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  1. Mecury Outboard Rebuild

    There is repair and rebuild. For repair, the marine shops are good. If it’s a rebuild you are after, you can probably get it done by any good machine shop. Most marine shops send their rebuilding jobs to machine shops. If you can strip your outboard to the bare block, you can save a bundle of money Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Looking at a penn

    Do the gauges work?
  3. Thoughts on turkey numbers in Northern NY

    In the greater Rochester suburbs, there are dozens of flocks roaming through the parks. This spring the flocks are usually about a dozen which is smaller than previous years.. I read an article that the turkey population is quite predictable from season to season. When rabies ravages the local predator population (coyote,fox and raccoon) the number of turkey eggs that survive is much higher than in normal years. A few years later,when the predators make a comeback they have a lot of food (turkey and eggs) which will raise the survival rate of their offspring, In turn, this forces the turkey population down because of increased predation.
  4. When the NOAA announces wave hights they have a specific formula in mind. It is not the highest wave measured but it is an average of sorts. Here is their formula:"Seas (waves) are reported as significant wave height, which is the average of the highest third of the waves. Individual wave heights may be more than twice the significant wave height." I know, it is not encouraging, but it is probably the closest to a realistic forecast that anyone can get . With this information in mind I usually multiply the forecast average by 1.5 and that gives me an idea of what to expect on the water.
  5. Calling all fishermen

    Maybe they should use some Gill nets
  6. Hotels near oswego

    you can also go to Del Lago Casino. It has a good Hotel, lots of good food, nice rainy day entertainment and lots of parking space for the boat. It is about one hour away.
  7. tracking

    I'm just curious, Does the LOU website track the net use of its members? Lately I have been getting a lot of spam from boating and fishing websites which I have never visited before and I never give out my email to any stores I frequent.
  8. If This Is Global Warming...

    You are right Todd. I remember what Oswego looked like in '98. It was a complete mess. Lady O is a fickle mistress.
  9. Mecury Outboard Rebuild

    There are very few mercury dealers left in Rochester. There is Bryce Marine, but it has mixed reviews. Then there is Independent Marine services on Empire boulevard at the bottom of Irondequoit bay. I would check and see if Pugsly on route 104 towards Webster does Mercury. The next closest is in Geneva. A 2 stroke really is not rocket science.
  10. If This Is Global Warming...

    Oh come on now. You are living in the part of NY that is closest to the North Pole. You should be used to this.
  11. My Flys are killing me

    I tend to use the damaged ones regardless of their names. If they are damaged, they have been hit and they will probably get hit again.
  12. Kicker motor brackets

    I do not think that you can use an adjustable bracket and expect the outboard to go lower, but if you can install a non adjustable bracket(Panther has some) about 5 inches below the place where your outboard clamps onto the transom you should see improvement. Before you do that you should check if the remote control cables will still move freely and not hit the transom. If they do you can solve that problem with a spacer or two between the transom and the bracket.
  13. Most of the reason why we are tight lipped and sometimes plain misleading is the wide open nature of websites like this one. If a nice guy from Upstate NY gives a positive report about a certain place, then that certain place will be raped by a lot of nice guys from Down State, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and whoever else reads it. I would like to see a closed professional members only room for fishing reports that are honest and not open to the general public. Until that happens , I will either be tight lipped or deviously misleading to keep people from raping our beautiful lake.
  14. Another good SLR perch catch

    Last year in September we fished in front of the Salmon at about 40 to 60 feet and there were huge schools of fish there. Naturally we presumed that these fish were salmon schooling up getting ready for a run on the river, but all the time we snagged perch on our lures. We realized then that these schools were perch and moved to deeper water. The schools we encountered there were in a fairly narrow band depth-wise but hundreds of feet long. There must be millions of perch out there. and this is their spawning season. ( the end of it already).
  15. They are generic. I bought Cannon online for maybe $15 or so and used them for my Penns and now my Cannons.