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  1. It is probably the best place to catch carp in NYS in spring along the Montezuma shore.
  2. I find that they work very well in spring, but as the season goes into summer and the natural bait grows larger they get to be less effective. I always have bad luck with stinger spoons in general. it seems that they loose their paint job a lot faster than other brands.
  3. Don’t loose any little bolts or screws
  4. When I had my 18 footer Sylvan I stored them on the boat only when fishing in rod holders set up vertical in the bow section. The setup had 10 rods storage capacity,along the seats between the front window and the bow. That way they stayed out of the way. I still do not know why I had to have 8 rods on that boat , but that is a different story.
  5. May his name and memory be blessed and not forgotten
  6. I would do a compression test and if the compression is good, I would clean out the carb, check the lower unit and if everything checks out ok just keep on using it. A new one is about $2000 . with that in mind you can check out what a rebuild costs and take it from there
  7. I had twin 1957 Johnson 35 hp sea horse engines on my 1957 Herter's 16 footers. (I know, I predate Dinosaurs and I knew young Ole Evinrude when he was a child). I had the splash problem and the tiger tail as well. So I went to Bill Mayer of Mayers Marina in Webster and asked how to solve the problems. He told me that because of water resistance to multiple lower units you can only expect a 35 % increase in power when using twin engines. The splashing and tiger tail problem are solved by trimming the engine a bit farther down which raises the stern a bit and the tiger tail will also become less that way. In addition he told me to have the engines face sideways just a bit so instead of one straight backward water stream you get two more separate streams. He warned me to be very careful with the down trimming because it pushes the bow down a bit and to never make sharp turns because of the engine angles as one of the engines may come out of the water a bit too much. Old Bill used to race boats in the fifties.
  8. Let's hope you did not pick up the virus and that you stay healthy. But if you do get sick it's not because of the fricking NY tyrants.
  9. The older Evinrude longshaft motors were 23 inch , not 20
  10. The extra weight of the second engine probably changed the weight balance enough for the boat to go up on plane and that makes a world of difference. There is a good chance that with only one 9.9 engine with the weight properly balanced (less up front more in back)and the motor properly trimmed you would make it up to 15 mph. The rooster tail happens because of too high trimming and /or too much water being pushed out and the air having less resistance than the water. The idea of using only 9.9 or less has a lot to do with keeping the lake clear of exhaust and noise pollution. You may or may not have found a legal loophole in the rule of this law, but the spirit of that law is breached.
  11. Sorry, Cloven is a nickname. I meant Quabbin reservoir
  12. This was only one question, but there are more, like, do you want to have tiller steering and speed control or would you prefer to cable remote control? Maybe it is wireless speed and steering remote control. If you fish alone,I would definitely go for the wireless remote system,it is so much more convenient and does not tie you to one place. As for 9.9 engine, do not under estimate the power of the smaller engines (9.8 or 6). If you think about new, my choice would be a 9.8 or 9.9 Tohatsu tiller with wireless remote speed and steering. But if a good second hand one (tiller or kicker) presents itself you may want to consider that too.. Do you fish Cloven? Sorry, I went off subject. 4 stroke engines are supposedly more powerful than 2 stroke ones . So for 4 stroke engines the brackets are heavier. The light weight 4 stroke Panther brackets are probably what you are looking for.( I think that this idea is based on the thought that 4 strokes are heavier than 2 strokes. But the 9.8 tohatsu tiller outboard has the same weight as most 2 strokes)
  13. 2 stroke or 4 stroke? how much hp?
  14. I think that the next flea market is in Buffalo in the same building and at the same time as the sports fishing expo. With covid over our heads there may not be as many visitors as other years.
  15. I think Fauci is falsely accused of negative action. Let's go back a few years. During the Bush and Obama administrations there were pandemic red flags like Zika, Sars and some other types of bird flue that crossed over to humans. Thank God , those were isolated and vanquished. During the Bush and ,later , the Obama administrations there was a healthy budget that was set up to study and prevent,or at least control catastrophic viral outbreaks. In the beginning of the Trump administration that budget and the manpower working on prevention were slashed,which left us in a poor position to quickly react. After pooh poohing the covid in the beginning, the Trump administration went all out to find a cure and with enormous effort and government support the vaccines were created and mass produced. In all of this, Fauci had to restart a very emaciated CDC in order to get it to the strength it needed to be, which he did. Although lacking the complete set of information needed he tried to set up rules for an effective response to corral and control the new virus. Which he did very well considering the constantly changing character of the virus and the lack of information available. It would have been better if he would have stayed out of the lime light. As for natural immunity, (Sweden tried until there was so much death that they changed their policy) yes there is such a thing. At the price of many more dead people and more mutations that can be more deadly or less so. Small pox was eradicated because of vaccines and so was polio to name just a few. Those diseases would still be causing havoc if the anti-vaccers would have gained the upper hand. As long as there are un-vaccinated people there is the virus as well, probably mutating in one way or another. Every unvaccinated person should ask him or herself if they would have survived polio or small pox and if they want to be the vessel in which the next mutation will happen, with possibly disastrous effects for those they love. Happy new year.
