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  1. rolmops

    How do I close my acct

    We are all just prisoners here of our own device
  2. rolmops

    oak vs sodus vs oswego?

    This year was great everywhere. Don't get used to it. But you may want to consider additional parameter. How far do you have to run on the water to reach the fishing grounds! On that one, Oswego out of Wrights Landing is only 5 to 10 minutes. Another pro for Oswego is the very large area inside the Break Walls. You can actually fish protected from the waves and be succesful inside the break wall area.
  3. rolmops

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    There is another reason why I do not like the goods that are shipped from China. It is the postage price. The Chinese businessman buys a stamp to pay for the shipping and the cost of it is cheaper than mailing local in town in the USA. That is because the "Last Mile " cost ( the inside the USA shipping) is carried by the USPS while they never receive any compensation for this service. This is because of antiquated postal legislation on international mail. What it means is that the USPS is in fact subsidizing mail order imports from China. This is unfair competition.
  4. rolmops

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    They may be cheaper, but the local guy usually has the better service Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Same here. that MMSI # is for free and it is a must
  6. I would not worry about the waves as much as I would worry about the traditional labor day weekend combat fishing in the general Salmon river staging areas.
  7. rolmops

    Help Diagnosing Electrical issue

    sounds to me that the bilge pump grounds out when it gets wet or hot and creates a false ground sucking all the juice away from the system. Disconnect the bilge from the system and see if that solves your problem
  8. Pm me so we can make arrangements
  9. I travel a lot between Oswego, Moravia and Rochester, so meeting places in that triangle can be arranged.
  10. I am located in Brighton (Rochester) ,no they do not have mounts,I bought them a few months ago with the intention to use them for walleye fishing ,but I never got around to it. They came as you see them in the picture. I presume that they were rebuilt, but before I got them.I do have one old mount that I can throw into the deal.
  11. A have for sale a set of cannon down riggers in good working condition. They come with one 8 pound down rigger ball, one Michigan Stinger 10 pound pancake,one Chamberlain line clamp,weight retrievers and terminal clips. $250 for the pair
  12. rolmops

    Hull difference

    I disagree with the need for a tandem setup. The 22 foot sylvan is made of aluminum and weighs less than 3000 pounds even if it has an I/O. So a good single with surge or electric brakes will do fine.