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  1. Florida school shooting

    And so the 17 kids who were murdered are forgotten and replaced by another rant about gun rights.As for Belyaev, he killed all the foxes that did not conform. and the little antisemetic sharia rant becomes understandable when Belyaev is mentioned. As for me, Belayaev makes me think of Dr. Mengele.
  2. Bunk versus roller guide one

    I have rollers and 8 foot long side boards on my trailer The rollers give wider support than the bunks and the rolling action makes it easier to load the boat back on. As for centering, my Islander still gets blown around. So when it is windy I make sure that the trailer is not too deep. The bad part of rollers is that you must keep the boat chained up while backing down the ramp because it may roll off while backing into the water.
  3. Compression test on inboard motor

    It is probably the most crucial test to run,because low compression often translates into having to rebuild the engine, which on a big inboard can easily cost thousands of dollars.
  4. Florida school shooting

    This spring I'll launch in Sandy and bring a few six packs.
  5. Florida school shooting

    I guess it is time we sit down and have a beer together.
  6. Florida school shooting

    Good question. What has changed is the invention of the internet. It has given everybody the possibility to express their thoughts and feelings to the entire world without any checks and balances no matter how extreme they are. There are plenty of weird websites that glorify racism ,hatred and extremism. Kids and grownups can sit in their room in front of a computer and absorb all of that without ever having to hear a modifying opinion or any other opinion for that matter. Our own children can be radicalized online without us ever knowing about it. It is a scary brave new world where extreme opinions are rampant and unchecked and where our own president declares whatever he does not like to hear to be "fake news". That is what has changed.
  7. Florida school shooting

    What you say has been repeated to death and does not help at all. It just perpetuates the status quo. But there is a change in the air. This November many candidates for congress who have the NRA seal of approval will lose a lot of support exactly because they dance to the tune of the NRA.
  8. Florida school shooting

    People’s living environment has changed. The availability of assault weapons has increased and gun violence is on the tellie, movies and video games. That makes violence seem like the new normal. At the same time, love making is banned from the open airwaves. Growing up in the Netherlands I remember that gun violence on tv was severely frowned upon, while romance and love making was condoned. I cannot think of even one gun violence event in holland. Maybe our media need to romanticize loving more and violence less Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Penn Yan

    Silver Fox, I can hardly believe my eyes , but there it is!
  10. Penn Yan

    You forgot to mention the intense promoting of the sport by local interests who can only see the profitability of fishing tourism. It is quite visible on this website where lately several counties have been publishing their county fishing reports in hopes of attracting more fishermen to their counties. The local and state authorities behind these promotions all seek financial gain and do not care in the least about the sustainability of our fisheries.
  11. Remington going into chapter eleven means that a lot of suppliers are not getting paid. 700 Million dollar is a lot of money. It seems to me that this is a cold business decision in which the company comes out smelling like a rose and suppliers get shafted to the tune of $700 million. No I do not pity Remington for one moment and I am sure that the management will get big fat bonuses while laying off employees. On a different note and put in a different way,maybe the gun market is saturated.
  12. Trolling with carbed two stroke?

    Never had a problem with my 2 strokes either. They do have poor fuel economy at low RPMs. I never trusted the VRO and always removed them , stuck on a regular fuel pump and mixed 1:50.
  13. Penn Yan

    If you would have seen what goes on in Sodus , you would be too.
  14. for sale : usa 1980 Blue Fin

    I like the bluefins, but in NYS a boat without papers is a yard planter.
  15. Convectors

    I have a few 45s loaded with 500 19 strand and 200 weighted steel . The only issue that I found is the reel line guide. You have to make sure that your knots are very smooth and kept as small as possible