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  1. I just did some research on that very subject and after some expensive options I found that a linear actuator is a cheap and easy solution. check this YouTube. telstar 28 firefly linear actuator YouTube
  2. This disregard for the law and seeing with what you can get away with is probably his general life style . An IRS check up of his taxes may be a good idea.
  3. Sk8man in case you wondered. I found out about this about a day after I ordered the other stuff, part of which is on back order. And yes I am mad not at you, but at myself for yet again being impulsive and not doing all the research first . Telstar 28 Firefly Linear Actuators - YouTube
  4. If you are a bit of a do it yourselfer you may want to look into a Telstar 28 firefly linear actuator. That would do the job for about $200
  5. It has the same fishfinder as the 588 which are very popular mostly because they are not only very good,but also very user friendly. Just remember to use a good 1kw transducer or better. The money you spend on a better transducer will be well spent. It is nice to be able to see your downrigger cable in the water
  6. You are right. Even though this is made in the USA. I just went ahead and ordered it. If it is a piece of horse manure, I will simply blame you for making me anxious and doing impulsive things. (If the prices do go down for black Friday,I will simply return this one and get the cheaper one with the compliments of Amazon return policy.)
  7. Amazon has it for $784, but I suspect that around thanksgiving I may be able to find it a lot cheaper so I will buy it around that time although there are some comments about poor customer service.
  8. That is very much like what I want. My Tohatsu doesn’t have a steering tube and they solve that problem. The price is reasonable and it is flexible setup, leaving room for improvisation thank you .
  9. I am thinking of getting rid of the (not so) EZ steer setup that I am currently using and investing in a wireless remote control steering setup,maybe just steering or maybe also speed control. What would e a good system to go with? This is for a 19 foot Islander with a 140 horse mercruiser and a 9.9 remote controlled Tohatsu (cables). Thank you for your advise and opinions, Cornelis.
  10. So from here on it will be shoulder to shoulder with standing room only.
  11. I had a 1956 as well, but a 16 footer. They are made with heavy duty thick aluminum
  12. If you guys keep on advertising Owasco Lake the way you are, it will soon be overrun by refugees from Lake Ontario. The best way to keep a good thing going is by keeping quiet.
  13. It could also be a bolt holding a wiring clip or one of the bolts holding the valve cover in place or one of the bolts holding the oil pan in place or one of the bolts holding the flywheel cover in place. good luck finding the hole where it belongs. It can also be a bolt that fell during a repair and then was replaced by another one from the toolbox. Good luck
  14. You may want to have your batteries on the starboard side to balance things out. Also your bow will come up a bit more so you will need to trim differently from what you are used to. The 100 pound yammy is a tiller and not a remote control kicker. You should either install electronic remote control steering and speed control or hook the kicker to the main engine and install cable remote controls. Good luck
  15. Stupidity should hurt.
  16. I believe that only bad hunters will go after does with young fawns. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. My team mates have caught only one small king in the last four weeks, fishing twice a week. They fished off Oswego from anywhere between 70 to 700 feet. The marks are few and far between and the hits even fewer and they refuse to pollute our competition boat with slimers. Off Rochester and to the west things are far better,even though also here it is not stellar. It is just one of those years.
  18. Wrights landing has a cleaning station, tackle is best gotten where you got them before. Ice in blocks and cubes is available in Wrights Landing and most gas stations. The only problem is fish. Fishing is terrible. Most charters go to the sand flats near Henderson Harbor for Lakers because there aren’t any kings to be caught. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Ouch Sorry to hear that. Please do take care of yourself and feel better. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. The DEC is proposing to raise the limit from 3 to 5 fish daily
  21. 50 years ago when there still were ciscos in the finger lakes night trolling worked good. At night the schools of Cisco would come up high to feed on the micro organisms and the lakers would follow. The Ciscos are gone and the mooneyes are less attracted by light. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. Speeding up will make it worse. A few feet at a time will make it work better. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. So now we will have Empress Kathy from Buffalo. She seems to have some serious cohones , so I would not count on many changes.
  24. It looks like he might have one criminal investigation to deal with. If this will send him to jail? I don't know.
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