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  1. I Agree. "Ignorance at its best" is what you wrote above.
  2. That is one way. The trick is to make the knots small enough so they can go through the guide on your reel without trouble. mine will go through the convector but not through the magda
  3. I run 2 200 footers and one 300 footer with a thousand foot of 19 strand backing on each and fish down to 90 feet and dependent on speed sometimes more. I just count the 19 strand as if it weighted steel. I use large convectors with line counters. You will have to experiment with the knots that connect between the thicker and thinner wires although the 19 strand acts and feels like mono as far as knotting is concerned. For me the best part is no more copper with all the complications that it causes.
  4. Check the intake that gets the water to the impeller. You may have zebra mussel growing in there.
  5. I have been using the 19 strand as backing with weighted steel in front. The thinness and weight of the 19 strand will allow almost the same sink rate as the weighted steel. That will work for leadcore as well.But the relative thickness and structure of leadcore creates a bit higher water resistance so you will probably not get as good a sink rate per foot compared to weighted steel. Not having to stock a different rod on board for every length of leadcore I might wish to use was the motivation behind using this setup. For me it has to do with with control of the work place which is crucial on a 19 footer.
  6. That’s what most people thought about the Keystone oil pipeline and see what happened yesterday. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. There is a website for the study: www.nyserda.ny.gov/Great-Lakes-Wind-Feasibility-Study public webinars will be held in August and October. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. landingzone Professional 7 448 posts Location Walworth, NY Home Port Pultneyville Boat Name Landing Zone Posted 7 hours ago What are the results? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United Quote GAMBLER Member 921 8,119 posts Location Hilton N.Y. Home Port Sandy Creek Boat Name Escape Posted 6 hours ago Yankee Troller came back to win. Quote Legacy Moderator 1,091 6,688 posts Location Lake Ontario Home Port Sandy Creek, Hamlin, NY Boat Name The Legacy Posted 5 hours ago . Sent from my moto z4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app Quote CAPTAIN ROB Legacy Sportfishing - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram Reply to this topic... Go to topic listing
  9. Mine are 10 years old and stainless. the weight is there not only to counter the pull, but also to prevent them from capsizing when there are big waves
  10. I just decided to stay on the Finger Lakes for now and have a successful season . When the kings come, I'll come back to Lake Ontario.
  11. I have double keel otterboats with the second keel only half the weight. A full keel makes the otterboat sink when it lays still in the water. A second keel without weight will give extra pull, but it is less stable and it tends to hang over a bit, specially when the second one is on the outside. You cannot buy half keels in a store. You have to order them from Big Jon.
  12. I understand that you think of our Governor as an almighty ruler whose mighty hand controls the woodland creatures, the fish and the birds. You make it sound like he can with one move from his almighty hand either destroy or create the well being of all living creatures. I hate to break this to you , but he is not really a half god and his powers are far more limited than you believe.
  13. That is just fine. They are grown far away from open water and they only need half the food that ocean grown salmon does. It seems to be fish farming without changing the wild stock or polluting the ocean with antibiotics that traditional fish farming does. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. The remote control box that I currently have on this boat is an old Quicksilver Commander2000 that never really fit and always had some sort of trouble. Now after having installed a professionally rebuilt engine and a brand new kicker I want to also have a nice looking remote control box with tilt and trim. I mean the type that has the box behind the trim and just the cover plate and handle showing. Does anybody know what the right box would be? If you do, please tell me. Thank you, Cornelis.
  15. The Luhr-Jensons came out looking new.
  16. Being stuck at home because of family reasons I decided to do the experiment. For now all my Luhr-Jensen flasher/dodgers are being cleaned in the dish washer and next will be the spoons. Did anybody do this and what were the results, specially with the stick-on eyes and/or glue on strips? Thank you for your opinions and shared experiences.
  17. Me thinks that the gentleman doesn’t care much about method or legality and with Saiff as captain the daily limit is probably very flexible .
  18. When buying spoons it is important to find out which speed they can run at. Some perform at 3 mph but suck at 2.3 mph. Super Slims are popular because the perform anywhere between 1.9 and 3.00. Matching the hatch while fishing at 60 feet down is complicated. that's why your beginning setup has different sizes and depending on which spoons get hit you can adjust your size. Don't over think it,enjoy it!
  19. Go online and check an article that was written in a magazine called "In Fisherman" a bunch of years ago . It gives a list of colors and at what depth they are visible from yellow up high all the way down deep to purple.
  20. You should start with an aluminum self etching primer. It is usually grey or green. Next pick a color that you like but consider the hot sun and how much it can heat up a metal floor. My suggestion would be a light grey or other pastel. All of this can be done with spray paint. I personally like the Rustoleum spray paints. The cleanest way to do it, is by cutting your floor to the right fit and drilling slightly oversized holes holes because aluminum will expand and contract, lay it in the boat and make sure that it fits. Next take the floor out and spray paint the self etching primer on both sides and let it dry. (30 minutes tops ) Then spray the final color on (2 layers). It is best to make sure that the aluminum that you use is the same grade as the rest of the boat, just so the parts are equally noble and neither will corrode by electrolysis. Also you should use a bit of M5200 in every screw hole and use stainless screws only. The nonslip part is easy. You can buy a can of non slip material that you sprinkle lightly over the the first layer of paint while it is wet. Another way is using truckbed liner, after you have used the self etching primer. Oops, I forgot to mention that you must check the flotation material to see if it is dry or saturated. Personally I would continue using wood, but that too has its pros and cons.
  21. No tree hugging involved here. A judge and the migratory birds regulations were. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. Maybe we could quietly put a few raccoons on more than one island. I have a hunch that the DEC will look the other way. Some raccoons may start doing what we can’t do. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. I saw you heading out as we were moving back in
  24. I was skunked yesterday going out of I-Bay. It was weird. There was perfectly green water in the 40- 50 foot range with temperatures above fifty. There were monster bait balls on the bottom all the way out to 90 feet, plenty of marks both on the bottom and higher up in the fifty range and also the 20 /30 range. So far so good. As for the bad part ; There were dead alewives all over the water by the thousands and a lot of dying ones as well. It gave me that eerie feeling of thinking about a chemical spill of sorts. Maybe the bite is off because there are a lot of dying alewives down there and the fish can just swim around with their mouths open and get stuffed in minutes, who knows.
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