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  1. Yes misery likes company. I'm sorry to hear about your kicker,but ,if it makes you feel any better I'll share my bad luck with yours. Just last weekend started with me donating my I-phone to Owasco Lake and as if that was not enough I lost my tilly hat with $60 in the top in Owasco lake too. Next I went to Lake Ontario to hunt Salmon and the first thing to happen was the downrigger cable breaking and my x4 probe and torpedo slipping into the depths of that lake. I know, it's only money but it hurts.
  2. rolmops

    flea trouble and, maybe, a solution

    So yesterday, I tried several things with different types of torpedo wire. i used 7 strand, 19 strand and weighted steel. The 7 strand on the dipsies did load up with fleas, but it was easily removed. weighted steel stayed spotlessly clean. 19 strand used as backing for the weighted steel, stayed spotless. Next I tried 7 strand and 19 strand for the down riggers. The 7 strand did load up, but unlike mono it was easily removed. The 19 strand was kept on the rigger for almost an hour, and it did carry some fleas, but the fleas were very easily removed and never slowed the reeling in process. I used the wireline rods on the down riggers and this might be a factor. The difference between the 7 and the 19 is probably because the 19 is very smooth. I will be using 19 strand until this crazy flea problem goes away. We use rubber bands to connect to blacks.
  3. Hello Troutman. I am looking to buy 2 or 3 torpedoes. Please pm me so we can make arrangements.
  4. We had a terrible flea problem fishing out of Oswego. The fleas made our downrigger cables clog up and the mono became useless. After hand lining in some fish and loosing most of them in the flea F-ups we took out all our mono and started running just leadcore and weighted steel. The leadcore soon fouled up as well, but the weighted steel and the 19 strand torpedo stayed miraculously clean. Today I will strip the weighted steel off two rods and fish the downrigger rods with with just 19 strand torpedo wire and a few foot of leader material. I'll keep you guys informed.
  5. it may be alright for for some small stream fishing, but it is useless for the lake. Besides it is not even worth $10
  6. rolmops

    Gas mileage

    You should put your boat and trailer on a scale weigh it . Then compare the weight to the weight that is written on the factory plate in your boat. It may be that you have water logged flotation material which makes the boat very heavy. There is a reason why Bayliners are often called "Bilge liners"
  7. rolmops

    Pool Noodles...for the boat?

    The water logged closed cell material that you removed probably was in there for a very long time. The reason why it becomes water logged is usually water on top and under it that freezes and expands in winter. This destroys the closed cell walls and the material starts soaking up water. A little more every year until it is completely water logged and weights about 60 pounds per cubic foot (weight of a cubic foot of water) . your pool noodles look nice, but their flotation value is much less than closed cell because of all the open space between it. It has happened many times that the noodles escaped their enclosure while the boat takes on water. The coast guard and the insurance companies do not except your solution as valid. It is very good that you removed the water logged material, but you should replace it with new pour-able closed cell material which has a flotation value of 62 pounds per cubic foot and is actually cheaper than your dozens of noodles.
  8. Sounds like you were right on top of a temperature break scum line. you could probably have done some great fly fishing for browns and steelies right there.
  9. I’m very interested. Where are you located Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. We got there around 7 due to a crew member whose pillow was extra soft, but once there we made it out fast and we started fishing in around 70 feet of water. It only took about 3 minutes for the first dipsy to fire and the fight was on. It took about 15 minutes and three runs when we got a first good look at this bruiser. Is was the biggest so far this season and well over twenty pounds by the looks of him. But that was all we got to see of him because he made a new run and this time around he straightened out the lock snap swivel and took off with the lure. That fish just opened and bent a 60 pound test snap swivel and he was not horsed! We talked and speculated about this one for quite a while. The rest of the day was less exiting. We fished over 115 to 160 with water temperature about 52 to 54 at 45 down. in the next 2 hours we did another six salmon in the 4 to 10 pound range, but no bruisers. Around 10 in the morning the wind and waves started to get annoying and the warm water was pushed away. We ended up fishing in 4 footers with a few 5 footers thrown in for good measure so we packed up and went back in. My 1985 19 foot islander did get thrown around , but that boat is like a tank and at no point did those waves worry me, it just sucks to fish in that sort of weather.
  11. rolmops

