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  1. I just hope that this will not turn into another political poison post
  2. For the price that they charge and the peace of mind that it gives you, it's a no brainer. I usually trailer my boat so I added the trailer towing as well. Take a look at all the different packages that they offer and compare the prices to having to have your boat towed even only once. You can probably buy 5 years of towing insurance for the price of one uninsured towing event. I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law and it is my belief that the only reason why I never broke down on the water is because I bought the insurance.
  3. Spiderwebs do not make a hot engine. The peehole is just an indicator that you have cooling water going through the system. If at first it does not come out but only after a while and it is real hot, you should check a few more things. If it is an extra long shaft you should not use the muffs period you must put it in a barrel. Did you put the hose on full blast or just a trickle because the water was coming out the sides of the muffs? Did you put the muffs on the right spot or a bit off to the side? (sometimes when you turn on the water the muffs slide away a bit) Did you check if any water came out from the outlet from behind the propeller? And was it hot or cool? My worry is the thermostat. When you just start up the engine , there is no waterflow to the block until the block is hot enough to open the thermostat. Until then there should be cold water coming from the peehole and the through the propeller exhaust outlet. If it only lets the water through when the engine is hot then you have a blockage at or near the thermostat. If it was my engine , I would check both the thermostat and the impeller pump and housing,and make sure that the hose os on full blast even when the water leaks around the muffs. One last thing. Does your engine have a place to attach the hose higher up above the impeller? This is often there and it is to flush the engine innards after having been in salt water. If you do, screw the hose in there and give it full blast. If everything is open, you should water coming out of the peehole. just make sure not to run the engine when you this or you'll ruin the impeller/pump.
  4. In shallow water it usually is a bit tricky with only 3 lines. As the boat goes over the quite close bottom the fish tend to move sideways away from perceived danger of a big dark thing just above them. This makes the straight line behind the boat less succesful, unless it is a long way behind the boat. Trolling in a curve, so that the lines go to the side of the boat instead of right behind does help. I often work with small dipsy divers on a 3 setting to get the lures away to the side of the boat
  5. I think that this is a pontoon. Rules may be different
  6. What you want is undisturbed water flow. The way they sit now there is turbulence of the water coming up from the bottom of the boat. You should try to get them so that the lower surface is just a bit lower than the bottom of the boat. Looking at the picture, the small one has to come down something like an inch whereas the long (chirp) one should go down just a bit, like a quarter inch
  7. The weatherman predicts cloudy skies.
  8. Smooth move? I last saw that for sale in a pharmacy. I guess it will make boaters movements easier.
  9. I need to replace an aluminum tubing frame on my canvas top. Is there any place near Rochester where somebody does this? Failing that, where can I order pre bent tubing? Thank you.
  10. Never worry, Gator, Mark has written about it already
  11. For those who are interested, There will be a full eclipse event in Buckland park off Westfall road in Brighton. there is plenty of free parking and they will bring Food trucks. For those who want to read about catastrophic full eclipses, there is a short story written in 1941 by Isaac Asimov about an eclipse. It is called "Nightfall". It is one of his finest works. Now, what will you do if it the sky is full of clouds?
  12. The biggest problem with eating eel as a delicacy is that the glass eel is served a specialty dish where one portion often contains several hundred of these tiny fish. As usual the Japanese are behind this. They appear to completely disregard the survival of any species that has fins
  13. This weekend the bridge will open for boating,or maybe on Monday. Will the launch also be operational?
  14. looks like somebody mistook it for a lamprey
  15. When I said upstream and headwaters I did not make myself clear enough . Sorry for that. I should have said :The swamps far upstream. For example the top end of Cayuga lake. You should also take in consideration all the man made obstacles on the way there.
  16. As far as "fishable" goes you are right. As for eel traveling not far beyond salt water, you are wrong. When eel enter the rivers and streams as tiny glass eel they will try to go as far upstream as they can. They will travel the St.Laurens but also get up the Hudson, from there to the Mohawk and with the help of the Eerie Canal they make it into the Finger Lakes, but on their inland travels they are too small and not fishable. They love ending up in small streams and head waters where they will stay for several years, sometimes even traveling over dry land to reach their goal. (An eel has no problem surviving outside water for up to 24 hours) Eel will spend time upstream until they feel like reproducing. That urge is not dependent on age as much as physical size. When they travel back to the ocean , they come in different sizes and at that point they usually are large enough to feed on larger bait although they prefer to scavenge. once back in the ocean, they travel to the gulf stream and from there on to south bound currents that take them to the Sargosso Sea In the Caribbean where to breed and die
  17. When I grew up in the Netherlands the eel was an important part of the economy and local diet. (smoked eel). They were important enough to be part of social studies in 4th and 5th grade. they were the first fish I ever caught-on a worm-. The funny thing was that 30 years later when doing a course in evolutionary development in the veterinarian school of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, my professor's thesis was on the eel. He loved talking about eel and I felt like I was back in fifth grade. Needless to say, I scored 100% on his pet subject during a test. So thanks to the eel I got an A+ and extra credit on his course.
  18. If you know the size that you need, I would recommend a Solas prop. Agreed that they are not the greatest, but they do the job well and you probably get the best bang for your buck. I get mine from I-boats, but I'm sure they have other sales points as well. If you are not sure about the size, then it is probably the best to buy from a place where they will allow you to try different sizes before you buy. Marina service stores often have test props. Yes you will pay more for the specific prop,but they will give you the right advice about what you need. That makes all the difference in the world. You should be aware that a prop that has been in the water usually is non returnable. L&M wrote on your thread that he has no comment, So I will comment for him. He is a very knowledgeable source for buying propellers and he will not push the wrong stuff on you.
  19. Yes. I had the same thing happen to me in Olcott as well. It was a scary experience. I was afraid that the lower unit would somehow have jarred loose and caused a leak. But there was no leak and things were fine. I still prefer the rollers, because on most ramps I back up fast and stop, causing the boat to roll backward so I don’t have to do back up that far.
  20. Just so I understand. Does your kicker have a steering tube? Or is that the part that you need. I had a similar problem with a tohatsu because it did not have a steering tube. If that is your problem, then I have a solution. It is a steering tube that clamps onto the motor bracket. They are made by powrtran for their tailfin steering control setup. They are for sale for $120.99 +tax and shipping. I have one that I used on my Tohatsu for one season. I am willing to sell mine for $65+shipping
  21. I have had my best luck with tarps at Costco. They sell twin package of 12 by 16 foot tarps for about $20. When using tarps, you will find it easier to use 2 12x16s than a 12x32. It enables you to slide one over the other and make a better fit. The smaller ones also weigh less and are easier to fold and unfold. Besides, it will enable you to use them other purposes as well.
  22. Probably online. go to Tarps now, or my tarp.com
  23. I bought a 9.9 Suzuki extra long shaft kicker with all the bells and whistles for $3000. The basic version is about $ 600 cheaper and with some very little adjustments it becomes a 20 horse . 3 or 4 year old ones go for about $1800.that is something to consider as well.
  24. It seems that the only way to make this thing run again is a resleeve. With all the service and parts you'll have to spend $$ on to delay the inevitable it is probably cheaper to get a nice new 4stroke which will keep you on the water for a long time and when you decide to stop using it , it will still be worth a pretty penny in resale value.
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