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  1. Thank you Tim. I'll go get some.
  2. This promises to be a lively cabin fever infected winter .
  3. I would beg to disagree. It depends on the size of your hands and whether you have the special tools needed. Some people call me "Shrek" because my glove size is 4xl. That means that it is very hard for me to get my hands in the tight spots which is really important. I usually end up cursing and bleeding. With special tools, I mostly mean the one that stretches the bellows from the inside in order to fit around the bellows housing. Oh and don't forget to use the rubber cement to glue the bellows on ,so they stay in place. Don't try to do it outside in freezing weather. The rubber will get stiff and that makes everything harder.
  4. Your pictures came through just fine,that is, at least through my system. It may be different for others. Next time, please show a fantasy name for your creek. There is a better than fair chance that your creek will suffer from over popularity in the near future, just because you mentioned it here.
  5. I've picked up my weights at his place as well. He is a good man. I believe in paying the man for the sweat he put into his work!
  6. I would either get the permits (NY/PA) or stay off heavily traveled roads.
  7. This question has been asked before. The police unit dealing with oversize loads and tractor trailer checkups is woefully under manned and most probably nobody will bat an eyelash as long as nothing bad happens. But if something goes wrong,you should fully expect the book to be thrown at you. Specially if you haul oversize without permit at night.
  8. I think that I was about to say the same thing having to do with somebody in Watkins Glen.
  9. I don't know, What I may laugh off can be a serious setback for less well to do people.
  10. DEC and Genesee river enforcement Illegal Fishing on the Genesee River - Monroe County On Oct. 23, ECOs Kevin Holzle, Eoin Snowdon, and Jeff Johnston responded to a complaint of fish being caught by "snagging" on the Genesee River at the lower falls in Rochester. From the Rt. 104 bridge upstream to the lower falls, the Genesee River is one of the Lake Ontario tributaries subject to seasonal regulations from Sept. 1 to March 31. After conducting surveillance from multiple viewpoints around the lower falls, ECOs Holzle and Johnston entered the gorge and met with several subjects. The ECOs issued a total of 15 tickets for a variety of violations, including fishing without a valid license, taking fish by snagging, and disposing of fish or parts of fish within 100 feet of shore, all returnable to the City of Rochester Court. Additionally, one subject was taken into custody on a warrant from the Town of Gates Police Department.
  11. These deer have learned to stay on the safe side of the 500 foot limit.
  12. From now on you had better behave....
  13. Money for Altmar DEC Delivers Press Release -Information to keep you connected and informed from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Share or view as a web page || Update preferences or unsubscribe DEC Announces $150,000 Improvements to Salmon River Fish Hatchery Hatchery Welcomes Public to Enhanced Visitor Experience Supported by Governor's Adventure NY Initiative to Connect New Yorkers with Nature New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced the completion of $150,000 in improvements to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar. The improvements represent the first phase of renovations planned for the hatchery in the coming year. "Lake Ontario and its tributaries provide world-class opportunities for salmon and trout angling," said Commissioner Seggos. "The Salmon River Fish Hatchery plays a pivotal role in raising and stocking millions of trout and salmon for our Great Lakes fisheries, as well as educating the public about DEC's role in making this fishery so successful. Supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo's statewide Adventure NY initiative to connect New Yorkers with nature, these improvements to the hatchery will enhance visitors' experiences, and more upgrades are on the horizon." The improvements include new live fish displays, revitalized public areas, signage, and interpretive displays in the visitor center. In 2018, DEC will embark on an ambitious plan to renovate and modernize the 37-year-old hatchery. Each year, tens of thousands of people, anglers and non-anglers alike, visit DEC's flagship hatchery to learn about the State's Great Lakes Fisheries resources and witness firsthand the fish culture work that supports these premier fisheries. The Salmon River Fish Hatchery specializes in raising steelhead, chinook salmon, coho salmon, and brown trout. Originally constructed to revive and enhance the fishery of the Great Lakes, this facility produces more than 2 million fingerlings (young fish 3-5 inches long) and 1 million yearlings (fish one-year-old or over) for stockings in Lake Ontario. The Salmon River fishery generates more than $27 million in angler expenditures annually, and an additional $85.9 million is generated by anglers