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  1. Maybe ,just maybe you can talk Allison ,Bills daughter, at Mayers Marina into this. I suspect that she will decline but you never know.
  2. I took advantage of this nice warm winter day, put the aluminum bracket on the panther and bolted it down. Removing the outboard was a lot easier than I thought because by lowering the bracket, the outboard made it all the way down to the ground so there was no lifting involved. Afterwards I put the kicker back on the bracket and punched marker holes on the aluminum where the extra bolts holding the kicker in place. A few days from now when the temperatures go above freezing again I will remove the aluminum plate and tap the threads into the aluminum so I can just screw the holding bolts into the aluminum, clean them out, put some locktite in there and screw everything down. Thank you very much for all the valuable help and advice you gave me. It probably saved me from having to wash my mouth with soap several times over.
  3. Yes. That is a very accurate description of what I will have to figure out. It all seems simple, but I foresee problems partly because there always is the 125 pounds outboard that has to maneuvered around. I'm considering breaking the cherry picker out although I do not yet know how to attach it without scratching up the nice new outboard.
  4. The bolts that attach the aluminum plate to the panther plate do not have to be countersunk. Here I can just take out the original bolts and use longer ones instead. It is the bolts that lock the suzuki to the aluminum plate that will have to be countersunk because the bracket that I have is 11.5 inches wide and the width of the Suzuki bracket is about 9 inches. I plan to countersink the bolts so the aluminum plate will sit flush on the bracket plate with the bolt ends coming out towards the Suzuki bracket
  5. The plate on my bracket is 11.5 x12.75 so it is wider than yours. It is about 2 inches wider than the Suzuki transom bracket. I worry a bit about the whole thing hanging on 4 1/4 inch bolts I will check out McMaster Carr for the hardware.
  6. Thank you all for your advice. I was very interested in the electric hydraulic bracket and looked it up They look very sturdy and attractive. The prices vary wildly. Amazon offers them for $1800+ while boaters world has the same one for a bit over $1200. But I already have the T&T on the kicker itself so it would be overkill. The other idea of using a 1/4 inch aluminum plate seems to be the solution that may work for me. It is easier than a complete bracket rebuild. The only problem I see is the room for bolts if you want them to be flush backed up against the original bracket. I looked in my garage and found a 1/2 inch thick aluminum plate. I just finished cutting it to the exact size of the bracket and with the rotor router made nice edges on it With the half inch thickness it will be easy to drill taper bolt holes that allow the bolts to sit flush and therewith the plate to sit flush up against the original bracket. Thank you very much for your ideas. It is a great help.
  7. I do hope that there will be good coffee and food.
  8. And I would love to fish with the two of you, because of the tiny bit that I know you, it is obvious to me that we would have a great time.
  9. Very interesting. Would you please back up your statement with actual facts? For now, all you have done is repeat spouting fascist love songs based on zero fact. The source of these statements is the Hungarian president who is out on a crusade against a university in Hungary which has been supported by George Soros who is a holocoust survivor who was born in Hungary. The Hungarian president is a Putin Lover who has been working hard to do Putin's will. I'm not so sure that you knew these pesky little facts
  10. I will be there selling a lot of stuff for cheap
  11. I am currently preparing a 22 foot Islander for the season and bought a 9.9 extra long shaft Suzuki with tilt and trim. It weighs in at 125 pounds. In order to hang it on my boat I bought a Panther bracket that can hold up to a 35 horse (234pounds) kicker. So I can raise the kicker high up without having the lower unit stick out backward so it will not scrape the road when transporting Why the big one and not the regular one that would hold up to 125 pounds? I tried that one with an 84 pound Tohatsu and it was difficult to pull it up. Even with the supposedly much stronger springs on my current bracket it is hard to pick up the 125 pound outboard and I am not some weakling. The Panther people tell me to always remove the outboard when trailering. This is not a realistic condition for kickers over one hundred pounds and I am not even mentioning having to remove remote control cables and such. The Suzuki people insist on drilling a hole in the outboard bracket in order to bolt the kicker onto the bracket in addition to the regular clamps. I looked at the bracket and on one side it is a veritable honeycomb of deep holes. I called the Panther people to ask for advice about where to drill holes in the bracket and about what this would do the strength of the bracket. Their answer was to never drill any holes in the bracket because it would seriously weaken the bracket. So what to do now? I decided to remove the black plastic board from the bracket and replace it with a 2.5 inch thick (same thickness as original bracket)made out of five layers of high strength dense marine plywood properly glued and sealed. This gives a far stronger board that is heavy and strong enough to drill all the required holes. I must say that I am quite disappointed with the Panther bracket and the need to rip it apart and having to rebuild it so I can use it I will never buy another bracket from that company.
