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  1. Fairhaven boat ramp Is the Fair haven State park boat ramp open? Or any other ramp in Fair haven?
  2. HOW MANY GUYS ON HERE ARE THROWING IN THE TOWEL because the ramps are closed ????? I bet zero.... I know a lot of people who do not want to make payments on toys that they cannot use and in quite a few cases it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
  3. With all the state launches closed for probably the rest of the year, there are going to be a lot of boats for sale in the Lake Ontario basin. Boats that have never seen salt water. My guess is that there will be great boats for low prices by the beginning of August.
  4. It's closed, but on Monday there was a DEC truck that had launched a boat. The boat was in the river opposite the closed launch stopping non existent boats in order to count non existent fish. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. The cloud burst on Saturday night sent the lake level up by 10 inches. I spent most of Sunday morning in a canoe catching dock sections and towing them back. It is the biggest rise in the water level that I have witnessed since 1979 when I bough the cottage on Owasco lake. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Torpedo wire Last January I bought a 1000 feet of 19 strand wire and 300 feet of the weighted stainless wire and while loading up my reel I found a few places where a strand had come loose. I did not think much of it and cut the sections out and retied. Then just 3 weeks ago I bought another roll which had no defects at all. I used it with 200 feet of the weighted steel line and I just love it. One rod and reel for all the different lengths of weighted line instead of 4 rods with different footage of copper. I decided to give Matthew from Torpedo a call and explained about the first roll that I bought. He listened to my issue and told me that he would send me a replacement roll. Today I got the roll in the mail. These guys stand behind their product!! I will load up another reel with the 19 strand and 100 feet of the weighted steel line. It should go down about 20 foot and then an additional 20 foot for every hundred feet of 19 strand that I let out. What I will have now are 2 rods which will replace several coppers and also allow me to use it instead of different lengths of leadcore simply by letting out more backing. The best thing about this stuff is the uncanny ability to be in a pile on the deck and not becoming a bird's nest. I had about 40 feet laying on the deck in front of me and I just reeled it back onto the reel. I am done with copper. I will have at least one Penn 340 levelwind for sale.
  7. Easily.
  8. If you tell us more about the boat we may be of some help. What brand is it? outboard or I/O is it open or a cuddy. What year is it and what VIN? For most aluminum boats a 2000 pound capacity winch will be sufficient. If it is on rollers you are fine with 2000 pounds. If it is on bunks you may want to spray the bunks with silicone to make them more slippery. all you do is a roughly horizontal pull, you are not going vertical.
  9. The reason why it does not make national news is that it is not very sexy and it happens all over the place. Face it. If it bleeds, it leads. This water news does not bleed. As for people coming from far away; If I go to a far away place to do something special I always check out on local weather and potential fun spoilers before I go. That is why I love the internet
  10. I've never needed any of those sleepy pill, but whenever I go out in real bad weather ,I make sure to munch on raw ginger. I love that stuff.
  11. So should we go fishing or play computer games?
  12. I'm glad that they stopped wasting taxpayers money on a road that has no economic value and stops in the middle of nowhere Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. It may not be open ,but last Sunday there were pickups with empty trailers in the parking lot.
  14. I always go from Rochester on the 490 to 531 and from the end of 531 due north to the 104 west ,right on route 98 until I hit route 18. this is fastest and shortest. The roads are good.But if you come from south or east of Rochester ,the T-Way and route 98 are just as good. The lake Ontario park way is a moonscape. Maybe it should be torn out and rebuilt as a bike path or walk way
  15. We were there on Sunday and we fished for 10 hours anywhere between 20 and 200 feet. All we got was one hit in on a dipsy 120 down over 175. We ended up skunked and discussing how to make a mold for kitchen sinks with hooks. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United