    Starcraft islander restoration

    I have gone back and forth about replacing my I/O with an outboard and in the end decided against it. It is not just covering up the hole left by removal of the I/O. It probably means having to replace the entire transom because a 30 year old transom that was not designed to carry the weight of an outboard and which may have internal rot is not what you want to hang an outboard on. Then there is the lack of structure connecting between the lengthwise skeleton and the transom. You would have to make those connections. I could go on. Boats designed for outboard propulsion are structurally different from I/O driven boats. As for cold water fishing and the risk of cracking the block due to freezing, you can drain that little 4 banger by loosening your hoses at the front and opening 2 drain plugs, one on the manifold and one on the block. That should take about one minute. If it is a project that you are looking for, then by all means, go for it, It is not that hard. You will gain extra space and you will get rid of a ton of ancient wiring. If you just want to go fishing, then probably a simple repair to get the engine going will be all you need.
  12. rolmops

    Alpha 1 bellows

    I have done it several times. It seems easy. The newer type that slide into a slot are easy. The older type is a lot harder. Getting the glue to stick in the right places is not easy. It tends to dry up or get onto your hands.You will need soap,band aides and iodine. The soap is to wash out your mouth several times during the process. The one thing that makes things a lot easier is sticking the bellows in very hot water for a while, it makes them softer and a bit more stretchy
  13. rolmops

    Oswego or Irondequoit

    You may want to consider Fairhaven. The fishing is comparable to Oswego, but if the weather is poor, you have a large bay that you can fish in. Wednesday will be quiet in Irondequoit bay. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. rolmops

    Northern King Lures are back .

    According to their website, They are the very same silver coated blanks. ABOUT NORTHERN KING In 1984, Patsy Distaffen created the original Northern King spoon. A tool and die specialist with Xerox and an avid hunter and fisherman, Patsy found his passion making fishing lures when he founded Northern King. He recognized the need for a trolling lure that wouldn’t spin while being trolled at higher speeds. He spent countless hours refining the shape and details behind his incredibly successful lure design. “When we cleaned out my parent's house, in every single room, every single floor, there was files… because he was always tinkering with dies or the lures or something. We had shoeboxes full of files.” Says daughter Beverly Cahill. The Northern King lure grabbed the attention of many charter boat captains and derby fisherman on Lake Ontario. Patsy was able to talk to anyone and would talk your ear off about fishing. By word of mouth, Patsy went from producing 20,000 lures a year to 150,000 in full time production by 1988. It enjoyed many years of success under Pat’s leadership. “When my dad died, it was his passion. All of us kids knew how to make the lures, we knew his customer base, could take orders, ship orders, but we didn’t have that passion to keep designing the way he did.” Says Beverly. In 2016, Northern King was purchased by Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. Ltd.; the Canadian manufacturers of Len Thompson Lures. As a fourth generation family business, Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. was thrilled to acquire a company with similar values. “Len Thompson, our great grandfather, also created his own unique fishing spoon which turned into a successful legacy brand.” Quotes Brad Pallister, President. The company has purchased the Northern King brand name and, most importantly, all of the original die sets which mold the unique shape of each Northern King spoon. “We will be bringing back a small selection colour patterns to start available Summer 2017.” Says Brad. Each new Northern King lure will be Canadian manufactured in Lacombe, Alberta using quality components including strong stainless steel split rings, Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks and environmentally friendly, durable paints.
  15. The company has moved from Rochester ,NY to Canada and today to my surprise I found new Northern King lures in Field and Stream in Rochester,NY. The salmon had better be afraid!