  12. As for the stadium. I agree that this is a bloody shame. Why should my tax money go to subsidize a stadium that is owned by a billionaire to begin with? But on the other hand, I really doubt that a republican governor would have made a different decision. Maybe gambler can explain to me why Maggie Brooks husband was promoted to preside over the Monroe County water authority? Come to think of it, was he not involved in some onerous business together with a few more republican party boys? I wonder whatever happened to that criminal investigation. To make a long story short. Corruption is everywhere and does not belong to one party or another. That is why there is a legal system independent of the other parts of government.
  13. I really understand where you are coming from. but there are a few weak links in your argument. First of all: the fact that a lot of people do illegal things, does not make those actions legal. For example, speeding is illegal, but a lot of people do it anyway, thereby taking a chance on getting caught and fined. Would you defend those people or would you say ,well that's the chance he took? Second, there is the fact that the value of properties was either over valuated for loan interest calculations OR underestimated for property tax calculations. So now the coffers of NYS were underpaid. This did hurt many people, because that missing money was made up for by having to tax other people more or plans came to nothing. The nice new paving on route 104 or route 18 and the good schools we have in NYS (try and compare them to most southern states and you will see how good they are) has to be paid somehow and you and I know quite well that a lot of that money comes from New York City tax income. So instead of defending somebody who cheats because "everybody does it" it might make more sense to try and support the straight shooters.
  14. Prices did not go up 30%. And just imagine how much worse it would have been for me if my retirement savings would not have gone up 30%. I'm not complaining.
  15. My 409 went up by well over 30%
  16. It’s not yet here, but the rules on this website sort of prevent me from telling where it is supposed to come from.
  17. C’mon guys, don’t be stingy. Everyone who had a blue flag on their boat! You have to help the poor guy and his sons come up with the money. How else is New York going to get the dough?
  18. I also bought a Suzuki from online outboards for all the reasons you mentioned. Part of my calculation for doing this is also getting older and while not less agile just yet. I certainly will be a few years from now. At the ripe old age of 73 I do not want to waste my time fixing things when what I really want to do is floating and daydreaming on the water. The 9.9 I bought is top of the line with an extra long shaft and T&T. I love just looking at it, let alone motoring with it. It's pure unadulterated luxury. I did not even mention the 5 year warranty and the almost silence on the water when the engine runs. (Admittedly I am a bit deaf) I added a little servo and actuator hooked it into a trollmaster3 system and now I can be away from the wheel and steer and control speed everywhere in the boat with my wireless little gizmo hanging from my neck As for the 20 horse. It is the same block as the 9.9 and going that way may mean falling in the same trap of pushing the little motor too hard and creating the same trouble of early wear and tear,which you are dealing with now.
  19. This may sound weird, but may I suggest that the next block you buy is a 1970s or 80s. What happened is that OEM constantly tried to squeeze more horse power out of the same block size. In the late fiftees there was the 30 and 35 hp block. These were very sturdy solid blocks for their range. As time went on using the same basic block , they went to forty, fifty and in the end even 55 horse engines all based on the same size block. Obviously, the more you squeeze out of a block, the harder they work and the worse they wear. In my experience the late seventies and early eighties pre1985 and preVRO is where the best blocks are found. I still have 2 very good 1957 35 horse Seahorses that I never had to work on apart from regular maintenance. I think that they have well over 3000 hours each. I would choose not to hone but to go oversize. Honing might actually bring the compression down even more. Having a good machine shop do the work might cost quite a bit but it will get you a new block If you know how to rebuild a jeep in your driveway, you should not have any problems with a 2 stroke on the work bench in your garage. Until you have time to do such a rebuild you may want to run the engine on a 1-32 mix , it tends to bring the compression up just a little.
  20. I would start with decarbing the engine, then pour some steering fluid or better, magical mystery oil into the cylinders and let it sit overnight. This will loosen up sticky rings. Now let it run until it is warm and then do a compression test again It may well be that the compression has gone up quite a bit. If not, go ahead and do a complete rebuild with the help of a factory manual (not some Clymer or Seloc). Go oversize if you have to, or if you really want to, go perfect go for a resleeve.
  21. They are not really for sale anymore. Any halfway decent boat canvas maker can make those. But you should pay attention to the zipper on the top canvas to make sure that they use the same zipper teeth size on the new piece that you order.
  22. Is the bracket in any way supported on the trailer? The reason why I'm asking is all the weight. (The outboard on the bracket is probably around 300 pounds). Is it supported or is it floating in midair?
  23. If you look at the side window, you see that it is one piece. The 221 Islander has a 2 piece window. The front end of which you can open and close. Sorry, but that is a19 footer.
  24. I never thought about that little trick. Thanks!!
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