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  1. rolmops

    Painting aluminum haul

    Is your boat in the water all the time, or is it a "Trailer Queen" that spends most of its time high and dry out of the water and on a trailer? If it is a "Trailer Queen" then you can just sand it a bit, roughening the surface, and paint it with Tractor Supply paint at $25 a gallon, the same paint you would paint a tractor with that sits outside in the weather all the time. If it sits in the water all season you should sand it or rough it up a bit in some other way and paint it with some west marine advised paint. I painted my Islander which is a "trailer queen" with tractor paint 3 years ago, changing the 1985 coloring (breast fed baby poop brown) to the blue and white coloring of the 90ties and it has been holding up great for the last 4 years. If you choose to use an etching primer,you will have to remove all the old paint and immediately after removing the paint on a section brushing or spraying the self etching primer on. That is because it must be on there before the aluminum oxidizes, which happens within minutes
  2. rolmops

    Geezer Spoon

    I am planning to run some hot pink me too spoons on my junk lines
  3. rolmops

    Expo roll call.

    You had better start praying to whatever gods you pray to. It looks like a big snow storm is brewing.
  4. rolmops

    Expo roll call.

    I'll be there on Sunday, but if it snows I will have to work
  5. rolmops

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    The one in Henderson has been caught again before his probation was over. He will be sentenced again . This time a bit less friendly. As for the one in Washington, this is a family and fishing website so let's not talk about him.
  6. rolmops

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Here is a pic that I forgot to post. It is my daughter catching the biggest fish in all of Costa Rica!
  7. John, that sounds like a great project. If you need it, I have a 9.9 Suzuki longshaft EFI with T&T and remote control box (cables) It has around 58 hours on it. I bought it last fall, but it is the wrong engine for my boat. Maybe it is good for your project.
  8. rolmops

    Seneca Seneca lampreys

    The best trap would be a Fyke or Hoop net.
  9. rolmops

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Great!!! Now you will have a feast eating them.The restaurant in your hotel will happily prepare them for you. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Thanks Gill. This letter makes things a lot more understandable.
  11. rolmops

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Let me guess, surf is up..
  12. rolmops

    Fish hawk probe .

    Alex, fishing in a small lake like Owasco where you know all the ins and outs does not require a probe or a fishfinder, because for guys like us, Owasco has no secrets left. If you are a stranger to a lake, a probe makes a world of difference
  13. rolmops

    Prop question.

    x2 Every 1 inch pitch down will raise your rpm by about 200. You will not want to go WOT at 6000 rpm. You probably have a spun hub.
  14. I thought is said Brewers town