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  1. I have a brand new Empire boat cover that will fit a 22 foot Starcraft Islander or similar boat. It fits perfect when the bimini is down. When the bimini is up it is not quite wide enough. Then the bimini is up, it is about 3 inches too short on the beam. I unpacked it tried it on the boat while parked and after 5 minutes put it in a box in my garage. They are about $350 new. This one is for sale for $200. If you want to low ball , you're wasting my and your time. PM me if interested.
  2. I think that before too long, you will help others with your skills, be it outboards or trees. That’s what being a decent person is all about.
  3. It sounds to me that you accidentally switched the screen to Celsius instead of fahrenheit
  4. Good morning Pete. I just saw your post today. Don't be afraid of taking the carburetor off. You will need that working room. All you need to do is taking the carb off and everything will be easy. You can also take the starter off and approach the whole thing from the other side. Just get your camera and take pictures of every step you take so you know what to do when getting every thing back together. after you have loosened the 2 nuts off you can move the carburetor a bit forward and then up a bit. that may be enough to get it done. Otherwise, just loosen up the connections and take the carb out. Here is a fairly useful youtube off what to do.
  5. rolmops


    Is that the Sandy Pond on the east end of the lake or, the creek near Hamlin?
  6. That is exactly how I felt about your comment
  7. There probably are some people who would like to see that, although not very many. It is more probable that parents whose children were hurt or killed because of guns left laying around by irresponsible parents will be held criminally liable.
  8. You mentioned that you fish from a 17 footer. Those boats are narrow and tend to go sideways when weight distribution in your boat changes. (You stand up or move sideways)Taking it from there, you should try to balance everything you can. Like have the same gear on each side of your boat. To easily fish a 17 footer, try and keep your rods on the short side. I used 7 and 8 footers. The only long one going out of the stern. It prevents rods from getting caught in each other or the net. For wire line rods I had 2 8.6 footers with roller guides. They cost a bit more, but they work very well with wire line and will save money in the long run.
  9. So there we go again, turning stuff into politics that gain us nothing positive but help finance a lot of politicians who claim to represent you but mostly want your money. Let's put some things in line here. We all know that lead is not something you want on your breakfast plate and we do not really want to kill animals because they ate the animal that got hit but got away and died later Most hunters love nature and so do the people who promote the change away from lead. Ducks unlimited invests a lot in environmental improvements, so it seems to me that that there are more than just a few shared interests. I do not think that hunters have to quit their hobby just because of the material that they use to shoot. So what other alternatives are there ? Let's start with the anti lead crowd. They should be made aware that every time they use Orkin or Mosquito Joe or anti grub treatments for their lawn, they are probably indirectly killing a lot of birds. We should make them aware of their negative actions and save some of the things they claim to protect. Now for the hunters. If using something instead of lead, would a longer barrel or a rifled barrel help? Would different tactics or techniques remove the need for lead? Is not overcoming the challenges while hunting a great part of the woodsman's joy? I could go on. Calling your senator is an idea. Calling your senator with ideas about how to solve the problem and give them a chance to do something positive instead of wasting our money to play politics is a great idea. Think about it.
  10. What you describe would be good when trolling live bait. When fishing with lures you must set the hook at first bite or the fish will spit the the lure out and go elsewhere
  11. Sent me a pm about where to meet so I can have a close look and buy. I can be there Thursday afternoon after 4 pm
  12. It is very compliant if you add some heat.
  13. Ill take them. Pm me your paypal so I can send the money
  14. I don't get it. My apologies. I was wrong. I just double checked the specs. Here they are. Honda 8,9.9,15 Here is the spec from Honda Marine. Just do a google search. Too easy. It looks like the only difference in the 8 and 9.9 outboards is carb and rpm rating, the 15 is of bigger displacement. 8 HP Type 4-Stroke OHC Twin Cylinders Displacement 222cc (13.5 cubic ins.) Bore & Stroke 58 x 42 mm (2.30 x 1.65 inches) Full Throttle RPM Range 4500-5500 RPM HP Rating @ Propshaft 8HP @ 5000 RPM nduction Scavenging SOHC Valves per Cylinder 2 Fuel Delivery Single Venturi 9.9 HP Type 4-Stroke OHC Twin Cylinders Displacement 222 cc (13.5 cubic inches) Bore & Stroke 58 x 42 mm (2.30 x 1.65 inches) Full Throttle RPM Range 5000-6000 RPM HP Rating @ Propshaft 9.9HP @ 5500 RPM Induction Scavenging SOHC Valves per Cylinder 2 Fuel Delivery Single Venturi 15 HP Type 4-Stroke OHC Twin Cylinders Displacement 350 cc (21.4 cubic inches) Bore & Stroke 59 x 64 mm (2.30 x 2.51 inches) Full Throttle RPM Range 4500-5500 RPM HP Rating @ Propshaft 15HP @ 5000 RPM Induction Scavenging SOHC Valves per Cylinder 2 Fuel Delivery Single Venturi
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