  16. Happy New year to all. Thank you Gator, for adding some common sense and calling a pseudo scientist's bluff.
  17. Boating Education Home / Recreation / Boating / Education View In Class Room Boating Safety Course Availability Apply for a Replacement Certificate (pdf) Frequently Asked Questions Boating Education New York State requires certain boat operators to have a boating safety certificate. New York and most other states do not require a "license" to operate your personal recreational boat. There are licenses for operating a boat on a professional level such at sightseeing or charter fishing or even commercial work boats such as tug and ferries. If you need information on this type of license check out our page Public Vessels New York State provides boating safety certificates to those people who successfully complete a New York State Safe Boating Classroom Course. New York State also recognizes the safety certificates issued by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the US Power Squadron and the US Powerboating. Boating Safety Certificates from several online course providers are approved for New York State residents Who needs a boating safety certificate? Motorboats Under a new law, known as Brianna's Law, all motor boat operators: Born on or after Jan. 1, 1993 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2020. Born on or after Jan. 1, 1988 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2022. Born on or after Jan. 1, 1983 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2023. Born on or after Jan. 1, 1978 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2024. All motor boat operators regardless of age will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2025. If you were born on or after: You will need a boating safety certificate when operating a motorized vessel in: January 1, 1993 2020 January 1, 1988 2022 January 1, 1983 2023 January 1, 1978 2024 All operators of motorized vessels, regardless of age, will need a boating safety certificate by January 1, 2025 Personal Watercraft Anyone operating a Personal Watercraft (JetSki™, Wave Runner™, etc.) must have a boating safety certificate, and be at least 14 years of age or older. Boating Safety certificates issued in other states If you are a New York resident, you will need to have a NYS boating safety certificate; if you are from out-of-state, New York recognizes the boating safety certificate issued by your home state. Renting a boat Persons may rent and operate a motor boat from a livery without first obtaining a boating safety certificate. Operators of sailboats, kayaks, standup paddleboards, rowboats, canoes and any other watercraft without a motor are not required to have a boating safety certificate to be on the water. However, it is always a good idea to take a boating course. You can find an on-the-water paddling course in many areas of the state or you may want to begin with one of these online programs: The FREE Paddle Sports Safety Course American Canoe Association Paddlesports Safety Course Online Take a Boating Safety Class Choose the method that best fits your schedule, style and needs. Both options are approved by the New York State Office of Parks and result in certificates that never expire. Please note that some courses charge a fee. In-Classroom Instruction New York State Parks' Bureau of Marine Services has over 55 years of experience teaching New Yorkers to operate their boats safely. In the last 15 years, through State Parks network of certified instructors, we have taught more than 300,000 people. The in-classroom course option is designed as a comprehensive study of boating safety to teach the fundamentals of safe boating operation. The course requires a structured classroom setting and has been approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). Courses are available throughout the state. The course listing is updated daily. Find a safe boating course near you. Registration for a course is completed by calling the contact number provided. Course providers are responsible for any fees they may charge. Fees paid to the instructor do not cover the cost of your permanent certificate issued by NYS Parks. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information on classroom courses Classroom Providers New York Boating Safety Long Island and Westchester Finger Lakes Boating Museum Finger Lakes Region NY Boat School Lower Hudson, New York City and Long Island NY Boating College Lower Hudson Safe Boating America Buffalo, Lower Hudson, New York City and Long Island SUNY Maritime College Lower Hudson, New York City and Long Island Instruct NY New York City, Westchester and Long Island Online Class Instruction Beginning in 2015, the Boating Safety Certificate course requirements can be completed with one of the online courses listed below. Courses are available at your convenience; just click one of the links below to begin your online learning experience. Course providers are responsible for any fees they may charge. Learning is completed online, successful completion of unit exams is required in order to advance through the course and ultimately undertake a comprehensive final exam. Fees paid to the online provider cover the cost of your permanent certificate issued by the provider. Aceboater BOATERexam Boat-ED Boat U.S. America's Boating Club (formerly known as US Power Squadron) Spanish online course available BOATsmart BoatTests101 iLearnToBoat iLearnToBoat is an online course in which users learn safe boating methods and procedures through an interactive story. