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  1. With all that great music on board you must know that it is good living on a farm ,go ask Alice.
  2. I can swing by Monday afternoon to see and pick up. You have a PM
  3. for sale : usa

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do not mean the spring loaded quick connects. I mean the little spring loaded stub (detente kit) with the white plastic cover that sits on the outer bar and locks the bars together when it falls into a slot on the inner bar. My EZ steer has only one,but the newer ones have 2. If yours has 2, I'm definitely interested.
  4. for sale : usa

    Does this one have the single spring loaded stop or the double?
  5. Take about a hundred pounds of ballast (2 bags of sand) and put them in the bow. That way she will cut through the waves instead of ride on top of them
  6. When I get caught in combat trolling I usually put on the sharpened keels on my otter boats and run them at about 20 feet on each side. This makes for an educational experience for certain captains who believe that they can bully their way through the crowd
  7. Paul, how about giving us the name of the supplier, so we can buy from him. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. It's really a one man job sort of cottage industry. And familiar bait has a very good reputation. Others have tried , Sterling comes to mind, but most failed to equal the quality of familiar bait. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. The dream weaver stuff is tough as shoe takes a drill or a hammer and a nail to make a hole in it and when you finally have it in the water the fish turn away in disgust. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Seneca

    It is very hard to fire political appointees,so even if the orders came from above,the grunt still gets screwed
  11. I have been lucky enough to have three fish successfully placed in the derby. Every time the fuel expense has been greater than the prize. On our boat we put all the small winnings into the "fuel fund" and we dream about winning the big one so we can fish for free for a season.
  12. I cannot find that video on your post, can you try to post it again?
  13. The pictures are up.
  14. The guide's name is Jon Jon Tabon. His (one man) company is called "Local fishing Knowledge". A bit more about Jon Jon. I just read that he is one of the few guides to ever make it to discovery channel fame. Before I decided to go out with him, I asked him what he does with all the fish that customers catch on his kayak, he answered that I can have some , but then he added that a lot of the fish caught on his boat is given away to neighbors who are not as fortunate as he is.That answer made me decide to go with him. It made me feel that the money I paid him went twice as far and I felt honored to be on his kayak.
  15. greetings from Maui, Hawaii It has been a week of great experiences. First the airport in Toronto where they let us through with overweight luggage without having to pay extra and then the seemingly endless flight over six time zones. After having arrived in Maui ,we first spent time in Hana. I did not get much fishing in over there, but mostly hiking along the seashore and into the rain forest ,while stopping to eat exotic fruits right from the trees. Then came the west side of the Island where all the tourist hotels are. Fishing from the shore every morning while casting with a float that has lead in it to improve distance . The line itself had no sinker on it. This keeps the bait and hook away from the very rocky bottom.So every morning there was the shore fishing. Next came the sports fishing charter for tuna and mahi mahi. This was a huge disappointment. We went with a charter company that took us out to deep water and there we started trolling in deep water at ten miles an hour,with the lures skimming the surface.In the first 5 minutes we hit a mahi mahi and a few minutes later another much harder hit with nobody home. From there on for the rest of the trip nothing. The captain did not do anything to change tactics, he just kept running the same gear at the same speed. These people are very jaded ,and it is obvious that they are not very motivated to make a (very expensive) trip a special trip. Next day was kayak fishing. the guide ,Jon Jon, made it an unforgettable adventure. we launched his 2 seater hobi kajak kayak from shore at apoint where the currents clash, caught some bait with a sabiki rig and from there on ,it was game on. The fish we caught were giant trevally (GT) and these forty, fifty pound monsters ,four of them,would take us for kayak rides and gave me some serious muscle aches. My suggestion for holiday trippers would be to stay away from the charter companies and go with a private boat owner and, if you can, go with a kayak.I'll try to get some pictures up later when I get back to Rochester. For now,Aloha.