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  1. We only had 3 lamprey scarred salmon and zero fresh scars on about 40 salmon we caught last week out of Olcott.
  2. There was hell and high weather, but no big one for me this week.
  3. I'll be in Olcot for a week and I'm fully planning on catching the big one, come hell or high weather!
  4. Thank you guys for your comments. It helped me decide to set aside all the stuff that I somehow thought might make things work and went for a Garmin reactor 40 with an additional screen on the dash.
  5. I remember the last time time that the winter was this gentle. The Pro-Am was won with a fish in the high twenties. Most of the boats had their box full before 8 in the morning.
  6. Gambler might want to challenge your laker prediction. I think he is aiming for 33
  7. It is the panther trollmaster wireless speed controller. It is not a garmin product
  8. They sell the herring by the scoop. You can stand in line with your bucket. As for the stripers, it is still bit early . Besides with the compliments of the Virginia commercial catfood fishery industry the stripers have become scarce. Virginia allows the catfood fleet to destroy the baitfish off their coast.
  9. For what its worth. I am changing out my Panther trollmaster TR5 for autopilot and I will put the tr5 remote up for sale. I also have a powrtran remote steering that I will put up Contact me If that would help you.
  10. I suggest keeping him in a locked room with all the dead fish and keep the room at 75 degrees for about 3 weeks. He'll never get anywhere near fish again. Was he trying to protect the fish from getting covid? But seriously, what could possibly be his reason for doing this?
  11. I do not know what voltage your motor draws and I do not know the battery capacity you have and I do not know how new those batteries are. But in spite of all those unknowns it sounds to me that, that trolling motor is working very hard and that it is probably just fine. Spot locking in hard winds takes a lot of energy and you cannot really compare performance by wind speed alone. 20 mph creates strong surface currents that are on top of wind speed. and dependent on the wind direction there may not have been a lot of current when the wind speed was 10 to 15
  12. You can get the 628 all over the place and they are very similar
  13. My current steering is rack and pinion on the dash, but it moves a hydraulic power steering system aided by the boat engine, which is a Cobra I/O. Can that be incorporated? Or do I have to discard the engine driven power steering and go completely the ray marine? Also would the Raymarine setup be strong enough to power both a main engine piston and a kicker piston setup?
  14. I am thinking about adding an autopilot to my Starcraft Islander 221. Mostly for trolling so probably for the 9.9 Suzuki kicker. I currently have a Panther Trollmaster tr5 system , but the actuator does not really allow for fine tuning direction and I do not want to constantly fiddle around to correct course. Besides, the steering actuator shorted out yet again. So its time to take the next step. I have a Garmin Echomap 640 with GPS system on board and can possibly use that. What autopilot would be the right choice for mostly trolling so I don't have to be at the wheel when I should be fighting fish. Thank you
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