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  1. If they are serious about that, they would have radiated all the stocked fish in order to render them sterile. The fact that they did not do this is a sign that they do not care about inhibiting fertility in introduced species.
  2. Did it help create natural reproduction?
  3. rolmops

    Hunting Africa w/ pics

    It sure looks like you enjoyed. It must have been the trip of a lifetime.
  4. I did buy it from Money Shot. It is just too heavy to put on a bracket and trailer with it. You might say that the buying was compulsive and buyers remorse set in. I will have to sell it and get an 8 horse Tohatsu instead. That Suzuki is worth every cent I paid for it and then some, but it was the wrong choice for me.
  5. What I do not like about gun ownership in the USA is the lack of sensible safety measures. Where I come from (Israel) we had a system where every gun owner would have to come to a shooting range once a year. We had a refresher on all the safety rules and then we had to practice our skills. Before firing a single shot the instructor inspected every single gun brought to the range for cleanliness and proper working order. Then we had to fire at least 12 bullets to make sure that we still knew what to do. At the end of this short course the gun permits were renewed by the instructor. If you did not participate in these classes your gun permit would be revoked and your gun would be confiscated. In order to get it back you would have to go through the new gun owners course which was much longer than the refresher. This system is based on the army setup where every person coming up for reserve duty has to be reacquainted with the weapons they are supposed to use.
  6. Ttt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. They are still available, I'm in Brighton so that's close to Fairport.
  8. rolmops

    Rodent deterrents

    May I suggest a few hungry barn cats.
  9. Here is the perfect Christmas present, possibly to yourself I have a 2016 Suzuki 9.9 BTL EFI kicker for sale with 59.1 hours on it. Electric Start and power tilt. Comes with shift / Throttle control box as well. Runs super smooth and quiet and the EFI is magic. Fires right up. It is mint just like new. Selling boat in the spring removing some things prior to sale. $2200 FIRM. I paid $3100 2 years ago. Today the new price is $3750. It comes with the manuals as well.