonight I'll take them out and give them a whirl.
  5. Thank you. I hadn't considered replacing the tow line. I had a set made by a buddy out of stainless. They seem awfully heavy without the weight. If I need to ill take the weight of the factory keel.
  6. I read some past posts from years back about ordering a second half weight keel. I'm interested in doing this, or making some. Question is, do the keels need to be parallel. I'm assuming yes, since opposing keel angles would be pointless. On my boats the 2 sets of mounting holes are not parallel. So, when ordering the second keel will the mounting holes be drilled to offset the second keel to keep them parallel?
  7. Yesterday pit if bear creek we landed 4 kings in 150 feet down 80. Raspberry carbon, hulk and green jeans spoons. Fat Nancy protroll with stud fly got us one.
  8. Nice fish!! I saw the same out of bear creek. 140 to 160 were best screens. It was mostly a spoon bite for us.
  9. 150 feet east troll. Steady pick of kings and cohos on hulk RV on 10 color, raspberry carbon RV on 300 copper, fat Nancy with stud fly out 250, and even picked up a nice 10 pounder on a gambler rig parked on the bottom....that was a first for me. Lots of bait at 80 feet. Anything outside 140 to 160 was blank.
  10. Exact same thing happened to me twice in 4 years. Both times they gave me the discount. The fella on the phone said to avoid storing them in direct sun light. The refraction of the sun heats up the internals and fries the thyristor. But yes, it seems a problem this prolific needs to be addressed somehow...like maybe not making the body transparent perhaps?
  11. So just cut and reconnect then? Are the cords longer?
  12. Anyone know where I can find an extention cord for a cannon mag 10? Based on my battery location and in hull tubing I need an extention cord to go between the rigger and battery ends about 4 feet long. I made my own with 10 gage wire and covered with a corrugated tube, but I'd Ike to get something that is a bit more waterproof and looks a little less redneck engineered. Thanks Dave
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