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  1. what made this sonar trace? Its baffling.
  2. 90 feet, cowbells and whirlygigs keep my kids occupied
  3. 110 feet bait everywhere. Marks at 30, 50 and 80 feet. Water was 49 at 75. Trolled east at 630 and by 700 had a double. Lost one at the boat and landed the other. 20 pounder meets the feezer, same size swam away. Both on Meat rigs back 220. Then the 300 copper with green jeans goes nuts 10 minutes later. I've got 2 rods on the deck, a fish bleeding all over the place and a screaming 300 copper. Landed her, 22 pounds..released. 20 minutes later My son hooks into the biggest lake trout I've see in my life and we lose it at the boat. That thing was a freakin tank. Turn around to head west, meat rig takes off and landed a steelhead...the one i posted with the gill lice. Now its 915 and we head home...I'm beat...one hell of a morning.
  4. caught some chrome in 150 on meat 220 back. One had thus garbage in its gills...what's going on
  5. There are always lake chickens...not very exciting, but its a tight line
  6. He hasn't had any for weeks. I picked up the last 2 packages I could find in sodus at bay Bridge tackle this afternoon
  7. Out east of Ibay 49F was 60 over 120. Went in and out of 120 to 140. Had 2 screamers on green atomic meat rigs back 150 and 125. Lost both when the line counter was 232...i think I have a kink in the steel braid...seems suspicipus. green jeans boated a couple more on 300 copper. Green FF took a juvenille.
  8. How deep water and how deep were the fish? Going out tomorrow morning.
  9. 120 feet...holy crap. Bait everywhere, marks all over the place from 20 ft to 100 ft. Carbon 14, raspberry carbon were on fire. 2 off meat 200 back. And the best of all...my sons first ever Atlantic on 300 copper with raspberry shadow.
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