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  1. I doubt whether copper really fits Owasco lake. The lakers really are not very big and 250 or 300 feet of copper ( unless light weight) often hides the hit of smaller fish. That is unless you hand pull copper. Lakers in Owasco Lake do not really adhere very much to a specific depth. They often are all over the place following the different bait schools. In my experience downriggers with long lines (50 feet) behind the ball will allow you to raise and lower your presentation according to what you see on your fish finder. leadcore or weighted steel are the more sensitive presentations by virtue of being lighter than copper. The main problem I have with copper in Owasco lake is that by the time you have reeled in the fish, it often is spent just because of fighting the weight, the distance and time . Release becomes iffy because the fish are exhausted.
  2. A boat without an engine does not need registration papers. (row boat) In the case of a 14 to 17 foot boat ,that is not so far fetched specially if it is pre 1976. All you need is the id of the boat.and often not even that. You will need a bill of sale. If the boat does have registration numbers on it, the dmv can tell you whom it was last registered to. Some boat are stolen or abandoned and that may be more of a problem.
  3. I’ve been thinking about doing the same. Can you post about the internal changes you have to make? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. I have been looking for replacements of the aluminum tubing chair frames for years now and ,apart from bending and welding my own, I have not found anything. Then, just yesterday, all of a sudden, the solution to this problem presented itself . Looking for a shower chair for a newly handicapped family member, I googled "shower chair" and went into the walmart website for shower chairs. Right in front of me on the screen there were countless possibilities for cheap and it reminded me of my boat chair problem. Not only will I now order a fitting shower chair for the house, but also a pair of adjustable shower chairs (aka boat chairs) for my boat. Needless to say, that by simply replacing words like boating and marine and using walmart and shower instead, I saved a lot of money.
  5. It is not such a great idea to use blue light. Not because it has lesser visibility, but because of what it does to your brain. It causes more trouble sleeping than most other colors. At this point in time there are glasses that filter out blue light and computer programs that filter out blue light after a certain time on the computer or television. I honestly do not understand why this is, but here is some info. What is Blue Light? Sunlight is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light. When combined, it becomes the white light we see. Each of these has a different energy and wavelength. Rays on the red end have longer wavelengths and less energy. On the other end, blue rays have shorter wavelengths and more energy. Light that looks white can have a large blue component, which can expose the eye to a higher amount of wavelength from the blue end of the spectrum. Find Out More About Computer Screens, Smart Phones, and Your Eyes Where Are You Exposed to Blue Light? The largest source of blue light is sunlight. In addition, there are many other sources: Fluorescent light CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs LED light Flat screen LED televisions Computer monitors, smart phones, and tablet screens Blue light exposure you receive from screens is small compared to the amount of exposure from the sun. And yet, there is concern over the long-term effects of screen exposure because of the close proximity of the screens and the length of time spent looking at them. According to a recent NEI-funded study, children’s eyes absorb more blue light than adults from digital device screens. Related link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21600300?report=abstract What Are The Benefits of Blue Light? Blue light is needed for good health: It boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function and elevates mood. It regulates circadian rhythm – the body’s natural wake and sleep cycle. Exposure to blue light during daytime hours helps maintain a healthful circadian rhythm. Too much exposure to blue light late at night (through smart phones, tablets, and computers) can disturb the wake and sleep cycle, leading to problems sleeping and daytime tiredness. Not enough exposure to sunlight in children could affect the growth and development of the eyes and vision. Early studies show a deficiency in blue light exposure could contribute to the recent increase in myopia/nearsightedness. Related links: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25535358 How Does Blue Light Affect the Eyes? Almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes. Early research shows that too much exposure to blue light could lead to: parts of the eye Digital eyestrain: Blue light from computer screens and digital devices can decrease contrast leading to digital eyestrain. Fatigue, dry eyes, bad lighting, or how you sit in front of the computer can cause eyestrain. Symptoms of eyestrain include sore or irritated eyes and difficulty focusing. Retina damage: Studies suggest that continued exposure to blue light over time could lead to damaged retinal cells. This can cause vision problems like age-related macular degeneration. What Can You Do to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light? If constant exposure to blue light from smart phones, tablets, and computer screens is an issue, there are a few ways to decrease exposure to blue light: Screen time: Try to decrease the amount of time spent in front of these screens and/or take frequent breaks to give your eyes a rest. Filters: Screen filters are available for smart phones, tablets, and computer screens. They decrease the amount of blue light given off from these devices that could reach the retina in our eyes. Computer glasses: Computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses that block blue light can help ease computer digital eye strain by increasing contrast. Anti-reflective lenses: Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and increase contrast and also block blue light from the sun and digital devices. Intraocular lens (IOL): After cataract surgery, the cloudy lens will be replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). The lens naturally protects the eye from almost all ultraviolet light and some blue light. There are types of IOL that can protect the eye and retina from blue light. Talk to an eye care professional about options about ways to protect your family and your eyes from blue light. Blue Light Information to Download and Print You can right-click this link to download, print, copy and share our free information on the effects of blue light.
  6. This is in poor taste and not very original. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. If you do that on your own, they will just let you scream until you are tired and you will not have changed a thing. A much better way is to let the big guns fire for you. Make sure you are a BoatUS member and write a letter to the editor explaining your problem with the Starcraft company. They will listen to you and if they think your complaint is reasonable they can and will contact the starcraft people. Dependent on the reaction of starcraft they may publicize your letter in their magazine. And that is something that boating manufacturers can ill afford, so they will try to make things more to your satisfaction.
  8. The Bluefin, Starcraft and Sylvan are all made in the same factory. When the founder died he left it to his children who decided that they would each start a different brand while using the factory that their dad had left them. So no difference between them. nowadays it is run under an umbrella company called Smokercraft. A better question for aluminum boating would be: Welded or riveted? there are plenty of horror stories about welded aluminum boats. (Tracker), but others swear by them, If you intend to buy new, make sure that the dealer will go the extra mile. (plenty of horror stories there too) Most important, is becoming a member of BoatUS. When you have the backing of that organisation most dealers and manufactorers will try to make sure that you are happy.
  9. In Cleveland. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. The lakers in Owasco lake are not bottom huggers. they are bait huggers. Very early in the morning you will find them spread out across the lake above and under the thermocline, but always near a bait concentration. As the morning advances they will move away from the center of the lake and congregate in areas with very steep drop offs where they will spend most of the day until the light changes again in the late afternoon. It is possible to catch them by running lures close to almost vertical "walls" quite close to the western shore. Walleye are a bit different. Although you can use the same lures and speed for walleyes and lakers , the walleyes are always a bit above the thermocline and not so much in the northern parts of the lake , but more in the south eastern parts. as always browns like it warm and the rainbows..., Well eyes and rainbows do not get along well. the magic in Owasco Lake is connected to the wind and the currents it creates. Add to that the points sticking out from the shore and you end up fishing in what I like to call "Lake Wegmans"
  11. Launching and parking is free. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. My comment was based on the ironic statement you made and was meant in jest. In my mind your comment translated into:"Let's make some trouble". Apart from that, I fully agree with closing down the Salmon River. The DEC lowered stocking this year to protect the hard hit bait population, but now they close the river in order to protect the salmon reproduction.I was silently hoping that they would have to import some fresh stocking fry from the west coast,but you can't have it all.
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