fishing the open waters of Lake Ontario and other New York tributaries to Lake Ontario each year. The trout and salmon raised and stocked by the hatchery are economic drivers behind this fishery-every dollar spent at the hatchery yields $125 in angler expenditures. The improvements were announced in advance of Veterans Day, Saturday, Nov. 11, designated a "Free Fishing Day" by Governor Cuomo. Fishing is considered one of the most therapeutic outdoor activities, making it an excellent tribute to veterans and those currently serving. Constructed in 1980, the Salmon River Hatchery requires significant improvements to maintain fish production goals. As part of the Governor's Open for Fishing and Hunting and Adventure NY initiatives, DEC plans to improve the hatchery's physical infrastructure and provide additional visitor area enhancements. Plans for improvements include: A comprehensive engineering study to maximize energy efficiency and reduce water use and enhance fish production; Infrastructure upgrades including new windows and doors, a new heating system, backup power, cellular phone service, and a new fish ladder; and A reimagining of all interpretive and visitor areas for a seamless and enhanced visitor experience. Senator Tom O'Mara, Chair of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, said, "So many of New York State's world-class angling opportunities originate with the Salmon River Fish Hatchery and these state investments will only serve to strengthen the hatchery's role in stocking our waterways, attracting anglers and visitors alike, and raising the public's awareness of conservation." State Senator Patty Ritchie said, "The Salmon River Fish Hatchery plays a key role in supporting the world-class sport fishing opportunities our state is known for. From the raising and stocking of the world's most sought-after fish to teaching visitors about the environment and generating economic activity in our region, the Salmon River Fish Hatchery is there every step of the way. I would like to thank Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Seggos for investing in the Hatchery and strengthening the future of angling in New York State." Assemblyman Will Barclay said, "The Salmon River Fish Hatchery has made our area a world-class fishing destination. Anglers from all over the world come to fish on the Salmon River and on Lake Ontario. Fishing is a major economic driver for the area and has been important to our area's recreational activities. We are fortunate to have such wonderful natural resources, and the hatchery is a great complement to these resources. I am pleased that Governor Cuomo and the DEC recognize the importance of the hatchery system. The completed improvements and the upcoming renovations will improve the operations of the hatchery and, in turn, will result in the continued improvement of our fishery." Under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's Adventure NY initiative, DEC is making strategic investments to expand access to healthy, active outdoor recreation, connect more New Yorkers and visitors to nature and the outdoors, protect natural resources, and boost local economies. This initiative will support the completion of more than 75 projects over the next three years, ranging from improvements to youth camps and environmental education centers to new boat launches, duck blinds, and hiking trails. Read more about the Adventure NY initiative. For more information concerning the Salmon River Hatchery visit DEC's website. Connect with DEC: . This email was sent to [email protected] using GovDelivery Communications Cloud on behalf of: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation · 625 Broadway · Albany, NY 12233 · (518) 402-8013 Click here to Reply or Forward 0.01 GB (0%) of 15 GB used Manage Terms - Privacy Last account activity: 49 minutes ago Details
  14. Sorry for being a party pooper, but those cracks in the transom are a serious matter. They are there because the engines on that boat are too powerful for the transom and the boat .The previous owner tried to put a band aid on the damage by putting a large wooden board on the back of the transom after the cracks appeared,hoping that it would stop the transom from being torn out by these engines. That boat with its over weight engines probably took some severe beatings running at high speed and a serious inspection will probably reveal way more hairline cracks then you want to deal with. The specs for that boat are 300 hp minimum and 450 hp maximum. You have 500 hp on the back. That is where your cracks come from. This boat cannot be insured as is because no insurance company will cover damage to the boat when they find out that the boat is out of specification. The coast guard also has a very dim view of over powered boats. Again, sorry for being a party pooper, but I would suggest that you should not buy that boat
  15. I've never heard of this purple -60 stuff. But it would nice to have something like that to pour into the block in order to prevent any water left behind after draining from freezing.Is there a brand name or do you use straight methanol (CH3OH)?