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  1. I can think of several problems with this setup. First , because of the distance between the transom and the engine, the additional leverage will create a lot of stress on the transom.(you can easily pick up a gallon of milk with one hand,now try the same with that gallon on a 2 foot pole). Second, it will come out of the water in the waves. Third,is potential lower unit prop damage if the lower unit is raised with the kicker down. I would say that this is a no-no.
  2. It looks interesting. Is this mounted on the lower unit of the main engine? The kicker seems to be better than 2 feet behind the boat that may cause it to come out of the water in wavy water.
  3. I just read an article stating that every single Great Lake in the chain is above maximum level and tons of lakeside property will be damaged at the shores of every Great Lake. Except for Lake Ontario which is the closest to its acceptable level of any of the Great Lakes. That tidbit of info seems to put things a bit more in perspective
  4. I have a 1993 9.9 Johnson that I rebuilt in 2001 and it has been in my garage ever since. It has a charger and electric start. It is a kicker without tiller. I can come to St. Catharines. This engine has very low hours. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Red hooks and line were very popular a decade ago when there were a lot of opinions about which color becomes invisible at what debt. At he time the magazine "In Fisherman" did some testing with the spectrum and what bass sees at what depth. The end conclusion was that, as Spoonfed already mentioned, The fish did not care about the color red of the line or the hooks and the fishing fad about the color red ebbed away again.
  6. The MMSI number is a very good thing and I strongly suggest you get one. As for not getting a peep. That is not so amazing for at this time of year. There is hardly any boat traffic at all. Just make sure that all your connections are strong and tight and dial onto the weather wavelength. Not hearing anybody, may have to do with the fact that ship to shore is used very little anymore. Everybody just uses their cell phones these days.
  7. I am also looking into an 8 horse tohatsu.
  8. The one thing that I think may happen is greater concentrations of cormorants in the leftover stocking sites thereby undoing the intended effect of this change.
  9. Yes, I have always had a 9.9 myself, but I'm tired of having to carry a 2 stroke extra fuel tank where space is at a premium and the extra weight of 6 gallons of fuel and a metal tank on the rear end (about 60 pounds) is a setup balance issue. It seems that a decent light weight 4 stroke is a viable alternative. I just don't know what a decent alternative hp would be. Also, a few years ago I saw a picture of a kicker that was installed on top of the I/O lower unit using some simple very effective engineering. This eliminates the need for a kicker bracket and the EZ steer setup. I would love it if someone can dig out a copy of that picture. I have not been able to do so myself
  10. Would a 6 horse tohatsu be powerful enough to use as a kicker for a 19 foot Islander loaded down with all the trolling gear and two fat old man?
  11. The DEC doesn’t care either way. They will get the numbers that they want with or without pens. The pens were only there to entice salmon to go to certain streams and then die. The DEC is mainly interested in maintaining the balance between prey and predators. They probably lost that battle because of chinook natural reproduction. In the big picture, sport or charter fishing is just a small part of the overall health of Lake Ontario. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Boat on the river Styx https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=styx+boat+on+the+river&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFuLUz9U3MDQuNypS4tFP1zcsNjDNTcu2zNASy0620s8tLc5M1k8sKsksLrEqzs9LL37EeICRW-Dlj3vCUtsYJ605eY1xPSMXDrVCalxsrnklmSWVQjJcvFIIqzQYpLi5kGzONAredWnaOTZfwSV112fdTwl3kJIVzFD7vt_n53t7JSEuds9in_zkxBzBlvkWDXX_gWKKnAcvizawl763F5QWYFiw-WOogwSLAoMGg2Gg-__65eK-DloMQRwgG0yKctKa9q04xMbCwSjAYMWkwcSziFWsuKSyQiEpP7FEIT9PoSQjVaEosyy1CABfYl_yEAEAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj3y7SRvOHnAhUMZd8KHaWoAuUQri4wM3oECBcQMQ or The Ship. Below is just one song of a complete album of songs about a ship
  13. Are you a certified prophet? If so, please tell me where the stock market will be by December. Should I buy or should I sell? What is the salmon situation going to be this Summer? Don't keep all this great knowledge to yourself. We could all use a glimpse of the future.
  14. Thank you ,but those guys only have the 5 inch extensions. I am looking for a 10 inch extension
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