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information about online boating education courses New York State Adventure License If you have a lifetime recreation certificate or sporting license, your New York State Driver License can now become an all-purpose boating, fishing, hunting and parks ID card. Anyone successfully completing the New York Safe Boating Course or approved online boating safety course may opt to have their driver's license, non-driver ID, or learner's permit indicate completion of the course. A small anchor icon will be placed on your DMV document, attesting that you have earned a New York State boating safety certificate. The advantage to this program is that you will no longer need to carry your boating safety certificate with you when boating, provided you have your DMV credential with you. DMV will maintain a record of your having completed the boating safety course, and automatically place the icon on your license each time it is renewed. There are several ways to apply for this program If you are planning on taking a classroom course, your instructor has proper paper work for you. If you have taken the classroom course in the past and have received your permanent card you can go to the NYS Parks Adventure License page. Customers who wish to add the anchor icon to their enhanced driver's license must have an up-to-date photo on file with DMV in order for their request to be processed successfully. If your photo is out of date, please select Opt-In Later and contact your local DMV office to update your photo. If you select Opt-In Now without an up-to-date photo on file with DMV, you will not receive a new document until your photo is updated. Please note that NYS Parks does not have access to DMV records. Please contact your local DMV office with any further questions or information about updating your photos. For payment through check or money order, please use the following form If you have taken an online class you must log back into their website and click on the link they provide for the Adventure License. If you have a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron or US Powerboating Boating Safety Certificate, you must bring your original certificate directly to any DMV office. If you have taken the classroom course in the past you can bring your NYS Boating Safety Certificate to your local DMV office. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information before you call DMV. Instructors for New York Safe Boating Course How to become an Instructor for the New York Safe Boating Course New instructors are needed to teach the New York Safe Boating course to youths and adults. New York State Parks provides textbooks, lesson plans and a power point presentation at no cost to all instructors. To begin the certification process, complete the New York Safe Boating Instructor Application (pdf). For more information call (518) 474-0445. Suffolk County Residents In 2014, legislation signed by the Governor supersedes all local laws or ordinances with respect to motorboat education requirements. Any local boater education requirement adopted by a locality prior to the effective date of this law is no longer enforceable. Overview Boating Education Navigation Law Safe Operation Public Vessels 2020 New York Safe Boating Textbook 2021 Boaters Guide
  18. Q Anon Annie is hiding behind the green gables and Humpty Dumpty was pushed from the wall of the pizza parlor where the pedophile Clintons were selling big lie magic mushroom and onion pizzas to hide the smell coming out of the rabbit hole that Alice fell into.
  19. That sounds like the beginning of a good thing.
  20. This sort of price control is more common than you think. And I for one am grateful for it. It prevents the big box stores from driving the little local village guy out of business. The Weber grill company use this business model and it levels the playing field for your local small hardware store. It is NOT price fixing. It would be if several competing manufacturers get together in a dark room and agree to raise the price of their products instead of competing. If a company as big as Weber can do it (for many years now) it must be legal.
  21. My daughter lives in Palo Alto (the heart of Silicon valley) and she showers at least once a day,so I will take your comment as a symbolic statement.
  22. In fact, desalination is pretty cheap if you make it in large quantities. In Israel there are 31 desalination plants and over 80% of all the drinking water is from these plants.. All the sewer water gets a basic treatment and is used for agriculture. Israel also sells a lot of desalinated water to Jordan where it is in high demand. The real problem with desalination is that all the politicians talk about it and promote it ....... until it rains and then nobody promotes it anymore because now it is no longer a popular subject. Just remember that one almond costs a gallon of water.
  23. I'm gonna go a bit in a different direction. I think that the early to mid 1980s Sylvans and starcrafts are probably the best boats available now. Specially the older Islanders are all made of a heavier grade of Aluminum and they are the tanks of the aluminum boats. It may take some time to fix them back up to their former glory, but with my 19 foot Islander I feel safe in 4 footers and I often find myself trolling along in the trough of a 4 foot wave. the 22 footers are just as stable
  24. NYC tried by banning the huge sugar loaded soft drinks. That did not go down well among our mostly sugar addicted population. Diet control is beyond the scope of government. Yet at the same time, if all the farm subsidies on sugar are removed , the price of sugar laced foods may go up enough to lower customer demand and maybe Subway will remove some of the sugar in its rolls. (currently sugar makes up 11% of a subway roll)
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