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  1. On December 27 , our 43th wedding anniversary, my wife Debra passed away after fighting brain cancer for over three years. On January 24th the flags at the medical center and the River Campus of the University of Rochester will be flown at half staff in her honor. I lost a loving wife and the University lost a beloved and treasured dean. She left us too early.
  2. I feel that as bitcoin values decline ,so will the will the need for this utterly needless polluter. My hope is that they will go bankrupt .
  3. Thank you for this. You just put some whip cream on my morning coffee. I barely got my breath back from laughing at Jimmy Kimmels's skid on George Santos and now you top it off with a cosmic Dr Snip.
  4. Sorry, I meant to say otter boats which allow you to run lines 20 feet apart.
  5. What saddens me in this case is that we do not seem to learn of our previous mistakes. First we dumped PCBs by the thousands of tons into our lakes and streams and made fish inedible and gave a lot of the polluters a free ride to make bigger profits by not having to clean up after themselves and now we find out that the same was done with these forever chemicals. As long as big money has big political power we will just keep on having our precious resources polluted so more profit can be made.
  6. I have the same experience, but I solved the problem by changing from Sam Adams to Yungling. Now I’m good again. It might be that the culprit is hops instead of alcohol.
  7. You can easily run 3 longlines on each side of your outriggers. Running a longline out the stern is asking for trouble. I once fished solo about 8 miles offshore, the lake was as flat as glass and the fish did not bite at all. Out of sheer boredom I put a junk line out the hole, a 12 colors leadcore . not 5 minutes later a king hit a rigger line and almost at the same time a steelie hit the leadcore.. The 2 fish managed to make the mother of birds nests out of the leadcore and when they were done doing that, they both broke off.
  8. I find that more lines out is usually because the bite is poor and boredom sets in.
  9. Seeing that you use a smaller boat, I would start with otter boats or something similar and run weighted steel or regular steel on both sides. This is to stabilize your rig. As you probably know, that as soon as you move in the boat it will change direction. Having the otter boats minimizes that. Next I would run the downriggers and the dipsies. Again in order to stay on course, I would never have one down rigger out of the water for it will make the boat pull in the direction of the rigger that is in the water.
  10. Normally all that water would be stored as snow. So far, there is not much of a snow pack
  11. When the bridge across Irondequoit Bay was built the bedrock was also drilled into. This opened a connection between the bay water and the aquifer underneath. As a result , the salinity of the aquifer's water became much higher. If my memory (what's left of it) serves me well, this was one of the reasons why the Webster water company shut down.
  12. You just reminded me of the "The Fast Ferry"
  13. This takes the subsidies out of the equation. Between these and the tax brakes it could still be profitable to place the mills in the lake. Besides, the rapid advances in technology may very well make the mills profitable using all these conclusions. So just hold your breath.
  14. I hope that you are wrong for this may be the reason why Atlantic salmon does poorly in Lake Ontario
  15. Last I visited Oswego I saw Lines of fishermen in the river and a very large and forbidding dam a bit higher up in the river effectively blocking access for fish to go farther upstream. It left me curious as to whether there is a fish ladder or a fish lifting wheel by the dam and if there is not, what would be the reason for there not being one. I just day dreamed about browns, steelhead, atlantics, cohos and kings running up that river all the way up to the Seneca river and into Oneida and Cayuga lake. That would open up a huge exiting sports fishing area and an immense influx of fishing related tourism which would translate into an environmentally sound and exiting economic boost with people coming from all over to chase all different species in a beautiful area. Given the amount of money dedicated to the maintenance of the locks to service river transport of maybe one or 2 commercial concrete or grain barges and the rest pleasure craft there should be plenty of money to build a few fishladders and/or fish lifting wheels. Does anybody know?
  16. From under my Hanukkah bush I wish all you good fishermen and women and your families a merry and blessed Christmas and a happy and fruitful new year. May the fish gods and whatever other gods you pray to bring you fortitude and happiness. Remember , when you are out on that water, Let the troubles you have fade away and open your hearts to the beauty and peace around you. the fish is mostly a happy distraction. Bring the peace back home and your new year will be the better for it! As for democrat and republicans, All democrats love this republic and all republicans love democracy. So lets all work together this year to make a better democratic republic
  17. I'll take the whole thing for $100. You can PM me
  18. What about that little bait and tackle store near Sandy (east end) where you got your last few ones about three or four years ago?
  19. If the fish barriers in Chicago don't hold up, you may have to dig that silver bullet up again. because if those carp over there break through, it may be the only game in town. Let's all say a little prayer to ,whatever gods you pray to, that that never happens
  20. I was just rereading a chapter in “Another lousy day in paradise” and John Gierach describes, tongue in cheek, how he participated in a fly fishing tournament for carp. This reminded me of the 1970s fishing under the bridge at the I-Bay inlet catching big brown trout and monster sized carp. I sometimes go to the Seneca River at Montezuma in early April as the river wakes up and catch a carp or two just to get winter out of my head, but the monster carp entering I-Bay always seem to be the biggest. Does anyone fish those these days?
  21. Thanks for the hint. I am an active member on the i-boats board and get some info from there. As for facebook, I don't want Mark Zuckerberg to know when I wake up and go to bed , so I am not active on facebook.
  22. I am currently rebuilding a 1989 221 Starcraft Islander. So far I replaced the transom, the foam, the floor and the engine (4.3 liter 6). With winter closing in, It is time to gather more materials so when the weather gets nice in spring I can get a good start. So far I got replacement wiring, electric brakes for the trailerand a nice junction box for the trailer wiring connection to the towing vehicle. Windshield wiper motors for the front and two 1100gph bilge pumps. For sonar and chart plotting, I got a Furuno 588 with a TM260 transducer for deep water trolling and a Garmin Echomap UHD 64CV chirp fishfinder with transducer for shallow water and chart plotting. That should get me off to a good start in early spring. I do need a port side window for the cabin and so far I have not found any. Does anybody know where to find one or have one made? Come spring I will sell my 19 foot islnder with a brand new engine and furuno fish finder. So if you are interested, send me a pm.
  23. When I first changed to a mercruiser I went to Bryce for service parts like filters,seals and impellers. I was treated as if I was some sort of nuisance. They are not the only game in town. There is for instance West Marine where Rob, the manager, will always try to help you with parts and a friendly word.
  24. The problem with happy troller aluminum ii that it is not just a clean break which can be welded. It is that the metal is weakened by bending and stretching lots of times. The aluminum gets to be (what I like to call) tired and weakened in the bend and/or break area. A large zigzag weld could possibly fix the problem, but the bending would just start happening on a different spot-quite possibly- on the outboard because very possibly, the happy troller is now stronger than the place where the bolts go through the outboard while the force pushing against the troller will remain the same. The happy troller is deliberately made fairly weak just because of that risk.
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