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  1. Do I sense a bit of cynicism? I took care to stay about a half a mile away from his rig.
  2. Olcot I took my son today out to Olcot so we could partake in the horn of plenty of kings swimming in that area. I guess they were not swimming where we went. We had a blank screen most of the day apart from the lakers sticking to the bottom. Besides,we needed to pay a lot of attention to all the debris floating in some areas. So what do you do in Olcot when you can't catch a fish? You take out the binoculars and scout for a special boat. Vince's boat. Its hard to miss.When we located his rig quite a ways out, we made our way to that general area and we ended up with 3 nice steelies. Thank you Vince!! you saved our day.
  3. My experience with the OMC Cobra has been expensive and disastrous and after some reading up on the subject it seems that I am not the only one.
  4. Is it true that these outboards are made in China?
  5. I was not going to promote a kicker although I would not go out without one, but when you mentioned that your main engine is an OMC Cobra ,it caused me to react. The track record on those engines is not great and that kicker is much needed insurance!
  6. Owasco

    With the water this high,it is probably a good idea to use the south end launch. For once, you will not get stuck in the mud and the weeds.
  7. Those extra 3 inches will make a difference,but shifting the weight on the boat farther towards the back can make a difference. Trimming the engine all the way down is not good because it will push the bow down and the stern up. You want to try to raise the bow a bit, that will bring the outboard a bit deeper. As for changing the pitch? I would say BS
  8. That is how its supposed to be,but...the big contractors have their servants in the local and national government positions and plans on infrastructure projects are not built according to need but according to politicians needs.
  9. Try home depot wall mounted bike hangers. They are $1.98 a piece and a pair can easily hold 3 or 4 rods.
  10. If you are going to spend some serious money on a fish finder, you might as well spend it on a real good one with great service to boot. Go Furuno 628 or 588.Combined with a good transducer you will have the best! reading the comments again, I should mention that the Furuno is very userfriendly
  11. East end versus West end I have fished both the east end and the west end ,but mostly the east end over the past few years. I'm just wondering about the good fishing out west and center and the steadily declining fishing in the east end for most species both in size and numbers. The little Salmon River used to have full slips but every year there are fewer boats and some charter captains are relocating farther west. Is it because the nutrients coming down from lake Erie and the other rivers are gobbled up by the Zebra and Quagga mussels and there are not enough nutrients left this far east, or is there another reason? There is of course the possibility that I am just a lousy fisherman, but it seems to be an opinion shared by many other fishermen. There seems to be no shortage of Lakers, but that is mostly on the sand flats farther up north and quite a ways to go from The little Salmon. The grounds in front of the power plant just are not what they used to be.
  12. If that concrete box is a sewer outlet,they will probably catch "brown trout".
  13. That took care of the small pieces. There probably are a bunch of other larger pieces that didn't fit through that hose. You should back flush to be on the safe side. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. That engine looks to be in a very nice shape and 9.9 outboards are not so much priced because of their age ,but because of their use. I have sold several 1963 9.5 Evinrudes for over $400 If you can get it for $300 at the beginning of the season you have made a very good deal.
  15. Probably around $400