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  1. Me thinks that the gentleman doesn’t care much about method or legality and with Saiff as captain the daily limit is probably very flexible .
  2. When buying spoons it is important to find out which speed they can run at. Some perform at 3 mph but suck at 2.3 mph. Super Slims are popular because the perform anywhere between 1.9 and 3.00. Matching the hatch while fishing at 60 feet down is complicated. that's why your beginning setup has different sizes and depending on which spoons get hit you can adjust your size. Don't over think it,enjoy it!
  3. Go online and check an article that was written in a magazine called "In Fisherman" a bunch of years ago . It gives a list of colors and at what depth they are visible from yellow up high all the way down deep to purple.
  4. You should start with an aluminum self etching primer. It is usually grey or green. Next pick a color that you like but consider the hot sun and how much it can heat up a metal floor. My suggestion would be a light grey or other pastel. All of this can be done with spray paint. I personally like the Rustoleum spray paints. The cleanest way to do it, is by cutting your floor to the right fit and drilling slightly oversized holes holes because aluminum will expand and contract, lay it in the boat and make sure that it fits. Next take the floor out and spray paint the self etching primer on both sides and let it dry. (30 minutes tops ) Then spray the final color on (2 layers). It is best to make sure that the aluminum that you use is the same grade as the rest of the boat, just so the parts are equally noble and neither will corrode by electrolysis. Also you should use a bit of M5200 in every screw hole and use stainless screws only. The nonslip part is easy. You can buy a can of non slip material that you sprinkle lightly over the the first layer of paint while it is wet. Another way is using truckbed liner, after you have used the self etching primer. Oops, I forgot to mention that you must check the flotation material to see if it is dry or saturated. Personally I would continue using wood, but that too has its pros and cons.
  5. No tree hugging involved here. A judge and the migratory birds regulations were. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Maybe we could quietly put a few raccoons on more than one island. I have a hunch that the DEC will look the other way. Some raccoons may start doing what we can’t do. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I saw you heading out as we were moving back in
  8. I was skunked yesterday going out of I-Bay. It was weird. There was perfectly green water in the 40- 50 foot range with temperatures above fifty. There were monster bait balls on the bottom all the way out to 90 feet, plenty of marks both on the bottom and higher up in the fifty range and also the 20 /30 range. So far so good. As for the bad part ; There were dead alewives all over the water by the thousands and a lot of dying ones as well. It gave me that eerie feeling of thinking about a chemical spill of sorts. Maybe the bite is off because there are a lot of dying alewives down there and the fish can just swim around with their mouths open and get stuffed in minutes, who knows.
  9. Before you keep on throwing money at a problem that you have not exactly defined, you should take a tester and do the required tests to see exactly which is the failing part. A manual , even a Seloc , if nothing else is available will help you pinpoint the problem. Heck ,for all you know it may be a corroded connection or loose wire. Also, this problem has been written about a lot in the I-Boats forums and if you go through their files you will find exactly how and what to test. Or just find a youtube on how to test the individual parts. So far it cost you $100 to find out that the coils are fine. next in line is the power pack and then the stator. Fixing it that way becomes real expensive real fast. Anyway that's just my two cents. Good luck with your engine. I hope it will run very soon because the season is upon us. Oh one thing I forgot to mention. Coils and/or power packs have this nasty habit of working fine when testing , but out on the water under a load, they heat up and then they malfunction. Back in the barn they have cooled off and when you test, they seem to be just fine again.
  10. I used the I-Bay launch today. All the floating docks are in and there is a great courtesy dock with room for maybe ten rigs. The launch itself worries me. Specially the center one. (there are three launches). Backing down that launch you had better go straight and know what you are doing. It is narrow with walls on either side. There will be plenty of cars getting dented and scraped up this summer. I can foresee a lot of upset people with damaged vehicles because of a launch that was designed by a non boater.
  11. I seem to remember that the old ones had the ground off the bolts that held them in place. On the newer ones, one of the posts is the ground I never ever had a problem with any of my early eighties engines. They were probably the best engines that Johnson/ Evinrude ever produced. (Except of course for the 1957 35 horse seahorses).
  12. I did the same to my mercruiser a few years ago and I never looked back. I installed the Delco Voyager EST Kit. On this setup there is a plug in wire that goes out from the bottom of the distributor to the interruptor. maybe yours has a similar option.
  13. Did you see anybody negotiate that sharp left turn at the end of the entrance way? It really looks very tight.
  14. The outflow is bad, but the intake is worse. Millions of fry are sucked into the intake and are ground up in the pumps and whatever survived gets killed by the temperature of the water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. A catering operation is just not the thing, but if a charter boat would have a container of hot coffee,like the ones you can get at dunking donuts, to start the trip, that would be a success. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. I drove by the launch today. It is still fenced in. The entire parking lot is finished except for the markings on the pavement and some top soil in certain places. The floating docks are not yet in, which makes it difficult to launch. But once they put in the floating docks it will be a good place to launch. As for the water level, it is a bit low, but not terrible. I saw several boats being launched at Mayers Marina and things were fine although it is a steep launch. Old Bill Mayer always used to say that when the water is low in spring somebody up above puts in his garden hose and adds some water. I'll stick to that.
  17. Over the last few years I have caught brown trout 60 feet down over 200 feet of water. When the winds push the warmer water of shore the browns will move right along. Specially when that warmer water is full of bait. So it is really possible that with this last winter's wind patterns they are miles off shore where you would not expect them. There is also mention of plentiful bait close to shore which lessens the need for food competition,ergo, why go after something strange while plentyful known food is all around. Did anybody try to fish with live bait? That might provide some answers
  18. Maybe they will replace it with a line counter that counts actual feet instead of rotations Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. That's an idea , it might help keeping my head up instead of dozing away.
  20. Yes Gill , it happens to all of us as we get older.
  21. Cormorants are only one part of the puzzle. The breeding program itself is another. While the fish is happily growing in their tanks and runways they are never exposed to danger like for instance a single walleye in the mix that they would have to learn to hide from. Also the feeding setup in the hatchery is made for the convenience of the workers not taking into account the constant danger that fish need to learn about in order to survive in the wild. The very protected setup of pen rearing does not help this situation either. The end result is that when stocked fish are released ,they are literally "babes in the wild" and everybody comes over to feast on these dumb tasty morsels. The hatcheries would do well to research systems that might produce a more careful and wily hatchling.
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